I made my way back to Settler’s Grove for the first time since the wildfire. It’s kind of strange there now. Like, some of the magic has gone. The last time I went was right after the fire and it was a very unreal experience that actually scared me a bit.

This series of photos are all from the same spot on the trail.

The first and second photos are from my second time going there. Just before the fire.

The third and fourth are just a few months after the fire.

The last one is from today. Two years after

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I like to think about Said's "Zionism from the standpoint of its victims" because it articulates really clearly to me the trap that people fall into when discussing Zionism of just... not really clearly and consistently acknowledging that the Palestinian relationship to Zionism has always been one of dispossession and settler-colonialism. I think it's unproductive to have a conversion about the term Zionism (ie. about rehabilitating it) w/o acknowledging that fact.


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As a historian whose Masters Thesis is on frontier warfare between Native Americans and settlers in Post-Revolution 18th century America: the 'noble savage' myth is utter bullshit. I could tell you so many historical accounts of Native raids and attacks that more resemble horror stories. And also the 'concepts of personal property and money are a white/colonial/enslaving invention' thing is so inaccurate I almost laugh whenever I see it.

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"Why are yall ignoring 7 decades of settler colonialism, violent occupation and genocide????" Right but killing soldier will not help Palestinian people girl y'all so idiot you will never learn from your mistake if you want to destroy Israhell you need to infiltrated them not hurt them bc at the end they will always won Palestinians are doing everything wrong and don't think with their head but impulsively

apparently, reacting to 70 years of violence is…. impulsive lmao 

all this to say I guess mercy has a place in my personal set of values but it is a much lower priority than justice . but like in situations like settler colonial states real justice for the millions of people wronged or killed over hundreds of years is impossible and even within human lives real justice for abuse victims isn’t really feasible . the problem becomes can we pull the knife out of people’s backs and begin to build a better world from the place we are at and make it safer and that’s more important than mercy and it is a bigger priority than absolute (and usually unattainable) real justice, tho it’s a step toward justice . Not all murderers or rapists can be killed and to kill them won’t restore the world to how it was before , but mercy toward all violent evil people is only useful if they’re no longer committing violence and are committed to being part of a new world.

If ur value system is ONLY about affect it’s totally empty and that’s my main frustration w ppl whose priority is to be kind or merciful to everyone like w right wing politicians and billionaires who want to destroy poor people’s lives ? I wanna be like , frankly , mercy is in the hands of a higher power !!!

So our village hasn’t had water for over 14 days now. Israel usually turns on our water lines every ten days, but have skipped the last scheduled water opening.

As a result, many people’s wells are running out while we’re in the middle of a massive heat wave.

Homes her are built with large water reserves, either in the form of big plastic tubs on top of the house, or underwater wells. These reserves are filled on the days Israel allows us water (although it’s limited and these reserves aren’t always filled all the way) and when they run out…. You’re completely out of water. No toilets, no showers, no drinking water, etc.

To compound the issue, on the hottest days Israeli settlers turn their ACs up creating a massive spike in electricity demand. To compensate, our electricity is shut off.

So we’re in the middle of a heat wave with no water, little electricity, and severely limited movement, facing intimidation campaigns by Israeli soldiers and settlers, and yet we continue to be “in the wrong” for fighting to change this half-life.

btw for the people still worried about andromeda being a “colonialism simulator” (spoilers):

- the planets chosen were believed to be uninhabited 600 years ago (but there was extensive first contact protocol written in the extreme unlikelihood they’d meet another sapient species)

- you cannot colonise the angaran homeworld (havarl) or any sovereign angaran planet (aya, voeld). you can be invited to leave a small contingent of scientists (to study the vault’s effects on havarl to help make it viable for the angara again) or set up a base that works alongside the angara (running ice on voeld for both initiative and angaran settlements).

- the angara are also invited to the nexus and appear in colonies on shared planets such as kadara.

- there are no other sapient species in the system, aside from the kett who are invaders, not natives or settlers. you cannot displace anyone, invade anyone, make yourself at home anywhere you are not welcome.

- you can even give a random civilian who suggests settling on aya uninvited a dressing down for being disrespectful

just so you can avoid alarmism and false info. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Fascism hasn’t come from working class poverty or oppression. That’s a deliberate capitalist intellectual confusion we have to get rid of. The oppression that colonial workers had to endure in Asia, Afrika, Latin America and the Mideast didn’t produce fascism but hopeful, radical left movements of liberation that might have been ultimately subverted, but that also contained the constructive efforts of hundreds of millions of ordinary working people. Centuries of lynchings and police state terror and colonial poverty here in the Black Nation never produced anything like fascism, until neo-colonialism and what Malcolm X called “dollarism” took over. New Afrikan colonial oppression produced so many who were internationalist and forward looking, conscious anti-capitalists with integrity and democratic values. That really represented the historic Black Nation. A people that, however poor, however held low, were predominately working class and at the productive heart of the u.s. empire. A working class culture that had a lived belief in the importance of justice for everyone.

So don’t be thinking that fascism just comes from poverty or recession, because it’s not that way at all. In Euro-America – by far the weathiest nation that’s ever existed since Babylon in biblical times – the growth of white fascism has nothing to do with poverty but everything to do with the crisis of white settlerism.
—  “The Shock of Recognition” by J. Sakai

If you’re not actively working with Indigenous people in your organizing, and centering Indigenous people in leadership roles, esp the people whose lands ur on, Indigenous people with disabilities, and Two-Spirit/Indigenx/Muxe/LGBTQIA+ Indigenous people, then ur activism is staying at the level of active collusion with settler-colonial rhetoric and violence.

If you ever feel bad about your job performance remember that for all 8 years of his presidency George Washington had to write his constitutional responsibilities on the palm of his hand and frequently checked it during cabinet meetings.

Many people misunderstand the nature of the struggle for Palestine. They consider Palestine to be contested land between Israelis and Palestinians. The facts about the struggle are simple: 
1. There was no entity called Israel before 1948 
2. There was no Israelis before 1948 
3. There is no meaningful verifiable connection between modern Israeli and the Israelites of the Bible. Modern Israelis are not Semitic and came to Judaism through conversions.Also, the Hebrew Bible, the only source of the mythology about Israel and the Israelites, is unreliable. 
4. European colonial settlers transported mainly from Europe settled and colonized historic Palestine by force and without the consent of the indigenous population, the Palestinians. 
5. The settler colonists established Israel in Palestine in 1948 by Jews of Jews for Jews with the active support of western colonial powers after ethnically cleansing the majority of the Palestinians, destroying more than 530 Palestinian towns and city sections, and committing scores of heinous crimes against Palestinian civilians to bring about their expulsion. 
6. Since 1948 Israel created an elaborate apartheid system that favors Jews, discriminates against the Palestinians, and is designed to maintain control and dominance of Israeli Jews over Palestinians by using genocidal methods and preventing their return, equality and normal living conditions. 
Palestine is not a contested territory. Palestine has its rightful owners, the Palestinians.Palestine is settled, colonized, and occupied by a foreign population..!

I don’t think I’ve seen any posts that went over what the water system in Palestine was like for each house, so I’ll try to go over it as best I can without any pictures -

Israel controls all of our water resources, and has allocated the resources of the Jordan river in an 83%/17% split, meaning that Israelis get 83% of its water while Palestinians are only allowed the remaining 17%.

Israel also routinely shuts of Palestinian water in order to supply Israeli settlements, which feature lavish swimming pools and well-kept community gardens - something we as Palestinians cannot have due to our limited water allowance and uncertainty regarding water availability.

What this leads to is a situation in which farmers cannot expand their crops or grow their gardens, because to do so would require time, money, and most of all, water. Because water is only allocated to us in an infrequent basis, how is a farmer to know that he has the water security required in order to expand his crops without worrying about having his water shut off for two weeks as all his crops die?

Each house in Palestine generally contains either a beir [well], large plastic containers, or both, meant to hold water. These are automatically filled when Israel turns on our water, with the house itself using the Israeli water before tapping into the beir or the other water reserves.

Motors in the house pump the water into the wells when Israel turns the water on, and then another motor pumps the water of the well into the house.

What makes things even worse is that if there’s no electricity and your well is empty, then it’s not going to fill with water, and if the well is full and there’s no Israeli water or electricity, then the water is not going to make it from the well to your house.

Aside from cutting off our water and only supplying it to us on set days, Israel also frequently cuts out electricity, especially on the hottest days of the year when Israeli settlers are blasting their ACs and creating a huge spike in electricity demand. 

This is just one small aspect of life under Israeli occupation that I feel many don’t actually realize or consider. 

When we say that Israel controls every aspect of our lives, we mean it in the absolute most literal sense. We can’t shower unless they turn on our water, we can’t plant our crops unless they turn on our water, we can’t visit neighboring cities unless the soldiers at the checkpoint are feeling generous, we can’t pray at our holy sites in Jerusalem without special permits that they rarely hand out, We can’t build up our own infrastructure without them tearing it down and claiming it’s a “security concern”. We can’t build on our OWN land without getting approval from them first. We can’t use mobile data services because they continue to deny us the equipment and mobile spectrum required for it, so while Israelis and Israeli settlers enjoy all the 4G they want on their phones, Palestinians are still stuck with having text and the OCCASIONAL “Edge” signal on ours. 

And the list goes on, and on, and on.

There is no justifiable reason to celebrate independence day.

To many of you, my words are treason. But to those who exist under the imperial juggernaut that is the united states government, to those who struggle with maintaining a manageable life in a society that exploits them dry to the bone, and to those who experienced first-hand the unforgiving wrath of this state’s domestic and international violence; my treasonous words speak only truth. 

While you run to your nearest window in excitement when you hear an explosion, families in Libya, Afghanistan, Somalia, Pakistan, and Yemen cower and panic from bombs bursting in air over their heads shot from our country.

While you wave your flag to express your patriotic spirit, Puerto Ricans, Cubans, Mexicans, Haitians, Dominicans, and other Caribbean, Central, and South american peoples feel resentment and loathing to the forced glorification of the flag responsible for their collective historical and contemporary destabilization and torment. 

While you deify commanders in chieves, either founding fathers or recent presidents, indigenous peoples across the north amerikan continent and its captured territories and its documented and undocumented immigrants see only the blind cult worship of murderous colonial settlers or those responsible for tearing apart families and livelihoods.

What is there to celebrate in a country founded by settler colonialism?
What is there to celebrate in a country built by genocide and slave labor?
What is there to celebrate in a country that favors the rich over the poor?
What is there to celebrate in a country that puts profits before people?
What is there to celebrate in a country responsible for capturing foreign land?
What is there to celebrate in a country that’s responsible for toppling foreign democratic governments for the sake of corporations?
What is there to celebrate in a country that needs constant crisis to survive and is responsible for creating both refugees and terrorists?
What is there to celebrate in a country that still uses slavery as punishment for prisoners?
What is there to celebrate in a country that harassed, murdered, and imprisoned marginalized groups since inception, and does little to actively protect them?
What is there to celebrate in a country whose leaders only care to listen to you when they want your vote, then shut you out whenever you have a problem?

If you truly do care about humanity, about mankind’s troubles: stop supporting the nation responsible for our collective international misery.

There is no justifiable reason to celebrate independence day.

Historian Richard Morris, in his study of Colonial-era labor, says of European indentured servants on the plantations: ’…but with the advent of Negro slavery they were gradually supplanted as field workers and were principally retained as overseers, foremen or herdsmen.’ In other words, even the very lowest layer of white society was lifted out of the proletariat by the privileges of belonging to the oppressor nation.

Once these poor whites were raised off the fields and given the chance to help boss and police captive Afrikans, their rebellious days were over. The importance of this experience is that it shows the material basis for the lack of class consciousness by early Euro-Amerikan workers, and how their political consciousness was directly related to how much they shared in the privileges of the larger settler society. Further, the capitalists proved to their satisfaction that dissent and rebelliousness within the settler ranks could be quelled by increasing the colonial exploitation of other nations and peoples.
—  J Sakai, Settlers: the mythology of the white proletariat