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[ Adori is one of my favourite artists and I’m glad he is drawing Lorax art! His art is so full of life, and Adori himself is so kind and wonderful. I’m glad to consider him a friend. ]

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it seems that some people can’t make sense of the moment in which jaha drinks by jaspers side (it’s an unsual duo, for sure), but given the first scene they have shared together in the beginning it actually makes absolute sense? because if you look at things from the point in which jasper quotes Dr. Seuss and then leaves - smiling - you get a sense of how his mindset is affecting jaha. that’s how he ends up in the bar. he starts to embrace the “way” jasper has found for himself, so he sticks close to the one person who has given him that chance.

the thing is that the scene with jasper and jaha (both outside and inside of arkadia) didn’t surprise me at all, because this is nothing new.

remember when jaha had to tell the ark citizens in 1x12 how they have only 51 hours left on the ark before they would all die? how he told one of the women who asked him “what do we do now?” to “look inside, find your peace” because he had been so sure that this is their end and wanted them to embrace peace before they would all be gone? how he basically wanted to release all available resources because again, they would all die anyway? I love that entire scene, because when jaha dismisses the people, kane stays in the room and tells him that he still wants to find a solution to which jaha simply responds:

which then leads us to this scene

i always thought that “the baton” is a nice little detail in this moment, because you know that when jaha drinks, he has given up. it shows you how completely resigned he his to his own fate now. he makes the active choice to stop trying and decides to be with wells and drink for the last remaining hours in order to find a sense of peace and embrace that before he dies and can rest for good.

so, as heavy as it sounds, there is absolutely something liberating about the entire scene when you look at things from jaha’s perspective, because now he can just lay back and “be”, after trying so hard to do good by his people.

but here is my deal with the entire scene overall: the bottle creates a very great contrast to the home movie that he watches. the fascinating thing about all this is that “the baton” distracts you from the big twist that will happen in this moment, which is that he will find something in the home movie that will change the entire game. i think of the bottle as a metaphor in which jaha has bottled up all the faith and hope he once had, but lost after he found out about his son’s death and now wants to drink away, unlike kane who still wants to re-run simulations because he still believes there is a chance. the home movie of clarke and wells in contrast though (two characters who are heavily tied to the theme of hope) is what catapults jaha to find the bits and pieces of hope he thought he had lost.

its the home movie of wells “alive” that creates a clear cut from the bottle, because it gives jaha something to hold onto that could save the people on the ark. in many ways, and i’m kind of drifting here, its a very intense moment in which the writers show us that jaha has always, deep down, believed in the legacy of the 100, because its these kids (his son); these kids who have shown resilience like no one else that stop his act of emotional disclosure and make him stand up again. now the ball is in his court, with regards to him too, and he needs to decide what to do with the information he literally just got slapped with.

in the end he gives everyone a huge piece of hope back.

and we see something similar happen in 4x06

this time it’s monty who shakes him out of it. and i know, some people think that monty mentioning wells came out of nowhere, but i honestly love every bit of this moment because it’s monty who reminds jaha of the palpable force that his son is to him (grace note: monty was there when murphy got blamed for wells’s death and he says “your son would be ashamed” while jaha drinks - he almost chokes). wells, the one person in jaha’s life who has always repesented the quicksilver of hope that he was able to find in the masses of a chaotic audience. every bit of this interaction is so incisive, nuanced and coherent - it makes things fit together into a meaningful and rich whole in jaha’s arc imo.

so, while jasper on some fundamental level represents what “the baton” represented for jaha back in season 1 - embracing life until the end comes - it’s monty who functions as something similar to the home video - finding another way. that’s one of the many things you can take out of this scene: the clear contradicting mindsets in how to deal with doomsday. on another note, i literally heard wells say “our people still need you” in this scene, because if there is one person who actually understands the nature of his people it is jaha. that’s why monty came to him in the first place, because (as he has experienced in 4x04) jaha understands something about humanity that some others don’t.

that is essentially why his last scene is immense too, because he doesn’t only help ilian from dying, but also stops his people from becoming murderers. (the fact that he repeats the line “from the ashes we will rise” says a lot too since it seems to be a line that very abstractly tied to the theme of hope as well).

so all in all, i think the connection made between jasper and jaha here creates something that we are all too familiar with and therefore can easily connect.

[ I love Froggy-Fran so much! Her art is amazing, no matter what anybody says. The style is so cool and whenever she posts a new picture, it makes my day better. She is also the person that got me into the fandom, with her Askgreedlerandoncie blog. ]

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