seungri! time for kisses!

Big Bang Reaction: You ignore their kisses because you’re mad at them

anon asked: big bang when you ignore their kisses because you’re mad at them

Thanks for your request again anon! Please enjoy! ~Em

Jiyong: *gets all intense about it* “Jagi…please let me kiss you.”

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Seunghyun: “Jagi I love you, please don’t be mad at me anymore! I hate when you ignore me.”

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Taeyang: *sits with you and listens to why you are upset and fixes it*

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Daesung: *offended* “Jagi, did you just? What did I do to you to deserve that??”

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Seungri: “Okay. Fine. But next time you want to kiss me I won’t let you.”

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*Updated* Most of the scenarios posted are on this list. JP’s scenarios have been added! They are all smut unless otherwise stated! Thank you all for your support!

JJCC Prince Mak & Sancheong

Touch: Monsta X Shownu

Cake: 24K Cory

First Time: U-Kiss Kevin

Just For You: Bigbang Seungri 

You’re Mine: BAP Youngguk

Coffee: JJCC Simba Smut

Backstage: JJCC Eddy Pt 1

Beg For It: JJCC Eddy Pt 2

Slow Motion: 24K Daeil

That’s Mine: Boys Republic Minsu

Scared: Topp Dogg Xero

Marked: B1A4 Jinyoung

Don’t Lie: Winner Taehyun

I’ll Teach You: Cross Gene Takuya 

Oh My God: B1A4 Jinyoung 

Kitty: Topp Dogg B-Joo

Just What?: Monsta X Hyungwon

Missed You: Teen Top Chunji

Let Them Hear” Monsta X Wonho 

I’m Here: 24K Cory

Forever: Monsta X I.M 

In The Studio: Monsta X I.M

Since You Asked Nicely: Monsta X Hyungwon

Girlfriend!?: Monsta X Wonho

Happy Birthday: B1A4 Gongchan

Tease: Monsta X I.M

Blind?: Teen Top Chunji

Focus: Speed Yuhwan

24k Daeil

Choose One: Monsta X Jooheon, Block B Zico

I Choose You: Zico & Jooheon Pt 2

Only Me: 24K Cory

Alone Time: Bigstar Jude

Get A Room: Monsta X Wonho

Overprotective Oppas: 24K Kisu & Cory (non smut)

Changed: 24K storyline Pt 1 (non smut)

Changed: 24K pt 2 (non smut)


Myname Jun.Q

Beast Yoseob

BAP Daehyun & Teen Top Chunji Threesome

Monsta X Jooheon

“Gri” Let me kiss you!!!

Fellow nyongtory shippers.lets take some time to appreciate some Jiyongie let me kiss you (Seungri) and other moments which i consider cute!!

Well we all know that our Dragon really wants to smack panda’s lips with his lips,.Nothing new here!! He said it himself when he appeared on Entertainment weekly that since all Bigbang members have had kiss scenes except from him.He wants to kiss someone from the beginning to the end of the MV..And he said that he(GD) will be Kissing Seungri..Well we are still waiting..Im sure GD would have kept his promise if only panda was willing to let the dragon taste those lacious glorious blessed lips.

Wanting to kiss bae ??

And for some Hot “ i want you moments”,,Keep scrolling down to see how the sexual tension is like between the two,,Mmhh Dragon hyung looking at panda like he is some delicious kind of food..I hope someday you will all find someone who looks at you the way GD stares at panda (if you already haven’t found one)

And who said Nyongtory is a one sided thing?? You can clearly see Seungri marking his territory secretly..He acts like he is not really into this whole Nyongtory public display of affection thing.But then he goes on to mark his territory like yeah GD hyung is mine !!

Wow this was a long post..More like a compilation which is not even half way finished because there are just too many Nyongtory moments..

CRE:To all!!


1 Seunghyun

-BIGBANG chatroom-

Youngbae: I really don’t see why Seungri has to act like that towards Jiyong on stage

Seungri: act like what

Youngbae: you give too much fan service

Jiyong: what’s wrong with that

Youngbae: he only does it with you

Jiyong: oh I see you want him to do fan service with you too

Seungri: sorry hyung but baeri isn’t as popular is nyongtory

Daesung: are you reading that stuff again?

Seungri: NO it was only that one time T.T

Youngbae: you encourage it on purpose don’t you

Jiyong: I really don’t see the problem

Daesung: I mean it’s funny sometimes

Seungri: pffft sometimes? You mean all the time hyung

Daesung: I can see that you feel encouraged by the fans but that doesn’t make it funny

Youngbae: I’m just saying it could be toned down a bit

Daesung: yeah Jiyong hyung almost kissed him once

Seungri: try a couple of times

Seungri: but I won’t take it that far

Jiyong: yeah ok

Seungri: hyong T.T

TOP: I was doing some math

Daesung: math all of a sudden?

TOP: according to my calculations Seungri and I will be alone for a whole year while you guys are doing service

Youngbae: I just got the chills

Daesung: dark times are approaching

Seungri: T.T

TOP: that year nyongtory will die

Jiyong: what

Seungri: hyungs fighting for my love ^^

Daesung: Youngbae, Jiyong and now you TOP hyung?

Youngbae: I was making a suggestion not fighting for anything

Seungri: TOP hyung wants the maknaes attention after all this time ^^

TOP: that’s not what I said

TOP: only one Seunghyun can survive

Seungri: ;-;


GD: You guys kiss with Seungri.
Ri: Why? Why?
GD: Me kiss with Seungri.

Freaking Jiyong, how many times have you said you’d kiss Seungri yet you still haven’t missed him! At least not in front of us, you big troll. 😒😒💬💦#gri #nyongtory #letstalkaboutnyongtori @xxxibgdrgn @seungriseyo

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