Soldier from the 50th Northumbrian Division using a a anti-tank gun QF 6 57mm (6 pounder - ATK/Mk II) in an important way in the area of Lingèvres, Lower-Normandy.

The 6 Pounder anti-tank gun was one of the best british gun during world war 2, used by tank as a gun and infantry as anti tank gun. Entered in service in 1942 during the North Africa campaign.

Place : Lingèvre, Lower-Normandy
Date : June 16, 1944.

A few days after the Normandy landing 50th Northumbrian Division road to Tilly-sur-Seulles is fierce German resistance with members of the Panzer Lehr Division, the battle will be fought in the village of Lingèvre.
The British Army lost 250 men in their mission to liberate all of the citizen.