settling plates

i want this shot of like, 221b in the dark, okay, it’s nighttime and you’re in the sitting room and it’s dark, but the light is on in the kitchen and it’s spilling out onto the rug, just barely illuminating the silhouettes of their two empty chairs. so the shot moves forward and there’s the clinking sound of people moving around, and maybe john’s low voice coming through, nonsense words really, there you go and how is that, and the shot moves around the corner so you’re looking into the kitchen.

and in the kitchen only the light above the table is on so the corners are all still dark, but it’s sherlock sat on the table, his legs sort of hanging, his toes just brushing the lino because he’s tall, and john standing between his knees with a latex glove on and a look of concentration and he’s dabbing something on a wound on sherlock’s forehead, the both of them speaking very quietly like if they were to speak at a normal volume it might shatter something in the night, murmuring back and forth with that specific sort of humor that people use when they’re worried or nervous about something and trying to play it off, you know the one i mean, the kind of humor that seems a little too forced and too quiet but everyone laughs a little because they’re grateful for it, they’re grateful for this act of normalcy even if it’s just pretend. and john is leant a little too close and his eyes are worried, too worried, and sherlock shifts under his touch because the look in john’s eyes makes him unbearably guilty for all the worry john’s carried, for other head injuries john’s seen him bear and not been able to save him from, and it’s quiet and their gentle laughter sort of peters out as john puts aside the antibiotic and takes off his glove, still standing between sherlock’s knees. there you are, he says, right as rain, and sherlock dips his head a little to avoid those bright, worried eyes, and says thank you, and sorry you keep having to do this, and john blinks with a tiny smile and says you know i don’t mind, because he doesn’t, not really.

and sherlock just shrugs and looks up again, because he’s expected john to move away but john hasn’t, he’s still standing there, looking at sherlock like he means to be studying the scrape on his forehead but really just looking, in that kind of melancholy affection people get when they’re looking at a thing they love dearly but will never really have, that sort of fond resignation that this is the way things are, good enough but only because you tell yourself that, not because it really is, and sherlock looks up at john and john looks back down at him and their eyes catch and the room goes quiet, terribly quiet, more quiet than london ever really is even at night, so quiet john can hear it when sherlock swallows, so quiet sherlock almost hears it before he feels it: john reaching out and putting his hand over the back of sherlock’s where it rests on sherlock’s knee. 

and john steps closer, and sherlock doesn’t look away, and the light above the table is too bright and john thinks his eyes are too pale, too beautiful, the thin color of a creek swollen with summer rain, something lush and green just waiting on the edges but just barely out of sight, and john leans in and sherlock smells like antiseptic and the raw, tremulous edge of anticipation and fear but he doesn’t back away, he doesn’t pull his hand away

and it happens like a brush of fate, john leaning in and it’s not even a kiss, not really, it’s the corners of their mouths slipping against each other in a trembling breath, sherlock stuttering in an almost silent gasp, his lips barely parted as john just barely, just barely, touching the side of his mouth to the side of sherlock’s, and sherlock wants to reach out and grab hold of his hips but doesn’t want to startle this into stopping, and john holds his mouth there a moment, the both of them breathing in cautious sips against each other’s cheeks, and sherlock can feel john’s breath against his lips, impossibly intimate, as if john is sharing something with him, as if john is trying to share something with him that cannot be shared with words but only with this exchange of life

and when john moves away he doesn’t move away, not really, he just moves forward, mouths moving away as he presses his cheek against sherlock’s cheek, and his shoulders are shaking, and sherlock slowly slowly gently gently dares to raise his free hand to john’s waist, and he feels solid and sturdy and warm and gorgeous, and then it’s sherlock’s turn, it’s sherlock nose nudging over john’s cheek, leading the way to find his mouth and this time, properly, this time, lip to lip and sherlock can’t breathe past him because he’s there, all of him, his skin and his jaw and his fingers and his eyelashes, this push and press of mouths settling together like the plates of the earth, quaking into sherlock’s chest, underneath his ribs

and this one kiss turns into another, as softly as the sun rises into another day, and another one after that, and it’s john’s hand, protective on the nape of sherlock’s neck, the delicate press of tongues and the voices trapped in their throats under the weight of gravity, under the weight of time, under the weight of finally, until john pulls back and finds the shell of sherlock’s ear and figures out how to let it go, how to let it all go, how to lift all that weight into nothingness: i love you, sherlock. i love you. 

It’s a Start

Prompt request: Can I request one where Tony Stark has a little sister who’s very sweet to people and believes in second chances? Loki and Bucky are still trying to adjust to being at the tower but she goes out of her way to show them kindness and include them in things. They become an inseparable trio. It annoys Tony so she gets her guys to tease him with her cause he’s ‘jealous he isn’t allowed in their club

Characters: Tony Stark, Loki, Bucky, Reader, Steve Rogers, Sam WIlson

Warnings: cursing, rude comments, Tony’s kind of a jerk

A/N: I am so sorry this took so long to write! It was definitely one of the more complex stories, so I wanted to make sure I got it right (hopefully I did). This is my first Loki fanfic, so feedback is always appreciated! Requests and tags are open! As always, thanks for reading!

You plopped your bags on the tiled kitchen floor and sighed as you stretched your sore arm muscles. “Thanks again for letting me stay here, Tony,” you said, turning around to face your brother.

“Anytime, sweetheart,” he replied, placing your last two bags on the floor. He kissed your forehead and wrapped you up in a hug. “You’re always welcome here.”  

You were living in the Avengers Tower for the summer with your older brother, Tony Stark. Okay, so he wasn’t actually your biological brother. In fact, he wasn’t even a brother by marriage. You were Pepper’s seventeen year-old sister, and even though she and Tony broke up more than a year ago, he never stopped loving you like his own sibling. He would still cheer you on at your soccer games, take you to the movies, and just spend time with you. You had been living with Pepper to claim residency in New York to get a cheaper tuition rate at your first-choice college. When Pepper got called away on a job for the summer, it made sense that you would stay with Tony.

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Queen || Draco Malfoy x Reader

{summary: sometimes, you fall in love with the person you least expect to be with.}

I’ve been working on the peter parker request for days now, yet still can’t find the muse to finish it and post it. So here, have this draco malfoy story instead.

this isn’t my best work like at all. I just wanted to do something to challenge myself because it’s been a rough day for me, and I find that writing always helps with making me happier.

warnings: language, and draco is going to be an annoying cunt for the first few parts of this story before turning sweet with age. draco malfoy (from what I remember with the books) is spoiled and likes to believe that the whole world is meant to be handed to him on a silver platter.

Love won’t come so easily between him and the reader, and if the subject of bullying triggers you, then please, do not read this story.

also, if you hate the enemies to lovers trope, this is definitely not the story for you.

ps house of gold is a MASTERPIECE.

word count: 4,100+

**dont repost/plagiarize this story**


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It's Not Destiny Who Chooses

Wrote this last week, and I thought I might share it here too, so ~ 

Long post. 3k, just below the ‘red more’, so I’m adding the Ao3 link in case someone wants it!  Ao3 clicky me

Disclaimer: Voltron doesn’t belong to me. 

Lance squeals when strong arms wrap themselves around his small waist and then he’s laughing as his brother hold him way up above his head.

“Tony! Tony, no! No helicopter!” Lance shouts, giggles escaping his mouth as his older brother continues to spin him around.

“But Lance! Our audience demanded a maiden in distress, didn’t you, guys?” The seventeen years old turns to the small audience a few feet from them, all of their big eyes wide and entranced in curiosity, nodding their small heads at the question, some of them even cheering for the teen.

“Sorry, hermanito, the audience has the last word.” Tony smirks and tickles Lance on the side, earning a loud laugh from the seven-year-old.

“Angie!” Lance shouts in distress, laughing bubbling, making him shake, “Angie, help!”

The twenty-year-old rolls her eyes but smiles softly at her brothers as she makes her way towards the pair. “Okay, alright, Tony, stop tormenting him. It’s almost time for dinner, anyways. Come and help before you continue playing, deal?” She asks, looking down at her brothers before turning towards the small children, “Who is ready for a warm Christmas Dinner, guys?”

The small children cheer louder at her words, most of them raising their hands enthusiastically as some of them stumbled on their own steps to stand up.

Angie giggles fondly at them before she raises her head and her eyes meet a small body on the other end of the room, face hidden from her as he looks down on the ground and rubs his arm nervously, almost as if hugging himself.

It’s not the first time that one of the kids in the orphanage they volunteer at is closed off or distant. Christmas is always a hard time for orphanages, especially for the kids. Angie understands that, she’s been volunteering along with her family most of her life, and she had been so good to befriend and include every single kid back when she was their age.

Now, at age of twenty, it’s difficult for kids to confide in her easily. It’s no one’s fault, it’s just a clear line between adult and kid and sometimes it’s difficult to find a common ground.

Angie purses her lips, deep in thought, before a body crashes into her middle. She huffs out of surprise before she looks down and the bulb inside her head lights up as soon as her little brother’s blue eyes look up at her.

“Ups, sorry!” Lance says, rubbing the back of his neck.

Angie waves him off and she kneels down quick to grab her little brother’s arm as he was about to follow the small crowd behind her.

“No, wait, Lance,” She calls, moving her head around until she caught her brother’s eyes. Angie nods once she decides he’s paying attention to her before she continues, “Do me a favor? You see that kid over there?”

She points with her head subtly and she wants to facepalm herself when her brother turns around abruptly towards the direction and screams his concerns.

“Angie, why is that kid all alone? Is he sad? Why is he sad? It’s Christmas! Does he know it’s Christmas?” He questions with a small pout, not pleased that someone wasn’t having fun like the rest of the party.

Angie hushes him quietly. “Well, I don’t really know, buddy. Maybe he doesn’t like partying?”

“But why is he alone?” He asks, tilting his head to the side in confusion and Angie pushes his bangs out of his face.

“Maybe because he needs a friend?” She suggests, shrugging her arms and giving him a small push with a smile, “Are you up on being a friend, buddy?”

Lance blinks before he beams and nods his head. Angie laughs at her brother’s enthusiasm and drops a quick kiss to his temple.

“That’s my Lance.” She praises softly before she pushes him gently towards the kid, “Now go. Please tell him dinner is almost done and then it’s time for gifts, alright?”

“‘Kay!” Lance shouts back over his shoulder, making his way. He dodges and avoid the big bodies around the room, mumbling and shouting at the same time quick ‘sorry’s’ when he’s not quick enough.

“Huh,” Lance says out loud as soon as he arrives, standing behind the kid, “You have a mullet! Cool!”

The kid stiffens and he’s quick to turn around, meeting Lance’s eyes for the first time and the brunet doesn’t hesitate to wave at him innocently, offering a big smile.

“Hi! Sorry, I just looking at your hair and it reminded me of my Tio’s hair. He says it’s a mullet with style, and that only cool guys like him have one, but my mama says it’s something only old guys wear. She says my Tio is still living in the eighties, even though he lives like five houses away from us, and there are no streets named like that, but that’s okay! As long as he visits during the weekend, of course! Yours look like a mini mullet though and you are not old –”

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Ernst Chladni

Klangfiguren, 1787

One of Chladni’s best-known achievements was inventing a technique to show the various modes of vibration of a rigid surface. First published in 1787 in his book Entdeckungen über die Theorie des Klanges, the technique consists of drawing a bow over a (circular, square, or rectangular) plate or membrane whose surface is lightly covered with sand. When stroked, a given plate will resonate at one of its natural frequencies. The sand bounces about on the plate until settling at nodal points (areas of zero movement) thereby producing intricate patterns. These patterns are now called Chladni figures.

Die Akustic, 1802

Nodal lines of vibrating circular or polygonal  plates, acording to Chladni and Savart. The breakthrough work acquired a status of foundational work of a new scientific field and earned him a title of “father of acoustics”. It was the first systematic description of the vibrations of elastic bodies.


MariChat May 30th: Scratch


Summary: On a stressful day Chat Noir goes out of his way to help Marinette out.

It used to be when Marinette had bad days she didn’t want Chat to visit her. That had all changed after a particularly stressful day wherein Chat had offered to rub the kinks out of her shoulders. Suffice it to say, he was really good at it.

After that night, when Marinette had bad days, she would catch herself looking towards her hatch in anticipation. Really, it wasn’t fair to expect Chat to just show up whenever she was feeling bad, but somehow he always seemed to know. When asked he had joked that it wasn’t surprising considering how much he sees of her.

She had laughed when he said it, but the expression on his face had been rather peculiar. He had seemed relived for some reason. Maybe he had just reeeaaly wanted his joke to land? He was weird enough. Oh well, it would forever be a mystery.

Anyway, she was winding down from a stressful day when Chat had, as usual, shown up to help her. She was sitting on her chaise enjoying one of his excellent shoulder rubs when an errant thought popped into her head. If his shoulder rubs were so good, what about a back rub?

A plate of cookies later and she had managed to get Chat to agree to one amazing back rub.

She shifted so that she was lying face down on her chaise. She had buried her head in one of her best, softest pillows.

When his hands started kneading her back she couldn’t help but let out a soft groan. Honestly, Chat was way too good at this. His fingers worked magic on her upper back. He relieved knots that had been there for who knows how long. She wondered why he settled for just one plate of cookies. Hopefully, he didn’t realize how many pastries she would give him to get him to do this more often. It’d probably be too suspicious if she had to constantly take a large amount of pastries to her room.

She hummed happily as he worked down her back. His claws gently scratched her back causing her to shift in an attempt to get him to scratch just the right place. He continued down till he got to a particularly nasty knot in her lower back. He rubbed harder as he worked it out and she let out low moan. He suddenly stopped and she let out a whimper. She looked up to see why he had stopped and was surprised by how red his face had gone.

“Can you stop that?” He asked in distress. She pouted. “Stop what?” He got redder. “T-those sounds you were making!” She blinked and then a sly smirk made its way onto her face. “Oh no, is my poor kitty embarrassed?” She cooed. He whined and moved away from her.

She pouted again. “Hey! We had a deal, cookies for a back rub.”

He shook his head. “Nope! I’m done.” His face was still incredibly red as he jumped out her window.

She frowned at the window. She was going to need a lot of pastries to convince him next time. It would be worth it though. For the pleasure of the back rub and to see him squirm. She smirked.

||❥ best friend’s brother

j o s h u a ! s c e n a r i o

words: 13k

genre: some fluff + some angst + light mentions of smut + my tears

request: hello choco! i’ve been having a lot of josh feels and i was wondering if you could possibly take a request for the reader to fall for her best friends older brother (of course the difference only being like a year) thank you!!

✎ someone physically hold me back from writing such long requests, this isn’t a joke anymore,, it’s gone too far,, ANYWAYS i hope the anon who requested it  likes it, cause yeah i took this plot tOO seriously lmao 

12 years.

Nerve-wracking was the word best fit to describe sitting around the family dinner table, porcelain plates settled in their according places as breaths of steam hovered from the food.

 The chair you’d chosen had framed your hardly grown structure quite poorly, the large cushions leaving you to take on the appearance of a flea, so small and nothing more than a spec compared to the adults that sat across from you. You hadn’t moved a muscle since being seated at the table, you were waiting for your best friend, Jennie, to come upstairs with the drinks.

The dull scratch of a fork against your plate stole your eyes from wandering, soul too frail by quickened heartbeat for you to face Jennie’s parents properly.

“So, how’s school going? Do you like your teachers?” The mother asked in a tone very gentle and smooth. You had always treasured Jennie’s mom, satin black hair curled swiftly under the chin, sparkly doe eyes gleaming softly in the orange lighting. There was something about her that relaxed you, your head finally tilting up for the first time since sitting round the table.

“I like school. The teachers are nice, sometimes helpful, but I don’t like the homework.” You felt your cheeks crackle with a simpering heat when both adults chuckled at the same moment, which you thought strange for an answer so generic. 

But yet again, they were probably trying to distinguish the awkward fog that clung like cobwebs to the air, so thick you could take one of the butter knives off the table and slice it. You fiddled with your hands in your lap when Jennie’s father went on to say that every child felt the same way, and that you should cherish the homework was nothing more complicated than coloring.

“I guess.” Was your simple reply. No less than a minute after, Jennie was hopping up the stairs from the basement, three cans in her arms and about to tumble to the floor by the looks of it. You observed in wallowing amusement as she let the drinks roll onto the table, until you had picked up your iced tea and invited her to take the seat next to you.

“I’ll sit on this side actually,” Jennie said while snatching a plate from the center of the table, “that’s Josh’s seat.”

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|| you belong with me ||

[[request prompt: so, i thought maybe the reader is friends with peter, ned, and michelle, but is also the daughter of tony stark. she is jealous of peter’s feelings for liz because she is in love with him. homecoming arrives and peter goes with liz, and the reader is invited by flash. during the dance, the reader tries to have fun with flash and michelle, her best friend, but can’t when she sees peter dancing with liz. she leaves in the middle of the dance to get some fresh air, but she gets kidnapped when the vulture suddenly appears.

in the end, spider-man saves her and the reader accidentally confesses her feelings for him. if possible, can you finish it with kisses? Please, I know my request is a little long]]

a kind reader sent in this request during drabbleday week, but it was too long to condense it to a mere 500 words drabble. instead, i chose to make a full one shot out of this so lol drabbleday will continue tomorrow. for today, this story will be the only one that’s posted.

also, in order to include more diverse fem!readers, i’m going to make the reader character Tony’s ADOPTED daughter.

tags [permanent + peter parker]: @ghostedwolf , @psychicwitchphilosopher , @pharaohkiller , @moonlight53 , @wannabe-weasley , @mcusebstan , @tmrhollandkay , @pepcvina , @nekonerdxox , @lokigirl18 , @fangeekkk , @kylielo22 , @wavy-ley , @lghockey , @buckysendoftheline , @1022bridgetp , @potterjamesharry

warnings: none

**please don’t repost/plagiarize this story. reblogs are fine**


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Sticks and Stones ~ Newt Scamander x reader

Request: i’m not sure if you’re accepting requests or not but I was wondering you could write a fix where the reader and newt are in a relationship and tina is jealous and a bit rude at first but eventually comes around when she talks it out with the reader and realizes that you and newt are perfect for each other. hopefully it makes sense xx

A/N: I just want to say that first off, I have absolutely nothing against Tina and I think that she is an incredible and wonderful character, and that she also may seem a smidge ooc, but that’s because I only had one movie to base her off of…anyways don’t hate on Tina she’s great :)

Warnings: arguing, mentions of insecurities, slight angst?, jealousy etc

Please Enjoy

“Honey could ya give me a hand with the strudel?”

Ingredients and various kitchen utensils wavered through the air as they paired up to complete the necessary tasks to prepare a delicious dinner to be served in the Goldstein apartment. You and Newt had returned for a short visit, and as soon as you had left the boat, Queenie was excitedly bounding down the port with Jacob and Tina smiling behind her. You had only been to New York once in your life, and that time just so happened to be the one where a certain magizzoologist got himself into a bit of trouble with the law.

Now you found yourself once again in the Goldstein apartment, except it was more welcoming and less stressful as opposed to before. Jacob hurried into the kitchen to assist Queenie with the cooking as you helped Newt and Tina prepare the room and set the table. Candles became lit and utensils nestled themselves into the folded napkins. You continued walking around the nearly finished table, watching as the plates then settled neatly at each spot before bumping into Newt. With a small look of embarrassment, you glanced up at him and his proudly worn grin. He then leaned down and gently pressed a soft kiss to your already reddening cheeks.

“Better watch out love, you and I both know how clumsy you can be,” he laughed before proceeding to fill glasses with water with a wave of his wand.

You smiled before returning a kiss to his jawline, noting the slight scruffiness of his stubble, and heard a quiet yet still audible groan from Tina.

A lot had changed since that first trip to New York. When you had arrived, you and Newt were best friends and partners in crime from your early days at Hogwarts, however, shortly after you both arrived back in the docks of London, Newt confessed to having feelings towards you. You harbored the same, yet you didn’t want to destroy or impose upon the bond you two shared. A few candlelit dinners and romantic walks around the case later, it was as if the two of you had been together for years. You two hadn’t really told anyone about your relationship, so when you both walked off the boat hand in hand, a few squeals and pats on the back were expressed. However, while Jacob and Queenie were ecstatic, Tina was practically the opposite.

You could sense the bitter edge of the situation as soon as your boots scuffed upon the pavement off the ramp to the boat. Tina was smiling, but you had known that type of smile from experience. She wasn’t really happy, regardless of the hugs and smiles, but you still viewed her as a respectable and good-hearted person. This pattern continued, further raising your suspicion as she acted differently around Newt. Instead of faking her smile, it was genuine around him, and when you had exited the room to use the bathroom, she was awfully close to the awkward man that you fell in love with, touching his hands and scooting closer to him on the couch. You trusted newt to know he wouldn’t try anything, but your thoughts still echoed with a bit of insecurity.

Once the table was set and the food was finished, you each sat at the table, with your seat being directly next to Newt’s. As the five of you ate and exchanged stories, Newt’s hand would brush against yours throughout, and you often caught him with a loving gaze directed at you. Around the time in which dessert was being served, you began to tell about the time in which the two of you had discovered a nest of a Chinese Fireball before Tina replied with an uninterested and slightly critical tone.

“So you just followed him?” she questioned.

“Well, yes, I mean I was observing with him…”

“But what you’re saying is that your job was to simply follow him? As in you can’t find your own job out there.”

“No I wasn’t saying that at all, my job is to help him, and I did so that he could gather information for writing his book,” you spoke, suddenly no longer hungry for the remaining strudel on your plate, yet you still put on a smile, pretending that you didn’t feel uncomfortable.

Newt’s eyes shifted as to you, as he had noticed your discomfort and nudged you under the table before speaking, “Y/n has been a wonderful assistant with my studies, and I don’t think I could have done it without the help. Y/n’s job is as mentioned, as Y/n helps me.”

“But Newt, don’t you think that you should, I don’t know, maybe have someone in your life that actually has a job and isn’t just following you around like some lost puppy?”

You were a little taken aback at her statement, as you and Tina had gotten along well before, but now, you were confused. You sensed her hint of jealousy as she had shown some interest in Newt before, but you didn’t think she would make such a deal of it, especially during dinner.

You gathered some courage before breaking your silence, “I’m not following him like a lost puppy.”

“Right, and I’m guessing that you don’t expect him to pay for and care for everything you do am I correct?”

“I don’t, Tina.”

Queenie butted in briefly before Tina cut her off, “Teenie, I don’t think you shoul-,”

“Newt you need someone who can actually handle reality, not someone who just expects everything to be magically taken care of,” Tina paused before looking at you again, “Someone who isn’t so invested in themselves.”

“Y/n is not any-,” Newt tried to interject.

“Take a good look Newt, I mean are you sure that Y/n isn’t just using you for the money that’s going to come from dating a bestselling author? Are you sure that she even loves you?”

You felt your heart sink and crack in your chest, and you turned away from Tina’s words. They were rude and untrue, as you loved Newt for who he was inside and out, and you didn’t care if he made any money from his book. Queenie’s broken expression matched up with Jacob, who had nearly let his glass slip from his hands as a chilling silence stormed over the table. The candles flickered dimly now and Newt tried to speak to Tina before she left the table in a frantic hurry back to her room.

Newt stared at you and held your hand in his own before muttering apologies. He knew how some people’s words could hurt others, and he didn’t need to be a genius to know that you were hurt beneath the surface, he knew you better than that.

“Y/n you’re not any of those things dear. You’re incredible and amazing and hard-working and-,”

“It’s okay,” you cut him off with a quick kiss, which he melted into before you pulled away. Queenie then broke the tension once more as Jacob began to clean up some of the discarded dishes.

“Sweetheart,” she said, sadness evident on her lips, “Tina is just…she didn’t mean those things, not really. She’s just hurting…”

You glanced at Queenie, a small tear forming and preparing to fall. You were strong, but words could still break more than bones. You wanted to be upset at Tina and the situation, but you had seen the look in her eyes before she exited the last time you were here. Only, the look was in your own eyes as you sat in the bathroom and stared at the mirror, observing how well you thought Tina was for Newt. Of course, that wasn’t the case, but you figured that Tina’s temper and words were not that of being snide, but rather of slight jealousy and heartbreak. Perhaps the way that you and Newt had acted with one another had set her off, and neither of you meant it to hurt her in any way. Tina was jealous that you had what she couldn’t, and her heartbreak was being hidden under her usually collected exterior.

“I understand Queenie, no real harm done. I’ll be okay,” you said as you squeezed Newt’s hand before getting up from your own chair. Newt gave you a look of confusion as you began to retrace Tina’s pathway to her room, but you pressed a loving kiss to his curly locks, explaining that you were going to talk to her. Queenie reminded you to be gentle before calling Newt to join her and Jacob in the kitchen.

You approached Tina’s door quietly before knocking a few times upon the grainy surface. A murmur of what sounded like, ‘Go away Queenie’ came from behind the door before it swung open, revealing Tina equipped with pink cheeks and tear tracks staining her appearance.

“Tina I…” you started before the door began to close once more. Reaching out, you held it, “I just want to talk to you, please Tina, just for a minute or two.”

Tina hesitated yet complied, expecting you to scream at her and return the same bitterness that she had with you. However, she was surprised when you sat next to her on her bed without an insult slipping from your mouth.

“Look, Y/n I’m so sorry I don’t know…”

“Tina it’s alright.”

She looked up at you and her jealousy plagued expression was replaced with a more regretful and saddened one. More tears began to pool out of her eyes as you handed her a handkerchief.

“Do you want to talk about it?” you asked, not wanting to overstep you boundaries, but Tina began to speak with a small sniffle.

“I-I was…I was jealous. Looking back I know I was horrible to you and I’m s-so sorry Y/n, I really truly am.”

You could feel the honesty in-between her tears, and you simply listened. She was a strong woman, but even the strongest people fall and break from time to time.

She began again, “When I saw you and Newt holding hands off the boat and kissing before dinner I just felt, I felt…”


“Yes…I just thought that maybe I had a chance with Newt. He seemed nice enough and passionate and intelligent, and I thought maybe I would talk to him alone when the two of you returned but I see that I was wrong now. He has your heart and you have his. I didn’t want to believe it, but you two really are perfect for one another. I can see it in the way he looks at you, when his eyes sparkle or when his smile gets wider around you. You’re smart and kind, and I know you really do love him. It was so, so wrong of me to say such nonsense. You’re beautiful and caring, and you love him for who he is, not for the money in his pocket. I was out of line for saying all of that, especially during such a nice dinner. I guess I just became angry and jealous that my chance at a love or happiness with someone like that was gone. I just wanted what you had…”

Her tears began to increase and you gave a small sigh. She was hurt, both in terms of her heart and her self-esteem. You knew she felt horrible for what she did, and instead of saying ‘I told you so,’ you sat closer to her as she dabbed the cloth at her eyes. Her tough and calm exterior was beginning to melt away like snow in the spring.

“Tina, you’re an incredible woman, and just because Newt and I are together doesn’t mean that there isn’t someone out there for you. You’re smart, talented, gorgeous, and I’m sure that there are many men out there who are dying to find a woman like you. You will find love someday, I promise you that Tina.”

Tina had started to calm down more after a while as she looked at you with glossy eyes, “How can you be so nice to me when I was horrible to you?” she questioned.

“Let’s just put it behind us alright? Neither of us deserves to spend our night hidden away and upset.”

You stood up and lent a hand to pull Tina up from the bed. You expected her do release it and exit behind you silently, but instead, she pulled you into a warm and sister-like hug.

“You truly are perfect for him Y/n, I’m so sorry I was too idiotic to see that,” she said as she let go to be met with your smile.

“You aren’t idiotic Tina, anyone can see that. Now come on, I think your sister is probably reading our thoughts outside the door,” you joked, earning you a laugh from Tina.

You forgave her, and she was no longer cross with you, and you both still had a long night with friends ahead. You both exited the doorway of the bedroom and Queenie immediately pulled Tina into a hug and sat her down for tea (your suspicions were right of course, as she was a legillimens, of course she heard everything). You smiled to yourself and crossed your arms, feeling the previous tension in the air being replaced by Jacobs’s laughter and clinks of mugs on plates.

You paused in the hallway and turned to see your curly headed boyfriend, who was now opening his arms to invite you for a hug. You gladly accepted and took in his minty and earthy scent from his clothes. He pressed a kiss to your lips, and you could feel him smiling through it.

“You know, you really are perfect love,” smirked Newt before he wrapped you in his arms once more.

You only laughed at him, aware that he was probably outside the door with Queenie and Jacob the whole time. You simply laced your hands with his and led him back to where the rest of your friends were sitting with their tea, putting the past behind them, and you both would do the same.


What’s Next?, LMM/Reader

Prompt: Oak sets Reader up with Lin.

Words: 928

Author’s Note: It’s been awhile! I’ve been struggling writing recently, so maybe send in some prompts to get the ball rolling? Also, 555 followers?? Amazing. This is a not-so-subtle reference to the West Wing (which is why Lin reacts the way he does)

Warnings: None?

Askbox | Masterlist

“I still don’t feel right being back here…” You trailed, fingers grazing the ‘aged’ wood of the Hamilton set.

“You’re fine.” Oak insisted for what felt like the thousandth time.

You had known Oak before the rest of the world did - back when he was using theatre to avoid trouble during the football offseason. You happened to be employed at the theatre he would sometimes frequent and saw potential in him from his first audition.

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Pizza & Perfection

“Go fish.”

Dustin huffed, grabbing a card from the stack centred between them all, and Lucas snickered with delight.

Mike rearranged his hand. He looked to Lucas triumphantly. “Got any fives?”

Lucas squinted. He reluctantly handed over his five, and Mike paired them. “Suckers,” he said, grinning.

El rolled onto her stomach. She loved watching them—there was something so natural about the way they sat, effortlessly teasing and laughing, throwing bits of popcorn and occasionally eyeing that winning stack of comics and candy bars.

Will straightened his pairs, head down. He’d confessed to El that he was terrible at bluffing. I just don’t look at them at all, he’d said. I’ve won a few times.

Her gaze shifted to the window, where rain was lightly pattering against the glass and rolling down in clear streams. She loved the smell; Mrs. Wheeler had cracked it just a touch, so that the fresh scent permeated the living room.

“Who’s winning?”

Lucas quickly glanced at his tally. “Me,” he said, sitting up a little straighter. “Obviously.”

“Cheater,” Dustin muttered. He bitterly ripped his twizzler in half, handing the larger part to El. “Man, I swear, if your sister doesn’t get back with the pizza soon I’m gonna combust.”

“Lucas doesn’t cheat,” El advocated.

“I’m naturally brilliant,” the other boy added. “Sevens?”

“Son of a bitch!”

The lock on the door clicked, and in came Nancy, Steve, and Jon, bearing pizzas and sodas. Their hair was soaked, and Jon was holding Nancy’s jacket. She whacked him with it when he gave it back.

“Stevie!” Holly jumped up from her perch on the Lay-Z-Boy, running across the floor toward him. “Did you get pepper-pony?”

Steve laughed. “I sure did. And cheese, before you monsters freak out.”

El followed Nancy into the kitchen and helped her dish up the food. For a moment, the house was silent. El watched the boys re-deal their cards, and Steve rewind a VHS tape.

Max came running up the stairs from the basement, where she had fallen asleep a few hours before. Her hair was frizzy and tangled. “I smell food,” she said, wandering over. El handed over a plate of pepperoni, which Max took gratefully. “You’re a lifesaver, El.”

El smiled. What are friends for?

Max grinned at the thought. She helped El carry over the plates. El settled down beside Mike, who had enough pairs, she thought, to win this round.

“Pretty in Pink, or Ferris Bueller’s Day Off?”

Mike glanced up at Steve. “Is that a real question?”

“Everyone’s favourite movie it is.”

El leaned against Mike, smiling happily, because everything about that moment was perfect. She was with her best friends, her family. No adult supervision, plenty of junk food, and peace.

Hours later, when night had fallen and the ten of them had crashed in various places in the living room, El softly intertwined her fingers with Mike’s and pulled Holly a little closer. This is what friends are for.

Right Place, Right Time

Pairing - Sebastian Stan x Reader
- A mishap at a fan convention lands you in the arms of the Winter Soldier himself
- n/a, just adorable fluff, it’s sorta my thang
Word Count
- 3004
- This oneshot has been specially made for the lovely and talented @dianelogan. Happy Birthday Beck! I’ll be floored if this is still a surprise with all the hints I’ve been dropping. You’ve been a wonderful friend to me and have encouraged me time and time again as a writer. Thanks for the advice and inspiration, you are amazing. :)

Originally posted by the-red-alpha

As the elevator doors closed behind you, you hit the button for your floor, closed your eyes and leaned against the wall. You had been at the con since well before dawn and were completely exhausted. All you could think about was crawling into bed and not moving until tomorrow.

You knew something wasn’t right just as the elevator reached your floor. There was a dull buzzing in your ears as you stepped out and you stumbled into the wall as you turned in the direction of your room. Crap, crap, crap, crap, CRAP! Not here, not now…. I just need to make it to my room and I’ll be fine…..I’ll be fine…….  You fumbled in your bag for your room key as spots began to multiply before your eyes. It was happening too fast, you weren’t going to make it. Your legs gave out as you slid down the wall and the world went completely black.

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Presque Vu    Chapter 17

t/w: SMUT

   Of course, Shannon’s hour turned out to be more like 90 minutes, but Raina was already used to his creative interpretation of clocks and schedules.  She remembered her promises to Jared about the way she had been eating and made sure to at least get a salad to go with the pizza, which she still somehow managed to get delivered at the right time in spite of Shannon’s lateness. He showed up with brownies and beer and they made a big nest of pillows and blankets in the middle of her living room floor to watch the movie from.

   “Are you feeling okay?” was his first question as soon as they had made their plates and settled in.

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empiraent  asked:

omg advanced happy b-day !! i really love your writing style. i can't even write for shit. anyway can i get a request where 2D catches you wearing his huge ass shirt, singing while cleaning the kitchen and then he confesses his love for you bc i need to find out if i can still feel something cause i havent slept for day s

Thank you so much!! I hope you’re ok tho, you should probably sleep

You push the sleeves up your arms, hating the feeling of them hanging around your elbows, and try to pick up the massive pile of plates again, balancing them precariously on your forearms. It’s an art form, walking from one side of the kitchen to the sink with about 6 plates, 4 mugs, 3 bowls and enough cutlery to kit out a 50 person dinner cradled in your arms, but you somehow manage to make it (just about. A knife slips and almost impales your foot, but other than that, you’re fine).

They clatter loudly as you dump them into the half filled basin, and begin running the tap, squirting a generous amount of washing up liquid over them and watching as the bubbles rise and cloud the sink. The bright white and sweet smell of Fairy Liquid almost overpowers the grimy crockery and stench of week old coffee dregs.

You glance around the kitchen as the sink fills up, taking not of what still needs to be done.

Literally everything.

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thegirl20 I feel like writing something short and angsty….

Red Queen, “No, not again.”

Disclaimer: I have no clue what’s going on with OUaT these days. I’m not going to attempt to keep up with w/e happened after what I managed to watch of season 4. I’ve seen a couple of things in gifs. I make my own world with bits of that.

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anonymous asked:

Prompt if it suits your muse: ObiAniDala in a universe where Padme is evil/Anakin drags her to the dark side, Palpatine has been destroyed, Padme is empress. Anakin and Padme are trying to find they're wayward husband (they had Obi-wan legally married to them once the empire rose). What happens when they finally find him?

The memory of their touch burns him even now in the cold rain as he slowly makes his way through the market on Hosnian Prime, rain dripping of his hood as he keeps it as low as possible.

Soft summers on Naboo with gentle hands brushing his legs and strong arms wrapped around his shoulders as he relaxed and looked forward to a future that perhaps could be happier then the past he had.

The yellow eyes and Padme’s intrigued expression at the promise Anakin had given her, the curve of her belly, the gentle hands resting on it as Anakin offered her the galaxy to rule with justice and peace as she saw fit.

Obi-Wan took a deep breath and released it slowly as he continued walking. He had not wanted to end up on Hosinan Prime honestly but that was where the smugglers were going, he needed to reach the outer rims and hoped for a transport there. Months on the run from the two who were reaching across planets slowly but steadily.

It was amazing however how no one even gave him two looks after he had shaved his beard and let his hair grow long, no one recognizing him as the famed negotiator despite his poster hanging everywhere.

But not like the other escaped Jedi’s. His did not say wanted, his said missing.


Missing husband of Empress Amidala and Emperor Skywalker.

He tucked his robe more around himself and glanced about warily as uneasy emotions started to permeate the Force. Obi-Wan stopped, eyes flickering around, a familiar sensation crawling up his spine.


He could feel Anakin.

Anakin was on Hosinan Prime.

He barely dodged the blaster before it impacted where he had been standing, screams sending the crowds scattering as he looked around wildly until he saw the clone sniper on the roof. Even from a distance he could see blue on their armor.

The 501.

Anakin’s troops.

He dodged the next blast from a different direction even as troopers appeared in each direction  of the market. Some with blue and some with orange.

The 212.

Obi-Wan was boxed in by his and Anakin’s troopers.

He needed to run, he needed to run no- “Obi-Wan.”

That voice, that impossibly calm and teasing voice. “I believe its time to stop running now Obi-Wan. You’ve lead me on a merry chase but Padme would rather you’d come home now to meet the twins.”

Obi-Wan slowly looked towards the voice, his stomach turning unpleasantly at Anakin’s smiling face and yellow eyes as he kept his own hood low. He didn’t answer and the blond sighed quietly. “Come now Obi-Wan, I don’t want to hurt you but you need to come home now.”

A fine line of exaustion trembled through Obi-Wan and Anakin eyed it with all the concern in the world laid bare. “You’re shivering, really, you are to take care of yourself more husband of ours.”

“I never stood in a church and I never said yes.” Obi-Wan rasped out and Anakin’s brow furrowed at the tone.

“Are you sick Obi-Wan?” He walked towards the man, uncaring of the danger of approaching a cornered Jedi.

Then again, he knew that Obi-Wan would never strike him down, so what did he have to fear. Obi-Wan bowed his head, he had no where to run, Anakin was right there in front of him with both their troopers on each side and stationed on the roof and this time he had no conveniently placed ship that would take him away.

He watched black boots stop in front of him before a gloved hand went under his chin and tipped his head up, Anakin’s other hand pulling the hood back enough to see him.

Surprised yellow and exhausted green meet.

“You shaved.” Anakin rested his hand against a fevered cheek. “And you ARE sick.” The other tisked before placing a firm hand on Obi-Wan’s shoulder. “SLEEP.

Obi-Wan struggled against the Force suggestion but exhaustion and illness finally caught up on him and he collapsed against the taller mans chest, unaware of the world as he was picked up by the Emperor of the Empire and carried away.


He ignored them at the dinner table, it was easier to ignore them if he just didn’t join them.

Sitting in the window sill and staring at the world outside as they talked softly with each other before Padme rose to her feet and moved to him, placing an elegant hand on his shoulder. “Come eat Obi-Wan, I will not have it said I starve you.”

Gentle words and touches tearing him apart from the inside even as he stood and mutely followed her to the table, settling down to a plate full of what was his favorites. He stared at it for a long time before slowly tucking in, if he didn’t eat they’d just trick him to it later.

When he had woken up after being caught, Obi-Wan had no idea how long had passed there had been three things he had been instantly aware of.

One, he could no longer reach for the Force though he could feel it.

Two, Anakin and Padme were in the room with him.

And three, there was a bandage wrapped around his calf.

He had gotten his explanation for the first one, Anakin and Padme had a tracker and a Force inhibitor surgically placed into him.

To prevent him escaping again.

That had been weeks ago and his voice had become a rarity.

They still brought him to their bed and their touch still burned him but during those moments he could forget the world outside and during that time his voice could be heard as they teased it out of him with slow and loving touches.

shadows settle on the place that you left

the last episode left me hanging so here

ao3 link

Some nights are better than others.

On other nights, he’ll wake up screaming and gasping for air. He’ll find himself in his room, safe from trolls, safe from changelings — safe from Gunmar. He’s safe.

His bruises line up from his hands along his arms and towards his back. Scars that will take a long time to heal mark themselves across his stomach and some place themselves on his face. It aches to do basic things sometimes, and it just sucks a bit that he won’t be able to cook much for a while. Not until the pain stops.

Jim stares at the ceiling, collapsing back on his bed. His fingers tremble as he tries to forget. It’s hard; it’s not easy to forget defeating the most evil guy out there. Gunmar had put up a very strong fight, but Jim had given him an even stronger one.

Now that Enrique is safe in the Nuñez house, like all the other changelings he’d manage to rescue, he feels like he can sleep. But he doesn’t. It’s harder than before; it’s easier to lie awake and pretend none of it ever happened.

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Breakfast. (Sehun, werewolf!au, Mating Season series 2/2) *NC-17*

Originally posted by daenso

Breakfast- Sehun, werewolf!au, Mating Season 2/2 *NC-17*
Warning: smut.


It was 10 a.m at the moment, as you silently slipped back into your dimmed bedroom, pancakes in one hand and a whole bottle of maple syrup in the other. There, in the middle of your bed, slept Sehun. You smiled slightly at his calm face, his chest steadily rising with each breath.

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Perfect World - Chapter 2

Summary: You have been hunting with Sam, Dean, and Cas for a while, but once you turn 30 you’re torn between loving Dean, wanting out of the hunting business, or just continuing on through life with the boys.  Something unexpected happens that turns your entire world upside down.  How will the Winchesters and Cas handle it, and will anything ever feel the same again?

Perfect World Masterlist - Previous Chapter

warnings: none - just family fluffiness

word count: ~1350

You woke up in a soft bed, snuggled against a very warm, very underdressed body.  You stretched slightly, lifting your head to look at the gorgeous man next to you.

Smiling, you kissed Dean until he was awake and responding, eager for your touch.  He wrapped his arms around you and pulled you close to him, allowing you to feel how happy he was to have you in his arms against your stomach.

Things were just getting heated before –

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Domestic life with S.Coups

This one’s a little longer than usual. Hope you like it though and thanks for all of the support on these! I don’t really know what to name their dog…do you guys have any suggestions?


Originally posted by cafewoozi

“I’m home,” Seungcheol sighed as he stepped through the front door. He looked up as he took off his shoes, confused by the faint romantic song coming from the living room and why only his dog was waiting to greet him.

“Hey pal,” he says, patting the dog as he follows him into the living room. He ran a hand through his hair, trying to deduce why his wife and daughter were curled together, sound asleep on the sofa while a candle light dinner was spread across their dining table.

He notes the light touch of makeup across your face and how your hair was done into soft curls. He doesn’t know how you managed to fall asleep in your black silk dress but he’s in awe at how gorgeous you looked.

He racks his head once more as to why you (and your daughter) were dolled up. He doesn’t recall you telling him of any plans requiring such a fancy outfit, but even if you had gone out it still doesn’t explain the candle light dinner.

Slowly he made his way to you, crouching beside your head and gently brushing your hair away from your face. He never got to appreciate you enough and it was something he always regretted.

He brushes his lips against your temple before doing the same to your daughter. Even at four years old she was already a spirited beauty, traits that could only have come from you.

Seungcheol silently reaches for the small, neatly wrapped boxed on the coffee table in front of you and freezes when he flips the card open.

Happy Anniversary Cheollie! I know it’s not much, but Nara and I picked it out. We hope you like it. I love you!

He freezes at the sound of your voice. Guilt washed over him as he turns around to meet your tired gaze.

“You missed dinner,” you smile wearily.


Seungcheol opens his mouth to greet you good morning as he walks into the kitchen but stops when he feels his daughter shooting him deadly glares.

If only looks could kill.

He let out a nervous laugh as Nara’s gaze followed his every movement.

“M-morning honey,” You greeted Seungcheol with a warm smile.

“Morning hun. What do you want for breakfast?”

Seungcheol tense as Nara glowered at him.


“Huh? Oh um, anything is fine.,” Seungcheol spins around, hooking his arm around your waist and leaning in close to your ear, “Why does Nara look like she wants to choke me with her cereal?”

You raise your brow at your husband’s words. You turn to your daughter and fight the urge to laugh when she does indeed, look like she wants to murder your husband.

“I don’t know. Maybe she’s still angry about last night?”

“But I already promised I’d take you both out to make it up to you!” He whispered.

“Well, she was really excited about dinner last night. She even spent half an hour picking out what to wear,” you hand him a plate full of spring onion pancakes.

“She’s four,” he hisses, setting down the plate. Seungcheol screams, surprised by Nara’s appearance behind him.

“H-hi Princess,”

Seungcheol doesn’t understand how she could change her demeanour from evil to good in a split second. Seungcheol makes a note to keep Jeonghan away from his daughter. She hands you her empty bowl, “I’m finished mummy!”

You pat her head, “Good job sweetie. You can go and play now.”

“Ok,” she chirps.

Nara bumps into her father on purpose and stares him down. You hold back the chuckle in your throat but it was a difficult task because who wouldn’t laugh watching a tiny four year old girl throwing sass at a grown man who looks as if he’d just seen her sprout three heads.

“I hate you,“ she huffs before walking out of the room.

Seungcheol stared after his daughter, “What the hell just happened?”

You shrugged your shoulders, “I don’t know but I think I’m going to cut down on how much time Seungkwan spends here.” You wipe your hands on a tea towel before grabbing and empty plate and settling yourself on the dining table.

You never realised how contagious his sass was.

Seungcheol shakes his head, “Babe, focus. I can deal with Seungkwan later but how do I get my princess to stop being angry at me?”

You sighed. It was too early for this.

“Ice cream,” you answered, dumping a spoon full of rice unto your plate before sneaking a piece of chicken to your dog.

“Ice cream?”

“Ice cream.”

Seungcheol ran towards the living room, slowing down his pace when he neared Nara who was busying herself with her tea party. The dog chases after him but unlike Seungcheol, Nara greets him warmly and pats him on the back.

He cleared his throat to catch her attention, “H-hey Princess. Do you want to go with daddy to get ice cream?”

Seungcheol watched in awe as Nara blinked in surprise, before grinning at him. “Yes, yes, yes please!” She squealed, looking excitedly at the dog before running up to him.

Seungcheol bent down to pick up Nara and threw her in the air.

Ice cream was the answer to all of life’s problems, especially when it came to dealing with children. Seungcheol almost face palmed himself when realised it. He’s done the same thing with his members countless of times, how could he have forgotten?


Seungcheol cringed when he felt more of the strawberry ice cream ooze through his jeans. Thank goodness he decided against wearing the designer ones his stylist had procured for him. Although he imagines you would be just as upset since you will be the one dealing with not only his stained clothes, but also your daughter’s.

Seungcheol’s heart stopped when small, strawberry covered hands latched unto his white shirt and sloppy lips pressed against his cheeks.

“Thank you,” Nara said, “I love you daddy.” She settled herself back on his lap before taking another big chunk of ice cream with majority of it missing your mouth.

Eh. Seungcheol is prepared to take your nagging, just as long as his princess was happy.