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Unforeseen sides of BIGBANG members:

GD: YoungBae sense of humor is like a kid. Sometimes I don’t understand why he thinks they’re funny, but when he gets addicted to a joke, he keeps saying it for at least a month. What’s he into now? I don’t focus on them so I forgot . Seungri has no unforeseen characteristics. He is full of vitality and does not sleep. I really want to know what he does flying back and forth.

Taeyang: Daesung is surprisingly…secretive. We’ve been working together for so long but I only know a little about him. He never gets in touch with me outside work schedule and that sometimes hurt my feelings (laughs). TOP is surprisingly delicate like a bubble. Our houses are close to each other now and he often calls me at night saying “Come, now.” When I reach to his house, he is there being sentimental (laughs). As for GD, we have been together from when we were little. I know too much about him so I am not sure what is unforeseen. You all think Seungri is active right? In reality, he is 100 times more active than what you think. I’m worried about him… He is active no matter how busy. His manager gets too tired and thinks of quitting his job. To stop the managers from quitting, SR has to give them presents occasionally (laughs).

Daesung: GD is actually a money saver. He thinks a lot before buying something. Then, he buys it a lot (laughs). TOP is lonesome; BIG BANG’s baby. I keep watching over his back.

Seungri: G-Dragon is Asian Michael Jackson. He is outstanding in everything, having strong presence as a star of music, fashion, and has great aura. TOP is James Dean. His handsomeness as a man is over the top! SOL is EXILE’s Hiro-san. (T/N: Hiro is a leader of a well-known Japanese vocal/dance group EXILE.) He is good at dancing, has leadership, and great at bringing the members together. D-LITE is usually quiet but he suddenly speaks up with striking words. His commenting skill is like Beat Takeshi. (T/N Beat Takeshi is a well-known Japanese comedian/movie director.) Me… I am Bae Yong Joon! “Winter Sonata” is a K-drama that everybody wants to repeat. I am also a guy who people would want to repeat.

TOP: GD has a flexible heart, YB has a strong core. SR has so much energy, DS is very reliable.


TOP: If I talk about the members, it would take a loooong time, and it would lose its mystique. And honestly, talking too much may end up with facts that disappoint the fans (laughs). So I would leave it up to all of you on why I think so. I hope you all could discover members’ different sides.

49. pictures of you

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Title: pictures of you

Pairing: Kwon Jiyong/Reader

Summary: For when the nights are lonely, she had pictures on her phone of her adorable boyfriend Kwon Jiyong. However, he doesn’t seem very fond of them.

Request: When Jiyong finds cute pictures of himself in your phone.

Spending time with Jiyong was almost impossible, at least, on a regular basis. The man was busy almost all the time and his usual need of achieving more and more and the thirst that people had to have him in the spotlight left around one hour for them to see each other every day, whether it was over the phone, video call or simply walking past each other when going to work. Surely, she was incredibly supportive of Jiyong, because his artistic needs and talents were in no way something she despised, rather a characteristic of him that always amazed her; but it was toughening having to see Jiyong from afar, seeing how stressed he was and the tears that came with success, because he was successful but sometimes that could take away the human part of him, the part that made mistakes.

She will always be there for him, that’s for sure.

That night, however, Jiyong had finally gotten some time off and decided to spend the night with his girlfriend. Movie nights were occasionally something they liked to do, it was laid back and they could have conversations about anything and everything, but that night, Jiyong was incredibly clingy. His hands were wrapped around her waist, one of his legs interlocked with hers as they sat on the couch, Jiyong looked down at his phone with her, showing her several pictures that his group mates had sent him within the week and explaining the context behind them. Turns out, the life of a leader consisted in being bothered by his younger band mates and friends.

Well, not only the younger ones, Youngbae and Seunghyun were really bothersome too.

She loves to see him smile, the way his cheeks lift up slightly and his eyes shine brightly; she also loves when he’s breathless from laughing, clapping slightly to motion his state of happiness. There were many things she adored about Jiyong, but she loved him when he was his happiest more than anything else. That’s the time when she gets her phone out, sneakily trying to capture a picture of Jiyong laughing at one of Daesung’s text, but sadly, once her finger landed on the button, it made a huge sound that startled Jiyong, making him look at her at the speed of light.

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Y’all really gonna sit here and pretend that Jinwoo is enamored with Mino and loved those kisses when its a SOLID FACT that the only person Jinwoo cares about is Kwon Jiyong and no one else comes close. He tolerated the kisses because if he squints, he can pretend Mino is Jiyong.

In Girls Fighting episode 1, when a group of 3 girls were introducing themselves in Chinese, Seungri didn’t understand so Huang Xiaoming translated for him in English. When he understood the meaning, he said ‘naruho…’ but then cut himself before saying ‘naruhodo’ (成程) which is a Japanese word meaning ‘I see’ or ‘I understand’.

That moment went viral amongst Jvips. They shared the video and commented on it with things like:

  • I knew it, Seunchan is actually Japanese.
  • The fact that he didn’t turn to his mother tongue but to Japanese proves that Seunchan is a Japanese person.
  • *sigh* We were barely taking Seunchan from Korea and now we have to fight China too.
  • Give him back China, Seunchan is Japanese.
  • Seunchan, I love you. Even if we can’t keep up with you anymore with the number of languages you speak.
  • Ah, remember those days when Seunchan was on our TV not the Chinese one?
  • So, when will he come back to our TV instead?
What Can I Do?

A Seungri/Lee Seunghyun Fanfiction

Summary: He’s known as one of the most eligible bachelors in kpop, with a reputation that’s known all over South Korea. But when he sets his sights on you, determined to make you one of his conquests, you think that maybe its time for this ‘sexy boy’ to learn his lesson…

Chapter Summary: Finding each other again.

Chapter Type: Angst, Fluff

Recommended Listening:  NF - Paralyzed + NF - Beautiful Addiction

Chapter 24 (coming soon)

Chapter 23

You stare at each other in silence for a few minutes, with him looking wary as he watches you, not sure what you’re going to do as you look back at him in exactly the same way. It takes for a slam of a door at the other end of the corridor for him to make a move; glancing away from you to the sound before lowering his eyes to the floor, making it obvious that you had to interact first.

‘What are you doing here?’ you ask quietly, coughing a little to clear the scratchiness from your throat and flickering your gaze to the exit at the end of the corridor, wondering whether you could outrun him to it.

'I knew you’d be here.’ he murmurs, looking up at you.

'So, you’re stalking me?’ you ask with a humorless chuckle, still not being able to meet his eyes, but briefly glancing at him when he doesn’t answer you.

'I’m late to meet Lily, so if that’s all you wanted I’ll be going.’ you lie, waiting a few seconds for him to say something, before sighing and walking past him when he doesn’t make any move, but you end up stopping only a few steps away when the silence annoys you too much.

'Why did you come here? Huh? If you weren’t going to say anything, why-? You snap, turning back to look at him, but trailing off when you see the devastated look he shoots you- having turned to watch you walk away.

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so i’ve browsed through the nyongtory tag on tumblr and on specific bb blogs, but there’s this one thing that surprisingly doesn’t have like a billion gifsets made of it, which i find so odd, and it’s the fact that seungri has said he’s read nyongtory fics before??? this boy hAS READ FICS ABOUT JIYONG AND HIMSELF. 

literally, it was:

fan: oppa, have you read fanfic before?
seungri: fanfic? yeah i have
fan: what did you read?
seungri: nyongtory

—during seungri’s naver line starcast show (130828)

Despite the fact that Seungri knows he’s the least favorite member of the group for many fans, he never fails to show all of you a huge smile and even joke about it. Have you ever seen this boy angry or upset when he gets picked on or called fat or get told that he was the least favorite in front of everyone? It’s sad how some of the fans decide to use this advantage of him to keep thinking that no matter how much you criticize him, he won’t do anything. Appreciate seungri like he deserves it please.

Bets & Confessions (G-Dragon Scenario)

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Hope you’ll like it! Enjoy, sweetheart~

Summary: You’re a singer from the UK and you’re friends with Seungri. The fact that GD is your ideal type is something everyone knows, though you’re completely clueless about the fact that he likes you too. Everyone tries to get the two of you together and have a pool running on who can succeed in making the two of you confess to each other first.

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