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September Bullet Journal Setup

Hey guys! Today, I thought that I would share my new bullet journal set-up per month. A lot has changed since I last posted a set-up post, so I thought why not. :)

1. Monthly Cover Page

One of the new things in my current bullet journal is how I now make it a point to always have a cover page with the month name for the beginning of the month. I just like having a clear division between months, and this is a nice way to get my creative juices flowing. 

2. Expense Tracker

Next is the expense tracker, which I forgot to take a photo of. But basically, there are three columns. The first one is the date, second is the item, and third is the amount.

3. Monthly Calendar and Forward Planning

Most people have boxes as their calendars, but I saw a calendar wheel once and fell in love with it. I have been using it for 2 months now, and I love how it’s cute and functional at the same time. The next photo is my forward planning for my blog. I still haven’t made similar thing for school yet because I won’t go back until the 13th, but it will be on the same page as the “Blogger Obligations.”

4. Gratitude Log

Next is my gratitude log, which I just found to be a relaxing thing to do daily. For those of you who don’t know what it is, it’s basically listing down what you’re thankful for each day. Ever since I started, I have wanted to do it in doodle style so as to make things more fun. This is the first month that I have circles for each day, but I like how cute it looks. I’m also thinking of doing a background after finishing with all 30 days. We’ll see.

5. Weekly Spreads

Finally, we have the weekly spreads. This is a snippet of my first weekly spread. It’s just a snippet because there hasn’t been a full week yet. During the term, I only have designated tasks for the weekdays, when I have classes, because I tend to look at my bullet journal per week instead of per day. This way, I won’t have to migrate tasks that I can still see within the spread because I found it redundant to migrate tasks daily. 

I hope this helped! :)

Good cold water plants for your Axolotl tank

I see often and have even been asked before when I say I have live plants in my Axolotl tank. You can have a planted tank, and actually I recommend it! Plants have so many benefits, nitrate reduction, water oxygenation, they look nice and natural, you axolotl will love them, there is no way they can physically harm them unless they take a bite and chances are they can’t eat it…. Aside from having to care for the plants too I have few negatives.

I’ll just tell you about plants I’ve personally used and have experience with working in a lower light, low tech, cold water tank.

Java/flame/Christmas moss:

It looks beautiful! At least I think it does. It thrives even in cold dark water. You can make mats out of it for your axie to lay on, or even a whole carpet could probably grow if you give it time. Tie it to decorations, or drift wood, or even a rock. It will bring some much needed green and once it really starts growing! No ferts or co2 needed. Also a good hide if you keep shrimp with your axolotl as a clean up crew.

Cons: It grows slow and in low light may not be as vibrant, if close to a light it can get green hair algae.


One of the hardiest plants I have ever kept and keep it in all my tanks. It comes in several leaf sizes, shapes and colors of green. It is not something you plant in the substrate and takes it nutrients from the water column. So no fancy substrate needed, sand is perfect. Grows slowly in a low tech tank but will thrive and slowly spread. All you do it tie it to some driftwood or lightly wedge it behind a hide and its roots will secure it in time.

Cons: It likes to collect brown algae so if you don’t have shrimp you will need to whipe the leaves with water changes. It grows best with light fertilizers but I understand the risk with axolotls, dose lightly or use a small mineral supplement. This grows poorly in RO water.

Java Fern:

I’ll say it I don’t like this plant and it doesn’t like me. That doesn’t mean it’s not a good plant though. It thrives on low or ambient light, grows like a weed once it starts and is always producing new plants to add. You tie it to a rock or driftwood and it won’t be kicked up. Honestly I think I just got bad plants, like they aren’t dead and are doing great but refuse to grow or spread. The more leaves the better chance it has. I say give it a good shot, it can make a great background plant.

Cons: Until it takes off it can be a little bare to look at.


You love it or you hate it.I personaly like it in situations. It will soak up Nitrate like a sponge and raise your oxygen so much. Don’t try to plant it, just let it float or shove it around some airline tubbing. It takes a bit to start thriving but nice when it does.

Cons: Needles, if it decides it wants to die on you or if you handle it roughly it will shed its needles everywhere! You will be cleaning it up for weeks. Sometimes it doesn’t like to float either…so keep that in mind.

Duckweed/frogbit/water lettuce: 

I love these, they spread quickly, even with a high light it will provide shade for your Axolotl and fish. It loves Nitrate as well. The roots that hang down can make an attractive canopy. 

Cons: Illegal in some places due to their envasivness when thrown away in water ways. They can be a bit messy especially duckweed. Your axolotl may try to eat the duckweed. It can get tangled in some types of filters and isn’t recommended for HOB filters unless redirected towards the glass. 


What can I say a great plant that thrives anywhere and is kinda cute, your pets will love it and no care is needed aside from giving it a clean up swish every once and a while. I have no negatives, even in a bare tank you can have a few. 1 per 10 gallons or 1 per 5 is wonderful.

Other okay plants are: 

Red ludwigia, moneywort, or water sprite. The disadvantages are they are usually planted and can be dug up by your axie and like higher quality substrate and lighting. They do well in cold water and will add a nice accent. Just be ready for them to go flying on you or be torn up.

And algae believe it or not. If you get some on your pvc pipe or something, leave it, it is a plant and benefits the same way. It adds some nice natural look to what is normally a fake decoration too.

Pop Princess

2,500 Followers Oneshot

Summary: The truth is revealed on the set of the reader’s new music video.

Prompt: “Don’t talk to me like I’m a god damn child.“

Pairing: bodyguard!Jensen x popstar!Reader

Requested by: @iwriteaboutdean

A/N: If you wanna know the scene Jensen is freaking out over, it’s from Christina Aguilera’s Not Myself Tonight. The parts at the end (starts 2:28 mark).

Jensen grits his teeth biting back a low growl, he can feel a dangerous rumble in his chest that’s threatening to escape. His fury filled eyes witness you greedily accept every seductive touch from your co-star Justyn.

Your bodyguard is fully aware that the sexual bullshit playing out before him is just acting. That it’s your job at the moment to portray a lustful, passionate relationship for the camera. Although it doesn’t lessen the strong urge of wanting to break your co-stars face.

Justyn’s grubby hands are grabbing and pulling you, his lips kissing and grazing you, his whole motherfucking body keeps touching you. To make matters worse, you’re donning sexy red lingerie that barely leaves anything to the imagination.

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small but needs your love too

Like all fish that trickle into the chain store markets, I’m seeing ottos being housed improperly more and more, and it’s important to remember that they have a specific needs that might not mesh with your tank set up. These fish can live for 5 years or more in the right setup.

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anonymous asked:

do you know any helpful stream guides? i really want to streams some pc games as stardew valley + i'd love to have face cam but i feel like i can never do this bc i find it really hard to set everything up. i downloaded obs a while ago + looked up the most recent obs/twitch setup guide but i don't understand it at all! i don't know anyone who can help me irl either :/

after some quick googling, this guide looks pretty thorough and helpful!

basically you need to add a Game Capture or Display Capture, which will add the game you’re playing. then add a Video Capture Device and select your webcam from the list. 

of course, the guide I linked goes into more detail and also explains the different settings you should start at. if you still aren’t fully getting it after following that guide, feel free to message me off anon with the issues you’re having, and I’ll try to help! ^o^

Advanced Conjurer (CNJ) Hotbar Setup Guide

Hey gamers it’s me I just started levelling Conjurer like 10 minutes ago and I’m just here to show you the optimal setup for The best Heals on Final Fantasy XIV


Cure / Cure II / Cure III / Protect / Medica / Medica II / Esuna / Stoneskin / Stoneskin II

Listen. Cast times are for nerds, you know what they’re gonna do to you in the 2.5 seconds you took casting that Cure? yeah they’re gonna Own you and your party’s gonna make fun of you for even attempting to channel

Here’s the Optimal Hotbar for Max heals:

1 - Limit Break - This is the only heal that you’re gonna channel tbh. It has a cool animation so they won’t stop you in the middle of using it.

2 / 3 - Potion / Hi-potion - “But if I can’t use my spells, what do I use to heal?” Obviously the answer is consumables. They don’t have cast times and they heal a PERCENT OF TARGET HP, which makes them the best heal in the game.

4 - Stone - Conjurer is secretly a DPS class that’s designated as a Healer for faster queue times in Dungeons.

5 - 11 - Moral Support - If you don’t emote your tank is gonna leave and you don’t want that

There’s my guide gamers hopefully you all can be half as good as me at Conjurer someday

architecture-my-life  asked:

Do you know a good setup guide on how to make the best model-photos, with stuff you have in the Studio ?!

All of these model related questions are making me ridiculously happy right now so keep them coming.

Things you will need/what I used:

Desk lamp: V-Light Full Spectrum from Staples

Camera (Obviously): Nikon D-90 with an 18-105mm

Trace Paper: White, not canary…although now I’m thinking canary might have a cool effect

A Desk: You’ll find it under all of the process work and study models you’ve been creating

Black Bed Sheet or Table Cloth: You might need 2 depending on the size of your desk

1) Drape the black sheet over your desk so that it hits the floor on all 4 sides

Side note: You’ll be placing the model and lamp under your desk where your feet normally go.

2) Now that there is total darkness under your desk, place the model and lamp accordingly (professors appreciate when you place the lamp as if it was actually following the path of sun according to the orientation of your design on the site)

3) Being under a tiny desk, the lamp tends to be rather close to the model. By wrapping the trace paper around the light, it’s diffused so that it’s not too bright. Simple.

4) Take pictures.

5) Show off.

6) Receive praise.

Below: A facade study myself and 3 other students built of the new addition of the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum. Our professor asked us to photograph it in natural light…I didn’t care for it. Wish I had photographed it again before we scrapped it for parts. Oh well.

Below: Photographed using the method I shared above. An addition to the already beautiful museum that sits atop a hill at deCordova Sculpture Park in Lincoln, Ma. 

Anyways, to each thier own I suppose. Feel free to share any of your tips and tricks!

- Aaron

anonymous asked:

if you dont mind can you do a step by step tutorial on how to draw portraits , i mean all the lines you need to use so the face doesn't look like an alien XD ? this is only if you like ofc ^^

Sure! Even though my drawings look super sketchy on paper and have a lot of base lines still kinda visible, I don’t really use many guidelines when drawing the face. BUT, I will do my best to help.

First, I will be showing all the base lines and the sketch of a drawing I just drew. Just in case people want to see how I do all of the lines when making a pose or something.

I start with this stick figure looking thing. Circling the joints and head as well as blocking out hands, feet and torso.

Then I make the rest of the body, making it look more like a person now.

So there’s the body sketch, now let’s go to the face.

It seems like most people I see draw start with the eyes. I don’t.

I start with the nose almost all the time. I do that so I can figure out the angle of the head and I can draw the rest of the face accordingly. 

Face outline(and in this case, the hand in the way of the face) are next. So I get an even better understanding of where things need to go.

Now usually I just start drawing the eyes right after without having many lines to guide me(which is what I did with this picture). But for this I will show you a quick face setup guide thing that I keep in mind while doing all of this.

I keep the nose in the center, aligned with where the ear is. Then I put some crosshairs starting in the center of the nose. Mouth goes below the nose along the line and the eyes go along the line but above it slightly. 

So, keeping all that in mind I continue with the face.

So there is face! I usually don’t have a technique for drawing the rest, I kinda just wing it every time. But for the hair-

I always make sure I know where the part is, so I can draw the rest of the hair to fit. If I don’t use the part as a guide then it kinda looks like a mess. This way it looks sorta normal hopefully.

So there you have it! That’s the order of the way I draw things. I always draw the whole pose before I start on the face, it helps me figure out how I want everything to look.

Hope this was of some sort of help to you! I kinda wing it when I draw so hopefully this explains my nonsense technique.