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100 Reasons To Love Choi Seungcheol
  1. dimples so deep that you could swim in them 
  2. the mole on the right side of his face that’s above his mouth and by his nose (this is really specific but it’s a cute mole okay)
  3. he only has one ear pierced. I think it’s his left ear that is his only pierced ear. 
  4. has pajamas that match his blanket
  5. the fact that he auditioned as a singer but became a rapper
  6. his predebut bushy black hair
  7. looong eyelashes, they’re so pretty and nice, why can’t I have eyelashes those good
  8. raised twelve dorks on his shoulders
  9. when he had fake tattoos and basically ruined the whole fandom
  10. his bombass eyeliner, props to the make up artist
  11. his very cute droopy eyes, this might be why a lot of people say he looks tired, they’re just a little droopy but it’s okay
  12. his big toothy grin that basically takes up half of his face and it’s really cute
  13. a triple threat man: can sing, dance, aand rap. what can’t he do
  14. he can’t wink. if you watch him, he struggles with it sometimes
  15. loves sports so much that he originally wanted to be a PE teacher
  16. offered to cut wood on OFD and screamed while he did it
  17. let his members throw all the kimchi they had into the pot and just watched on OFD
  18. is very very competitive
  19. when he played with his ear during his birthday vlive
  20. screams a lot
  21. like a lot
  22. this boy screams in any situation
  23. the vlive he did with mingyu and wonwoo was just him screaming half the time
  24. when he snuggled up into jihoon during one of their predebut episodes
  25. when he did the shoulder dance during his ‘Good Morning’ cover with Jihoon
  26. he doesn’t like rollercoasters
  27. very touchy, he can be found multiple times hugging another member or just clinging to them
  28. very cute and embarrassing dad dances
  29. his cute hip dance during their Christmas vlive
  30. when he broke the stage with his butt because soonyoung tried to put him down
  31. during the Very Nice dance when he’s doing his solo part and he gives that heavenly smile after saying his line
  32. suggest the idea of the caratland bracelets as a gift to carats
  33. his selfies
  34. he literally takes great selfies. does he even have a bad side
  35. nice butt
  36. when he was suppose to wake up early on OFD Japan but instead slept in which caused them to be late
  37. the fact that so many members go to him whenever they need to get something off of their chest
  38. looks great in dad hats (probably has a collection of them)
  39. when he tried to learn guitar from Jihoon predebut
  40. when he fell to the ground laughing during one of the Burning Karaokes because he didn’t harmonize with Seungkwan properly
  41. his parted hair
  42. when he wears flower crowns and cute lil headbands
  43. he likes mystery novels and is reading books Wonwoo recommended
  44. when he did the piggy bank with Joshua on Weekly Idol
  45. buys the members food without a thought
  46. but also made Wonwoo pay for a game of pool by escaping outside first
  47. is in love with dogs
  48. the gif of him hugging the golden retriever and it basically looks like he never wants to let go even though his hair and the dog’s fur was blowing everywhere
  49. when the small dog during backstage of a performance went under Seungcheol’s hand to be pet by him
  50. when he said ‘Achuu~~’ as a guess to the song Jihoon would sing to his s/o
  51. when he does a pouty face where his lips are pushed out a bit with his cheeks cutely puffing out
  52. he sleeps with music playing and has Jeonghan turn it off for him
  53. when Seungkwan woke him up on the first 17 project episode and he wasn’t wearing a shirt
  54. the fact that he slept with a little teddy bear by his pillow in that episode
  55. he said he sleeps with the others more than he sleeps on his own bed
  56. his top notch aegyo
  57. S.coups wants to eat a macaron~~~
  58. tried to eat a lemon and his whole face did a cringe
  59. his thiiighs
  60. really cute ears that stick out cutely
  61. a real pro at DDR
  62. have you seen the video, everyone gets shook behind him when he plays
  63. his low voice tone
  64. when he basically growls into the mic during parts of his raps
  65. when he gets so into performing that he throws his whole body into the song and jams like there’s no tomorrow
  66. his signature peace sign pose
  67. when he nonsense screamed while entering the studio
  68. his alcohol tolerance is 6 bottles of soju
  69. has a heart like a girl’s according to Jihoon
  70. when he’s doing introduction and says ‘say the name’
  71. when he gets embarrassed and basically looks like he’s dying
  72. when he did the dance to Pick Me
  73. when his hair was blonde/red/brown/basically any color and once again killed the fandom
  74. when he dropped his egg yolk and looked like it was the end of the world and that life was no longer worth living
  75. the fact that he still picked up the egg yolk and ate it
  76. during the comeback showcase performance of laughter when he burst into a big smile
  77. his eye smiles when his eyes become small and all you see are his long eyelashes
  78. on where is my friend’s hometown, when he was cutely jamming out to music in the car
  79. when the MC’s of weekly idol pronounced his name wrong and he did a brief look at his name tag before laughing really big
  80. when he kept getting the dance wrong during random play dance and he looked like a very confused doggy
  81. he can hold two matches on his eyelashes (man get you a man that has eyelashes as strong as cheol’s)
  82. when he gets cold he shivers cutely and goes to his manager
  83. the time he almost died because he almost kissed wonwoo
  84. but he didn’t mind playing the pocky game with jihoon predebut
  85. the predebut video when they did a practice room cover of Nuest’s Hello and seungcheol just struts up the camera
  86. when he yelled at jihoon to move during the Hello dance
  87. his cheeky smile when Hansol was exposing him of taking his stuff
  88. #Gyeongsang_Accent
  89. his singing voice is low and soothing
  90. a cute fan of ballads
  91. he’s always thanking carats, always telling them to be healthy and even more
  92. he cried because he couldn’t visit his grandmother because of training
  93. he wanted to be able to do more to contribute to Seventeen like Jihoon and Soonyoung so Seungcheol pushed himself more into producing
  94. when everything was getting tense on OFD Japan, Seungcheol stepped in and called a meeting to clear the tension
  95. attended P101’s final episode to watch his friends despite having just taken out his wisdom teeth and being tired
  96. on the last episode of their first OFD, he helped set up photos and decoration for the rest of the boys and even wrote a heartfelt letter to them
  97. said that when the rings were taken away during 17 project he was thinking of the other boys and how they were doing
  98. despite going through group changes he’s never once complained and continued to train, using it as a change to grow instead of as a sign of failure
  99. he carries a large amount of stress on his shoulders as the leader of the group and seriously needs to be appreciated for his hard work
  100. “Carats should be the ones more loved than we are”
How Seventeen Would Kiss You

this is my first time writing something like this so let me know how you like it! i wrote this with a lot of help from @jisoodrinkssopretty so go follow her. she wrote the entire wonwoo part and bits and pieces of dk, mingyu, minghaos as well.

- destinee


Well Seungcheol’s forearms are no joke so I imagine him like wrapping them around your waist like so tightly? Until you guys are like completely flush against each other and can feel every part of the other person’s body bc that’s just how our coups likes it. He’s probably a really slow kisser in the sense that he likes taking his time coaxing your lips to move. Idk if that makes sense but that’s how I imagine seungcheol would like to kiss you. Favorite toe of kisses are open-mouthed kisses ngl.


Okay so i know Jeonghan is sometimes a brat but he’s also rlly chill and lazy so he’s going to be giving out lazy kisses and he’s kinda lax doing it. like he’ll literally wrap an arm around your shoulder give you like a quick kiss to the forehead because he can’t rlly be bothered to reach your lips. BUT WHEN HE DOES it’s so nice and like slow bc he’s in no hurry lol and he’ll like run his fingers up and down your spine because why the heck not. He’s very touchy during kisses.


Joshua’s probably that person who tilts your chin up gently with his knuckles so he can look into your eyes as he leans in and then he lets your noses brush really softly before he presses his lips against yours and his eyelashes are long so they’ll tickle your cheeks and it’s a wonderful experience I bet. Every kiss with him gives you butterflies. I also feel like he’s a biter but we won’t get into that. but, like, hickies and stuff okay bye.


JUN. I personally think jun wouldn’t cup your cheeks but your jawbone. Like you know,,, his thumb is behind your ear and his fingers are in your hair? yeah that sounds nice. then he’d bring you in and kiss your forehead then your nose then he’d probably pull away and pretend he didn’t want to kiss you on the lips but when you pout he gets all teasing like “well if I’m that irresistible to you~” His favorite place to kiss you is your shoulder; he loves kissing your skin so much.


Hoshi is probably gonna try and make it playful tbh. like you think he’s gonna be all romantic but sometimes he just wants to pepper kisses all over your face and skin (comPLETELY AVOIDING YOUR LIPS) until you get frustrated bc who doesn’t want soonyoung’s lips amirite? So then he’ll just giggle in your face and run off and you’ll chase him like “soONYOUNG!!!” Then he likes to grab you and tickle you until he’s hovering over you and I think you know where I’m going with this…


I feel like Wonwoo would just randomly give you back hugs and kiss your cheek and maybe if you turn around in his hold he’d give you a proper kiss but I think he’s more of a cheek kisser than anything. Even though he’s not really into kisses that much every now and then like maybe if he had a bad day or just missed you he’d grab your hand and lead you to the couch and he’d sit first, then pat his leg or something so you’d sit on him and he’d just kiss you slowly and make sure you knew how much he cared about you. Throughout that kiss he’d probably lift your shirt up a little bit and rub circles in your skin with his thumbs.


Woozi definitely wants to dominate bc of obvious reasons, like he wants to be in charge. So his kisses are probably more aggressive but like who’s complaining lol. He’ll grab your waist but not like scoups does, oh no. He likes to grip the sides of your hips and pull you into him. Then he probably tries to smirk or smth and you think it’s sorta cute but shh don’t tell him bc he’s trying to be seductive. then like his hands end up in your hair bc he likes how soft it is. He likes to untangle your hair while the two do you are kissing bc it distracts him from how fast his heart is beating.


When I think of Seokmin I always think of smiles and happiness bc wow this boy is full of laughter. Honestly he’s probably a super sweet kisser, and it’s kind of like the two of you are married because he’s always giving you chaste kisses here and there that never lead to anything more?? ever?? BUT sometimes he just really needs to feel your lips against his and that’s when he just kind of doesn’t pull away after a peck. Instead, he’ll slow the pecks down and prolong them, until he’s successfully turned a chaste kiss into a makeout session. Heaven knows he’s going to smile while kissing you, then he likes to lean against your forehead as he giggles quietly bc this boy is just so giddy to be kissing you.


Okay so I can see Mingyu being super sweet as well but he’s also a bit awkward so he would probably start out smooth and then mess it up (at least in his head it’s messed up but you don’t care bc it’s cute and sentimental). Okay so he’ll probably like brush your cheekbones gently with his knuckles or something, just to kind of get you flustered at his little gestures. But then he kinda ruins the smoothness by completely misaligning himself and bumping his nose into yours. Anyway once the kissing actually starts it’s amazing. He’s probably a person who gets into it too quickly and ends up scraping his teeth against yours but it’s cool he slows down eventually.


Minghao probably loves to kiss your neck. Honestly his favorite thing would be to give you a back hug and just continuously peck the nape of your neck. If it’s not your neck, it’s your collarbones. Minghao just loves to feel your skin against his mouth and yeah but when he does kiss your lips be prepared. He pulls moves out of nowhere like where was he hiding all them? no one knows he only uses them on you and you definitely aren’t opposed. He likes to squeeze your waist because it makes you part your lips and that’s when he can show you just what he can do ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


I imagine that Seungkwan would be all about the fluffy/cutesy aspects of a relationship. His gestures would be really heartfelt, and he would pay you a lot of attention to show you just how much you mean to him. He would want to hold your hands and then pull you in and give you a lil peck then like smile to himself before leaning in and giving you a velvety kiss. He is also a huge advocate of hand kisses. Wants to kiss your hands 24/7. Your palm, your fingers, your wrists, Seungkwan finds your hands very pretty and kissable.


Vernon is the whole reason I made this post like I promise I’m a Jun girl but sometimes Vernon makes my heart just go zoooommm. Anyways,,, I bet Vernon is one of those people that cups his s/o’s face when he kisses them just saying. It’s true tho, like he’s got the hands for it and his biceps would flex naturally as he pulled you closer. It’s probably sort of sloppy and innocent because he’s not used to it, so you’d like hold onto his wrists and gently maneuver him to get a better angle?? if that makes sense like you’d have to help him bc he’s still too shy to move the kiss into deeper territory.


It’s hard for me to see Chan in a romantic light bc I see him as a bff and not a bf but that’s about to change!!! I think he would be the sweetest kisser. Probably cups the back of your neck and is already cheesin before his lips touch yours because he’s just so happy to be kissing you. His style is probably a mix of vernon’s and jeonghan’s tbh. He’d be a bit shy but also pretty slow because he likes to take his time. He wants every kiss to be perfect because he’s just a tad bit insecure that you might think he’s a bad kisser. Spoiler alert: you don’t think he’s a bad kisser at all. Bonus: He’s a huge supporter of giggly nose kisses.


Able to make him do his killer smile

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Foursome with Jeonghan, Seungchol and Jun, thank you <3 *I don't think I'll be able to read that, I mean, I want to, of course, but 3 dominants at once...oh my gosh, I'll love you forever if you will write it!*

so… I feel like this might be my smuttiest smut yet (altho it’s nothing compared to some other people’s glorious ones) and I hope you all like it! I had plenty of fun writing this, so thank you for requesting 💕

» If you’re using the tumblr app and can’t see the scenario, which is under a “keep reading”, please try opening the post in your phone’s internet browser (or a computer)! 💕

» 6,333 words

‘I have a party on Friday night, would love it if you came. xxx Jun’

You had stared at the message a lot after you had gotten it on Tuesday of that week, despite having already answered it. Even though you and Jun were in a relationship highly based on the physical side - in fact it really was more of a physical relationship above anything else - and you had gone to his parties before, there was something that made you squint your eyes a little.

Normally he’d just ask you if you wanted to go to his party - this time he had said he’d love it if you went. Small details, but they caught your attention nevertheless.

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aah I really like your recent seventeen neighbour au! can you do that for the rest of the members too? if that's too much then just wonwoo, soonyoung, and seungcheol. Thank you! <3

joshua, mingyu & seungkwan can be found (here) ~


  • relatively keeps to himself, is the kind of mysterious neighbor that no one really knows much about 
  • sometimes kids are afraid of him because he has a really deadpan expression so the moms are always like “wonwoo-ah ,,,,, please smile? it’s so nice out!!”
  • but he ends up just getting embarrassed and then asking mingyu when they hangout at a cafe like “kids never let me pat their heads,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,am i scary?”
  • and mingyu is like uh WELL,,,,,,,,,,,,
  • but in reality wonwoo is a sweethearted angel. like he picks up litter if he sees it around the apartment building and always offers to hold groceries for any of the elder neighbors 
  • also he always gets cutely startled when another neighbor’s dog comes over to him and sniffs him or barks in greeting and he’s like !!!!! usually ends up dropping whatever he’s holding
  • and he looks down at the little like ??? pomeranian and is like “so,,,,,scary,,,,”
  • and the owner is like omg,,,,,,,,,,,no they’re not scary they’re cute do you wanna pet them??? and wonwoo is like NO ,,, no ,,,,thank you i gtg
  • his apartment is really clean and well kept,,,,,,he has this vintage looking record player and collects mostly older jazz stuff that’s soothing and sometimes even a lil sad
  • when his friends come over they’re always like “dude,,,,,,,do you have any records from like pop groups???” and wonwoo just blinks and is like “why would i have that,,,,,,i listen to records before i sleep i don’t think i could fall asleep to snsd’s ‘party’,,,,,,”
  • he’s also a big fan of blankets and has them everywhere so he can fall asleep anywhere he pleases: the living room, the bedroom, the goddamn kitchen -
  • doesn’t really decorate his walls but has a photo of parents and brother in the hallway and every morning he waves goodbye to it before he leaves,,,,,it’s cute
  • and you have seen wonwoo before, mostly in passing. he never really looks up from his phone or book so it’s more like passing a ghost than anything
  • until one day you’re both on the floor at the same time and as you unlock your door, you take a step in until you look back and see that,,,,,,,,,,,
  • wonwoo is staring at his door and you’re like ?????? what’s he doing
  • and then you see him literally fall forward with his forehead against the door and you’re like IS HE OK and you’re hesitant but you call out like “everything alright???”
  • and wonwoo turns his head and he’s like ,,,,,,, “i don’t have my keys,,,,,,,im locked out.”
  • and you’re like ,,,,,,did you,,,,,,,forget them inside??? and he nods,,,,shamefully looking at the floor and you’re like oh,,,,,unsure of what to do
  • but then you hear it. a growl. 
  • a stomach growl
  • and you can’t help but laugh and wonwoo puts a hand shyly over his shirt and he’s like “e-excuse me,,,” but you’re like “if you’re hungry you can come over, im just making ramen tonight so?” 
  • and wonwoo is shy, he’d usually probably decline because he doesn’t want to bother you but then he hears his stomach growl again and he knows mingyu (who has a spare to his apartment) is gonna take like 2 hours to get here
  • so he nods and you grin, telling him not to be shy and come over.
  • and once you’re inside, wonwoo sitting awkwardly at your kitchen table you’re like “so,,,,,while the water is boiling - tell me about yourself.”
  • and wonwoo is like “there’s not much,,,,,” and he tells you that he has a brother, he likes to listen to music, write lyrics sometimes,,,,,and he’s kinda like “im sorry im boring” and you’re like no not at all and once the ramen is done you guys keep like talking
  • and wonwoo is a little reserved, obviously you guys are strangers basically, but you keep listening with enthusiasm and you smile when he attempts a joke and ask him more about himself
  • and unlike most people you’re not,,,,,,,making some comment about how he looks angry or tired. you’re just,,,,,,,genuinely listening and it’s been a long time since wonwoo has met someone new who didn’t right away seem judgmental of how kind of simple he is about most things
  • and once he realizes that mingyu is calling him to let him know he’s here, wonwoo is kind of upset that he has to leave the conversation,,,,,
  • but you tell him that it was nice talking and he thanks you for the food and when he meets mingyu out in the hall
  • mingyu is like nudging wonwoo and he’s like “that neighbor you were with - they’re cute.” and wonwoo is like “oh,,,,yeah they are,,,,,and they’re nice,,,”
  • and mingyu’s like wiggling his eyebrows and he’s like “did you just call someone nice,,,,,,,,,hmmmmmm i thought you weren’t a people person,,,,”
  • and wonwoo is like GIVE me the spare keys mingyu
  • and mingyu is like “go ask the neighbor on a date and i will.” and wonwoo is like m I NG Yu,,,,,,,but mingyu won’t let up because he’s like c’mon i know you think they’re cute 
  • so when you hear a knock on your door and open it, wonwoo is biting his lip but he’s also like “not,,,,not to be weird but are you free this weekend? i just want to get to know you more so we can get coffee,,,,,,,if this isn’t awkward,,,,”
  • and you’re like oh,,,,,,,,you’re flattered and you’re like sure!!! and wonwoo is like ,,,,,,,,well in shock because you agreed but also blushing because wow,,,,,,,he actually got a date with you,,,,,,
  • and you exchange a time and place and you smile before closing the door and wonwoo swears his heart beats a bit faster
  • but then he hears mingyu’s voice like GET IT BRO and wonwoo is like “give me the spare this time or eLSE-”


  • always running out of his apartment because he seemingly is late no matter what???
  • like no matter how many alarm clocks he sets,,,,,,he leaves his house juggling his keys, his bus pass, his jacket, his water ,,,,,, and his hair looks like it has never seen a brush in it’s life
  • he always ends up forgetting something too. usually it’s literally he forget to lock the door to his apartment 
  • but this is his charm!!!! all the older people are like “he’s such a youthful young boy full of energy!” and all the kids think he’s super cool because he dances and does taekwondo 
  • and also hoshi has this bad habit of listening to music way too loud in his headphones so if you’re on the elevator with him you’re sure to be hearing shinee’s 1of1 album blasting through the small space 
  • and speaking of shinee, hoshi looks up to them so much he has their poster up on his wall. well he has a lot of stuff on his wall from the medals he’s won in taekwondo, to bizarre polaroid photos of seokmin and minghao, to autographs he’s gotten from famous choreographers he’s met
  • and his wall is a mess, so is his floor and bed. like there’s training clothes everywhere and his bed is never made and the only saving grace is the can of febreeze he got from mingyu as a gift on secret santa 
  • his refrigerator is just big bottles of water and frozen sushi he got from the grocery store and like no one understands what in the world he’s living off??? maybe he’s running off energy from the sun??? who knows
  • and you know hoshi, it’s impossible not to with his crazy bedhead and his singing outloud to ‘sherlock’ habit
  • and you guys are friends, not like super close but you know enough to talk in the hall and one day as you’re talking you mention you just beat your highscore in ‘just dance’ on this song by usher
  • and hoshi’s like “that’s your highest score? i could crush you if that’s your best.” and you’re like OH WANNA BET 
  • and hoshi is like hell yeah i wanna bet come over and ill show you how a pro does it
  • and so you end up sitting on his couch (which he had to clean, there were chip bags and notebooks on it) watching hoshi turn on his wii and before starting the game he turns around to give you a grin and you’re like PFFT you’ll never beat my score
  • but ,,,,,,,,,,you are wrong. he beats your score. that and also,,,,,,you’ve never seen such a good dancer in your life
  • so you get up there and you bust out everything you have and hoshi is like OOOOOOO you look serious,,,,but it won’t be enOUGh
  • and by the end of it you’re huffing and puffing but,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,YOU GET A HIGHER SCORE
  • and hoshi is staring at the TV with his jaw on the floor but then he’s smiling and he’s like “you’re so cool!!!!!!!! you actually beat me!!!!!” and he high-fives you because tbh he’s competitive but like,,,,,,,he’s also a sweet guy
  • and you’re like ohg;ldskgfh,,,,,i did,,,,,,,,,,,,,
  • and hoshi is like “i don’t have fifty bucks on me, but i do have enough to take you out to dinner? it’ll be japanese take out though,,,,,” and you’re like LOL that’s fine. free food = good prize
  • and hoshi like offers out his hand and he’s like “shall i escort you to the five star restaurant than?” and he’s got this mock british accent but you’re laughing and you take his hand 
  • and you only blush when you realize that you guys are still holding hands as you leave the building and go up the street,,,,,,,,,,,,
  • and maybe you blush even more when hoshi is like “doesn’t this kinda feel like a first date?” right in front of the cashier at the takeout place and you’re like SHUT
  • but he’s just grinning and you’re like,,,,,,,what is going on
  • and hoshi is like “i figured just dinner isn’t enough so, ill add another thing to your prize.” and you’re like what is it??” 
  • and then he like pokes his cheek and is like “this date with me~~~~” and you’re like never do aegyo again but omg you’re cute,,,,,,,


  • casanova of your apartment building 
  • winks and uses the same “you look like a flower every time i see you, but this time - you’re in full bloom~” line on everyone,,,,,,,,,and when i mean everyone i M E A N E V E R y o n E
  • even the dogs that live in the building ,,,, like there’s a lady with a little chihuahua on the second floor and after telling the lady she looks ten years younger than before, seungcheol like calls the dog a beauty and wow is that dog blushing?????? probably 
  • he’s kind of a really popular guy,,,,like to the point that people will wait outside your building and be like “does seungcheol really live here??? i heard he’s so handsome you can’t look him straight in the eyes,,,,,,,”
  • but in reality,,,,,, his apartment is just the most least romantic thing ever LOL
  • like there’s just sports equipment, sports magazines, and empty water bottles everywhere ,,,,,,, and his laundry pile is so big it’s threatening to fall over,,,,,,, and like the only thing he has for decoration in his whole apartment is like a picture frame he got as a housewarming gift from seungkwan but ,,,,,, there’s no picture in it
  • and like he’s lucky because he has a balcony he can go out onto but on it is his bike that takes up half the space and dying plants he never takes care of
  • and he’s so,,,,,,,like well-kept when he leaves the house but then he comes home and throws everything off and like literally rolls into bed or plays video games in just his sweatpants
  • and you know more than anyone else how the ‘suave and cool’ seungcheol really is because you’ve been friends since before you were neighbors
  • and you’re always over at his place sitting on his balcony and just talking (mostly gossiping because seungcheol actually has a LOT to say and the view from the balcony is nice)
  • and sometimes you come over and trip over like a jumprope he left on the floor and the only reason those plants on his balcony are not DEAD but definitely close is because you water them when you drop by LOL
  • and seungcheol tries to bribe you to do his laundry but you flick his forehead and you’re like “no. im not your maid. get joshua to do it.”
  • and one day you come over and you’re like ,,,,,, seungcheol your apartment is negative ten degrees” and seungcheol
  • who is sitting on his couch in a literal down coat is like “yeah i forgot to pay the heating bill.”
  • and you’re like OH MY GOD but you’re also like get up loser you can spend the night at my place and not die here like a human icicle 
  • and seungcheol is like like i love you you’re my everything my SAVIOR
  • and you’re like SAVE IT DO NOT GREASE ME
  • so seungcheol ends up in your living room on your couch instead and you’re like ok goodnight and seungcheol is like “hEY,,,,,since im here let’s watch a scary movie or something” and you’re like dude we’re not kids this isn’t a sleepover your dumb butt literally didn’t pay- and seungcheol is like fine fine you’re scared I GET IT
  • and you pause because exCUSE me who did you call scared???? move over
  • and you plop down next to him and pick the scariest movie you can find and you’re like “first one to scream is a big loser - ok?” and seungcheol is like “when in my life have i ever screamed? you’re on”
  • but halfway through,,,,like you aren’t even paying attention because you’re sitting under the same blanket as seungcheol and like his arm is practically around your waist and your thighs are touching and he’s really big and warm
  • and you’re tired,,,,,,you had a long day and before you know it you’re knocked out. like what movie? what bet? ZZZZ time
  • and seungcheol notices, and he’s like oh they’re asleep,,,,,he should move so you can lay down
  • but as he’s watching your face illuminated only by the light of the TV like ,,,,,, seungcheol notices finally just how nice your features are
  • and you two have been friends for like ever,,,,, but he’s never quite looked at you and taken it all in,,,,,,,,and somehow now that he is
  • seungcheol is like ,,,,,, oh god ,,,,,,,, you’re cute
  • and not only that???? you literally have saved his ass so many times from bringing him actual food when he forgot to grocery shop, to helping him get hotpacks when he pulled his shoulder, to now,,,,,,when he found himself freezing in his own apartment like YOU saved him
  • and leaning down he brushes some hair from your face and he’s like,,,,, you know what im not gonna move
  • and instead moves a bit so your head falls on his shoulder more comfortably and he moves the blanket off himself so it’s covering all of you
  • and he falls asleep too,,,,,,,,,with the movie still playing
  • and in the morning you open your eyes and you’re like wow my mattress is so warm but broad and oooo it’s moving
  • but then you look down and oh hey there seungch- WHAT
  • and you want to jump up and be like WHAT IS GOING ON but seungcheol lazily opens one eye and is like “go back to sleep,,,,,,,”
  • and for some reason nothing feels wrong about this,,,it’s surprising but not wrong,,,,,,,,
  • so you just shrug and go back to sleep as you feel seungcheols arms wrap tighter around you
  • and oh my god isn’t the best friends to lovers cliche amazing,,,,,,it really is hehe 
brother’s bestfriend: seungcheol ↴
  • finally someone requested our leader ugh
  • so you and your brother were pretty close
  • you both argued here and there
  • the typical siblings
  • but he cared a lot for you
  • he’d always have his friend seungcheol over
  • they’d stay up until 4am playing on the xbox
  • they did everything toegther
  • they even planned on going to the same college
  • they both were only two years older than you
  • seungcheol was just your brother’s best friend
  • you thought he was so handsome
  • he was kind and just an amazing person
  • but to him?
  • you were just the little sister of his best friend
  • he in no way saw you as anything more than that
  • he had girlfriends here and there
  • so you never had hope for anything
  • when he’d come over,
  • it’d be a simple
  • “hey, where’s your brother?”
  • “he’s showering”
  • he’s known your brother since they were in 3rd grade
  • your crush on him started then
  • so once you were in your freshman year
  •  seungcheol and your brother were in their junior year in high school
  • one day, when seungcheol was over
  • and your brother went out for a few minutes
  • you thought this could be a good chance to talk to seungcheol
  • “hey cheol!”
  • you walked into the livingroom where he sat
  • “you can’t call me that y/n”
  • you looked at him confused
  • “why?”
  • “because we’re neither friends or dating, so you can’t call me that”
  • his words stung
  • he was just a hormonal teenage boy
  • with a big attitude
  • seungcheol had a girlfriend while he was in high school
  • you’d seem him around with her in the hallways and at lunch
  • they seemed happy
  • and since then, your feelings suddenly dissolved
  • soon, your brother and seungcheol left to college
  • and you only missed your brother
  • you sure didn’t miss having seungcheol around
  • “why out of all the colleges, you have to go to the same one as me?”
  • your brother playfully pushed you
  • he was more than happy you got a full ride to the same college as his
  • he was so proud of you
  • “looks like you’re never getting rid of me” 
  • you tease him but he just hugs you
  • although your brother was already in his late sophomore semester
  • he offered so much help to you
  • you began your classes
  • and one day, you walked into your biochemistry class
  • and you saw him
  • seungcheol was sitting right there
  • in your class
  • he looks up from his phone and sees you
  • his face lights up and he waves you over
  • you felt awkward
  • this was the first time you had seen him in years
  • and even when he saw you, he’d never pay attention to you
  • you unwillingly walk over
  • taking the seat next to him
  • “y/n? you’re taking this class?”
  • you nod
  • “yep”
  • the professor walks in just in time before it gets awkward
  • you hoped seungcheol wouldn’t want to keep talking after class
  • you just felt weird around your brother’s friends
  • once the 3 hour class was over
  • you packed your things
  • “do you want to go get lunch with your brother and I?”
  • seungcheol looks over at you
  • “no, I’m okay” 
  • you swing your backpack over your shoulder
  • “y/n? why are you being so distant?” 
  • he looks at you confusingly
  • you take awhile to gather the right words
  • “because we aren’t friends seungcheol, you’re friends with my brother”
  • you almost repeat the words he told you years ago
  • you didn’t really like seungcheol right now
  • but it was all the insecurity and grudges speaking
  • seuncheol for the first time felt hurt by you
  • you left without saying anything else
  • ever since that day
  • you didn’t sit next to him
  • you sat in front of seungcheol
  • he had grown more and more curious as to why you were being like this
  • “dude why is your sister being so harsh?”
  • your brother would laugh
  • “I don’t know if I should tell you or not”
  • although seungcheol never spoke to you before,
  • you giving him the silent treatment bugged the hell out him
  • “tell me please!”
  • your brother didn’t know if he should tell seungcheol or not
  • “I can’t help you man, you’re gonna have to break her open yourself”
  • seungcheol accepted that challenge 
  • he didn’t even know himself why he was so interested in you
  • but he wanted to know why you hated him so much
  • ah clueless, clueless cheolie
  • seungcheol would observe your actions on campus
  • what made you laugh
  • what made you sad
  • what you liked and what you didn’t
  • he saw who you hung out with
  • he’d even ask your brother questions about you
  • and the more he observed you
  • the more he saw, you weren’t this little girl anymore
  • you were all grown up
  • and the more he’d study you
  • the more he felt his heart race when he saw you
  • when you were late to your last class
  • you were rushing from one side of the campus to another
  • seungcheol was watching you from a distance
  • smiling to himself
  • but then his smile fell when you stopped
  • you had fallen on your knees from running
  • he didn’t hesitate to run his way over to you
  • you sit on your bottom, dusting your hands off
  • “y/n! are you okay?”
  • seungcheol lowered himself so your level
  • you look up at him and his face was close to yours
  • you’re soon pulled out of his trance by a sting
  • you groaned in pain and looked back down at your knees
  • they were scraped
  • he looks down at your knees too and sighs
  • “let’s go to the nurse”
  • you shake your head
  • “no, I don’t have time, I need to go to class, I’ll miss all the notes”
  • seungcheol quickly thinks of something
  • “go to the nurse and I’ll take the notes for you”
  • you looked at him puzzled
  • “don’t you have your own class to go to?”
  • seungcheol shakes his head
  • “no, I’m free for the day”
  • you think about it for a while before agreeing
  • “okay, go, go! before you’re late! I’ll go to the nurse by myself”
  • seungcheol runs off to your class after you tell him which one you had
  • you couldn’t help but smile to yourself
  • why was he suddenly so interested in you?
  • you go to the nurse to get bandaged up
  • after getting cleaned up, you go to your dorm to change into jeans
  • you didn’t want to show off your bandages
  • you ask your brother for seungcheol’s number and he’s all like
  • “why?” (;;
  • after some teasing, he finally gives in and gives you his number
  • you send seungcheol a text:
  • “hey, thanks for doing this, you can give the notes to my brother if you want”
  • seungcheol opened the message as soon as he left your class
  • he smiled at his phone,reading your message
  • “I’ll just go drop them off at your place, omw”
  • as soon as you read his message,you jump up for your bed and put some shoes on
  • you check your appearance before going to meet him outside the dorms
  • it was kind of chilly since fall was around the corner
  • so you stood there, hugging yourself as you waited for seungcheol
  • you thought about why he was doing this
  • why he was suddenly coming around
  • because he felt bad?
  • because he feels petty for this little girl that had a crush on him?
  • “were you waiting long?”
  • you turn around and see seungcheol walking up to you
  • “no” you lie
  • and he smirks “liar”
  • you sigh and stretch your hand out
  • “can I have my notes please?”
  • he puts his hands behind his back
  • “only if you answer one question I have”
  • you look at him with annoyance 
  • he takes your silence as an agreement
  • “why are you ignoring me?”
  • your face falls
  • did he really care so much ?
  • all these thoughts and memories were running through your head
  • did he really not know ?
  • “maybe because when I tried to be as close to you as my brother was, you pushed me away”
  • your anger spoke for you
  • “how does it feel seungcheol?”
  • your words were filled with build up pain
  • he had finally had a taste of his own medicine
  • he stayed silent
  • he felt like a complete asshole
  • his eyes softened
  • he finally realized why you hated him so much
  • before you could cry you left him standing there
  • before you could get any further,
  • seungcheol pulls you back
  • “stop y/n”
  • you look down, avoiding his gaze
  • “look, I’m sorry! I’m sorry for everything”
  • seungcheol’s voice was shaky
  • “why are you sorry all of a sudden?” 
  • you look at him with anger
  • “because, it took me so long to realize how I treated you, and when I studied you, what you did, what you liked, what made you smile, I began to gain interest”
  • his words softened your mood, but you weren’t going to give in easily
  • “I want to fix what I broke”
  • he stayed silent for a while before speaking again
  • “and I want to try a friendship with you, hang out with your brother and you together, do fun things together, help each other”
  • you smile at his idea
  • you took a deep breath before looking up at him
  • “okay seungcheol, I forgive you” 
  • his face lights up
  • “are you serious?” 
  • you laugh at his childishness
  • “under one condition!”
  • he stops smiling
  • “you have to let me call you cheolie”
  • you smirk and he shakes his head
  • ‘nope, no way”
  • “okay fine! bye”
  • you turn to walk away but he stops you
  • “okay okay! fine!”
  • you smile at him
  • “thanks cheolie!” 

PART TWO I didn’t want to rush them into romance, I wanted them to take it slow, so please bare with me! I’ll do  a part two if I see more than 17 reblogs! 

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anonymous asked:

Could you write a dry humping scenario for the hip pop unit. Your bloggg is the bomb. Your so amazing! Saranghe <3 and thanks


“Have I yet said that I love you?” Seungcheol asked between your sloppy kisses, his hands in the back pockets of your jeans as you lay on top of him on the couch, your legs spread and hands resting on his chest.

“Not today,” you mumbled him an answer, slowly sliding one of your hands to his warm neck and up to his jaw. “But I love you too.”

He smiled into your kiss, his hands grabbing your ass through the fabric of your jeans and pushing you against himself, sighing quietly as your crotch pressed against his. You grinned and ground down against him as well, nibbling at his lower lip when you started feeling him get harder.

“What do you think you’re doing?” Seungcheol asked, his voice low as he ended your kiss and pressed an open-mouthed kiss on your jawbone instead, bucking his hips up to let you feel how you were making him feel. Moaning quietly and feeling the effects on yourself, too, you then chuckled.

“Continuing what you started,” you replied and got up, standing on your knees with Seungcheol’s hips between them. His hands were now on your hips and he looked into your eyes with his own filled with lust. He took his lower lip between his teeth as he waited for you to proceed.

With a smirk slowly taking over your face, you lowered your crotch onto his, pursing your lips at the moan Seungcheol let out, trying to keep quiet yourself. “Yes, baby.”

You started moving your hips back and forth with the pressure increasing the more your clit was rubbed by your clothes as a result of pushing against his clothed, now fully hard cock.

“Come on, let me hear you,” Seungcheol said before grunting as he bucked his hips up while pushing you down on him simultaneously. You finally let out the moans that you had been holding back, the wetness in your panties getting painfully obvious to you. Seungcheol shut his eyes as he focused on the beautiful sounds you were producing and the way you felt against him even through all the denim between you - or exactly because of it all.

From the way his hands tightened on your hips and his breathing got more rugged, you knew he was getting close to his release. Knowing this, you leant back down again, latching your lips onto his neck, nibbling and sucking on the skin while you kept moving your clothed sex against him, now focusing on the upper part of his length.

With a moan and a quiet curse word, Seungcheol came in his pants, his mouth hanging open as he rode through the orgasm with you still moving on top of him at a slow pace.

“Shit, stop,” he gasped, causing you to chuckle a little. You moved to sit upright on his thighs and stroked his arms sensually, looking down at him with a small pout.

“I didn’t come yet,” you said with a whine, and Seungcheol’s face lit up in a matter of milliseconds.


You were too immersed in the video game you were playing to notice Wonwoo’s presence until he crawled to lie on top of your back, his lips brushing the back of your neck and his hands giving him support next to your arms. Losing your focus on the game, you sighed heavily and put the controller away, knowing you had already lost the mission at hand.

“Thanks a lot,” you groaned and shifted underneath him, Wonwoo’s sudden moan making you freeze immediately. Your ears burned as you began feeling him harden against your ass, the thin sweatpants you were both wearing hardly making it any less noticeable.

“Y/N,” Wonwoo said to your ear with a thick, slightly desperate voice, and swallowed hard before slowly moving on top of you, grinding his bulge against you. He held a grunt in and stopped as you remained still. “Can I..?”

You licked your lips and turned your head sideways, resting your cheek on the bed you were lying on. “Let’s turn around.”

Wonwoo complied without a single word, and soon you were straddling him, your hands resting on his chest and his hands placed steadily on your waist. His Adam’s apple bobbed as he took in the way you looked from the angle.

“You must’ve been really needy to get hard this fast, Wonwoo,” you spoke with a calm voice and sat down on his bulge, moving against it with a smirk on your lips while Wonwoo moaned. “You like that?”

All he could reply with was a nod and yet another moan, his cock growing hard at a quick speed with your movements and your words. His hands moved from your waist to your hips and he held them tightly, bucking up into you involuntarily. “Oh, yes.”

You gasped at the feeling of him grinding against you, as you were painfully turned on as well, a small wet spot forming on your thin sweatpants little by little. You picked up your pace, pushing a bit harder down onto him and getting as much friction on your clit as possible, which soon turned your gasps into moans.

“Are you close?” Wonwoo asked, his hips now moving a bit more sharply against yours. You nodded and bit your lip, trying to keep more quiet to fully enjoy each and every sound that Wonwoo was making. “Good, I am too– ah, fuck.”

His movements came to an end suddenly, and upon realizing that he had just come, his facial features contorting in the most beautiful way, you were thrown over the edge as well. You lay down on top of Wonwoo while panting heavily, kissing him before shooting him a glare, although it was a playful one. “You better make up for the game you made me lose.”

Wonwoo’s lips spread into a wide smile that revealed his teeth and made his nose crinkle a little. “Of course.”


Mingyu held you close to his chest and showered the back of your head and neck with kisses, a happy smile on his face as you giggled.

“Focus on the movie,” you said with a playful tone and moved to sit closer to his crotch, which made him tense up, the smile disappearing in an instant. You swayed from side to side, your lower back rubbing against him.

How was he supposed to focus on the movie when your every movement would brush against his length, especially when he knew that the only thing you were wearing other than the bra and his shirt, were your panties?

“Uh, Y/N,” Mingyu said quietly as he felt himself growing hard, and cursed in his mind. There went the cute and romantic movie night. You stiffened against him when the erection became obvious, poking against you in the way it often did in the morning and occasionally in the afternoon after a good nap. There was no doubt.

With a smirk, you swayed some more before turning around and straddling Mingyu on the bed, his back resting against the wall. You placed your hands on his shoulders and leaned down to place a kiss on his ear. “Now, I have an idea.”

“I’m all ears,” Mingyu replied, his breath hitching in his throat when you pushed your sex against his bulge.

“Do me like you would if there were no clothes on,” you whispered to his ear, dragging his earlobe between your teeth afterwards. Mingyu groaned at your words and placed his hands on your ass, as he loved to do, and bucked his hips up while pulling you close to him.

Hugging his head close to your chest and tugging his hair a little, you let out a high-pitched moan. “Yeah, just like that.”

Mingyu grunted and continued thrusting up while pushing you down, his clothed cock rubbing nicely against your heat that was only covered by your panties that were getting wetter with each movement.

“Mingyu,” you muttered, angling your hips so that his length was rubbing your clit, which nearly made you mewl. He kept your hips that way and thrust up faster, now desperate for his release, especially with you such a mess on his lap.

“Let it go, baby,” Mingyu choked before grunting as he came, his head falling back against the wall and his hands squeezing your ass while his hips kept bucking up against you.

“You didn’t give me enough time,” you groaned and continued moving against him. Only, he was quick to move one of his hands from your ass to your front, easily pushing your panties aside and slipping his fingers between your wet folds.


Woken up by the stiffness rubbing against your lower back, you opened your eyes slowly, becoming more and more aware of what was going on the more obvious it became that the rubbing was intentional. Vernon’s hand was on your hip, trying not to squeeze too tightly, as he grinded against your lower back with quiet sighs leaving his lips.

“Vernon?” you asked, trying to disguise your own arousal underneath a confused tone. He halted his movements, and you turned around with a silent groan, meeting his widened eyes. You raised your eyebrow. “Did you seriously expect me to sleep through that?”

“Not really..?” he asked, flashing you a grin afterwards and pulling you a closer by your hips, your panty-covered heat meeting his bulge, hidden underneath his boxers. “You being awake makes it a lot more fun.”

You bit your lip and locked your eyes with his as he turned you to lie on your back and got on top of you, pushing his hips against yours and groaning at the friction. You moaned quietly and bucked your hips against his, deliberately ignoring the way you could feel your panties getting wetter by the minute.

“I had a really nice dream,” Vernon mumbled while kissing your neck, his bulge pressing into your pussy as he moved his hips up and down in controlled movements, rolling them every now and then. “You were wearing that one lingerie of yours with your hands ti–”

“Vernon,” you said forcefully, teeth clenched as you pulled him into a kiss, frustrated with the way his words were affecting you - your panties were soaked, and the close proximity of his length hardly made it any better. Chuckling lowly, Vernon continued pushing against you, his breathing growing heavier and more erratic as he got closer to his peak.

Teasing his tongue with yours, you pushed against him as well, desperate to reach your own climax and knowing how close he was to his. As he finally gasped and the wet spot on his boxers got bigger, you continued moving your lower region against his clothed member, coming with a pleased moan into your own panties a moment later.

Vernon moved back to lie down by your side, his arm resting on your stomach as he caught his breath. Leaning up to kiss your jaw, he then spoke: “Shower?”

“Sounds good.”

- Kay

I hope you enjoyed!

Request: Idk this has probably been requested already but ommmggg ur boyfriend imagines are GOLD. Whenever you have time could you please maybe do svt hip hop unit as bfs? Also I feel you on the moving thing, I’ve been in my new house for just over a year and a half now and I STILL have boxes shoved in places that I haven’t touched yet so good luck with unpacking!😊
Members: S.coups, Wonwoo, Mingyu, Vernon (svt)
Genre: fluffy as heck
A/N: thank you so much for the compliments and well wishes!! Yeah no my room is chaos rn and I can barely walk past the boxes in the house LOL but at least I have a lamp now haha

Performance unit here: x


  • Congratulations you’ve signed yourself up to be flirted with for the rest of your life 
  • Boyfriend fashion boyfriend attitude,,, what’s his pink hat from change up made from??? Boyfriend material (I just really wanted to make that joke hjdshfje sorry)
  • The one who will nuzzle into you in the mornings and place gentle kisses on your cheek and whisper the most freaking endearing things into your ear
  • And it’s honestly so appealing that it makes you never wanna move but you gotta because oh no responsibilities are calling,,,
  • Maybe just,,,,,, a few more minutes in his arms,,,,,,,,,, it’s not like he can refuse you anyways lmfao
  • He’s just a big snuggler tbh he likes to lay around with you and just be as close as can be,, like it makes his heart swell up with happiness
  • Excessive amounts of pet names in English, Korean, and any other languages you may speak
  • Uses “baby” and “darling” a lot !! He thinks they just sound so nice and they’re so full of affection 
  • Lights up like a child on it’s birthday whenever you call him a nickname back
  • It’s literally one of his favorite things to hear and he always gets really giggly and grabby when you do it (let him hug you right now immediately)
  • A big sappy man who will tell you that he loves you at least once a day
  • No matter how or where or when or if he’s busy or not he will send a freaking carrier pigeon with the message on a tiny scrap of paper if he has to 
  • Doesn’t want you to ever feel down on yourself, so he always showers you with compliments before you can even think about doubting yourself??? He reminds you of all your talents and positive points and that he loves you more than the moon loves the sun and you always gotta cut him off cause otherwise you’ll be there for a long ass time 
  • Likes to feed you how corny but he’s always smiling so cutely you can’t refuse
  • Husband material
  • Loves to talk about his future with you 
  • if you don’t want kids then that’s okay!! he won’t push you!! and if you do then he’s excited to someday start a family with you someday!!
  • Mostly just talks about spending the rest of his life with you, and likes to do it with you sitting in his lap, chest against your back as he wraps his arms around you tightly to keep you snug and close 
  • Because when you guys sit like that, he can picture your future the best, swallowed up by your warmth and the feeling of your fingers in between his own 
  • And he gets that one little soft smile on his face and presses kisses to your neck (not like that ya nasty) and mumbles that he just adores you so much 
  • Freaks out when you get hurt 
  • Will 100% carry you whenever it happens and always asks if you need to go to the hospital 
  • You: It’s just a stubbed toe babe it’s okay-
  • Cheol: BUT WHAT IF YOU BROKE IT???????????
  • LOVES IT when you wear his clothes
  • You just look so cute,,, and it’s like when you’re wrapped up in them you’re showing anyone who can see that you’re all his
  • Will pick you up in a spinning hug when you wear them because it’s just SO PERFECT 
  • He literally thinks you deserve all the love in the world and wants to give it to you himself


  • Looks Emo, but is a Gentle Boy 
  • A boyfriend who very much prefers to show his love through actions rather than words
  • As a result he’s very doting??? Like he may not say The Three Words often but you can see his affection towards you in his actions
  • He always double checks to make sure you’re buckled up, brings you food when you mention you haven’t had a chance to grab lunch, runs errands for you without you even having to ask
  • Wonwoo: I saw you were low on the following items so I got them for you
  • You: Did you have to go out of your way to get those???
  • Wonwoo: It was for you, I wouldn’t have noticed if it was 
  • Wants to watch the sunset with you !!
  • Like straight up go to a secluded place, high up to get the best view of course, with a pile of blankets to sit on and wrap yourselves up in
  • He’ll hold you close with one arm while you guys sip a warm drink of your choice, smiling at each other all excited as the sky begins to change colors 
  • And he just can’t help but thank whatever it was that brought you guys together because this moment was exactly where he wanted to be
  • Warm and healthy with someone so vital to his world tucked under one arm
  • Probably wears socks to bed, he’s one of those people lmao (You may laugh but deep down I’m willing to bet anyone reading this has done it at least once)
  • Likes to nap with you 
  • Going to sleep in the early afternoon and waking up in the early evening, sleep tugging at the two of you and lazy smiles spreading as you gaze at one another
  • Quiet discussions of what to make for dinner, occasionally interrupted by a gentle kiss,,, how ideal
  • Ultimate caretaker when you’re sick or injured
  • Just somehow knows exactly what to do??? And has everything at the ready and if he somehow does it he has a few blackmail photos of Seungkwan that he uses to make him go get whatever it is you need so Wonu doesn’t have to leave your side 
  • Likes to go out to different local cafes with you to get boba and try pastries and different kinds of coffee
  • Also likes taking pictures of you in these cafes because he thinks they’re ~aesthetic~
  • Just thinks those sorts of dates are fun!!! There’s so many cafes to explore and you guys can take that quality time to find new favorite hang out spots that are quiet and just for you guys to catch up and have long, deep conversations in 
  • Likes to cup your chin/jaw when he kisses you 
  • Always a very gentle kisser, and pulls back with a tender look on his face and his eyes are twinkling with adoration 
  • And he’ll mumble a little compliment,,, and his voice is a little husky and you’re like “Okay Wonwoo I love you but that voice makes me feel atTACKED”
  • Trusts you with all his heart and soul and is an ultimate open book to you 
  • You could ask him anything and he would be totally honest with you 
  • Because you’re his forever person??? His soulmate??? He wants you to feel like you can trust him just as much as he trusts you and that means he’s never gonna hide anything from you 
  • And honestly it’s just such a wonderful thing about him,,, how can you not trust someone like that with your heart
  • When he does vocalize his affections, he always holds your hands close to his chest and reminds you that you hold all of his heart,,, and you always promise to treat it well
  • Literally such a sweetie why don’t you just marry him already????????


  • Uses your toothbrush on accident like three times a month and you keep having to buy new ones because ew 
  • You: Mingyu that’s dISGUSTING
  • Also kind of a sap but it’s not as articulate as Seungcheol lmao
  • Like he really tries to find a way to describe how he feels about you but he struggles with it a lot 
  • Sometimes the guys try to help him but he doesn’t want them to because these words need to be 100% from the heart,,, 
  • Even if they don’t come out the way he wants to, you can tell he worked on them and thought very long and hard about them 
  • So you always return those words, accompanied with a gentle kiss that makes him feel so much more at ease knowing he got his message across
  • You reminding him how much you love him makes him the happiest boy he just gets so soft over you 
  • The type to buy you guys matching onesies and is SO proud of himself for coming up with this idea even tho he totally saw it on instagram I mean what no Mingyu totally came up with it by himself 100% invented couple onesies 
  • Compliments make him feel good as it is but when you do it, it’s different cause you guys are dating and therefore it must be super duper special???
  • Swells up with pride whenever you call him handsome 
  • Consults you about any hair style changes (and honestly good let’s not have cheeto Mingyu make another appearance) because he trusts you with his godlike appearance
  • Cooks for you!!! He’s always sure to make you guys dinner on nights in
  • If you like to cook he buys you guys cookbooks full of things you can try making for one another, or even better, together 
  • Will 100% make you a bento box with a cheesy message written on the rice in seaweed, partially because he loves you but also partially because he wants to embarrass you lmao
  • If you watch him cook, he’ll narrate what he’s doing like he’s on a TV show just to make you laugh and it’s honestly adorable this man is a toll and also a sweetie 
  • Such a little soft puppy for you, people can practically see his imaginary tail wagging when he’s around you 
  • If you’re sad he freaks out a little because !!! You’re never supposed to be sad with him what should he do???
  • But he calms down quick and takes you somewhere private so he can hold you nice and close and listen to everything you say
  • Wipes away your tears and whispers assurances that you’re okay, he’s here and he’s got you, and he’s gonna help you until everything in your world is okay again
  • Likes to do fun and dorky things with you!!! 
  • If you can think of anything like that to do together HE WILL DO IT!!! He loves to do things with you and he doesn’t care if they make him look like a big dork because it makes the two of you happy
  • Especially loves it if it’s a pillow fort,,, but u gotta remind him to be careful cause he’s tall and kinda excitable so he might accidentally get up too fast or too far and knock it over 
  • But pillow forts will consist of late night giggling and teasing kisses and romantic comedies and it’s just,,, really fun 
  • Just being with Mingyu is really fun and safe and lovely really so why not stay with him forever???????


  • If you’re dating him please meme with him??? It doesn’t have to be often just like once every few months I wanna see some meme couple shit with Hansol lmao it’d be great
  • Will try and freestyle rap whenever you request it 
  • You guys could be making toast and suddenly you’re just like “Rap go” and he’s oN IT it’s not very good since it’s so spontaneous and about toast but he did his best okay
  • Just tell him you’re proud of him ??? he deserves it he’s a good one 
  • If you tell him you love him he gets squishy because he’s like 5 years old 
  • He can’t believe someone so wonderful who spends so much time making him happier than ever really feels as strongly towards him as he does towards them???
  • You might have to stop him from doing something stupid sometimes 
  • It’s not super often but sometimes him and a couple other members of svt get an idea in their head and it’s not always very well thought out,,,
  • Becoming close friends with Seungkwan who always thanks you for treating his best friend so well 
  • Kwannie will always offer to help you plan any surprises you might wanna give to or throw for Hannie 
  • Also tells you to let him know if Hansol hurts you cause he’ll totally fight him LOL 
  • Hansol face times you a lot when he’s busy or away on tour or for some other adventure!!
  • He tries to take you with him places as much as he can but yanno company rules and busy schedules :// the solution is late night face times
  • He’s always got a smile shining on his face whenever he picks up or calls you, no matter how tired he may be 
  • Thinks it’s funny when the members jump into the shot to say hello to you too or snitch on him but he excuses himself after a while because he wants a few moments just for you two 
  • The type of bf to high five you and then tug you into a hug and kiss your cheek or the top of your head
  • One time accidentally whacked your face and flipped his shit, would not stop apologizing but was also kinda trying not to laugh lmao
  • Bought you snacks to make up for it god bless 
  • A fan of back hugs!! They’re just such a sweet gesture to him, plus he gets to hold you and say whatever he wants and you won’t be able to see his face when he does it
  • Does he say sweet things??? Sometimes but sometimes he just tells you about something Hoshi or one of the other members did lmfao
  • If you send him a meme of himself, he will make it his mission to creepshot you whenever you least expect it just so he can have memes of you too
  • Loves it when you get along with his members, he looks up to them so much and to see so many of his favorite people getting along means the world to them
  • Also loves it when you get along with his family!! We all know how much he loves them 
  • His sister always jokes that you need to come along if he comes and visits because you’re more fun to talk to and Hansol is just “WOW OKAY BLOOD MEANS NOTHING TO YOU I SEE HOW IT IS” and it’s just fun
  • Quote one of his ~iconic~ english lines and he’ll tackle you to make you shUT 
  • But it turns into giggles and kissing and a little bit of tickling and then before you know it you’re just cuddling 
  • You make him feel so good honestly!!! You don’t even have to do or say anything just one look and he can feel his heart pick up,,, he just cares for you so much 
  • Treat this bb well 

Requests are open!!

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overstimulation with coups? but after it all, him being a cutie and asking if you are ok and stuff and then cuddling to sleep.

this took me SO long oh my god and while I’m still not sure how I feel about this, I hope you like it! ♥

happy Valentine’s day! 😘

Seungcheol had come home earlier than usual that night, and after a whole lot of suggestive messages from both of you, it wasn’t all that surprising that while you had welcomed him home warmly, his first words had been “You, me, bedroom - now.”

You had had no objections.

His lips had been hot and needy against yours from the very first kiss he gave you, and they had you excited in an instant. Not that his messages of how he’d definitely make you feel good that night hadn’t already, of course; spending most of the day thinking about his body pressed hard against yours, his hips pushing into yours and his tongue gliding on your body had had you burning.

Seungcheol was half on top of you as you made out, his right knee between your legs and his right hand, having sneaked under your shirt and into your bra with ease a few moments earlier, was cupping your breast. His fingers were playing with your pert nipple in a way that had you breathing shallowly, and he grinned against your lips when he noticed that.

“What would you think about us having a long night, baby?” Seungcheol asked huskily, nibbling gently on your ear. You gasped, both at his breath hitting your ear and the suggestive words, and your hips bucked slightly against his leg as your fingers threaded into his hair. He pulled back, and you looked straight into his eyes while playing with his hair.

“Oh, I’m all up for that.”

With a cocky smirk spreading to his lips, Seungcheol leaned down for another heated kiss, his fingers sliding out of your bra to fiddle with the hem of your shirt, which came off you rather soon, as well as your jeans and bra, which only left you in your panties. You continued kissing, and Seungcheol took some of his clothes off in the process as well, roaming his hands on your body whenever he wasn’t tugging at his clothes in a desperate attempt to get them off as soon as he could, just so that he’d be able to return to exploring your skin.

His fingers danced over your chest and on your sides, and eventually found their way to your legs and ass, which he squeezed while muffling your gasps with a deep kiss, his breathing getting heavier. He slid his hand to your front slowly and rubbed you through your panties with his fingers flat against your pussy, which only turned you on further, your fingers curling in his already messy hair.

Some ten minutes later, you were a panting, wet mess as you looked at your boyfriend. Seungcheol took your favorite pair of fluffy handcuffs from your bedside table and swung them in the air for a while, biting his lip sexily while you ogled at the object. “How’d this be?”

“Really damn good,” you said in excitement and licked your lips, already instinctively getting your arms up and your hands so that they were close to the headboard. Seungcheol hummed to himself while attaching your wrists to the headboard with the handcuffs, and then proceeded to look at you approvingly.

Sitting on his knees next to you, he grinned and brought his middle finger between your breasts. Your breath hitched at that alone, and Seungcheol chuckled smugly.

“I can do anything, and you can’t touch me,” he muttered with a low voice while dragging his fingertip down your body, all the way to the waistband of your panties, knowing full well how much you loved touching him during sex - but that was a lot of the fun of what was to come.

He moved lower on the bed and took your panties off painstakingly slowly, kissing his way down while removing the piece of clothing. If you were wet already, you only got more so with how his lips felt against your skin and how excited you were for what what would happen soon - when Seungcheol promised you a long night, he meant a long night.

With your panties now fully off, you licked your lips when Seungcheol parted your legs, and you placed your feet on the mattress. He inhaled your scent and let out an appreciative sigh before grabbing your left leg and pressing his lips to your inner thigh, which elicited a surprised gasp from you.

“Any idea how good you smell?” he asked huskily and looked at you from the corner of his eye, his lips dragging up your inner thigh. Trying not to shake too much, you let out a quiet giggle.

“Apparently pretty good,” you said playfully, and got a chuckle from Seungcheol.

“Try absolutely fantastic,” he muttered, then continued kissing his way up your leg, until his lips met the sensitive skin near your heat. You could already feel yourself clenching with anticipation and your legs starting to quiver a little as you waited for Seungcheol to give you what you wanted.

Without another word, Seungcheol brought his tongue out of his mouth and gave your pussy a long lick with a flattened tongue, which made you sigh contently, your hips desperately trying to follow his mouth when he pulled away. He smirked to himself, and with one hand on your hip and one holding your leg, he began lapping at you. The first few licks were slow and teasing, and he stopped right before reaching your clit, but gradually he built up the speed. When his wet tongue finally met your clit, your breath hitched and you tried to buck up with your hips, but it was in vain with how he was pinning you down.

“Stay still, baby,” Seungcheol rasped, running his tongue over your clit again and again, circling the very tip of it around your sensitive bundle of nerves, kissing it sloppily - doing everything he knew drove you absolutely crazy. You whimpered, your hands clasped together tightly and your chest heaving at an increasing speed while the knot in your stomach tightened second after second and lick after lick. Noticing that, Seungcheol chuckled. “Don’t come until I tell you to.”

“But,” you whined, looking down at Seungcheol, who was staring right back at you. His eyes were dark and hooded, his lips glistening with your anticipation and his tongue moving lewdly between them as it moved up and down on your soaked pussy. You were ruined.

“You can do it,” he breathed before closing his eyes, his long lashes beautiful against his skin, and all you could do was moan when he pressed his tongue to your clit and shook his head a little, only to go back to licking you fast. The long licks from your entrance to your clit were driving you crazy, but you knew the worst was only coming.

“Oh my God,” you whimpered when you felt Seungcheol wrap his soft, plump lips around your clit and suck on it lightly with his tongue gliding over it. Your legs were tight by his head, but Seungcheol didn’t mind - he never did - and just went back to giving you fast flicks of his tongue, both of his hands now holding your hips down while also pulling you closer to his mouth. Quivering, you felt your orgasm approaching, fast. “Fuck, can I–”

“Come for me,” Seungcheol mumbled against you, his tongue not once stopping as you released to his mouth with satisfied moans slipping through your lips one after another. Slowly, he began pulling back and propped himself up on his left elbow, looking at you with a lopsided grin. “You good?”

“Sure,” you said, feeling a bit lightheaded in your sated daze, and smiled at Seungcheol. He began kissing your inner thighs again, both making you relaxed and turned on all over again.

Little by little, he moved up on the bed, caressing your breasts and left side while his lips found yours in a sweet yet passionate kiss. You could taste a bit of yourself on him, but didn’t mind and just focused on how soft his lips were against yours and how good his tongue felt as it rubbed into yours while his hand cupped your breast.

“Are you ready for another one?” Seungcheol asked with a low voice as he pulled away from the kiss and looked into your eyes, as though making sure you were. Biting your lower lip a little, you nodded, already feeling the anticipation grow within you again.

Painstakingly slowly, Seungcheol dragged his fingers over your breasts, rubbing your erect nipples, before sliding them just as slowly down your stomach and to your wet, swollen heat. His lips caught your moan when he massaged your clit lightly, and they caught the whine you let out when he slid two fingers into you with ease just as well.

He remained by your side as he fingered you, his eyes occasionally moving from his fingers disappearing into you to your face, your features contorted in pleasure and your cheeks considerably more flushed than usually. He was hard in his boxers, which he had yet to take off, and his desire to be inside of you was only growing with each noise you let out and each wet sound of his fingers pushing into your wet pussy.

With your hips bucking against his fingers desperately, Seungcheol moved to hover slightly above you, peppering your chest with kisses and his hips grinding a little against your bent leg. “You’re so beautiful like this, baby.”

Right then, he brought his thumb to your clit and rubbed it as well as he could from that angle, with his fingers thrusting in and out of you at a speed that only seemed to get faster.

“I’m so sensitive,” you whimpered, unsure of what you were trying to convey with your words, and got a chuckle from Seungcheol, who gave your breasts a few more sloppy kisses before bringing his lips to yours.

“I know,” he said huskily, nibbling on your lower lip while curling his fingers inside of you in a way that had you moaning. Seungcheol massaged your sensitive spot shamelessly while grinning against your lips while his muffled your moans. “Just wait until I’m fucking you into the mattress, princess, because that’s when the fun starts.”

The mere thought of him pushing into you in all his thick gorgeousness made you nod enthusiastically - you couldn’t wait, no matter how sensitive you were.

With his lips leaving yours to travel back down to your chest, Seungcheol gradually brought you closer to your second orgasm, all the while kissing your sensitive skin and sucking lightly on your nipples and telling you the lewdest things he could in that moment. About how ravishing you looked, how damn hard he was and how wet you were, and how he’d wreck you in the best way possible in just a moment.

“Can’t wait to have your pussy around me,” Seungcheol grunted by your ear, and latching his lips back onto yours to give you some sense of support, he began pistoning his fingers into you even faster, his thumb rubbing your clit erratically albeit messily.

Your hips rose off the bed with the force at which your orgasm hit you, and Seungcheol’s lips only caught some of the loud cry that you let out as your back arched. You were more sensitive than you could recall being in a long time, yet Seungcheol didn’t stop his fingers until your hips fell back to the bed and your legs fell down as well, and you weakly tried to pull away.

“Good girl,” he whispered and kissed your ear, from where he moved to kiss your cheek and then your lips, while you panted, sweat collecting at your hairline. Seungcheol cupped your cheek when he kissed you, and you leaned into his touch. He smiled. “You did so well.”

“Thank you,” you managed to say, and whimpered when Seungcheol pulled his fingers out of you, glistening with your release. He pulled away from the kiss and looked at his fingers, as sticky as they always were after fingering you. You could only watch in awe as Seungcheol brought his fingers to his mouth and took them in, sucking them clean with his tongue sliding between his thick digits.

Had you said you didn’t have a thing for Seungcheol sucking on his fingers when they were coated with your juices, you would’ve been lying.

When his fingers were clean, Seungcheol finally took off his boxers, revealing his cock in its hard state and dripping pre-cum, and opened your handcuffs to let your hands free. He spent another moment giving you gentle, long kisses while caressing you with one hand and stroking himself slowly with the other, and you got your hands in his hair while kissing him back. Knowing you were in for another round of intense chasing of your orgasm, you greedily took in all the affection and gentleness he was giving you.

A good while later, Seungcheol got between your legs and caressed your thighs, grinning at the way you were shivering.

“Ready for one more?” he asked, slowly grinding into you with the shaft of his cock, hard and proud, as it rubbed raw against your pussy, swollen and sensitive almost to the point of it being painful. You grabbed at the plush pillow underneath your head and nodded weakly.

“Bring it on,” you managed to say, voice slightly strained with the two orgasms already behind you, and whimpered when Seungcheol aligned himself with your entrance, still dripping with your cum, and began pushing in.

“God, you feel good like this,” he grunted and bent down, kissing your collarbones and chest while continuing pushing into you slowly. Your legs wrapped weakly around his waist, and after a while, your arms found their way around his neck, too. Seungcheol didn’t budge for a while, and just took in the way you were clamping down around him and how your nails were digging into his skin.

“Move,” you whimpered when Seungcheol rolled his hips a little, stretching you out and rubbing against your inner walls. Bringing his lips to your neck, he complied, and soon you had him thrusting into you with the vigor of a man who had just brought his girlfriend to two orgasms and was only chasing his first one - not that he’d had any regrets, naturally, because if there was something he loved, it was knowing that he had made you feel good.

You were whining and moaning and nearly crying, all at once, as Seungcheol’s hips met yours thrust after thrust, his pelvis meeting your sensitive clit with each one.

About to reach his peak faster than he wanted to, Seungcheol pulled out and merely ground into you again, his cock rubbing against your bundle of nerves. You whined as you hid your face in his shoulder and held him even tighter.

“Stop,” you said weakly, although your hips were bucking against Seungcheol’s. You were so sensitive and it was almost painful on your end, yet it felt so sinfully good.

Seungcheol chuckled and kissed you by your ear, since he couldn’t reach your lips. “Do you really want that, though?”

Tugging at his hair, you whined and brought your head back to the pillow, looking at Seungcheol’s dark, lustful expression with only desperation visible in yours. You swallowed, shivering when his cock rubbed into your clit again, and shook your head in a small motion. “No.”

His lips stretched into a smirk, and he gave you a long, sweet kiss during which his hips were completely still, before guiding himself back to your entrance and pushing back in and starting a relentless speed right at the beginning.

Moans slipped through your lips almost as often as quiet profanities did, with Seungcheol’s name coming out every now and then as well, as he fucked you to your third and quite likely the most intense orgasm of the night, if not your life. You held onto him tightly when your high began washing over you, your lips parted in a silent scream and your fingers digging into his broad shoulders while a few tears escaped your eyes.

“Yeah, that’s a good girl, come for me,” Seungcheol groaned when he felt you clenching around him, and moved his hands so that he was holding onto your shoulders from underneath while moving his hips against yours in small, sensual and slow thrusts. You whined with oversensitivity, still holding onto him, and some thrusts later you could feel yourself fill up with his hot release.

Seungcheol grunted when his orgasm hit him, after so much waiting, and kissed your neck sloppily as his hips stuttered to a stop. You were both breathing heavily, and slowly Seungcheol let go of you and caressed your sides instead, and moved his lips from your neck to your lips to give you a gentle kiss.

“You did really well, baby,” he whispered to you, one of his hands caressing your cheek and the other stroking your side soothingly. You nodded with a small smile and unwrapped your legs from around him, and after giving you a few more sweet kisses that you gladly replied to, Seungcheol pulled out.

He lied down next to you and took you into his arms, looking at your slightly tear-stained cheeks that he wiped with his thumb and leaning down to peck your lips. “Are you okay?”

You gave him a small nod and cuddled up to him, drawing circles into his bare chest. He chuckled.

“We should probably clean ourselves up a little,” he said quietly and kissed you on your forehead. You giggled with a nod, and not much later Seungcheol was standing up and scooping you up from the bed, from where he carried you to the bathroom.

“You could’ve given me a warning,” you laughed when he let you down, and he gave you a sheepish smile while making sure that the water coming from the shower head was lukewarm.

“I thought you saw it coming,” he defended himself with a playful pout and gave you a soft kiss on your cheek while turning the shower off. “The water’s good now.”

You thanked him and got into the bathtub first, and were joined by Seungcheol after a while. He kissed your shoulders gently while helping you clean yourself, and by the time you were both clean and fresh again, having used some soap after the cum and sweat were mostly gone from your bodies, you were exchanging long, sweet kisses while embracing each other under the warm water.

“I think we should get back to bed,” you giggled and hugged Seungcheol, pressing your body against his as you hid your face in his shoulder for a moment, wanting nothing more than to remain close to him. He hummed and stroked your back.

“I think we should.”

Some time later, you were cuddled up to each other under your blanket and Seungcheol was stroking your hair.

“Are you sure you’re okay? You’ve been quiet after we stopped,” he said in a quiet mumble, and you nodded, lifting your face a little so that you could look at him with a small smile.

“I’d tell you if I wasn’t. I’m just tired,” you said and yawned, snuggling closer to him. Seungcheol chuckled and leaned down to kiss you, holding you close to himself.

“Good night, honey.”

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anonymous asked:

hi can i request for bestfriend!seungcheol slowly realizing he has feelings for you AAAAAH (thinking of it makes my heart flutter) i love ur writings and thank uu in advance!!:]

  • you and seungcheol have known each other since you were literally kids,,,and therefore it’s no big surprise that you guys keep being friends even up into college
  • where you’ve just seen your best friend turn his childhood mischievousness into what he calls charm,,,,,or ‘grease’ even though every time you make a fake gagging noise at one of his pickup lines seungcheol just tells you you know nothing about the complex world of ‘flirting’
  • and random people in your classes keep asking you if seungcheol is single,,,,,because wow he’s got muscles,,,,anD a cute face,,,,,
  • and you’re like sure he does,,,,but did you know he snores like crazy????? in middle school he came over to play videogames, fell asleep on my couch and it sounded like a freight train was coming through my living room 
  • but people are like interested in him for his looks
  • which you do,,,,agree have gotten much better,,,,,like seungcheol went from being a lil chubby in the cheeks to have a killer jawline
  • and walking around in bomber jackets,,,hair slicked back from his face,,,,sunglasses hanging off his nose,,,,,,and,,,,,that secret tattoo he got and made you swear that you wouldn’t tell his mom
  • but like,,,,,you see the chic seungcheol but it’s nothing compared to the memories you have of him as a twelve year old standing next to you with dirty knees and a big dopey smile on his face because you guys managed to climb the neighbor’s fence and get back your frisbee without getting caught
  • but long story short he’s the hot campus flirt and you’re his bestfriend so everyone either assumes you’re dating or wants you to get them his number
  • and it’s annoying but it becomes even worse when you and seungcheol get the same part-time job at the mall
  • and you guy’s work at this clothing store and ,,,,,everyday it’s the same groups of people from your college coming in to giggle and flirt with seungcheol
  • and seungcheol is so easily entertained by it,,,,,,so you get stuck folding shirts while he sits at the counter batting his eyelashes
  • but you don’t complain because he does work too,, he lifts any of the heavy stuff and always helps you move around the mannequins but he also teases you if you happen to get tired 
  • so when people aren’t around it’s like you’re kids all over again,,,,,but then a flock will come and take him away and you will never admit it,,,,,,,,,,,
  • but you’re kinda jealous,,,,like that’s your best friend and you guys barely hang out because class eats up your time so getting the same job kinda made you excited,,,but now,,,,
  • you don’t show it though and you don’t tell seungcheol. hell no you could never,,,,,,,,
  • but one day as you’re closing up you mention that the tuition is getting worse and you’re three hundred bucks in debt for textbooks and you forget you even tell seungcheol
  • but the next weekend when you’re in the mall, not for your shift but to see another friend, you can’t believe it but,,,,,,,,there’s seungcheol???? working extra shifts????
  • and you don’t know why and you’d ask,,,,but somehow you feel like you shouldn’t,,,,,he might have his reasons,,,,so you duck when he turns to look over his shoulder
  • and a couple of weeks go by and you know seungcheol keeps taking extra hours,,,,,and you’re like,,,,,,,,is his family having money problems?? why won’t he talk to me ??? does he not see me as his best friend anymore,,
  • and it hurts you won’t lie,,,because no matter how open and friendly seungcheol is with people - you always knew that he told you everything. and only you,,,,,,,but that seems to have changed
  • until,,,,,,you get an email before your shift about how your debts been paid off and you’re like ?????what?????but i??????didn’t????? do that????
  • but the fact makes you smile because thaNK GOD three hundred bucks is like ,,,,,,four weeks of work
  • and seungcheol walks by and is like “you look all happy, is it because i look amazing today?” and you roll your eyes and you’re like no!!! some kind soul paid off my debt!!!
  • and seungcheol ruffles your hair and is like you’re lucky! someone must really like you!! and you’re like yEAH omg i wonder who it wa-
  • and you stop mid sentence and look up at seungcheol and he’s like ?
  • and you’re like,,,four weeks of work is 300 bucks,,,,,,seungcheol was taking extra shifts for about three to four weeks,,,,,,he never mentioned having his own money problems,,,,,and he knew about your debt
  • and it all clicks in your head and you’re like,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, “it,,,,,was you wasn’t it?” and you say it quietly but you know seungcheol can hear it
  • and you see him shrug, smile at you and he’s like “i said it you know,,,the person who paid for you must really like you,,,”
  • and you catch your breath because wait,,,,,,,,like,,,,,,,you,,,,,,seungcheol,,,,,,,likes you????
  • and you’re like “do you mean-” and seungcheol drops his eyes for the first time,,,,getting a flustered look that is so so so rare
  • and he’s like “i don’t want you to think im trying to lure you or anything, and if you don’t feel the same way we’ll just say i did it for you as your best frien-”
  • but you’re like pulling him down by his employee id and seungcheol is like!!!!!! and you’re pressing your lips softly to his beCause you know WHAT
  • you like him too!!!!! and that jealousy you felt might have been attributed to the fact that,,,,you’ve always wanted to be special to seungcheol,,,,but in more of a way than a friend,,,
  • and seungcheol is shocked, but his hand is almost reflexively moving to tug you closer
  • but you both have to tear away when your manager clears their throat so loud everyone in the store turns to look
  • but,,,,,,,you and seungcheol spend your shifts with giddy smiles and fast beating hearts and im not trying to hint at anything here kids but when the manager goes and it’s time to lock up,,,,,
  • well,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,let’s just say you and seungcheol do a bit more than kiss in the employee room
  • and literally seungcheol against your neck is like: “ive liked you since we were kids,,,and now,,,,,,it’s like that childhood dream of mine is really coming true,,,”
  • and usually you playfully hit him when he says something corny,,,but that just makes you melt even more in his arms hehe 
100 MORE Reasons to Love Choi Seungcheol
  1. such a fanboy for kdramas and watched Goblin with Mingyu
  2. reenacted one of the goblin scenes with Mingyu and got really embarrassed
  3. when he gave BTS’s Taehyung a gigantic hug during MAMA 2017
  4. His ‘biorhythm’ part
  5. Whenever he says ‘S.coups’ in the Seventeen songs like in Crazy in Love
  6. When he came out of nowhere in boomboom mv to sing that tiny part after Joshua and basically shook the whole fandom
  7. When Seungcheol switched lunches with Wonwoo who’s allergic to seafood, and despite the lunch being spicy which he doesn’t like, he still ate it
  8. when he reassured Hansol about going on SMTM4
  9. wants four kids in the future, three boys and one girl
  10. ‘I’m in charge of 12 kids right now, you think I can’t handle four’
  11. when he’s such a huge dork with filters #filterking
  12. when Seungcheol does the thing where he falls into Jeonghan or Joshua’s arms after he does something highly embarrassing
  14. Excited Seungcheol reuniting with the rest of Seventeen at the Dream Concert
  15. Seungcheol thought it would be funny for the members to choose one person to take the penalty and everyone chose him and his facial expression was just full of regret
  16. those pictures of Seungcheol where he’s in japan, and he’s wearing a pink button up and jeans and it looks like he’s waiting for someone and it’s basically boyfriend looks because we all know he’s waiting for you
  17. Seungcheol eats really cutely, it’s just really cute to see him with his cheeks stuffed with food
  18. When Seungcheol said ‘baby’
  19. When he spent 10 seconds trying to open a door only to realize the door next to it was the door to use
  20. Seungcheol really can’t do amusement park rides
  21. Did you see him on my friend’s hometown, he got dizzy after a carousel
  22. His 17 project teaser
  23. That part in the Mansae mv where the girl turns around and is faced with a smiling Seungcheol
  24. Beagle King
  25. When he was dancing along to Pristin’s WeeWoo
  26. When he did the little hand dances with Ailee at Korean Cable TV
  27. Predebut Seungcheol laughing and pointing at Chan after Chan loses the ball came, and even reenacts how Chan looked
  28. said because he was the youngest at home, he did lots of aegyo to his parents
  29. His basketball skills
  30. he was street casted the day he was escaping playing soccer with his friend (lol same)
  31. Prebut Seungcheol doing as the MC said and being cute but the MC calling it ‘dirty’ and Seungcheol laughing
  32. Predebut Seungcheol forcing Wonwoo to accompany him in having to do whatever the MC tells them to do
  33. Predebut Seungcheol torturing Seungkwan after Seungkwan accidentally kicked him in his privates
  34. He’s ticklish
  35. When he danced to Talk Dirty
  36. When Seungcheol and Seokmin switched parts in Adore U and so Seungcheol was the one being lifted during the ‘you are my angel’ part
  37. 2013, in the month of October, Seungcheol announced he and Jihoon were getting married
  38. When Seungcheol jumped into the ground because he thought the others would catch him
  39. Seungcheol hurting the fandom by singing in Don’t Wanna Cry
  40. He did the Oppaya song at a fanmeet and was really embarrassed at the end of it
  41. the time he put two chips in his mouth to make it look like a duck mouth
  42. When a little boy attended a fansign, Seungcheol couldn’t keep his eyes off of the boy and was just staring at him with heart eyes when he was with Seungkwan
  43. He does this thing sometimes during concerts where when he’s dancing, he’ll puff out his cheeks and make it seem like his dancing is nonchalant when he’s doing body rolls or hip movements like BOY you know what you’re doing
  44. Confirmed that he is, indeed the dad of Seventeen
  45. When choosing between a bad girl or a good girl, Seungcheol chose bad girl because at least she’d be warmer to him than others
  46. Everyone knows the gif of him falling after a stage firework went off in front of him
  47. During concerts Seungcheol always bends down to the fans to be really close to their phone
  48. When he wears turtleneck and basically looks all fluffy and soft
  49. That time he got scared of a bug
  50. When he wore the blue Taekwondo uniform during a fanmeet
  51. Seungcheol going through the fansign line as if he was a fan and continuously saying he was a Woozi stan
  52. Predebut Seungcheol who used his taekwondo skills and took Mingyu down
  53. When Seungcheol took down BTS’s Jungkook
  54. That one gif where Seungcheol’s hair is black and it’s parted, and he’s wearing a black button up with black pants with a black belt, and he’s dancing, and he’s basically rubbing his hand down his chest before he grabs his belt buckle
  55. That time he put on a cop hat and had a fake gun and pointed it at the camera and basically shot all of the fan’s hearts
  56. Seungcheol imitating one of Monsta X’s member’s parts while they all screamed ‘S.coups’ as he approached
  57. For his birthday in 2015, posted a video of the boys basically bowing to him like he was the boss
  58. For his birthday in 2017, posted a pic of the boys basically sitting beside him as his workers and him obviously the boss
  59. Even though he doesn’t prefer chocolate, he still ate the chocolate cake that the boys got him
  60. That time Seungcheol had Jihoon sit on his lap
  61. Said he’d date himself if he was a girl
  62. All of his covers with Jihoon. Good Morning, Guilty, You Look Good, Officially Missing You
  63. His cover of Merry Go Round with Seungkwan
  64. The multiple times Seungcheol played with the cameras on 17tv
  65. When he introduced himself as ‘Cheol’
  66. Credits himself with putting the members in a straight line when walking
  67. Tried to say schedule but kept messing up and saying sketch
  68. When Seungcheol was compared to a camel and then Seungcheol imitated the face of a camel
  69. When Seungcheol put on red lipstick and gave a big kiss to Mingyu
  70. That time he was doing aegyo and he was shooting finger guns while clicking his tongue and then he got annoyed because he wasn’t getting any reactions from the boys
  71. He dabs, like 500 times. I wouldn’t even be surprised if he dabs every five minutes. He’s almost as bad as Mingyu
  72. He forgets the choreography a lot when on stage. Messed up on Very Nice so bad that he had to reenact it
  73. Confused dad that took too long to try and straighten the camera and try to find the right angle while his kids desperately try to instruct him while in the back
  74. The Star Show 360 where they parodied a bunch of scenes from movies and Seungcheol was basically a really hot bad boy
  75. During 17tv speed Q&A, when Seungkwan asked, ‘who are you going to watch the fireworks with’ and Seungcheol looks straight into the camera and says ‘You’ 
  76. When Seungcheol did Burning Karaoke with Seungkwan and Seokmin, and by the end of it, he’s just screaming
  77. When Seungcheol does little pep talks while they are all doing the thing where they create a circle and grab each other’s thumbs
  78. The time Seungcheol played with a little boy in the sand
  79. When he arm wrestled a crew member but he got intimidated by all the crew’s padding so he jokingly asked if they could take it all off
  80. He cut all the bait for the boys so they could fish
  81. His cute little finger hearts that he’s shooting everywhere and every chance he gets
  82. When he wears fake glasses and basically looks boyfriend aesthetics
  83. When he wears sleeveless shirts and has all the Carats falling to their knees
  84. Whenever he licks his lips is basically when every Carat is a Seungcheol stan
  85. Check In aesthetics
  86. Honestly who doesn’t love Choi Seungcheol in suspenders
  87. Those times when he jumps on another member’s back and just has them carry them even though the member is probably suffering
  89. The Seungcheol focus of him performing their cover of Super Junior’s U
  91. Honestly any Seungcheol focus is bound to catch you
  92. He literally lets the boys tease him so much
  93. He cried during the Shining Diamond concert in Japan when the members brought out a cake for his birthday
  94. When hip hop team covered vocal team’s ‘Don’t Listen in Secret’ and Seungcheol snatched everyone by going all out with his voice
  95. SMA 2017 was Seungcheol’s era
  96. Seungcheol cutely cringing whenever someone does aegyo
  97. Instead of talking about his own rap style, he spent his answer complimenting and admiring Wonwoo’s style
  98. When he sang in the all 13 member version of 20 and once again snatched everyone
  99. Predebut Seungcheol being a backup dancer for After School and was such a cutie
  100. ‘Carats are not in a one sided love, you’re not in a one sided love, we’ll repay you until you feel it’

Request: a aa the mention of seungcheol’s ‘three monsters’ on your jihoon’s single parent!au excites me! ! can you please write more on that one ; ; thank you!!
Member: S.Coups (svt)
Genre: Fluff after my rambling, as usual
A/N: I was gonna do Wonwoo next but I’m sick so I’m gonna be self indulgent,,, also sneak peek at Hoshi and Joshua’s sons lol

  • Coups has two daughters and a son, in order named Dawon, Eunmi, and Gwangjin
  • His friends were like “Cheol it’s often normal to have the first syllables be the same when it comes to siblings,,,” but he was like “Nah it’s fun this way” 
  • Dawon is around eight, Eunmi around five, and Gwangjin around four
  • Cheol has always wanted a big family, and while being a single dad with three kids wasn’t exactly part of that want, he was still overjoyed at being a dad
  • Like yes, he knew in the future that his kids were going to have questions because Dawon was too young to understand what happened when it did, and Eunmi and Gwangjin were babies so they were also definitely too young to get it 
  • But for now,, he was happy with his little family, and he wanted to do his best for them 
  • He absolutely cried at every single birth, and he is not ashamed to admit it 
  • After every baby was born, he would sit there for hours with them in his arms, just admiring this tiny life that he helped create 
  • When Gwangjin was born and he brought him home for the first time, the reality that he was really on his own from now on hit him, but instead of getting overwhelmed, he sat down with Dawon and lil toddler Eunmi and introduced them to their brother
  • He smiled as he told them they would all be one big happy family now, just the four of them 
  • Because although he knew everything from now on wouldn’t be as easy as it could be, and he was going to have to go through a lot of hardships,,, as he stared at their little faces, he knew that it was all going to be worth it in the end 
  • Side note: he also cried with Dawon got her first shots, but with the other two he managed to hold back thanks to experience 
  • He’s seriously such a fun and good-hearted dad though
  • Most of the other boys have really cool jobs, like Woozi is a producer, and Wonwoo owns a coffee shop, and Hoshi runs his own dance studio, but Cheol just has a little office job
  • It’s not the most exciting thing in the world, but he enjoys the work and he thinks all his coworkers are so kind for being understanding on days he needs to take off early or bring his kids in 
  • Plus he’s home by five, sometimes earlier, and he has enough of a steady pay to buy his kids toys and keep them clothed and take little trips with them sometimes 
  • And it’s always so cute because like,, when he comes home his kids all shout “Daddy!!” and swarm him and cling onto his legs
  • Dawon taught herself to do his ties thanks to internet tutorials and help from uncle Jihoon, and she does them every morning he has work because after all these years, Cheol still can’t figure it out and it’s ADORABLE 
  • Eunmi heard Hoshi’s sons tell their dad “break a leg” one time and was like. Horrified. until they explained it to her and now she says it everyday as Cheol leaves the house or drops them off at school
  • Gwangjin is really cute and always echoes her when she says it but he’s missing teeth so it sounds a little silly
  • His kids have a really strong bond with each other, but they’re all rather,,, mischievous 
  • Seungcheol calls them his “monsters” but it’s clear to anyone with eyes that he means it with the utmost amount of love and affection
  • Mingyu can’t count the times they’ve stuck gum in his hair, put a “kick me” sign on his back, hell they’ve even drawn on his walls
  • They’re friends with Jeonghan’s kids too, since the daughter-son amount ratio is the same (even though Jeonghan’s son is just a baby, Gwangjin likes to wave to him when he’s in his playpen and show off his toys to him, he’s very good at sharing) 
  • Cheol’s daughters often convince Jeonghan’s daughters to do little jokes with them, like replace the sugar with salt and stuff,,, their pranks are harmless really
  • The girls have sleepovers all the time too,,, it’s pretty hecking precious 
  • They’re pretty close with Hoshi’s sons as well, just in a,,, frenemy sort of way
  • Like yes they love each other and they get along well, but they also tend to get competitive with each other and pick on each other (usually playfully)
  • Like if you read the second part of my single dad Jihoon au, you know that Dawon totally shoved the oldest of the brothers (Inbok) down in the bouncy castle
  • Eunmi totally has a crush on the younger one (Injeong),, who’s around six,,, and like the only cute boy in her opinion 
  • But she shows it by stealing all his drawings whenever the five of them hang out, and also maybe throwing his transformer out his bedroom window after he wouldn’t talk to her because he was “too busy” playing with it
  • Gwangjin is a total baby duckling and toddles after the boys all the time until his sisters call him back over, and then suddenly it’s a boys vs girls fight over who gets to have the tiny ass four year old on their team
  • Half the time Gwangjin just winds up heading over to Cheol or Hoshi to see what they’re doing while the older kids are busy arguing LMAO
  • On that note, Gwangjin is a pretty quiet kid compared to his sisters
  • He doesn’t really have any close friends at school, but he’s not necessarily lonely???
  • He hangs out with the other kids, he just doesn’t talk a whole lot and doesn’t have anyone in his class that he’s close to 
  • He actually really likes Joshua’s son, Junho/James, who’s around ten and the sweetest damn kid and attends a language school so he can study in both English and Korean
  • Junho always offers to come babysit or hang out with Gwangjin if Cheol needs to get some work done or the girls want to go play at a friends 
  • Gwangjin always holds his hands and he talks to him more than he talks to most people who aren’t his sisters or his dad
  • Coupsie is like,,, super grateful because Junho is a really good influence on Gwangjin and he’s always pleased to see them hanging out because the older boy always gives his son little bits of advice and life lessons 
  • But like the second Junho is gone, Gwangjin is susceptible to being influenced to join in on his sisters’ troublemaking 
  • Eunmi,,, is a cute kid really, she’s a people person for sure 
  • Like she’s really sweet and friendly and loves to make friends and pull pranks with her sister and friends at school 
  • She’s very fast to laugh and smile with people and likes to be helpful when she can be 
  • Much to Cheol’s stress, she’s very trusting of people, and he always has to remind her to be careful 
  • She’s a bit,, sensitive though,,
  • She just worries that she’s messing up, like she can handle gentle reprimandation, but if someone yells at her she just starts crying
  • So her teachers are always careful not to raise their voices at her because when she starts crying, Dawon and Gwangjin are the only ones who can calm her down 
  • Dawon is a pretty fascinating kid,, 
  • She’s the most mischievous of the three for sure, but it’s also clear that she has a sense of responsibility about her for her little family 
  • She knows that it’s not the most normal thing in Korea for dads to be the only parent around, and she can tell from the way Cheol sometimes looks absolutely exhausted when he comes home after overtime that he’s working hard for her and her siblings
  • So she always does her best to be a good older sister, helping take care of ouchies and making sure they look put together while Cheol rushes to get ready in the morning
  • Like I mentioned, she always ties her dad’s ties before he leaves, and when he comes home she’s always sure to help out when he cooks, walk on his back if it’s sore, and kisses his cheek before bed
  • She’s really a sweetheart, despite her prankster nature,,, and also lowkey may have a crush on Junho but shhh sh sh 
  • Cheol scolds his kids from time to time, and he almost never yells at them because he knows that can freak out a kid really bad 
  • But he’s also trying to train himself into becoming a “let them learn from their mistakes” kind of dad
  • It’s lowkey hard for him to do that though because he always wants to jump in like “NO SHIT DON’T DO THAT” 
  • So half the time, he winds up giving into his dad instinct and intervening on whatever’s happening lmao
  • The four of them always have a family night every Saturday
  • They’re always full of Disney, Pixar, and Studio Ghibli movies for entertainment, bowls of popcorn and chocolate covered pretzels, fruit slices, and delivery for food, and massive forts made out of pillows and blankets and moved couches for comfort 
  • They’ve become quite the fort building team,,, and it’s always so much fun for them to all cuddle up in the blankets and watch the movies 
  • And they all fall asleep smushed up against him, their little bodies all tangled up together and with his own 
  • He often falls asleep right along with at least one of them, sometimes even before the whole lot of them 
  • But sometimes he’s awake after they’re all sleep, and he’s just smiling to himself as he watches his babies rest after a long day and an evening of fun
  • Because wow,,, he really does love his kids,,,
  • They run him around a lot, and it’s not always easy to handle them when they act out, and sometimes he feels like he’s not doing enough, but he loves them to the edge of the universe and back
  • He has these three little lives that he helped bring into this world, and he couldn’t be more grateful for their existences 
  • Being a single dad has been a struggle many times for him, especially with three young kids, but,,, it’s moments like these that he can confidently say he’s truly happy, even without someone 
  • Like yes,,, he’d really like to be in a steady relationship and fall in love again, but,,, his kids are his focus 
  • He’s been on blind dates since he became a single dad, yes,,, hell he’s had a few short-termed relationships, but nothing’s ever stuck
  • He makes it clear straight from the get-go that his kids are his priority, not a person he’s not sure he’ll even spend his life with 
  • And sadly, for a lot of people, it’s a turn off 
  • Sometimes he introduces them to his kids and if they don’t click, he kicks them to the curb 
  • He’s really hesitant about introducing them to his kids though because he doesn’t want them getting attached to someone who might not stick around,, which is all the more reason for him to avoid dating 
  • The older ladies at his office are always cooing over him and saying that he’s so handsome, and his kids are so sweet, he should find his other half already
  • But he just smiles and reminds them that he wants what’s best for his kids right now, and then they’re cooing over what a good dad he is
  • He had a desk next to a wall for a long time, and he hung up photos of his kids on said wall of it since his desk was pretty small and he had another desk pressed up against and facing his own so he didn’t want to risk his things intruding on his seatmate
  • But with his recent promotion, he was granted a small office, so he bought a bunch of frames and placed them all over the place
  • His favorites photos are on his desk though,, one is of the kids picking tangerines from the trip where they visited Jeju with Seungkwan and his children
  • Another is a photo that Chan took of the four of them in the blanket fort when he had shown up to grab a charger he left earlier, with the kids sleeping on his chest and one of his arms partially raised to do a little peace sign
  • The third is of them on their first day of school this year, Junho holding Gwangjin while Dawon and Eunmi posed with Jeonghan’s daughters and Hoshi’s sons flashed peace signs behind them, Wonwoo and Jihoon’s daughters standing in the very front with big smiles 
  • A lot the time, Cheol has a babysitter pick them up from school and watch them until he can come home, but sometimes he has to take them to the office 
  • Whenever they come to his work,,, it’s always really,,, interesting 
  • Luckily, his office is big enough for them to hang out in, and he has a little table in the corner for them to color or do homework on
  • But they’re explorers, and they often like to go look around outside his little office 
  • He lets them do their thing a lot of the time, because the staff knows who they are and they always try their best to be on good behavior when they go to his work 
  • Plus most of them time they’re just out looking for snacks and wind up talking to the aforementioned older ladies, who are always super nice and save candy for them at their desks 
  • But sometimes they get a little excited
  • There was one time they got a bunch of candies and things from his coworkers,,, and then found ten dollars on the ground in the breakroom and wound up buying a ton of snacks from the vending machine 
  • Cheol walked in and saw them surrounded by wrappers and crumbs and was just like. Oh lord. 
  • Cheol: Did you spoil your dinner,,,
  • Dawon and Eunmi: ,,,,,
  • Gwangjin: ,,,nooo
  • It’s actually on a day that he brings them into work that he meets you
  • School wasn’t in session that day, and the babysitter was busy so the trio of monsters were off to work with their dad for the day
  • Cheol had to focus on getting some reports done if he wanted to leave early with his kids, knowing they’d get fussy and bored in a few hours
  • So he kinda let them do their own thing and go wander,,, but this was also the day you were starting your first day at a new job
  • You were getting a tour of the building and as you neared where Cheol’s lil office was, you noticed a girl carrying a little boy out of the break room, while another little girl followed after them, clutching tightly onto her backpack
  • They noticed you and realized you looked unfamiliar as you turned your attention back to what your new boss and ahjumma coworker were saying, nodding and smiling pleasantly
  • Acting like the friendly and bold little kid she was, Eunmi was the one to march up to the three of you and tug on your boss’s jacket
  • He bent down to her level when she gestured for him to and whispered “introduce us” in his ear, making him chuckle as Dawon carried Gwangjin over
  • “Ah, (y/n), this is Choi Eunmi, her older sister Choi Dawon, and their younger brother Choi Gwangjin,” your boss introduced the three of them, and you gave them a kind smile as you waved at them “Kids, this is (y/n), it’s her first day here.”
  • “Our daddy works here too,” Eunmi informed you matter of factly, and Dawon nodded, pointing towards his office with her free hand 
  • “His name is Choi Seungcheol,” the ahjumma chimed, leaning back in her chair and giving you a pleasant smile. “His kids tag along with him to work sometimes, you’ll meet him soon”
  • “Girls, why don’t you go wait for (y/n) and I in your dad’s office? We’ll be right in so they can meet,” your boss asks and Dawon sets Gwangjin down to heard her siblings back to the office
  • She gave you a smile, as if to say ‘I do this all the time, aren’t I mature?’ and then shut the door to their office
  • “They seem adorable,” you laughed a little and the ahjumma nodded
  • “They’re great kids, a little mischievous though. Seungcheol’s a single dad, I can’t imagine what it’s like to raise those little troublemakers alone,” she chuckled before your boss ushered you forward
  • You were introduced to a few more people before he knocked on the door to Cheol’s office
  • Gwangjin was the one to open it, looking up at you with curious eyes before going “(y/n)”
  • Cheol looked up at the sound of his son saying a somewhat unfamiliar name, only to be a bit stunned when he saw you
  • He knew your name a little,,, he had heard it when your shared boss announced your hiring, and he had heard his kids mention you just now (but he had been rather focused on his reports)
  • But seeing you in person,, was something else entirely
  • You smiled down at his son before looking up at him, your eyes sparkling with friendliness and warmth,,, and he was instantly hooked
  • You were??? One of the most beautiful humans he had ever laid eyes on in his life???
  • You were introducing yourself to him, his hand automatically reaching out to shake yours as he admired you, and you were already acting so friendly
  • And it wasn’t often Gwangjin would bother to remember someone’s name so,,, you were clearly extra special lol 
  • You interacted with his kids for a moment, and the slightly starstruck expression never left his face, even after you politely excused yourself to go finish your tour 
  • It wasn’t until he heard his kids giggling and Dawon whisper “I think daddy thinks (y/n) is cute” did he realize he was still standing and his mouth was open slightly
  • He fell back to his seat with his blush and told his kids to hush and color already, only to hear them giggle loudly in response 
  • He did manage to finish his work just after noon, and he was ushering his kids to the elevator when he pumped into you again
  • “Fancy seeing you four again,” you grinned and Seungcheol gave you a nervous, giddy grin of his own, his stomach flip-flopping as his heart fluttered more than he’d like to admit
  • Honestly,,, he felt more like a teenager in that moment than an adult parent LOL he was just that awkward 
  • “(Y/n), you look really nice!!” Dawon smiled up at you and you looked a little surprised at her sudden compliment 
  • But you thanked her and bent down to their level so they could tell you things, Dawon and Eunmi talking aimlessly about the office and the people there, and Gwangjin just shyly showing you his toy when you asked him what he had in his hands 
  • Cheol couldn’t help but look a little lovestruck as he watched you interact with his kids so comfortably, but quickly snapped himself out of it when Gwangjin clung onto his leg and whined that he was hungry
  • So he and his kids wished you a nice day and left, you waving as the elevator doors closed
  • “Dad, you suck at talking to attractive people,” was all Dawon said, making Eunmi snort with laughter and Cheol shot his eldest a look 
  • As the four of them ate lunch, he let his mind wander a bit, feeling a bit embarrassed that you were making him act like a high schooler already, despite only just having met 
  • He made up his mind to be a little more,,, relaxed around you when he went back to the office on Monday,,, and hopefully get to know you a bit 
  • And although he was a bit nervous at first, he did manage to do just that
  • He met you in the breakroom in the morning, and you smiled and asked how his weekend was as you brewed some coffee
  • He told you about the kids jumping around all weekend and was internally delighted and grateful when you poured him a cup without even having to ask, and the two of you chatted a little as you sipped your coffee
  • Little interactions like this became the daily for the two of you, having quick little chats and exchanging secret smiles and occasional flirty glances when you met in the breakroom or delivered files to one another
  • You were surprisingly easy to talk to, though he figured that shouldn’t have been much of a surprise considering how friendly you were when he first met you 
  • And as the more he got to know you, the more he found himself crushing on you 
  • Plus, whenever his kids appeared at work, you always so friendly to them, listening patiently to their stories even when you had work to do, and accepting all their drawings for you with a sweet smile
  • When the company picnic neared, he found himself smiling when you asked if he was going to bring his kids
  • And of course he did,,, they never miss it lmao 
  • When they saw you there, they all ran up to you, the girls shouting your name as all three of them attached themselves to your legs
  • Cheol ran after them to scold them and pry them off you, but you just laughed and set your lemonade down to pat their heads as you greeted them
  • Once again,, Seungcheol found his heart warming at the sight of you interacting so comfortably with his children
  • They insisted that you hang out with them as much as possible during the picnic, and Cheol apologized for it and insisted that you didn’t have to if you were busy
  • You just waved it away and said that you’d be more than happy to spend time with him and his family, and you two exchanged another secret little smile that was becoming rather familiar for the two of you 
  • It was a really fun day really, full of sunshine, bbq, games like tag and hide-and-go-seek, and of course, you and Cheol talking whenever the kids ran off to the bouncy house or spotted one of his coworker’s kids and went to go say hi 
  • He thanked you for being so sweet to his kids all the time, but you just told him that you liked them,, and him
  • And you both blushed at the thought of the potential double meaning, only to get interrupted by Dawon shouting for you to come check out some potato bug they found 
  • Towards the evening, it was clear the kids were getting sleepy as they ate the dinner offered, Gwangjin nodding off into his mashed potatoes before you picked him up and slid him into your lap
  • Cheol bit his lip as you wiped the food off his son’s face and let him fall asleep against your chest, admiring how you had gotten his shy little guy to trust you so quickly 
  • Eventually Eunmi fell asleep too, and he picked her up and asked you to carry Gwangjin to his car so he could take his little monsters home 
  • You smiled at the nickname for them and nodded, Dawon following you guys and talking quietly about how much fun the day was as the five of you walked to the car
  • You buckled in Gwangjin carefully, and Seungcheol did the same for Eunmi before Dawon slipped into the last seat
  • But before you could say goodbye and shut the door, she motioned for you to lean close 
  • Curious, you did so, and she cupped her hands around your ear before whispering “My daddy has a crush on you”
  • You laughed softly at her words, playing along as you cupped your hands around her ear too and whispered back “I have a crush on your daddy too”
  • Dawon giggled excitedly, her smile bright on her face as you put one finger against your lips and quietly shushed her, 
  • She pretended to zip her lips and gave you a gentle little high five before you looked up to see Seungcheol smirking at the two of you
  • You rolled your eyes playfully at him before saying goodnight to Dawon and shutting the door
  • Coups shut the door on his side too and met you behind the car, thanking you for hanging out with his family all day
  • “You really don’t have to thank me Seungcheol,” you told him, and he smiled as he grabbed your hands and squeezed them gently, the action sending your heartrate skyrocketing 
  • “But I’m going to anyways,” he informed you and pressed a kiss to your forehead
  • “Listen, Cheollie…” you sighed, and he felt his heart skip a beat at the endearing nickname. “I really like you, but I know dating can be hard for single parents, so if you don’t want to go on a date right now-”
  • “I want to date you, (y/n),” he interrupted you, a tone of confidence in his voice that made you blush. “I’ve held off on having serious relationships for a long time for various reasons surrounding my kids, but it’s different with you. You don’t seem to mind that I’m a dad, and you actually get along great with my kids… I’ve never seen them act like that around anyone else I was interested in. If you’re okay with it, I’d really like to give us a chance.”
  • You smiled at his hopeful expression, pressing a quick kiss to his lips, and he pouted a bit when he realized it was just going to be a peck, only to start beaming when you said “You’ll get a proper kiss when you take me out on a real date.”
  • He wrapped you up in a tight hug, unable to control his thrilled expression as he replied “You’ve got yourself a deal.

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Can I request a poly relationship Seungcheol x Jeonghan x Y/N first time having sex? If that made sense.... Thank you and I love your scenarios!!!!!

I hope this is the kind of poly relationship you were expecting, because you’re getting one where you all love each other hehe 😘 meaning, some JeongCheol is included. ♥ and I’m not fully sure how you meant it, but I wrote it so that it’s the first time you’re all having sex together !

In the series of “Scooter gets carried away with smut”, this is a bit above 4,000 words (this was one amazing request, thank you s o much).

The polyamorous relationship between you, Jeonghan and Seungcheol had been going on for almost half a year, although it often felt like a much longer time with how close all three of you were with each other, mentally and physically, which had more or less to do with all of you knowing each other as rather good friends prior to the relationship. You all enjoyed cuddling, holding hands and just being close to each other just as much as you enjoyed offering each other mental support and a shoulder to lean on; no one was left alone.

Another thing you all enjoyed was sex, but that was something you had yet to try out with all three of you - but that wasn’t to say that all of you weren’t thinking about it. It was only a matter of time until one of you brought it up: you already knew you matched both Jeonghan and Seungcheol sexually more than well, and it wasn’t exactly a secret that the two had had some fun of their own as well.

At least none of you would have to fear that it would be awkward for any of you when you eventually went that far.

That night, you were all watching a movie, with a warm blanket spread over your lower bodies and you and Seungcheol holding bowls of popcorn while Jeonghan sat between you, taking some of the snacks from both of you every now and then. Your legs were more or less tangled, and throughout the movie you’d occasionally move yours so that they were on Jeonghan’s lap and he was lightly holding them, and Seungcheol’s arm was loosely on Jeonghan’s shoulders for most of the movie.

Towards the end, however, Jeonghan started getting more and more fidgety, with his hands reaching to your and Seungcheol’s legs more and more often, higher each time. That already had the two of you quirking your eyebrows, but you didn’t think too much of it until Jeonghan turned to you and pressed his lips to your neck out of the blue.

“Jeonghan?” you asked, slightly amused, and squeezed his leg lightly. He moved up to kiss your jaw, his hand slowly moving higher on your thigh, and merely hummed. You gave Seungcheol a look, and he chuckled.

“Jeonghan, is there something you’d like to say?” the eldest asked and paused the movie, putting his bowl of popcorn away before reaching to put yours away, too.

“Or do,” you added with a giggle. Jeonghan pulled away from you, his eyes a bit hooded, and sighed before looking at you straight in the eye. Seungcheol leaned closer, curious to hear the other male’s answer.

“Can all three of us just like,” Jeonghan started, biting his lower lip a little, “have sex already.”

Seungcheol moved his head a little so that you could see him from behind Jeonghan, and you both smiled a little while excitement began growing inside of you. Oh, you all were definitely on the same wavelength - during your last time together, Seungcheol had briefly mentioned how great it would be to, at last, have some fun with all three of you, and you had agreed with him.

Jeonghan sighed in frustration when neither of you said anything, and he was about to start explaining himself when you cut him off with a kiss and Seungcheol placed a hand high on his thigh. Jeonghan whimpered, slightly surprised and definitely pleased, and replied to your kiss with more hunger than you were expecting while placing his hand on top of Seungcheol’s so that he could try to move it higher on his thigh.

Reaching high enough, Seungcheol was pleased to notice that Jeonghan was as excited and frustrated as he seemed; no wonder he was getting antsy in his pants. You broke away from your kiss with Jeonghan so that you could move down to kiss his neck, and he panted, his heart hammering in his chest as Seungcheol was getting closer and closer to the tent in his pants.

“So we’ll actually..?” Jeonghan asked, sounding obviously dazed, and threaded his fingers in your hair while you kissed his jawline.

“I mean, you’re not the only one who wants it,” Seungcheol said amusedly, and Jeonghan turned to look at him, feeling weak in the knees at the sight of Seungcheol’s dark eyes and his tongue moving over his lips so lusciously slowly. Luckily you were all sitting down.

“Finally,” Jeonghan sighed before getting his other hand behind Seungcheol’s head and pulling him into a passionate kiss. You smiled to yourself at the heavy breathing of them both and began fiddling with the hem of Jeonghan’s tee, but your smile died fast when Seungcheol moved his hand from Jeonghan thigh to yours, immediately sliding all the way up to your crotch.

With you only wearing a pair of loose pajama shorts and your legs opening on their own accord, it wasn’t all that difficult for Seungcheol to run his fingertips up and down your slit through your panties, and all you could do was mewl against Jeonghan’s neck quietly while your fingers started sliding into his sweatpants.

Before you could get that far, though, Seungcheol withdrew his hand from your shorts and broke his kiss with Jeonghan. “I’m assuming this will move to the bedroom?”

“I mean, everything works,” you said, leaning your head against Jeonghan’s shoulder. He smiled at you and placed his hand on your thigh, caressing it. “…But I think that would be the most comfortable option, no?”

You got two agreeing nods, and with you and Jeonghan already moving to the bedroom, Seungcheol took it as his job to turn off the TV and take the popcorn to the kitchen before following you. Upon entering the room, his lips stretched into a grin when he saw you and Jeonghan, both of you on your knees on the bed, him with his hands in your shorts at the back and your hand about to slide into his sweatpants while your lips were locked in a sloppy kiss full of tongue.

“Didn’t take you too long,” Seungcheol laughed and swiftly pulled his shirt over his head, revealing his toned upper body, decorated with a couple of light hickeys from a few nights before. You and Jeonghan both turned to look at him and grinned.

“We’re impatient,” you laughed, although it soon turned into a quiet moan when Jeonghan bucked his hips against yours, his half-hard length rubbing against your mound doing wonders to you.

“I can see that,” Seungcheol said with a meaningful raise of his eyebrows and joined you on the bed. Sitting on his knees behind you, he grabbed Jeonghan’s wrists to move his hands away from your ass. “I’ll take care of this.”

Jeonghan chuckled and slid his hands under your shirt instead. “Whatever that means.”

You bit down on your lower lip in excitement when Seungcheo leaned down to press a kiss on your lower back, right above your ass, with his fingers hooked around the waistband of your shorts. Palming Jeonghan through his boxers, you grinned at him. “It means good stuff.”

He was about to ask what you meant exactly, but his questions were answered when Seungcheol pulled your shorts and panties down and grabbed your ass, kissing each cheek before giving them a smack that made you moan and tingle all over your body. Jeonghan chuckled and leaned down to kiss you, although it was soon interrupted when he pulled your shirt off you.

Giggling, you wrapped one arm around Jeonghan’s neck and resumed your kiss while your other hand continued palming him, with his hips rocking into your hand slowly. Seungcheol had gotten into a position where he was propped on one elbow, his other hand holding your ass, and his head was between your legs, where it could nicely fit. His hair tickled your legs a little, which made you laugh into your kiss with Jeonghan, but when you first felt his wet tongue run along your slit, you couldn’t help but moan.

“Not so amused anymore, Y/N?” Seungcheol asked with an amused voice and kneaded your ass. While waiting for you to give him some sort of an answer, he brought his tongue out again and continued licking you - when he could taste some of your anticipation on his taste buds already, he smirked.

“Oh, I’m very serious,” you sighed contently against Jeonghan’s lips, your hand now all the way in his boxers as you stroked him steadily. He had pushed his sweatpants down already and was now focusing on kissing you, whether it was on your lips, neck or shoulders, while also massaging your breasts with your nipples loosely caught between his forefinger and thumb.

You spent some time just working each other up, with Seungcheol eating you out as well as he could in his somewhat uncomfortable position, you stroking Jeonghan’s now fully hard cock and covering it with his pre-cum and Jeonghan giving your breasts the attention they craved while his lips travelled along your shoulder area. Seungcheol wasn’t getting too much attention, but he didn’t mind and just focused on the noises you were making, which did wonders to his imagination and thus went straight to his crotch.

Eventually Jeonghan took a hold of your wrist that led to his boxers, however, and gave you a quick kiss with a chuckle. He ran his fingers through your hair as he spoke, visibly amused by the increasing amount of ahs that were coming from you when Seungcheol had gotten you aroused enough. “Seungcheollie needs some attention, too, don’t you think?”

You turned your head around a little, so that you could see Seungcheol lying on the bed, still with his jersey shorts on and no sign of, well, anything going on in them. Pouting, you giggled. “He’s all yours.”

Before moving over to Seungcheol, Jeonghan briefly stood up to get out of his sweatpants and boxers, and you ran your fingers through Seungcheol’s hair, smiling at him when he looked up at you curiously. “Is it okay if I come down a little?”

The black-haired male laughed. “Please, my neck is killing me.”

Seungcheol lay down on his back, and right as you started lowering yourself onto his face, Jeonghan began pulling his jersey shorts down along with his boxers while kissing his way down from his navel. Seungcheol’s breathing got heavier with every inch the younger male moved lower on him, and when Jeongahn was finally kissing along his shaft, he moaned into you and held tightly onto your hips as he pulled you down to fully sit on his face.

You gasped and held the bed sheets tightly in one fist and Seungcheol’s hair in the other, your lips parted in a moan when you felt his tongue running up and down on your wetness. Jeonghan grinned upon hearing and seeing the effect he was having on the older one, and licked Seungcheol’s length while stroking it slowly with one hand and squeezing his thigh with the other - he knew full well it was a turn-on for the eldest.

Biting your lips, you began lightly rocking your hips on Seungcheol’s face, humming in approval at every lick of his tongue and light suck of his lips. You were also infinitely appreciative of the slight vibrations of Seungcheol moaning into you when Jeonghan began teasing the head of his cock with his tongue, not to speak of when he took Seungcheol into his mouth and brought his head down, engulfing most of the thick length.

You turned your head around to see what it exactly was that had the more toned of the two moaning while eating you out, and you felt yourself clench around nothing at the sight of Jeonghan’s lips stretched around Seungcheol as he bobbed his head up and down, his cheeks hollowing in a way that easily gave it away that he was sucking. A moan left your lips at the sight alone. “Holy shit, Jeonghan.”

He let Seungcheol fall off from his lips and smiled smugly while sliding his tongue on the now hard cock. You almost laughed at the innocent tone Jeonghan spoke with. “What?”

“You look really good like that,” you admitted, and got a grin from Jeonghan.

“Thank you,” he said with a chuckle before returning to blowing Seungcheol, who seemed to get more and more desperate judging by how tightly he was pulling you down to his mouth, and how much his legs were starting to quiver and his hips were starting to buck up a little.

Seungcheol massaged your clit diligently with his tongue, proud to see that you were starting to shiver above him, and grunted when Jeonghan briefly deepthroated him, only to let his cock fall off his lips again.

“Are we all good now?” Jeonghan asked, audibly eager to move on with the two of you, and ran his hand over Seungcheol’s abs, something he’d never miss out a chance on touching. You got off the older male’s face, your own one slightly flushed, and after wiping his face with the back of his hand and licking it clean, Seungcheol sat up as well.

“How do you wanna do it?” Seungcheol asked, his eyes moving from Jeonghan to you and back to him, and the younger male grinned while approaching you.

With his thumb dragging your lower lip down and his hand caressing your cheek, Jeonghan looked at you with hooded eyes. “I have a thing for your lips, and I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t interested to see how his cock affects you.”

There was something about Jeonghan’s words that had you shivering as you wrapped your lips around his thumb and sucked on it lightly, while Seungcheol laughed.

“I think I have both of you just as weak, Hannie,” the older male commented, both flattered and smug, while reaching for one of the bedside tables for a condom. You giggled at his response and let go of Jeonghan’s thumb, looking into his eyes almost challengingly.

“We’ll have to do it the other way sometime,” you whispered to him, and Jeonghan’s lips stretched into a smirk as he cupped your cheek.

“Oh, we will,” he said just as quietly and leaned down to kiss you, his lips soft against yours while his tongue immediately darted into your mouth to play with yours.

Seungcheol placed the wrapped condom on the bed and ran his hand up your right thigh a few times before dragging his fingers along your wet slit and finally pushing one digit into your slowly, which made you moan into your kiss with Jeonghan. The younger male grinned against your lips and only deepened your kiss, moving one of his hands to his length that he began stroking slowly, more to keep himself going than anything else.

You bucked against Seungcheol’s finger as it moved inside of you, and it was soon joined by another finger that he pistoned, scissored and curled, all of which drove you further and further into madness. By the time Seungcheol pulled his fingers out of you, you were quivering and moaning, and Jeognhan’s shoulders had marks of your nails dug into them.

“Jeonghan,” Seungcheol called out, and the mentioned broke away from your kiss, only to be met with two glistening fingers and Seungcheol grinning at him. “Thought you’d like some.”

You watched in awe as Jeonghan first smirked for what seemed like a blink of an eye, then shut his eyes and took Seungcheol’s fingers into his mouth, offering you a similar view as he had when he had sucked off the older male, only this time he was cleaning him from your anticipation. And that only made it hotter.

Seungcheol’s eyes were intent on Jeonghan’s lips as they were wrapped around his fingers, and when his digits were let free, now only damp with the slightest amount of saliva, he chuckled. “Knew it.”

“Delicious as always,” Jeonghan grinned, looking at you playfully, and leaned in to give you a quick kiss. “I think it’s all fours now, babe.”

You nodded and complied, bending forward when Jeonghan had moved backwards a little. Seungcheol looked at you appreciatively, taking in both how hard Jeonghan’s cock was in his hand and just how beautiful you looked on all fours, with your backside presented to him and your legs slightly parted.

Seungcheol hummed and ran his hand down your back, starting from your neck and ending at your ass, which he smacked lightly, if for no other purpose, then to get the surprised albeit satisfied moan from you. He grinned and ran his hand over your ass. “That’s my girl.”

Our girl,” Jeonghan corrected him with a snicker while Seungcheol reached for the condom he had put aside earlier and ripped it open carefully.

“Of course,” the older hummed and gave himself a couple of strokes while intently watching Jeonghan guide his cock to your mouth. When he saw the cute, small licks you were giving him, Seungcheol breathed deeply and finally put the condom on before placing his hands on your hips and just grinding against you. His length slid easily between your ass cheeks, and the friction and knowledge that Seungcheol was hard and about to fuck you had you even wetter than you already were as you whimpered against Jeongan’s cock.

Jeonghan stroked your hair and moved his gaze from your face to Seungcheol’s one. He grinned. “I think Y/N’s getting a bit impatient, Cheol.”

“Really?” Seungcheol asked with faux innocence all over his voice, and moved his cock so that when he moved his hips forwards, it rubbed into your pussy instead. “Is our baby getting impatient?”

You could only hum through your quiet moans as you continued licking Jeonghan’s length here and there, soon focusing on just the tip, which had him hissing.

“I better do something about that,” Seungcheol muttered while aligning himself with your entrance. With one swift thrust of his hips he was sliding into you, and with that, you were letting out a satisfied, long moan with your fingers curling against the mattress. Seungcheol breathed heavily as he was surrounded by your tight heat, and let out a content sigh while looking at just how well you were taking him. “You’re taking me as well as always, baby.”

You hummed him something that none of you could really understand, and looked up at Jeonghan when you opened your mouth wide for him to guide his cock there. Jeonghan licked his lips slowly, and with one hand in your hair, he brought his cock to your mouth and allowed his eyes to flutter shut when you took him into your mouth and brought your head forward, taking more of him in.

Seungcheol looked at the two of you - how your head was bobbing up and down and how Jeonghan was holding your hair and how he was sighing in satisfaction - and it was impossible for him to stay still. His first thrust was on the slower side, as he pulled almost all the way out and pushed completely back in, and even when he continued, he wasn’t too fast. He wanted to savor every thrust, just as much as he wanted you to feel his every movement.

It didn’t keep you satisfied for too long, though, and even while sucking on the tip of Jeonghan’s cock and tonguing the slit, catching some of the pre-cum and swallowing it, you were somehow able to make it obvious that you needed more. Even if it meant that Jeonghan had to, again, put it into words.

“Go faster,” the younger male said, placing his hand on Seungcheol’s strong arm that was leading to your hip as a sign that he was, indeed, talking to him. The other male nodded in understanding, and with a firmer grip on your hips, started thrusting faster - and harder.

You mewled around Jeonghan and let him fall off your lips for a moment, whining with how good it felt to have Seungcheol finally slamming into you the way you loved it. You loved the way he fucked you no matter how he did it, but in that moment hard was just how you wanted it. Jeonghan watched in awe and stroked himself, swallowing hard as his eyes moved between your satisfied expression and Seungcheol’s focused one, his brows slightly furrowed and lips parted.

He let his eyes fall lower and bit his lower lip hard when he saw how Seungcheol’s cock pushed in and out of you, how your ass jiggled with the force at which his hips met it and how you started to push more and more back against him. Jeonghan whimpered, almost cumming there and then. “Fuck, you two are hot.”

Seungcheol grinned cockily and winked at the younger male, while you whined with how good you were feeling with his thick length rubbing into all the right places inside of you. “I know.”

Jeonghan contemplated on how he wanted to proceed, and ended up running his fingers through your hair and tug it lightly, which elicited a moan from you. “Y/N, I’m kinda, ah, close.”

You lifted your face in an instant, parting your lips so that Jeonghan could guide himself between them, and let him push in. He remained still after that, and with your tongue swirling around the head of his length and you sucking on it a little, he finally reached his orgasm not much later, a groan ripping from his throat. Seungcheol followed the scene in front of him intently, his thrusts a bit sloppy as he watched Jeonghan’s face contort and his fingers slowly loosen in your hair, but he collected himself again soon afterwards.

When you let Jeonghan fall off your lips and had swallowed his cum, after which Jeonghan patted your head and smiled almost softly at you, Seungcheol stopped his movements and pulled out, tapping your hips. “Change of position?”

You nodded a bit weakly and watched Seungcheol lie down on his back, reaching for you with his hands. Smiling, you got closer and gave him a couple of sloppy kisses before getting one of your knees over him, so that you were above his crotch with your back facing him.

“I was thinking the other way around, but…” he mumbled, almost confused, but placed his hands on your hips either way.

“I think this will work better with three of us,” you said with a chuckle and placed one hand on top of Seungcheol’s on your hip and guided him back to your entrance with the other. Jeonghan was sitting close to you, watching in amazement as you sunk down on Seungcheol’s cock slowly, visibly enjoying every little bit of him that pushed into you.

“Beautiful,” the younger male breathed with his eyes locked on how well you took Seungcheol, and you merely smiled as you began moving your hips, back and forth with the slightest vertical movement included. Seungcheol grunted underneath you, his brows furrowing as you worked your magic on him, and Jeonghan couldn’t help but chuckle at the rather loud ”Fuck” that the older said under his breath.

After he had recovered a little, Jeonghan got closer to the two of you and found a comfortable place between Seungcheol’s legs, right in front of you. He brought one hand to your breast, slightly jiggly as you rode the older male, and the other he slowly slid down to your clit. Jeonghan licked his lips slowly, grinning smugly when your face contorted in pleasure when his finger pressed against your clit and started rubbing gentle circles into it.

“Oh, god,” you whined, leaning closer to Jeonghan and increasing the speed at which you were desperately riding Seungcheol. The younger male hummed in approval and caught your lips in a kiss that he was only able to keep up for a short while, because when Seungcheol began fucking up into you, you were too far gone to focus on kissing.

Not much later, Seungcheol was grunting as he released into the condom, and with Jeonghan’s lips leaving light marks in their wake on your chest and his fingers rubbing your clit erratically, you were coming hard, too.

Panting hard, you clung onto Jeonghan once he had removed his fingers from your clit, and Seungcheol ran his hands up and down your sides soothingly, breathing heavily as well while the aftershocks of his orgasm ran through his body.

“Why on earth did we wait this long to do this?” Jeonghan asked, probably more rhetorically, and wrapped his arms around your tired body. You laughed against his skin and lifted yourself off Seungcheol with the help of his strong arms.

“Better late than never,” Seungcheol said with an amused shrug when he got up and got the condom off himself, tying it up before tossing it at the bin by the bed. Jeonghan smiled at him, and got a smile back.

“Well,” you said, slowly detaching yourself from Jeonghan, and looked at your boyfriends. “At least we know it works.”

“I think we’ve known that for a while,” Seungcheol said with a wink at you, and you shrugged with a giggle.


All of you had an annoying, thin layer of sweat on your bodies, so you had a messy shower that you concluded would be the first and last you would ever have with all three of you, before getting back to bed, all of you wearing nothing but underwear.

You lay down in the middle, your left hand holding Jeonghan’s right one and your head leaning slightly against Seungcheol’s shoulder.

“Didn’t we have a lot of leftover popcorn?” you asked suddenly, earning chuckles from both of the males.

“It’ll make for good breakfast,” Jeonghan suggested, half as a joke, and got a nudge from Seungcheol. You giggled.

“Or,” Seungcheol said, sitting up and flashing the two of you a bright grin, “we can just get the popcorn here and talk for a while.”

Neither you or Jeonghan had any objections, so a few minutes later you had abandoned the idea of sleeping and were instead sitting up on the bed, talking quietly about whatever popped to your minds while feeding yourselves and each other popcorn.

Admin Scooter

Cuss me once but fuck me twice ( Choi Seungcheol )

Admin Kat: I just really wanted to put this out there.

Warning: Angry sex, cum play (?) Exhibitionism

Genre: smut

“Could you maybe stop being a fucking hoe for one second and get the hell out of my bedroom?” Seungcheol growled at you and he walked in right after practice for Vernon right behind him.

“Vernon!” You squeaked, and he smiled. “Oh and Cheol..” you smiled innocently, looking up at him through your dark eyelashes. “Go suck a dick or something god you’re so tensed” you giggled.

Vernon gave you a hug slightly, covered in sweat and you squealed.

Seungcheol quickly walked into the ensuite bathroom and turned on the shower. Vernon plopped down beside you. He scrolled through his phone showing you some pictures they took at the dance studio. In one of the Seungcheol was smiling.

He was also shirt less.

You hated him, but you really couldn’t deny that he had a good body.

Vernon scooted over to you, throwing a friendly arm around your shoulder as you slowly scrolled through his pictures, obsessing over how cute Woozi and Dino looked.

Cheol took this chance to leave the bathroom, wearing a pair of shorts and nothing covering his torso. You tsked. You really did hate him god. But damn did he have a good body.

“This is fucking disguisting” Seungcheol murmured. Vernon stood up and sat on the beanbag opposite to you slight giggling. You pouted slightly, missing your best friend’s proximity already.

“Then why don’t you close your fucking eyes?” You snapped.

“Because I don’t fucking want to bitch”

“Oh fuck me” You said as you laid back onto the soft mattress of Seungcheol’s bed. He was a pain in the ass, and not even the good kind.

“I would, but you’re probably a walking STD wending machine” he snapped right back at you. You lifted your head right back from the soft mattress much to your own body’s surprise.

“Yeah as if I’d want to touch you, or your inch long dick anyways you fucking jerk” you seethed. “All the girls you fucked probably fake moaned their way right through you session. That’s why they all leave in the morning”.

Vernon was just sitting there watching you two fight. He was laughing behind his hand that covered his mouth.

“You fucking bitch, I’d leave you fucking speechless if I actually fucked you. Too bad I don’t want my sheets getting ruined.”

Vernon laughed out loud at that. He clutched his chest, pulling at his sweatshirt.

“Quit it” both you and Cheol yelled at Vernon and the same time making him double over in laughter.

“And you. Speechless? Yeah Speechless because I didn’t think human could be born as an actual Ken doll, flat down below.” You said poking a finger into Seungcheol’s chest.

“Okay that’s fucking it. Vernon leave the fucking room now” he said ushering Him out.

“Wa-” before he could finish Cheol pushed him out the door and locked it. You looked at him in pure annoyance as he walked back upto you.

“Yeah what were you saying?”

You stood up from the bed and marched to the door, not wanting to be in the same room as him. You tried to walk past him but before you could.

“Oh no you fucking won’t” he said as he pushed you against the wall, grabbing your hip.

“You said I had an inch long dick. Wanna find out?”

“Trying to prove me wrong?” You smirked up at him.

His eyes scanned yours, silently waiting for consent. Yeah you hated each other and everything, but even then Seungcheol knew to ask for consent.

You nodded your head slightly. Not wanting to seem like you really wanted to fuck him when you really wanted to fuck him. He smirked. But this wasn’t his playful smirk, this one was laced with lust and was accompanied by his hooded eyes, just staring at you.

“Finally I can put your smartass mouth to good use”

Before you could cut him off with a comment, he grabbed you chin and pulled you into a kiss. He roughly grabbed your ass, his hand travelling from your waist to your butt as soon as your lips collided. He large hands grabbing and handling your roughly only added to the wetness that had begun since he came out of the shower wearing almost nothing.

“Get on your knees”

“Do I fucking look like I wanna suck you off”

“I’m so glad my dick is gonna be down that throat, you’d finally shut up” you slowly dropped to your knees. You reached for the hem of his shorts as he slowly patted your head.

You pulled his shorts and boxers down and your eyes visibly widened much to your surprise.


He was actually big.

“Yeah one inch right?” He snapped. “Now fucking suck me off” he commands. You scoffed.

“Okay you’re big so what, size isn’t all that matters” you snapped. You grabbed his shaft in your small hand and he hissed slightly. You brought it to your lips, kissing and twirling your lips around the tip. He was big and thick oh god. You pulled his dick into your mouth, using the rest of your hand in what you couldn’t put in your mouth. He hissed and groaned slightly. You were feeling accomplished, you got this reaction out of him. You twirled your tongue around his dick and hollowed you cheeks. He grabbed a bunch of your hair in his hand and began guiding you.

“Final-ly one go-od thing you’ve man-aged to do with that mouth”.

You released his dick with a pop sound, looking up at him in annoyance before taking him back in completely, without gagging.

“Holy shit” he groaned, now continuing to gently face fuck you. You smiled mentally knowing what kinda power you had over him at that moment.

“Okay stop fuck” you released his cock with a small pop sound, a thin line of saliva connecting his dick to your tongue shining in the dim room.

“Get on the bed” He commanded.

“Why? Not strong enough to lift me?” You challenged.

He grunted before he picked you up bridal style, literally throwing you onto the bed.

“What the fuck Cheol, I could have bounced off the goddamn bed” you Snapped.

“The only think you’re allowed to bounce on is my dick sweetheart” he said stalking you like you were his prey.

He towered over you once again, reaching down to kiss your lips. His knees seperating your legs so he could settle between them.

His hands trailed down to your pants, you were mentally screaming at yourself for wearing such tight shorts.

“A fine fucking day you picked to wear this fucking pair of shorts”

“If you don’t like them then take them off you cunt”

And he did, in a literal second you were exposed to him. Your lace panties barely hiding how fucking wet you were.

He clicked his tongue. You didn’t have to look at his smug face to know he was smirking.

“Someone’s a little prepared and a lot excited”

He said slowly stroking your dripping heat in long, lazy swipes.

“Could you just fucking make me cum?!” You yelled. You knew all the boys were home. And you knew all of them knew that you were alone with their leader, but at the moment you couldn’t have cared less. “Just fuck me and prove yourself wrong. Can’t even make me cu-” you were cut off as he inserted two digits into your wet heat. Your harsh words dying down in your throat as with the second thrust he knew just the spots to hit. His hand roughly gripping your smooth skin as his fingers played you like a fiddle. His lips now trailed upwards, he groaned as your t-shirt, actually Vernon’s tshirt covered your chest, restricting access.

“Slut, take his fucking shirt off.” He growled, plucking his delicious fingers from your pussy, making you whine out loud and arch your back in annoyance.

“Oh my fucking god, this isn’t a time to get fucking jealous I need to cum” you growled, grabbing his hair and pulling him down to roughly kiss him. You began grinding your naked pussy on his thigh, desperate for some type of friction.

“Then take his fucking shirt off slut. Look at you, so desperate for my dick.” He chuckled. All thoughts of you not wanting to seem desperate for his cock went flying out his window as he scurried to take Vernon’s t-shirt off. As soon the shirt was mid air, tossed by you, his fingers found your entrance again, pressure being applied to just the right parts from the beginning as Cheol roughly bit your skin, leaving purple bruises behind. A deep line of bruises from your abdomen to the highest parts of your neck.

“I can’t even cover this up you dick” you complained.

“Shut up” he said, down slowly circling your nub. He pinched your pussy slightly and then pressed his calloused thumb onto it, rubbing harsh circles and that certainly sent you over the edge as you screamed out loud and came all over his fingers. He smiled pulling it out of your pussy and roughly pushing it down your throat.

“Suck them clean, taste yourself” but you wanted him to taste you so you pulled his fingers out of your mouth and brought them to his own lips, he raised an eyebrow before tasting you on his fingers.

“Damn, I might even make you dessert next time” he chuckled.

“Now let me show you the stars” and before letting you come down from your high he slowly entered your pussy. You let out a long moan as you felt yourself stretched out around him. God it had been a while since you had a good fuck. And the way he stretched you out in the most delicious ways had you certainly very happy.

“You’ll see why the girls leave, it’s because they can’t handle be babygirl” he said. His thrusts were so deep and quick. His hand on your waist getting tighter and tighter as you squirmed on the bed unable to make a coherent sentence.

“What’s the matter huh? Baby? Too fucked out to talk? You know what? I like this pretty pussy around me cock” he said lightly tapping on you clit and your back arched.

“Cheol, faster” you said. You reached out blindly like a kid, looking for his shoulders to pull him closer.

“Beg for it” he stilled his hips and moved at a painfully slow pace. “For a guy who’s group has a song called fast pace you sure are fucking slow” you yelled in annoyance.

“Fucking beg” you swear you heard a plate drop outside.

“Pl-please Cheol, please go faster.” You said swallowing your pride. His hips got faster and faster and your eyes rolled back into their sockets. “Finally got you to shut that pretty mouth of yours” he said. His hips at a mind-blowing pace now, his fingers rubbing your pussy. “So that’s what it takes for you to shut up” he smiles a smug smile as he sees you speechless for once. But he can’t disagree when he realises that this is the best sex he’s had in a while. He felt your tight pussy around him, your beautiful body in his hands and you moaning his name just sent him into a frenzie. His dick twitching.

“Oh god I’m going to cu-cum” you stuttered. Your body felt like it was on fire. The place where both of your bodies were connected felt so good, that you clawed blindly onto Cheol’s back, leaving red marks to match the purple hickeys he gave you.

“Oh fuck” he growled as he felt your body betray its mind. You had the most earth shattering orgasm around his cock. His dick twitching before he too found his release, cumming inside you.

He almost collapsed on you. His hand gently cupping your sex as you came down from your prolonged high.

“Look at you. You smell of sex, you’re Speechless and your pretty pussy has my cum dripping from it. Look! You’re also drooling. Aw shit babe, am I that good?” You were utterly spent. So you just simply flipped him off, trying to catch your breath. As soon as you managed to come down from your high, you ran to the bath room to clean yourself up.


You now hated the fact that Vernon’s clothes were so much bigger than yours because they clearly showed off your neck. And all the hickeys on them. You opened the door to his room quietly, not wanting to run into the other 12 members. As you tiptoed quietly, Seungcheol grabbed your ass, giving it a squeeze.

You walked past the living room only to be stopped by loud unanimous howls.

Fuck. They were awake and very aware.

“So you and S.coups a thing now?” DK asked and the other boys clapped, and howled but bought of you scowled.

“Hey Y/N you have a little something on your neck” Vernon said and you positively turned red.

“Yo, just because I made her cum twice doesn’t mean I don’t still hate her” Seungcheol said and the room quietened down awaiting for your reply.

Two could play this game.

“Make me cum thrice next time and maybe I’ll consider you a friend”.


other members: jeonghan | joshua | jun | hoshi | wonwoo | woozi | dk | mingyu | the8 | seungkwan | vernon | dino

  • you’ve been crushing on the guy next door for quite a while now
  • but you’ve never had a real conversation with him
  • scratch that you’ve never talked to him before and you only swoon at him from afar
  • occassionally when your eyes meet he’d send you a smile but that’s just it
  • all you know about him is that his name is choi seungcheol and you’re so wHIPPED FOR THAT MAN
  • you are so soft for him that you refuse to go on blind dates and let your friends hook you up with some other guy
  • and that one friend in particular keeps telling you how you should approach him but you’re like NO
  • bc he’s probably in a relationship
  • but recently you got into contact with him more often
  • like he’s been ordering a lot of stuff but he’s never around when the mailman comes over and so the mailman asks you every time if you could keep it until he picks it up
  • and then in the late evening cheol rings your door and the first thing he says is
  • “sorry i wasn’t home when the mailman came i hope it didn’t bother you too much”
  • “everything’s fine,,,, don’t worry about it!”
  • you ask yourself how you manage to sound so normal around him
  • anyway that’s how you gradually start talking to seungcheol
  • but anyway back to the point
  • you’re even more whipped than before if that’s humanly possible
  • and your one friend who ships you and cheol notices that your relationship with him turned into more than only adoring him from afar
  • “go get him y/n!!!!“
  • “don’t you dare try anything if you value your life”
  • because you know your friend is up to something and that is never a good sign
  • fortunately she never attempted to do anything,,,,,, not yet
  • it’s friday night when you two decide to go to a club and destress
  • no you aren’t looking for a one night stand
  • it’s a nice getaway dancing the night away and getting lots of drinks,,,,, thank god you know your limits and decide to drink so much that you’d still have a sober mind
  • you can’t be sure with your friend though,,,,,,, like on some days she’d stay sane and on others she’d be drunk to the extent where she doesn’t know her name anymore
  • once in a while you lose her in the middle of the crowd but soon after find her at the bar
  • it’s when she starts staggering heavily you decide to hail a cab back home
  • it was agreed from the start that she’d stay over at your place,,, which you personally prefer because who knows what she’d do without any supervision
  • once you two are in the elevator you fish out your keys so you can make sure that she’ll immediately get into your apartment
  • but as you step out of the lift she suddenly snatches your keys and runs to your door,,,,, and it takes you a moment until you get what her ulterior motives are
  • and you try to catch up to her but fail miserably as you trip on nothing and fall face-down
  • “STAY AT SEUNGCHEOL’S PLACE HAVE FUN SWEETIE” she shouts like a maniac before slamming the door shut
  • you are so going to kill your friend how could she betray you
  • not only because she legit locked you out of YOUR place
  • but it was 3 am
  • no way in hell you’re going to knock on seungcheol’s door
  • on the other hand,,,,,, trying to break your door open will disturb the neighbours and with the alcohol rushing in your veins,,,,,, probably not a wise idea
  • remaining in the hallway was also not an option,,,, you wanted a bed and warmth and not a cold ground
  • and so you find yourself ringing the bell on seungcheol’s door
  • and immediately regret it because you didn’t plan it through
  • like what are you supposed to say,,, how should you explain it to him at 3 am in the morning???
  • before you could sort out your thoughts the door opens revealing seungcheol with messy bed hair,,,,, holy crap he looks fine you think
  • “y/n??? what are you doing at this hour of the day? it’s not even daytime”
  • his ears perk up at that statement and he’s so alerted
  • “what?!?! we gotta call the police nOW”
  • “nonono it’s not that bad,,,,,, my friend locked me out”
  • “,,,,, um well,,,,,, what a nice friend,,,,”
  • awkward silence as you subconsciously enter his place
  • “,,,, um,,,,, do you mind if I crash here for the night?”
  • tbh you should’ve said that before you came inside but alright he doesn’t mind
  • “i don’t wanna come to close to you but,,,,, are you drunk?”
  • “maybe a little?”
  • he gives you that look indicating that he doesn’t buy it and then sighs softly
  • “you must be exhausted,,,, take the bed and change into fresh clothes i’ll lend you something”
  • “nonono you don’t need to,,”
  • “i don’t want my sheets reeking after alcohol thank you very much”
  • you have no other choice than to give him and wow his clothes smell nice
  • he was right though and as soon as he guides you to his bedroom, you drop onto the bed and fall into a deep sleep
  • little do you know that seungcheol tucks you under the sheets and is feeling very smitten and soft and grabs the spare blanket before he claims the couch in the living room
  • he’s also whipped but ssh you don’t have to know that yet
  • the next morning he offers you breakfast but you don’t wanna bother him (and test your luck) any further and before you leave he hands you your freshly washed clothes
  • “uhh,,,,, thanks again i’ll give your shirt back to you once i washed it”
  • “don’t stress it’s nothing,,,, just one thing”
  • you raise your brows as you wait for his next words
  • “next time you go partying tell me beforehand so i know when i gotta take care of you”
  • and he winks at you before he shuts the door and you’re just giddy mess the rest of the day and your friend is like,,,,,, hA told you so