A family picture of the Martyred Palestinian baby the infant Ali Dawabesha with his parents before Israeli Settlers set him and his entire family on fire. It is noted his Mother is in very critical condition.

So let me get this right: Israeli leaders incite violence against Palestinians every day of the year. Israeli settlers then act on that incitement. Now everyone acts shocked? The Israeli state is the main perpetrator of violence. It doesn’t give a damn about Palestinian babies, it murdered 551 children last summer.


In arson attack terrorist Zionist squatters burned a Palestinian house with the family inside, murdering a 18 month old baby and injuring 3 others

Baby Ali Dawabsheh 18 months burned alive and died immediately, the mom is in critical condition and the father and 4 year old brother of killed baby were left with burns on 75% of their bodies.


Jewish Settler Kills Palestinian Baby In Arson Attack

18-month-old Ali Saad Dawabsha was killed when two homes were firebombed at night in the Palestinian village of Duma in West Bank. The attacker is thought to live on stolen Palestinian land in the form of a nearby Jewish settlement. They are illegal under international law.

The baby’s mother, Reham, father, Saad, and four-year-old brother Ahmad, suffered burns and have been taken to hospital. Graffiti sprayed in Hebrew was found outside one of the homes.

The Palestine Liberation Organisation (PLO) said it held the Israeli government “fully responsible for the brutal assassination” of the child, Ali Saad Dawabsha. “This is a direct consequence of decades of impunity given by the Israeli government to settler terrorism,” it said.

Jews are given incentives by the Israeli government to live in illegal settlements on stolen Palestinian land as the Zionist state continues the genocide of Palestinians. 


July 26 2015 - Israeli police stormed the al-Aqsa mosque in Jerusalem, arresting 6 palestinians and injuring several. 

In commemoration of the Jewish holiday Tisha B'Av on Sunday, hundreds of far right orthodox jews had tried to force their way into the mosque, but Palestinian youths barricaded themselves inside. Israeli police responded to this incident by attacking the Palestinians. [video]/[video]/[video]/[video]

A burned infant was only a matter of time in view of policy to not enforce law on violent settlers

The killing of a one and a half year old infant, ‘Ali Sa'ed Dawabshe, and the serious injury of his mother Riham and toddler brother 'Ahmed, after a suspected arson attack by Israeli civilians burned their home, was only a matter of time. This, due to the authorities’ policy to avoid enforcing the law on Israelis who harm Palestinians and their property. This policy creates impunity for hate crimes, and encourages assailants to continue, leading to this morning’s horrific result.

According to B'Tselem statistics, in the past three years since August 2012, Israeli civilians set fire to nine Palestinian homes in the West Bank. Additionally, a Molotov cocktail was thrown at a Palestinian taxi, severely burning the family on board. No one was charged in any of these cases. The ISA suspects two were related to the perpetrators of June’s arson attack on the Church of the Loaves and Fishes, but it is doubtful these cases would have been solved independently of the effort put into the church arson inside Israel.

In recent years, Israeli civilians set fire to dozens of Palestinian homes, mosques, businesses, agricultural land and vehicles in the West Bank. The vast majority of these cases were never solved, and in many of them the Israeli Police did not even bother take elementary investigative actions.

The fact that the Samaria and Judea (SHAI) Police and other law enforcement bodies have failed to solve these attacks isn’t fate. Rather, it is the result of a policy expressed throughout all levels of the law enforcement system, in particular the political echelons, up to and including the Prime Minister. In light of this, official condemnations of this attack are empty rhetoric as long as politicians continue their policy of avoiding enforcement of the law on Israelis who harm Palestinians, and do not deal with the public climate and the incitement which serve is backdrop to these acts.

In light of this, the clock is ticking in the countdown to the next arson attack, and the one after.

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May Allah Bless Ali Saad Dawabsha, the 18-month old baby who was burned to death by Israeli settlers, Ever-Lasting Goodness in Paradise.

And May those who are responsible for his murder experience nothing but pain and anguish in this life and the next.


This is what is left of the family’s home, where baby Ali was murdered by Israeli settlers tonight.
the graffiti left by the settlers who murdered the baby in Douma. It reads “revenge.”

الطفل علي دوابشة ، عام ونصف ، قرية دوما بنابلس ، قام المستوطنون بحرقه حيّاً مع عائلته في منزلهم.
Baby Ali Dwabsheh, one and a half year old, from Nablus, Plaestine. The Jewish Colonial Settlers burned him alive with his family in their home.
Das Baby Ali Dwabsheh, ein und halb Jahre alt, aus Nablus, Palästina. Die jüdischen kolonien Siedler haben ihn und seine Familie in ihrem Haus verbrannt.
Le bébé Ali DWABSHEH , un an et demi , de Nabus-Palestine Les colons juifs l’ont brûlé vivant avec sa famille.
Ребенку Али Давобща ,  полтора года , в деревне  Думы не далеко Наблусе, Еврея  зажгли живым вместе со своей семьей в их доме.
Bebek Ali Dwabsheh, 18 aylık, Filistin, Nablus . Yahudi Sömürge Yerleşimciler onu ve ailesini evlerinde canlı yaktılar.
התינוק עלי דואבשי, בן שנה וחצה משכם, פלסטין. היהודיים שרפו אותו חי עם המשפחה שלו בביתם!
Ali Dwabsheh, un año y medio, de Nablus, Palestina. El bebé murió calcinado junto a su familia, en un ataque.

 #حرقوا_ الرضيع
#نابلس #فلسطين


A one-and-a-half year-old Palestinian baby was burned to death and three of his family members were seriously wounded late Thursday night after a house was set on fire in the village of Douma, near Nablus. settlers were those who set the house on fire after targeting it with firebombs and graffiti. It reads “revenge.” . Photos :Clothes of baby Ali Dawabsheh who was burned to death