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Rent’s Due: Kim Haeng Ah & Hong Yi Seul (Bubblegum)

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good evening my friends ;v ; )/ i don’t really have a lot to say by way of introduction because i’m rather boring - other than that i kind of got addicted to historical dramas awhile back after an injury so i’m really excited to be here lol.  pls love my child yi seul, who is nothing but a soft, smart princess who loves to read uvu all she wants to do is hype up her brothers and sisters and by her brothers and sisters, i mean all of them.  yes, that means her half siblings, too.

i do have a twitter if you’d like to plot there ( where i am, by a small margin, more accessible ), but i will only be giving it out on request. ; v ; but that being said, please like this post if you’re interested in some plotting!


[HD] Discovery of Romance: Individual Character Posters

Things to hide from lover

  • Kang Tae Ha (Eric Mun): An ex-girlfriend
  • Hang Yeo Reum (Yumi): An ex-boyfriend
  • Nam Ha Jin (Sung Jun): A friend I knew
  • Ahn Ah Rim (Jin Yi): A bare face
  • Do Jun Ho (Hyun Min): Bank account
  • Yoon Sol (Seul Gi): Plastic surgery

can’t seem to find the HD poster for Yoon Jin Yi

Source: KBS + Bliss Media + Mwave for the poster messages


2014.08.31 Food Truck Support for Shinhwa Eric & Discovery of Romance cast & crew

The food truck support was earlier this afternoon / evening by EveryEric
An orange truck, how lovely ^^

Thanks you everyone who participated in the fundraising. <3

Photos by: EveryEric + Coffeegreate