seungri is so handsome in this mv


Many ppl say YG is fair to their idols……………………….. YOU’RE SO WRONG!

If he were a fair CEO, he would give Seungri and Daesung more opportunities. Do you know why GD, TOP, and Taeyang are the MOST popular members of BIGBANG? The three of them have more lines, handsome (Dae and Ri are handsome too) and YG gives them the spotlight, where they can shine perfectly. I support all 5 members, but it hurts when your bias doesn’t get enough or no opportunities at all. I’m glad Daeri are very popular in Japan, i’m glad that the japanese VIPs loves the maknae line.

I understand Daesung have throat problems but at least give him more screen time. For Seungri there’s no excuse! He could sing much more in LNFIL MV!

YG needs to be fair to all 5 members equally!

Side note: Go and watch GTTU MV if you care about seungri. We need to get 10M before august 18. Plus there’s no excuse, “but i can’t!” yes you can! Zutter, and LNFIL got more than 1M in a day! So you can do this project!