seungri japan


And the hyungs’ teasing continues…

But stop lying to yourself Bae, you were pointing at the screen and his face the whole time while grinning like an idiot. You just didn’t want to be all over his cuteness like Dae.


I feel like I’m cheating on Seungri, but I needed a bit of cheering up and I’ve seen every episode of Men’s Bar Food too many times to really be healthy, so I decided to watch Daesung be adorable in Japan instead.  And he is too adorable.  If I knew him in real life I’d be so in love with him.  He’s so cheesy and I don’t even care. 

Thank you, Daesung, for saving me from a miserable evening.  Also please marry me.


Fanmeeting in Nagoya Day 2 (30.04.16)A fan came on the stage with her little daughter in her arms but the girl was shy and kept hiding her face in her mother’s chest then Jiyong went to Dae and hugged him like the little girl hugged her mom. Seungri was talking to him like they talked to the girl and Jiyong was shaking his head in Dae’s neck like he was being all shy.The turn of events was that Seungri patted Jiyong’s butt and Jiyong abandoned his role and went after Seungri. YB hit Seungri too for doing that lol