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please do one on Harry finding out you faked it!!! I'll give you my first born!

“Fuck, you’re gonna make me come.”

The minute the words came out of your mouth, you regretted it.  Because now, he was going to expect you to come.  

Let’s be real here, sex with Harry was always good.  He always satisfied you.  Or should you say, he always knew how to satisfy you.  

Something had been off tonight.  You weren’t sure what.  It wasn’t Harry.  Or maybe it was.  God, you just wanted to end it and go to bed so you could stop over analyzing the situation.

His face was buried in your neck, the same place it had been for at least the last ten minutes as he drove into you with everything he had.  

You dug deep, trying to remember the last few times you’d come.  How had you done it?  What had you said?  And before you had a chance to talk yourself out of it, the dramatics started.  You let out a tiny mewl, followed by a sigh.  Even you had to ask yourself what the hell you’d just done.  

He pulled his head up off your neck, his eyebrows knitting as he looked down at you,

“Did you…”  He let his sentence trail off, “Because it didn’t…I mean…I usually can feel you.”

You blinked a few times.  He was on top of you still, buried inside of you with sweat beads on his forehead from how hard he’d been working to please you.  Lying was not an option.  He would know.

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Can you write a blurb/one shot of Harry spotting you in the audience, and taking you home after a concert? pleASE I'm low key dying, THANK YOU I LOVE YOUR WORK❤️❤️

Can you plEASE do something, where Harry spots you in the crowd at a concert and takes you home after? Thank you!!❤️💦

So I left out the part where he took you home because that seemed to escalate quickly but….here ya go.  Got this twice or maybe from the same person.

Concerts were your crack.  You went to every one you could get tickets for.  And it didn’t matter where you sat.  Concerts were where you let loose and had fun and became a different person for a couple hours.  So when your best friend, Gina, called and said she had been handed front row tickets to the One Direction concert that night after winning a contest at work, you were more than happy to drop your plans and head out with her.

Boy Bands were also your crack.  You were a fan of all of them.  And God help anyone who insulted one of them.  Good old fashioned music to jam to and fall in love to was definitely your kink.

You took your seats and waited for the show to start while Gina got up and left about 600 times.  Looking for beer, the merch counter, the bathroom, her friend who was also at the concert.  In fact when the show started she still wasn’t in her seat.  But whatever, you didn’t need her to have a good time anyway.  You’d driven to the show in separate cars so if she ended up disappearing for the whole show it wasn’t that big of a deal.

Halfway through the show and you had to hand it to these boys.  It was your first time at a 1D concert and they were electric.  Niall must have walked that entire stage with his guitar about 16 times.  If he was wearing a Fitbit he probably hit 10,000 steps in no time.  Louis and Liam entertained with their antics while pouring water on each other and the crowd.  And then there was Harry.  Harry’s nonchalant swagger as he carried himself from one area of the stage to another was definitely the highlight for you.  The confidence oozing from him was definitely hard to take your eyes off of.  

And it seemed, however unlikely, that he also had a hard time taking his eyes off of you.  For most of the first 30 minutes of the concert he spent his time walking the stage, waving at fans and being a general ray of sunshine.  But when he walked down to your area, it almost felt like he’d made eye contact with you.

That was crazy though.  There were 20 rows of people behind you.  He could have been looking at any one of them.  

But then he came back and did it again.  And the next time he did it, he pointed and smiled.  He knelt down and wiggled his eyebrows during No Control.  He sang part of You and I to you.  

This was all very surreal.  Harry Styles noticing you from the stage?  People wrote bad fan fiction about that.  There was no way.

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requested by @saveraedae!

they asked me to draw their characters owo

sorry i couldn’t think of something else more creative ;; and sorry i could not add Kenny in the drawing oAo. Anyways i hope you enjoy this owo/ 

p.s if you will use this picture please credit me owo

reblogs are appreciated~!


Anon requested: Sentence prompt #69 (“You’re ticklish.”) with Peter Maximoff

I’m on mobile without access to a computer so sorry if the formatting is weird! Also I can’t put in a read more so you’re just going to have to deal with it lol



Peter wasn’t always the easiest person to cheer up, especially after he had to have his leg in a cast. It wasn’t often that he was sad or frustrated or anything other than his usual self, but when it did happen it was pretty bad. He would usually try to seperate himself from the rest of the group despite your efforts to include him.

You didn’t realize that today was one of those days until you reached the common room and didn’t see Peter. Asking the others left you with no further information which meant that he was most likely holed up in his room at the mansion, attempting to distract himself whilst avoiding everyone else. You jogged up the stairs and down the hall to see that your assumptions were correct.

You joined Peter on his bed, lying next to him and wrapping your arm around his waist. As you spoke softly about how his day was going, why he was upset, etcetera, you began to trace small circles on the bare skin that was exposed between his t-shirt and the waistband of his pants. He flinched as you did this which caused you to look up at him with concern.

“Did I hurt you?” You questioned while sitting up and going to further inspect the area. Peter shook his head and moved to cover it.

“No, I just…” Peter shrugged as his sentence trailed off. A devilish grin spread across your face as you realized what the real reason was. Peter looked concerned.

“You’re ticklish.” You declared. With this, you begun ticking everywhere you could think, being careful not to mess up his leg. He attempted to retaliate, but he couldn’t do much from his position and his restricted movement due to the cast.

The one-sided tickle fight did not last long; both of you were worn out after a few minutes. You flopped back down onto the bed, your face close to the silver-haired boy’s. He closed the distance between you with a soft kiss, leaving both of you smiling when you pulled away. Evidently, you had finally found an effective method to cheer him up - if not both of you.


Hope you enjoyed it! Sorry if you didn’t. I’m not sure if I wrote Peter very well since I’ve never written him before, so feel free to send me your thoughts. (Seriously, drag me. I need it.) Apparently I heavily rely on commas. Thanks for reading ♡

Hi guys! I’m back….sort of. I’m currently trying my best to check in here and there to let you know that I’m fine. My hiatus is still ongoing though, and it is very unlikely that I will post any art until August.

However, the hiatus has not stopped me from drawing. I’m currently filling my sketchbook with traditional drawings, and I will make sure to share some of them with you when I come back. A lot of you have left cheerful messages in my inbox (I have not responded to the asks though, and I probably won’t in future. Instead I’ll keep them collected in my inbox so I can look at them whenever I need to cheer up).

I want to thank you for your understanding and support by drawing a few freestyle-requests for you guys <3

I have a bid for you though: please send your requests via chat messages through a new blog I made called leffie-requests (I will probably rename this blog in future).

In other words: please do not send your requests through my reblog-, or fanart-blog. Any requests that are sent to those accounts OR via asks will be ignored. I’m doing this to have a better overview over my tumblr.

A few more rules/things to know about the requests:
-Request something that is fanart so I can upload it on my fanart blog
-Please do not request more than two things (preferably only one drawing)
-Please do not be mad if I don’t end up drawing your request
-And if your request is based on fanfiction, please do not send me the fanfiction and expect me to visualize it (no matter how short or long it is). Instead, just briefly explain what you want to have on the picture, as you would for a normal request.
-I may accept comic requests, but only ones that are no longer than 4 panels
-I will not accept animation requests…
-…as requests will be drawn traditionally
-I am still unsure how many requests I will accept. I’m thinking about something between 3-5
-I will not tell you whether I accept or reject your request (or comment on your request in general). Let’s make this as a surprise :)
-The requests will be uploaded sometime in August

Thinking of deleting the kyorinsfwtrash and combine my sin work with my startale-aster blog and turn it into a blog where I do my doodles and wips, and updates of what im working on.
Still going to do the requests, so dont worry or dont think im doing it on purpose ;;w;; , I just think I have to many blogs and I just want to make things work out to keep things in track, also ill still have some draws of my babu’s in the blog, the startale-aster blog wont be called like that, its going to be a new lil name like “echoi-doodles” or something else…

Im sorry if this gets annoying ;;ω;;

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Suzy's talking with some older ladies at a salon(waiting for your choice to pick her up) and they gush over how despite being young she has such a long and wonderful relationship with her husband. Suzy smiles thinking of Dan and Brian. She has two wonderful boyfriends too.

Suzy laughed softly, her freshly dyed hair cascading over her shoulders. She was talking with some of the ladies who knew her at the salon. “Oh gosh, it’s still shocking to me.”

Diane smiled at her, chuckling. “It’s quite amazing, dear. You say you were only 13?”

“Yeah. I met him at some convention.” She hummed. “We’ve known each other for the better parts of our lives.”

Diane nodded. “That’s very sweet.”

Suzy was about to say something else when her phone started blaring Madrigal. “Oh, excuse me a minute.” She quickly answered. “Dan?”

“Hey Scuzy. Finished with your hair stuff yet?”

She smiled, rolling her eyes. “Yes. Are you going to pick me up?”

“Already did that, didn’t I?”

“You know what I mean, you dork.”

He laughed, and Suzy could practically hear his smile. “Yeah, I’m on my way, cutie. Be there soon.” Dan made a kissy sound, mildly teasing. “Love ya.”

“You too.” She chuckled. “Hurry your scrawny butt up.”

Dan laughed as he hung up, leaving Suzy to shake her head with a smile. “Was that your husband?” Diane asked.

“Hm? Oh, no. That was my friend Dan. He’s coming to pick me up.” Pfft, friend. That term hadn’t been accurate for almost two years now. But hey, old ladies aren’t gonna react well to that.

Diane gushed a little more about how great it was that Suzy had found the love of her life. Suzy just smiled, considering she had three.

After a few minutes, a thin pair of arms wrapped around her waist from behind. “Hey there Scuze!”

Suzy laughed, leaning back into the embrace a little. “Hi Dan. Took you long enough.”

“Well, excuse me. Brian was holding me up.”

“Oh god, I don’t wanna hear it.” She laughed, saying bye to Diane as they walked out.

“Basically I ended up with his dick in my mouth.”

“Dan!” She shook her head. God, she loved him.