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Seungcheol+3+29 ๐Ÿ˜ณ

3: “is that my shirt?”
29: “I think I’m in love with you, and I’m terrified.”

“Just go shower and get changed out of that or something _____, you’re drenched! Plus you smell like wet dog!” Your long time bestfriend, Seungcheol laughed, softly pushing you into his bedroom and shutting you inside.

The two of you had just spent the last few hours running around outside in the rain, doing nothing in particular, absolutely nothing. But that was the beauty of the relationship between you two, he could be doing the most mundane things in the world and he’d still be having fun - just because you were with him. There was this feeling inside of him that kept resurfacing every once in a while whenever he saw you, a feeling of absolute euphoria and happiness. A feeling that the world could be hit with a meteor and it wouldn’t matter, simply because he was with you. Seungcheol knew what this feeling was, and he hated it.

This always happened in movies and books, a guy falls in love with their bestfriend and when he finally has the courage to confess, he completely ruins the years of friendship that two of them had. Seungcheol didn’t want to be like the guys in the movies, he didn’t want to be the guy in the books, he didn’t want to ruin anything the two of you already had. He refused to do so, this feeling will go away an-

“Cheol? You still there buddy?” You asked from the other side of the door, snapping him out of his thoughts.

“Hm? Uh y-yeah, just come out when you’re done.” He muttered, clearing his throat and waiting. When you finally came out he was lost for words, God, you were gorgeous. Your wet hair, cascading down your shoulders, your makeup free face, glowing beneath the dim light and as Seungcheol’s eyes raked up and down your body his eyes settled on the one thing you were wearing.

“Is that my shirt?” He asked, an explosion of butterflies spreading simply at the thought. You blushed softly, looking down at yourself before locking eyes with him once more.
“Yeah, Problem?” You smirked again before skipping passed him and flopping on the couch, “Come on, movie time.”

Seungcheol blinked a few times before going over to join you, plugging the movie in and cuddling down with you on the couch. This was normal with the two of you and wasn’t strange at all, but this time it felt so different for him. The movie went on  and throughout that whole time, the older boy couldn’t keep his eyes off of you. You were in his shirt. You. Were. In. His. Shirt. Whenever he thought of that, he found himself smiling like an idiot, feeling completely giddy.

“Cheol is everything okay? You’ve been staring at me and smiling for ages now, what’s wrong?” You asked, your attention completely towards him. He froze, knowing he couldn’t get out of a situation like this.

“______, do you really wanna know?” He whispered, looking straight into your eyes, all seriousness in his voice. He watched you nod slowly, and he took a deep breath, preparing himself for the rejection ahead. “I think I’m in love with you, and I’m terrified. I’m terrified that I’ll ruin everything we had before, I’m terrified that you’ll reject me, I’m terrified that if you do, you’d  never want to talk to me again.” He was about to go on about his fears of confessing to you until he felt a finger being pushed against his lips, he gave you a questioning look, watching you begin to smile.

“I think I’m in love with you too, and gosh how relieved I feel knowing that you feel the same way.”

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Seventeen Reacton: hip hop

“SVT hip hop unit reaction to someone having a badass rocker look, but in reality is actually really dorky and has a cute, weird, caring personality”

Seungcheol: would be all for this!!! He would find this adorable because you look to be all tough and hard but in actuality you are just a giant fluff ball! 

Wonwoo: You would have a personality as him. He looks all hard to approach and scary but he has a really loving personality. When he meets you he will just melt after he gets to know you more, he would show his mushy side too! 

Mingyu: He would be really shocked to see that your personality is the opposite as your looks! He wouldnt mind he might actually prefer your soft and dorky side more but dont get me wrong he finds your rocker look pretty sexy! 

Vernon: Would tease you a little bit “ah look how cute you are” he would pay more attention to your personailty then to your looks and attire overall he is a dorky ball too so he would love your weird dorkiness!