anonymous asked:

Hey I love your blog can u pls recommend some other Ong Seongwoo / produce 101 / wanna-one blogs to follow? thanks!!!!

hiii thank you for liking my blog!!! These are the first blogs that come to my mind, I’m sure there are tons of other amazing p101 blogs out there!! 

Here are some Ong Seongwoo blogs that I really enjoy:

@ong-seong-wu @m0ngniel @seongwoo-ong @ongniel-wan @ongongah @ongstellation @ongcredible @extraongdinary @ong-seungwoo @seongwoonderfool 

Here are some Produce 101/ Wannaone blogs that I really enjoy:

@geonhee @eatadakimassu @seonnho @ksanggyun @parkji-hoons @potterkang @minsbugi @seunwoos @ongniels