seungri i love youuu

anon said: Big Bang reaction to their girlfriend/wife singing really badly while she cooks pleas?

Hello Dear~ Thank you for your request! I hope you enjoy it!

G-Dragon: “Yeesh, jagi! Your cooking is great, but your singing not so much!” *dodges spoon you throw at him*

T.O.P: *laughs and is too in shock to do anything else*

Taeyang: *Tries to help you with your pitch* “Jagi, just sing Do Re Mi! It’ll help with your tones, listen” *sings for you*

Daesung: *laughs* “Wow Jagi, you’re terrible!”

you: “What did you just say??”

Daesung: “Nothing dear~ I LOVE YOUUU!”

Seungri: “Wow, you’re a terrible singer!”

You: What did you just say??”

Seungri: *says a little louder* “I said, WOW! You’re really a TERRIBLE singer!” (that little shit xD)