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BigBang reacts to you telling them that you want to sleep with them for the first time (request)

Anonymus asked:

Hi can I have a BIGBANG reaction where they react to you saying that you want to have sex with them for the first time!!! Thanks!!!!

Thanks for your request. :) I suppose you just think about your first time with them and not the first time in general.  I hope you enjoy!


He is a perfectionist in every way, so he would make sure, that everything is perfect. As soon as you tell him, he would prepare everything and when the moment has come, he would almost celebrate it, wanting to make it a memorable event for the both of you.


He would appreciate your trust. This guy might not plan it in every detail, but he would also make it special for you, telling and showing you how wonderful and precious you are.


Just one word: Happiness. He might hug you, telling you how much he loves you. Like the others he would want to make it special for you, worshipping you and your body in every move he makes and with every word he says. His rough side might come out later.


Torn between excitement and insecurity he would ask, if you’re sure about that. When you say yes, he would freak out inside and questioning himself, if he can give you everything you want. He would be as nervous as you, maybe even more.


This cocky maknae would be happy to finally hear those words. Since he loves you he would’ve waited, but it was a hard time for him. He might want to start to get into buisness as soon as you tell him, not wanting to waste any more time.