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(1) I remember there was a prompt about Kaz altering his cane into a blade for Inej a while back? I always thought it would be great if Kaz's cane had a hidden blade. If it did, it would almost represents both parts of him.

(2) Kaz, the finesse, the precise and sharp movements of a fine blade. Dirtyhands, the brute strength and ruthlessness of the bone-breaking cane

aahhh this. yes. everything about this is perfect and for once i have nothing to add. you are brilliant ❤

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pete was sure he was a beta until patrick unexpectedly went into heat when they were on tour and pete felt the urge to bite, to push him against the wall right then and there, fuck him until everyone knows patrick's *his,* wants to see patrick writhing on his knot and make him scream with pleasure. it takes two people to hold him back, struggling and snarling to try and get to patrick, who is dazed and tilting his head to the side to expose his neck and trying to pull out of andy's grip to 1/

get to pete. they have two hotel rooms right next to each other, and they put pete in one and patrick in the other to wait out heat and rut respectively. pete just stalks around his room, snarling and breaking things, so so angry that patrick, his omega, is right there, right there so close he can smell him in the next room, they’ve taken patrick from him, and he ends up with his forehead pressed to the door that connects the rooms (that he can’t open) where patrick’s heat scent is the 2/
strongest, furiously jerking off with his hand around his knot, imagining that patrick’s on the other side of the door, kneeling, with his fingers knuckle deep in his ass keening for pete or fucking himself with some toy that he’s pretending is pete (he is. he’s had the biggest crush on pete, for so long, and now pete’s an alpha? there’s no way he wouldn’t be desperate for pete to fuck him, mark him, take him, especially now that he’s in heat…) -🎆


my biggest regret is an entire story. it was loving her, trusting her, and letting her become my entire universe. i shouldn’t have given her a second chance; given her the same heart she broke. i shouldn’t have let what ruined me before start again. but at the same time, i shouldn’t have let it end. because she destroyed me, but she made me feel like, believe that, the destruction was worth it. maybe it was, maybe that’s why two years later i’m still hopelessly in love with her. i should have fought harder. every relationship has their fights. and just one fight, no matter how shitty it made me feel, shouldn’t have ended it all. right? no, because if it should have, i wouldn’t think about her anymore. i wouldn’t right poems about her. i wouldn’t still love her. to put it simply, my biggest regret is letting the girl that destroyed me get away.