seungri's gonna be so happy too!

another-fucked-up-kpop-human  asked:

He's gonna be staying healthy because he doesn't wanna upset any of his babies, such as you and a bunch more, so he's gonna stay safe and healthy and he's gonna return home soon. I know how hard it is and how much you're worrying and everything but he's gonna be ok. I promise Jess.

I miss him so much. Way too much. I miss seeing his stupid little grin on his perfect lips. And his cute little dimples. And his crooked smirk he gets only when he gets an idea. Or when he try’s to dance. Or when he’s with his members how happy he gets. Or the cute little face he makes when he raps really fast where he looks so focused and passionate. or when his voice gets really strained when he’s defending himself because seungri is being a lil shit like always. Or when he gets angry and he just absolutely loses it an curses everyone out, usually at Seungri. Or the hand thing he does when he’s rapping where he looks like he’s tapping out the lyrics in the air. Or just in general how passionate he is about what he does. He’s such a sunshine. I miss him so dearly. I could keep listing things, but it makes me sad. I want to keep listing things but it will make me cry. Fuck I miss him.