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-gives no shits, loving the fact that everyone would know how well he fucked you- 

*fucks you harder with quicker strokes while one hand presses on your core; trying to force out your orgasm*

You; *lets out throat tearing moans while incoherently crying out for him* 

“That’s it, babygirl. Scream for me.” 
“Let everyone know how good Daddy fucks you.” 

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-the second he hears the members come into the dorm, this smug smirk paints across his face as your sounds gradually become louder- 

*while one hand grips your hips, the other moves down to your heat; his fingers automatically finding your sensitive bud* 
“Sh, sh, sh… You’re being so loud, princess.” 
*begins to rub your clit as he fucks you with long sharp strokes, filling the room with your moans*
“Be quiet, darling, do you want everyone to hear how good I make you feel?” 

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-he’d be so shy knowing that his friends were just in the next room, but would be completely entranced by the sounds of you crying out for him- 

*feels your pussy clamp down around him*
“Fuck- Fuck, God baby..”
*proceeds to quicken his speed, nearing his own high*
“Cum with me, princess. Cum all over my cock.” 

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-despite knowing how much the members will tease him about this later, he’d continue pounding into you, just adoring the way his name flowed out of you the harder he went- 

*groans loudly as you claw into his back*
“Tell me, kitten, who’s the one fucking you so damn good, huh?” 

You; *throws your head back into the pillows* “Y- You! You, You do.” 

“What’s my name, babygirl? I wanna hear you scream it out, I want everyone to know how good I make you feel.” 

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-neither of you would realize just how loud you were being, or that the members were even home for that matter, until Vernon knocked on the bedroom door- 

Vernon; *laughs while knocking on the door* “Can you two stop fucking for a moment and come eat?” 

*both of you blush heavily before giggling* 
“We- We’ll be right out.” 
*collapse on top of you, planting candied kisses on the crook of your neck*
“Looks like we’re going to have to continue this later, princess.” 

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-he’d be eating you out, relentlessly tongue fucking you while everyone was in the living room; not caring if their heard your sweet moans or not- 

“Moan for me, babygirl. Be loud..”
*gives your clit kitten licks as two of his digits sink into you, your body automatically obeying him* 
*his lips curl into a grin as he listens to you* 

“Good girl, that’s my girl.~” 

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I’m just waiting for the day Woozi brings the rest of Seventeen onto Hello Counselor.

Concern intro: “Hello, I’m a 20 year old man from Busan. I hate skinship, and my personality is that of a true man, SO SOMEBODY PLEASE TELL THAT TO THESE GUYS WHO KEEP TREATING ME LIKE A CHILD CAUSE I’M ‘A LITTLE SHORT.”

Member: Seungcheol/S.Coups (svt)
Prompt/au: “Hi, new blog! Can I request for some Seungcheol fluff? Maybe in a scenario where him and the reader go from friends to lovers? You can choose what format to put it in ^ ^ thanks!!!!”
Genre: Fluffity fluff fluff // college au
AN: First post and I’m writing it while half asleep so it’s probably sloppy af

  • You knew Seungcheol initially from your job at the corner store near your dorm 
  • The first night he came he was in a hoodie and a cap and basically just looked like,,, Boyfriend Material
  • And he was all smiles as he bought a two things of banana milk, three cup ramen, and a pack of those shrimp chips 
  • You were just. floored. this man was so attractive and he was buying banana milk. Why was that so cUTE you weren’t sure but it was adorable to see him holding the tiny little bottles and looking lowkey excited to drink them
  • And boy oh boy did your imagination run wild after he left 
  • You figured he was like this super cool jock who happened to have a soft spot that included banana milk 
  • Honestly that was pretty close to being spot on lmao he was a jock who loved banana milk
  • But he was Not At All cool
  • Which you learned more about when he transferred into your dorm 
  • He was on the other end of the hallway from you and when he saw you in the kitchen he was just !!!
  • You were also !!! of course
  • And he was like oh heyy!! Cashier person!!! All friendly and you were like oh okay that’s me
  • And of course he stroke up a conversation with you in which he thanked you for being so nice when ringing him up the night before and explaining that he just transferred into the dorm from his old one due to a problem roommate 
  • It was a short conversation- before you knew it he had darted away saying he had class to attend to and that was that
  • You didn’t see him super often in the dorm at first,,, surprisingly you mostly saw him when you were working at the shop 
  • He came down a few nights a week to restock on banana milk and any food he was craving and often lagged behind to talk to you
  • You worked the night shift most of the time so it wouldn’t interrupt your classes and you could study in between customers
  • And it was really slow so he didn’t feel like he was bothering you much 
  • He was honestly a really interesting guy, and like really really cute, so you weren’t complaining much 
  • Often times he’d wind up paying for a couple banana milks and give you one instead of saving it for later 
  • And that’s how you guys became close friends honestly
  • In a poorly lit convenience store, over banana milk and occasional snacks, discussions of classes, and dumb jokes that made you both nearly snort with laughter but made any other customers look at the two of you strangely
  • It was a couple months of this before you began seeing each other in the dorms 
  • He made a point to hang out in the kitchen more,,, and occasionally brought you leftovers,,, or came over asking for some tissues cause he ran out 
  • Which then evolved into you two just hanging out in each other’s dorm rooms whenever you both had a free moment
  • He talked often of his guy friends, revealing that he had 12 of them but that they were a very close-knit group nonetheless
  • You met them all at various times as time went on,, they weren’t big on knocking and often burst into Seungcheol’s room while you guys were in the middle of watching a movie or something lmao
  • Half the time they wouldn’t even apologize, they’d just be like “Ooo I’ll go make popcorn and join” 
  • Cheol: gUYs you can’t just interrupt me and (Y/N)’s time together!!!
  • Wonwoo: Why :) Is there something going on between you two :) Do you have something to tell us Seungcheol :)
  • Cheol: Nevermind you guys are always welcome
  • Hoshi is one of the biggest offenders tho lmao 
  • He was honestly such an amazing and sweet friend
  • You had a big project due date coming up?? He was showing up with some backup supplies and a cup of coffee 
  • You were up late studying?? He was texting you every hour to remind you that you needed sleep
  • You were upset?? Cheol was there to let you vent and flexing his muscles in case you wanted him to beat anyone up 
  • When the year ends, you both agree that you would continue to stay at the dorm the next semester
  • And you promise to keep in touch while summer vacation is happening
  • But you don’t really get a chance to see each other,,,
  • He’s busy with his summer job and babysitting for his family members 
  • And you have your own stuff to work on as well
  • And although you text and call nearly every single day, even if it’s just for a moment, you don’t get a chance to meet up
  • You find that there’s this sort of longing to see each other again, one that’s not really purely platonic
  • You’d always thought Seungcheol was attractive, and as you got to know him you found out what a hard working and caring person he was 
  • How he seemed to look after his group of friends and eventually you,, always checking if they ate and offering to help them with anything they needed,, like he was their leader or dad or something 
  • And how he was endlessly dorky, always ready to pull a joke out 
  • He knew how to make you smile, even on nights where you were stressed and exhausted from the piles of work that accompanied college students 
  • The way you fell for him seemed natural, comfortable
  • He was the person you felt safest around, who made your insides warm, who always had your back
  • And dear lord did you miss him
  • From what you could tell, he missed you too, and you were pretty sure it was the same way you missed him too 
  • The way that screamed “I know we’re just friends but I don’t feel like we should be because all I want to do is hold you and tell you how wonderful you are”
  • That’s why you’re pretty anxious for school to start up again
  • You actually wind up showing up a couple days early, saying your family was going on a vacation
  • But really you just wanted to be in your shared dorm already cause Cheol told you he was gonna be arriving a couple days early too 
  • It wasn’t long after you arrived and unpacked that you heard a knock at your door
  • And there he was, in all his glory, all eye-smiles and a dark v-neck that you very much approved of
  • You barely had a moment to say hello before he scooped (lol scouped,, I’m sorry) you up in his arms and hugged you tightly
  • You were 100% blushing and fighting back a super giddy smile as you hugged him back, arms looping around his neck 
  • “I missed you” he informed you, not yet breaking away from the hug, and that’s when you really began to smile like an idiot
  • When you finally pulled back you realized something was different about him
  • “CheOL since when is your hair BROWN???”
  • He just laughed it off and held up two little bottles of
  • You guessed it
  • Banana milk
  • “I’ll tell you all about it over these”
  • After that, you guys began to fall into the old routine of college 
  • But,,, you noticed your relationship was different in a way
  • It seemed more intimate almost
  • There was a lot more hugging, and the very same hugging seemed to last longer 
  • The boys were watching movies with you guys less, and during the movies he always had one arm wrapped around you while you shared a blanket
  • When he visited you at the store, he often insisted on feeding you snacks, something you only embarrassedly agreed to when there was no one else there 
  • Touches were much more often now, you holding onto his arms when you talked, or him resting his hand on your back to guide you when you walked, both of you holding onto each other when an emotional part of a show or flick came on
  • You had started playing with his hair when he got stressed too and vice versa
  • You knew that the two of you were basically dating honestly,, you hadn’t kissed or said the words out loud but there was no denying that your relationship had crossed the border from platonic to something more 
  • You just didn’t know really how to start that conversation,,, plus what if he didn’t want to make it official yet since classes were starting to get a little more intense and being official might put the pressure on 
  • You figured it just wouldn’t happen for a while
  • But he surprised you one movie night when he turned the TV off and turned to you with a serious expression 
  • “We really need to talk about us”
  • Although his sudden forwardness surprised you a little, you nodded slightly
  • You felt your heart pick up as he grabbed your hands super delicately and squeezed them encouragingly in response
  • He smiled a little at the sensation and squeezed back before holding them closer to him
  • “I really, really like you, and I know we’re bordering on dating as it is, so I’d like to be able to finally call you mine”
  • And of course you agree!!! Why wouldn’t you look at this sweet boy he adores you 
  • And he just holds you to him for a long time after that, turning the tv on to finish the movie but neither of you are paying attention ‘cause he’s running his hands through your hair gently and whispering cute and flirtatious things to make you giggle
  • The whole moment is just so sweet and relaxing and you feel your eyelids getting heavier before he taps you gently
  • And when you look up from your resting place on his collarbones he gently cups your cheeks and looks to you for permission
  • Of course you nod and he leans in and kisses you super gently
  • His lips are just as plush and kissable as you had always imagined,,, and he’s just so gentle and you can feel the love he’s pouring into the action and you do your best to mirror it 
  • Almost too fast he’s pulling away with a little chuckle as he brushes a stray hair from your forehead
  • “You’re tired baby, go to sleep” 
  • Your cheeks are heating up again at the nickname but you can’t help the gooey smile that spreads across your face as you nod 
  • Once you’re both comfortable and snuggled up together again, you can’t help but feel like you’re gonna drown in happiness 
  • The happy buzz stays with you as you fall asleep, perfectly warm and content in his arms and it’s just heaven 
  • Okay but dating Seungcheol is such a dream???
  • Literally the mushiest and dorkiest boyfriend eVER how do you stand it???
  • Always coming up with new pet names for you, always texting you memes about love, always telling you new pick up lines Hoshi helped him find 
  • Loves skinship. Lives and breathes for that shit.
  • He always likes to be holding or touching you in some way when you’re together, be it just your knees under the table during a class, or his hand in yours as you walk, or you resting in his lap when you’re hanging out in each other’s rooms 
  • He’s also super thoughtful??? Like he’s a thoughtful friend but he’s somehow even more thoughtful as a boyfriend
  • You could mention that you tried this one type of ramen in some other city and the next time you come home from class there’s a 12 pack of it sitting on your bed
  • Cheol: it’s worth it for you
  • Definitely bought you guys matching couple hoodies with little prints of banana milk on them
  • Stays with you when you have to work extra hours at the store
  • Is so sweet and polite when he goes to meet your family over the holidays
  • Your family coos over him and praises you for what a wonderful decision you made to make him your boyfriend 
  • When they send you to go get groceries ofc he tags along to help you
  • Which leads to you sitting in the card with your legs either stuffed inside or dangling over the edge as you read off the list and he drops boxes of cereal and bags of chips on your head just to bug you
  • He’s giggling as you scold him because he knows you’re not serious
  • An elderly duo spots you two as you walk out, him carrying all the bags because he insisted that he do so
  • They’re both these old ladies and they just coo over how cute you two are what a gentleman he is and he’s just ^^ thank you both and you’re blushing but swelling up with pride a little bit
  • Basically he goes from an amazing best friend to the Perfect Boyfriend and?? Neither of you can imagine your lives without each other 
  • Your relatives: cough cough do we hear wedding bells
  • You: sHUT we haven’t been dating for long eno-
  • Cheol: Please wait a few years and then I promise you will ^^
  • Cue you blushing and suffering 

Seeing all the hate Seungcheol gets makes me so sad. I’ve talked about this before, but it just seems to get worse. People talk so much shit about him it’s not even funny. People call him a bad leader and say he’s abusive towards the other members, they call him a terrible person and they’re always talking about his looks. Someone also said he wasn’t talented & that he was useless and isn’t even needed in seventeen. I don’t know what he did for him to get this much hate, but I wish people would just leave him alone. Honestly if you don’t respect all of the members stop calling yourself a carat. You can have your favorites of the group, but it’s not cool to bring a member down. It’s just so frustrating because he loves seventeen and carats so much! He’s always saying how much he cares, and he works his ass off just like the other members. The people who are always giving him shit can just fuck off bc you know what he’s a fantastic leader! He’s such a caring person, he’s talented, and he’s cute as hell! I’m done with people trying to bring him down. Like what do you gain from all of this? Does it make you feel better about yourself? Are you proud to be a piece of shit? It’s so pathetic. Stop and get some help because hiding behind a twitter account and putting someone down is not healthy. It’s sad as hell especially the people that get a kick out of seeing other people hurt.

How you met Seungcheol

  • you were walking your dog as you always did every afternoon
  • you had your well-known route around the block where you were living
  • however, you sensed that the dog was getting tired of it as he was taking the turns like a habit
  • you thought you both can get a little bit of change, besides the park was only two roads away
  • your dog was so excited to be out in the open, to be in the nature and not on the streets
  • he happily hopped around and sniffed every passing person
  • everything seemed nice as if you were in a movie scene
  • the sun was shining, the birds were chirping as the old lady was feeding them and the kids laughed along cheerfully on the swings
  • you stopped to buy yourself an ice cream as a reward for your outstanding idea when your dog noticed his first ever squirrel of his life
  • things quickly got out of hand as the dog broke himself out of your hold and run after the poor squirrel as if he lost his mind
  • you quickly left the ice cream truck behind and sprinted after your dog constantly calling out for him
  • he soon got out of sight and following your instincts – and some distant shrieks of mothers getting scared of your not so tiny animal – sprinted after him
  • after five minutes you slowed down as you had completely lost track of him and you walked on the endless roads panicking because of your lost puppy
  • “who is a good boy?” suddenly you heard as you passed by a smaller path and you quickly looked back to find your dog with a fairly handsome and sweaty boy
  • as you approached the two he didn’t even look up at you as he was so immersed in the prescence of the dog until you were mere inches away
  • he looked up at you with eyes resembling a deer that made your heart beat faster than normal
  • “hello, i am glad you found uno” you said sighing and kneeling down in front of your dog who happily licks your face
  • “oh so he is yours?” he asked back and you nodded “hello uno” he said snuggling the dogs head to which he happily wiggles his tail
  • “you are really lucky. i can’t keep a dog at the dorms.” he said looking up at you “oh i am so rude, excuse me. hello, i am seungcheol and you?”
  • “y/n” you answered with your name and he nodded repeating it “so… do you often come here? this part of the park seems… abandoned.”
  • “hm? oh yeah it kind of is. everyone stays on the main path but i often come here for a run. this place can really get my mind off of things.” he explained and uno licked his face again to which he happily giggled
  • “i am glad that we met each other but i really have to leave now… schedules and all… but i hope we get to see each other again” he got up
  • “i mean, i think uno likes you more than he likes me so i guess we must.” you explained and it made seungcheol smile with his eyes that seemed so relaxing and reassuring at the same time
  • “i will call you tomorrow then” he smiled putting his earphones back in to continue his walk
  • you nodded and he turned around about to leave when you realized you didn’t even exchange numbers
  • “wait! i didn’t even give you my number!” you stopped him and he looked back at you over his shoulder to say:
  • “i was about to call you that i found your dog. your number is on his collar you know.” he said with a smirk before jogging away
  • and with one last promise of meeting again tomorrow you continued your walk with uno your thoughts circulating around seungcheol