We have to pray for him!

An exclusive report from Osen has revealed that BIGBANG’s T.O.P was found unconscious on the morning of June 6. Upon discovery, he was rushed to a hospital.

Around 5 p.m. KST he was moved from the ER to the Intensive Care Unit, but he has yet to regain consciousness.

An acquaintance of T.O.P spoke with the news outlet and said, “The results from tests have yet to come out, but I’m suspicious that it’s due to an overdose from excessive drug use. He was having a hard time due to recent events and I think his stress reached a climax. It’s very unfortunate and I hope he wakes up soon.”

Currently, T.O.P’s mother and others are waiting at the hospital for him to wake up.

T.O.P was recently dismissed from his military service duties due to being prosecuted for smoking marijuana.

It’s seriously getting out of control we have to pray for him now I hope he’ll be okay because the situation is only getting worse due to his stress

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When this world is no more, and the moon is all we’ll see,
I’ll ask you to fly away with me. Until the stars all fall down, 
And they empty from the sky. But I don’t mind.
If you’re with me, then everything’s alright.

We love you, Seunghyun. More than words can really say. One mistake will not define you. One dark night will not define you. Your heart, your talent, your passion, your character, the people you’ve touched, the lives you’ve changed – that is what defines you. Be strong, be brave, be the extraordinary man we know you are. We love you and we’ll be right here beside you every step of the way.

Everything is alright. 

minho: i am the ultimate third wheeler

hyunjin, holding seungmin’s hand: what are you talking about?

jeongin, letting jisung carry him bridal style: oh come on, you’re not a third wheel!

felix, in the middle of kissing changbin: don’t worry about it too much dude

chan, cuddling with woojin: don’t put yourself down like that, minho!

minho: alrighty, and i have officially upgraded to NINTH wheel. i hold ultimate power

it really pains me that even though seunghyun was actively seeking help from a psychiatrist for the struggles he was facing because he was aware he couldn’t face them alone, he was ultimately not able to receive any assistance whatsoever. instead of help, more cameras were shoved in his face, more malicious comments were written about him, and more pressure was placed on his shoulders. this whole situation really just disgusts me tbh.