jokes about the holiday aside i feel i have a moral obligation-  in light of the recent escalation of racist terror in the united states, a persistent feature of settler colonialism- to state that i believe the settler colonial empire should be dismantled and that all settlers (and as a white person in the usa this includes myself) should be disarmed and have their political rights limited severely

that post is still kinda wrong tho when white settlers got to america they were already fighting the native americans (not a mass genocide but they were clearly not on good terms) the colonists would often capture the natives and force them to teach the colonists agriculture and survival skills, the colonists would rob native graves to steal supplies and food, etc….

 when we feel that we're born
                           just to fall apart

i. fictionian - double negative // ii. sufjan stevens - futile devices // iii. of the wand & the moon - immer vorwärts // iv. jeff zentner - fire in my bones // v. seafret - something in the air // vi. jessica pratt - moon dude // vii. sol invictus - an english garden // viii. early settler - aisly // ix. johnny flynn - churlish may // x. current 93 - a sadness song // xi. novemthree - sing of beauty // xii. spiritual front - choose death // xiii. andrew jackson jihad - white face, black eyes // xiv. the waterboys - an irish airman foresees his death

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HaShem bless this country with a revolution, bless the world with an end to racism, imperialism, capitalism, cissexism and gender exploitation, and ableism. May HaShem bring an end to the settler colonial state and all that it stands for swiftly and within our days.

Blessed are you, HaShem our God, who has sanctified us with your commandments, and who has commanded us to destroy idols.

And we say: Amen.

Afro girl sitting at the park bench on the 4th of July

Nothing is open but the perception of time and liquor stores. It’s dark and you’re alone. As the sky lights up, we are all reminded of something different. Foreign settlers reclaiming it’s freedom on stolen land, and your ancestors backlash from it. The thunderous red and blue followed by white smoke. It’s not 1776, freedom has yet to ring. But the cannons still pierce the cumulus clouds and pinch the ears of retired army vets. What makes these people stare at sounds and colors and what makes me stare at you instead. If only television was broadcasted against the sky maybe we would come outside more. I wish to pick your brain as easy as it is to eat the same cancer that I watched being propagated. I want to help you fight the demons and eat away your pain. But I have yet to digest my own being. I belong to nothing, not even your grace.

Many people misunderstand the nature of the struggle for Palestine. They consider Palestine to be contested land between Israelis and Palestinians. The facts about the struggle are simple: 
1. There was no entity called Israel before 1948 
2. There was no Israelis before 1948 
3. There is no meaningful verifiable connection between modern Israeli and the Israelites of the Bible. Modern Israelis are not Semitic and came to Judaism through conversions.Also, the Hebrew Bible, the only source of the mythology about Israel and the Israelites, is unreliable. 
4. European colonial settlers transported mainly from Europe settled and colonized historic Palestine by force and without the consent of the indigenous population, the Palestinians. 
5. The settler colonists established Israel in Palestine in 1948 by Jews of Jews for Jews with the active support of western colonial powers after ethnically cleansing the majority of the Palestinians, destroying more than 530 Palestinian towns and city sections, and committing scores of heinous crimes against Palestinian civilians to bring about their expulsion. 
6. Since 1948 Israel created an elaborate apartheid system that favors Jews, discriminates against the Palestinians, and is designed to maintain control and dominance of Israeli Jews over Palestinians by using genocidal methods and preventing their return, equality and normal living conditions. 
Palestine is not a contested territory. Palestine has its rightful owners, the Palestinians.Palestine is settled, colonized, and occupied by a foreign population..!


We remember ‪Mohammed Abu Khdeir‬

During Ramadan last year, Mohammed was abducted outside a mosque in east Jerusalem and taken by car to a forest where he was beaten unconscious with a crowbar and burnt alive by ‎Israeli‬ settlers.

Here is the story

Video shows faces of suspected killers of Palestinian teen (x)

Kidnapped Palestinian teen was burned to death, autopsy shows (x)

Autopsy report shows Mohammed Abu Khdeir was burned to death; reports spread of other possible abductions (x)

Israeli court orders release of Muhammad Abu Khudair murder suspects (x)

And now it’s one year on:

Trial of Abu Khdeir killers ‘a sham’, says family (x)

Class of Palestinian teen burnt alive graduates without him (x)

Mohammed Abu Khdeir: Palestinians urge new new intifada one year on from teen’s brutal murder (x)

Mohammed was burned once. Me and his mother are burning every day. They don’t even burn animals, so how could people burn someone? They have no heart and no conscience.