sev'ral times


Does no one else notice how alike these two really are?

  • Both wanted a summer romance, no matter what they had to do for it.
  • Both retreat into the safety of their garments of choice when upset.
  • Both overreact to rejection.
  • Both have been at odds with others over their romances.
  • Both tried to control their romances out of desperation and fear of losing them (remember Mabel keeping Sev'ral Times captive in her room?)
  • Both have tried to be something they aren’t to impress someone else (Mabel pretending to love sock puppets/turtles/etc., and Robbie trying too hard to be “cool” instead of just being himself).
  • Both are willing to eat food off of their own clothing.

It’s like Robbie’s just an older, genderswapped Mabel with more angst, and even more eyeliner.

Gravity Falls Characters You Should Fight
  • Grunkle Stan: Absolutely fight Grunkle Stan. He's a con-man, has been in a Colombian prison, took boxing lessons as a child, and has punched the supernatural in the face on multiple occasions. You have no idea what tricks he has up his sleeve. He spent the last THIRTY YEARS building a portal to get his brother back. I want to see the carnage of this fight you're proposing. Fight the Grunkle. You'll lose.
  • Soos: He's a repairman, he has tools to hit you with, but he's made of marshmallows. You could take him in a fight, but why would you? Do you want to see him cry? You monster.
  • Wendy: This is Manly Dan's daughter. We've seen her fight a monstrous shapeshifter in the show already. Cipher says she's a pushover, but I'd take that with a grain of salt. That triangle just wants to watch you burn. Do not fight Wendy.
  • Grenda: She's a prepubescent girl. By herself, assuming you're an adult, you could probably take her. If she's tag-teaming you with Candy, however, your chances of losing grow exponentially.
  • Candy: Some say she never fights fairly. If you can see her before she strikes, she's all yours. Otherwise, you join the others buried under that mailbox in the forest.
  • Manly Dan: He punches. He looks like a biter. Be fast, and you could do it. Or you could listen to Sev'ral Times' new album with him. Your choice.
  • Mystery Twins: DO NOT FIGHT DIPPER AND MABEL. First of all, why? Mabel wants to make you sweaters and feed you plastic dinosaurs. Dipper sneezes like a kitten. Are you Gideon? They already kicked your ass while you were in a giant robot. Besides that, if they catch wind of it beforehand, you won't be just fighting them, but also whatever supernatural demon they pulled out of the book. I don't know what more you want me to say on the matter. Be friends with the Pines' kids. Or pray.
  • Bill Cipher: Summon Bill Cipher. Do the candles, the mantra, everything. Wait for him to appear. Propose a deal and extend your hand. When he goes to shake it, slap him in the face instead. You have no chance of winning, but I want to see what happens. Fight Bill. I fucking dare you.

okay so in “the love God” ep of gravity falls, Cupid conjures up visions of dipper and Mabel’s past crushes, and all of Mabel’s come up and then this one random guy who I don’t think we’ve seen before in the show pops in as well, the one holding the sign that says ‘do u like me: yes, maybe, absolutely’

so dipper punches the smoke guy and he vanishes and then dipper goes 'lol u thought we’d fall for that’ @cupid and then the camera pans over to Mabel, who’s surrounded by all of her past crushes (sev'ral times, mermando, gabe…) but the guy wasn’t over there, he was in front of dipper and obviously had been placed there for a reason…



One of the biggest reasons why I love Gravity Falls is because of the consistency, a single scene has 4 things that harken back to previous episodes! The attention to detail is one of the shows greatest strengths.  The poster ripped during Sev'ral Times song isn’t good as new, you can see that it was patched up, the ‘L’ on Mabel’s Pine’s family fishing hat is still lopsided, they remember these minute details and bring them back episodes later for a single 2 second scene.  You can tell the people who made Gravity Falls really care about the show and the fans.