seungri is so handsome in this mv

Things I love about Hanbin
  • his distinctive nose
  • the more prominent dimple on his left cheek
  • his resting bitch face oops
  • his smile that reminds you he has a sincere heart
  • how he adores hanbyul, his little sister
  • his passion for everything he does
  • how he always mentions that he’s been single all his life
  • how he looks tough but in reality almost cried when Donghyuk wrote a letter to him My Heart T_T
  • his love for Mickey Mouse
  • how he turns into a whining 3 year old when it comes to choco cones 
  • his derp faces 
  • how scared he is of lee hi
  • he’s an idiot
  • how awkward he was sitting with onew and bang yongguk at Gayo Daejun 2015 omfg
  • swaggy pre-debut fetus hanbin
  • he looks damn good with black hair
  • his off key “yeaah” at the beginning of Dumb & Dumber 
  • when he dances to “Rocket” 💦💦💦
  • when he went out alone and secretly cried during Mix&Match bc he didnt want to imagine the thought of not debuting with all the original members
  • there’s something about his lips ….. 
  • how good he looks with messy hair 
  • when he got told off by seungri bc he told dara she was beautiful 
  • the time he bought icecream for his members as a form of an apology
  • when he does that stupid hat thing to make himself look like a King
  • is it just me or does he throw in some sexual innuendos in the mvs … 
  • God, he’s so handsome … 

Enjoy! ^____^ (Admin S)