The8 sweetie I’m so sorry that those two people on that show can’t see how hardworking and how serious u are about your craft because they don’t want to try new things anyone would love to work with someone as talented as u and I just want to say that was so freaking rude like really the disrespect was serious 😑 and I’m so mad right now like u serious right now 😑

“Just smile, I really need to see you smile right now” + Seungkwan

Group/Member: Seventeen; Seungkwan

Requested: I hate to bother you, but I would like to request #72 for the drabble thing with seungkwan, please - Anon.

Author: @joyfuljihao

Notes: Apart of the drabble game! [[ WILL BE OPEN AGAIN THURSDAY ]] // unedited.

WARNING: Mentions of hate/cyber-bulling.

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do you ever watch old seventeen videos like 17 project and their debut showcase or stuff like that and get somewhat emotional because at that moment they had no idea just how much they were going to achieve and just how successful they were going to become and it’s so heartwarming to just see how far they’ve come and wow i really love seventeen


Q5: What work influenced you as a child (movie, TV, books, music, etc)?

S.Coups: Dan Brown’s ‘The Da Vinci Code.’ This book inspired me to read other works.
Jeonghan: It wasn’t a work, but when I first stood on stage as a trainee I thought “I want to do this job!” Actually, I was thinking of quitting being a trainee at that time, but thanks to that performance I had a change of heart and here I am!
Joshua: Gabe Bondoc and Bruno Mars. Especially Gabe Bondoc’s videos, they were what made me think, “I want to become a singer.”
Jun: My superstar, a Jackie Chan movie
Hoshi: While I was watching a stage of my seniors SHINee, I realized my dream of becoming an idol.
Wonwoo: “Three Kingdom’s.” This work inspired me to read a lot of books.
Woozi: As a child, I think my imagination was trained thanks to growing up watching the Korean animation special channel.
The8: Nothing. Sorry!
Mingyu: X-MEN. I liked works that inspired my imagination.
DK: ONE PIECE! I thought I wanted to be a cool dude like Luffy. I also dreamed of becoming a pirate king, but I’ve since realized that it’s impossible (lol).
Seungkwan: I watched the show “I am a singer” every week when I was younger.
Vernon: The Matrix! The action was cool! When I watched it again as an adult, I realized it was a complete work including metaphors and was of a high quality.
Dino: Korean music show. I was especially shocked by the coolness of my senior Rain.

Taken from: Anan Magazine: Seventeen Finally in Japan! Special
Trans cr: @captainoates

Moving to Korea…

So I doubt anyone will care about this since I think most of my followers are DEAD but I’m moving to Korea two weeks today and I was wondering if anyone wanted pictures and updates and basically like ACTUAL BLOG POSTS about my life and stuff going on out there… I might kind of do some fan site activity things for Seventeen (possibly other groups too like monsta x, shinee, twice, etc), but it’ll mainly be me exploring Seoul and stuff. I’ll probably do mostly aesthetic looking posts with pictures that are cute etc. Would that be something anyone would be interested in? Could you let me know?