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Him Cumming Inside of Her Because of the Moment: BTS


He’d always, and I mean always, ask you for your consent, because he knew that you might feel uncomfortable if he did it otherwise.


I’d say you’d actually feel accomplished, since it was very, very hard to get YoonGi to the state where he lost all common rationale, just leaving himself to his primary instincts.


He’d casually apologize to you and promise to clean you all up after.

Rap Monster:

It was not the first time he did that, since he usually lost all control over his mind when fucking you anyway, though he had always managed to make it up to you in the end.


He would just freeze for a second, his mind trying to grasp of what just happened, and in the end it would be just the good old settlement of `Sorry` and then `I’ll wash you up and prepare you breakfast`.


He seriously wouldn’t care. If he was in his high, all the thoughts that would be swirling in his mind would be of how his dick feels good twitching against your walls.


He’d be an embarrassed mess, disbelieving that he actually did something like that and then apologizing to you over and over again.

The History of Furby

(This article is from, a furby fansite that I run. I thought I’d post it here for the furby fandom to see.)

In February of 1997, Dave Hampton went to the American International Toy Fair, where he saw the tamagochi for the first time.

He wasn’t too impressed by it, and has said that he found it to be too sterile and “flat.” Soon after, he started designing the children’s toy the tamagochi inspired: the furby.

It took Hampton and partner Caleb Chung nine months to create the first furby prototype, and after they invited fellow toy and game inventor Richard C. Levy to help sell it, Levy brought furby to Tiger Electronics, a toy company which had just been bought by Hasbro in June of that same year.

When the first furby prototype was shown to Alan G. Hassenfeld, chairman of Tiger, there were apparently some problems getting it to start, as the halogen lightbulbs in the room it was in were interfering with the signals being sent along a wire between the furby and the concealed black emulator box that contained its machinery.

Tin foil was wrapped around the wire to shield it from the radiation, and after the furby did turn on and Hassenfeld saw it working, he reported to Roger Shiffman, the president of Tiger, that it was the coolest thing he’d seen in 25 years in the business.

Not long after, Shiffman bought the rights to the furby, and production began with the goal of making it available in time for Christmas of 1998. Shiffman acknowledged the risk of rushing production, but said it was “too exciting not to try.”

Furbies began flying off the shelves as soon as they were released in stores on October 2nd, 1998. Some stores were so worried about the frenzy that they wouldn’t even let buyers get it directly from the shelf—anyone who wanted to purchase a furby had to get a ticket and give that to a store associate, who would then give you the furby.

It was the year’s hottest toy.

In December though, rumor of a potential lawsuit by Warner Bros. took off, as the similarities between furbies and mogwai (the creatures that morphed into gremlins in the movie by the same name) were not lost on them or anyone else.

Another rumor appeared immediately after that a seven figure settlement had taken place. The rumors were disputed by Warner Bros. spokesperson Barbara Brogliatto, who said, “There was not a lawsuit and there’s no settlement. We have a good working relationship with Hasbro.”

Warner Bros. even partnered with Tiger to bring the Gizmo furby to consumers, and those and other furbies continued to enjoy the same popularity well into the next year.c In 1999 Tiger released furby babies, which were smaller furbies with different voices and easter eggs, and furby buddies, which were also extremely popular, and in 1999 and 2000 they partnered with McDonald’s to give away little furby figures and furby keychains, respectively, and even those were considered highly collectible.

The hype could only last for so long though, because Tiger started releasing so many different variations of the furby and furby babies that the market became oversaturated and sales started dwindling. The company stopped selling furbies in 2000, and instead started focusing on a furby offshoot called shelby, which was released in 2001.

Shelbies were clam-like creatures that could open and close, speak Shelbish, and were decidedly grouchier than furbies. In 2002, those too were retired from the Tiger line.

So what became of Tiger’s Furby? Today they are still bought and sold on auction sites, relics of a bygone era with a fanbase that will not let go of them.

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Nickolaus just melts at Pickman calling him 'killer'. He has absolute permission to visit any settlement. He's so good at playing suave, I'm sure he cleans up well.

pickman is good at being decent towards most civilized people, hed fit into settlements pretty easily, and probably would do well to protect those settlements from any incoming raiders

To Chase Death (closed rp with ask-team-clst)

“There’s the town the caravan mentioned.” Sandra said as she pointed towards the settlement a good few feet away from them.

After meeting with Laura and Shanyin of Team CLST by chance, Sandra and AJ agreed to let them accompany them on their hunt for AJ’s sister, Jet Willows. The two Vigilantes were initially hesitant, but decided more numbers would help in the long run.

“That’s great. Let’s drop by for a pit stop.” AJ stated, intent on getting some supplies.

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Companions (+Leaders and glory) react to sole just burning and blowing shit up as a habit. They see a intact prewar vehicle, they start shooting it immediately. They see an empty building, where did all these gas cans and oil come from???

Lol you mean like how most of us realistically play the game? Of course! P.s. I’m going to start adding Ada now since she is DLC companion. I imagine every day might look something like this:

Originally posted by shit4chanposts

Ada: “Excellent tactic to be rid of the enemy. Might I suggest keeping more of the canisters and cans next time? They could be put to better use such as crafting or repair.” She didn’t really mind seeing the rogue robots get blown to pieces after the timely shot of a in tact car but she was a practical robot.

Cait: “Hell yeah!” She loves the shit out of Sole’s personality. Burn shit up! Of course! She grabs a flamethrower and helps them light everything the hell up. The habit was so impressionable on her, she would start competing with who could shoot the gas puddle and make it go boom first.

Codsworth: “HEAVENS mum/sir! Would you please stop doing that? You might hurt yourself, or worse…” He was displeased with the grenade bouquet additions Sole made to his body in order to, as his master eloquently put, ‘fuck shit up.’

Curie: She yelped every time Sole blew something up. Then she would scold them mercilessly because with every explosion came shrapnel or toxic fumes that were harmful to their lungs. Mommy Curie came out. Goodness, always had to ruin Sole’s fun! She even went out of her way to run and snatch all the little gas canisters before Sole could shoot them and toss them out of a nearby window.

Danse: “A-Ad Victorium?” Admittedly even he liked it a bit when they walked away from a burning building after clearing it out of super mutants or something. It was a damn good feeling too. But he underestimated Sole’s pyroist tendencies and began to become concerned for their mental state as they would laugh maniacally burning things even as small as a Boston Bugle.

Deacon: “Is there something you’re not telling me? Like Vault 111 really being a storage facility for criminals charged with property damage or arson?” Weren’t vaulties supposed to be sweet and innocent, not knowing about the world? Sole was too used to the world! They like to go screaming into the fire as they shot every tiny gas canister in sight. At least the raiders were distracted by their completely insane behavior to notice him sneaking up behind them.

Dogmeat: *runs into combat inexplicably right in the middle of an explosion causing Sole to scream bloody murder*

Hancock: “Car” he says as he shoots off a raider’s head with his shot gun. A boom goes off behind him. “Oil slick to the left.” Fwiiish! A wall of fire. Sole was not satisfied until every. last. thing. in the building was blown up. They even went back inside to make sure everything was sufficiently blown to bits. He figured, he might as well help them along.

MacCready: Normally it would have been all good and funny if they just shot things from afar, snickering to each other, which they did do sometimes. HOWEVER, Sole still had this horrible habit of not caring where he was when they shot at cars literally right next to him. He developed a deep seated fear of gas cans because he knew that the second that he saw them, it was already too late.

Nick Valentine: “Look I don’t know if this is some sort of late-blooming coping mechanism to deal with the frustration of traffic in the old days, but kid… It needs to stop.” It was every single car on the road. He wouldn’t even see it but suddenly Sole would veer off the path with their gun out. Not for an enemy, oh no. Just a car. Then all the enemies would see it as a beacon and head straight to them.

Piper: “Yeahh that whole ‘make everything go boom’ thing is fun and all but… just make sure that they’re used for killing the bad guys please?” Sole likes to hold up a hand as hordes of feral ghouls start rushing them. Piper always worries but Sole waits until the exact time to pass for them to stand over an oil slick or timed next to a car then BOOM! Blue was so dangerous. Piper loved it.

Preston: “Geez louise General those oil cans could have been repurposed for lamps at other settlements. Good settlers could have used them.” As cars exploded in tandem causing a chain cluster fuck of explosions Preston looked on in sorrow, thinking about all the settlers that wouldn’t have light in their rooms at night.

Strong: “EXPLOSION GOOD! HUMAN MAKE GOOD ENTRANCE!” Strong loves jumping though the fire to smash enemies on the head. Human make good boom. Good show of leader’s strength.

X6-88: Watches Sole bath in the light of the chain explosion they did as the screams of ferals fill the night. They love it. The pure love of wielding power at their command showed on their face. X6 looks into the camera like an episode on the office. X6 smiles.


Maxson: “Good. Imagine what we could accomplish with you on the front lines. You are the organic form of Liberty Prime and it’s spectacular we have you in our ranks Sentinel.” Sole was like the embodiment of the freedom of childhood he never had. Yesss burn that building. Shoot that oil slick. Perfect.

Father: “Mother/Father! Although it is perfectly appropriate to engage in that sort of behavior on the surface, I must ask you to refrain from starting fires in Bioscience! It is setting off all the alarms and we are getting tired of the water getting sprayed.”

Desdemona: “It was fireworks in your time and now you’ve progressed to oil drums and cars. How does it feel? With this level of progression, I can only assume that the Prydwyn might be next hah. That would truly be a feat to behold.” (Sole’s codename was changed to la bomba)

Glory: She encourages Sole’s behavior. In fact, she now collects all the grenades, mines, and oil canisters to give them to Sole because it was absolutely hilarious seeing those gen-2 synth strider parts go absolutely everywhere.

   in hillys, the lighthouse settlement is one of the few locations
   outside of hillys city that is occupied by people. built in 2415
   the lighthouse was established as a safe house for family’s who
   were victims of the domz attacks.

   it seems to be quite poignant that the first place that we as the players
   are introduced to is this haven of safety. we are given this beautiful
   sunset, followed by our main protaganist doing yoga with one of the
   orphans on the island. it is a peaceful, serene moment, all of which ends
   abruptly when the sky opens, and the next attack from the domz happens.

   jade immediately rushes over to the lighthouse power supply and attempts
   to raise the shields, which fails since she doesn’t have the right amount of
   units. the power fails during the meteor storm, and many of the planets creatures
   are allowed inside this place of peace and safety. 

   we, as the player are thrust into this dangerous situation, and only when the domz
   sarcophagus domzii appear do we feel truly threatened. 

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WTNV Mini-Ramblings: The Things That Bug Me

Something’s been bugging me since Voicemail. Our pieces do not fit together like we expect them to do.

In WALK, Dana discovered a gorge in which were the remnants of what I assumed was a past civilization, one that had been consumed by the Smiling God. These ruins are just beyond the lighthouse on top of the mountain.

Dana mentions that the settlement was:

built by good people, but they were gone, taken by something larger and stronger than them. Much larger and stronger than even the masked warriors I saw before.

She also finds a spiral gorge filled with the orange triangles that we have come to associate with StrexCorp (and that bear a disturbing similarity to teeth).

This is the first thing that bugs me. Do I have the geography of the Desert OtherWorld wrong? There’s not much geography to speak of. Aren’t these places all within the same basic part of the Desert? So…where were all of the other Night Valians that Carlos discovered? And, conversely, why hasn’t Carlos made any mention of the spiral gorge with the orange triangles in it?

This is the second thing that bugs me. It’s those damned old oak doors again. The issue, at the time, appeared to be that everyone was out of their assigned places – this kept the doors from fully closing. But if Carlos is right about the nature of the Desert…did he and the other Night Valians ever really leave Night Vale at all? And if they didn’t…what is the problem, here?

This is the third thing that bugs me. After this discovery, why does Carlos still insist Cecil go to him? We could maybe wave this away with the idea that Carlos wants to stay and study the Desert. Then my next question is: why haven’t any of the Night Valians returned to Night Vale?

The Desert seems to be a place of outcasts, a way that runs among the lost. The masked warriors are nomads, Carlos is a foreigner, and the Night Valians were sealed away from their original home. Outcasts, all of them. 

And maybe outcasts do not always want to be restored to the inner circle. Maybe, sometimes, outcasts want to build a new circle of their own.

This is the fourth thing that bugs me. This cycle of creation and ruination in the desert. Maybe Carlos et al. are not aware of the previous settlement, but we are. Originally, I posited that the spiral gorge represents a possible future for Night Vale if it could not defeat StrexCorp.

But what if, as usual, I had the timing wrong. I think there’s a possibility that the spiral gorge represents a possible past-Night Vale. Maybe a past-Desert Bluffs. More likely that last one. Imagine it – Desert Bluffs beginning as an offshoot of Night Vale made up of those that were once expelled from their former home. I am beginning to think of the Desert OtherWorld a a sort of creation-space, as a place of infinite possibility from which places like Night Vale and Desert Bluffs (and Pine Cliffs?) are born.

Or is it where such towns go to die?

Or is there even a difference between birth and death, between Heaven and Hell, between light and dark, in the great dissolve? We often think in these dichotomies, but rarely of the in-between. The in-between, to us, is usually a place of limbo or of waiting. The in-between, too, is place for the Other – for those people who don’t fit into either space in the dichotomy.

This is the fifth thing that bugs me. Why is it that the only two characters who want Cecil to come to the Desert are Carlos and Kevin? Why do these two suddenly have a similarity?

This is nearly two months late, but it snowed AGAIN and I was inspired to hop on the “Companions React” bandwagon. So here is “FO4 Companions During Winter/Christmas”
Cait: She hates winter. She spent years trying to keep warm during the hard months, barely scraping by. It got a little better by the time she made it to the Combat Zone, but she still loathes it. She refuses to leave shelter when it snows, and if she has to she layers her clothes more than necessary.

Codsworth: He goes through the house’s storage for the old Christmas decorations despite them falling apart. Since there are no more pine trees to be found, he is content with hanging them up around the decrepit walls. Every year until the Sole Survivor awakens, he sings old Christmas carols to himself and spends the holiday in solitude.

Curie: While she knows what snow is, she has never seen it before. During the first snowfall, she tries to catch snowflakes to see if they are truly unique only to be disappointed when they melt on her fingers. She reminds all of the companions to bundle up so they don’t get frostbite. Curie loves to make snow angels and snowmen, and makes hot cocoa once she is finished.

Danse: Snow makes it harder for him to travel and fight, especially in Power Armor. Tactically, he finds it a nuisance. Secretly however, he actually likes it. Something about it distracts him from the chaos that is the Commonwealth. The Brotherhood doesn’t take breaks for holidays or blizzards, so he enjoys it while it lasts.

Deacon: He somehow learns an old prewar tale about a man named Santa Claus who delivers presents on December 25. He steals Hancock’s frock coat and uses his pompadour wig as a makeshift beard, then treats everyone to his homemade alcoholic eggnog. All the Railroad agents get a handmade card with sarcastic one liners.

Dogmeat: The Sole Survivor dresses him in a sweater to keep him warm. If the food is safe for him to eat, he is given the scraps.

Hancock: He spends the day up in his office, and the evenings in the Third Rail. He checks up on Goodneighbor’s drifters and attends to their needs, whether it be a coat, a fix, or a meal. He has Fahrenheit and the neighborhood watch place mattresses throughout the Old State House so everyone has somewhere to sleep away from the wind and snow. They don’t necessarily celebrate Christmas the traditional way; the Goodneighbor way includes a lot more alcohol and chems rather than sentiment.

MacCready: Ever since he left the Capital Wasteland, he has sent letters with caravans to his son, Duncan. Christmas is no exception. Each year, he finds and/or repairs a toy and writes a genuine, thought out letter to Duncan. He tells him about what he’s seen in the Commonwealth (excluding all the gory details) and asks how well he is. On occasion he’ll get a reply from Duncan’s caretakers. Christmas becomes less lonely for him.

Nick Valentine: He has vague flashes of family gatherings and kisses under the mistletoe with Jenny. He finds Christmas heart warming and gives Ellie the week off to spend with her family. One or two missing person cases come through; family members on their way to spend Christmas with relatives disappear, and Nick dedicates himself to finding them so everyone can spend Christmas in peace.

Piper: She didn’t even know what Christmas was before she and Nat came to Diamond City. She took a liking to the holiday immediately. Piper buys lots of presents for Nat, and even more for her companions. Her home in the city is decorated top to bottom, and she doodles Christmas trees on each copy of Publick Occurrences.

Preston: Every winter, hundreds of people in the Commonwealth die of the cold, sickness, or hunger. He makes sure all of their settlements have a good harvest, and that provisioners get food to the ones that don’t. Medical supplies are stocked, and doctors assigned. He is helping to make coats and blankets months before the first snowfall. Preston treats passing traders to a warm meal and room, and keeps his radio tuned to Radio Freedom 24/7 in case of emergencies.

Strong: The cold doesn’t really bother him, and he has no concept of what a holiday is. He is confused when the Sole Survivor gifts him a modified sledgehammer. Strong demands they tear down the decorations, claiming they are useless as defenses. He eats all of the meat they make on Christmas.

X6-88: In the Institute, everyday is a work day. Only the Coursers see the Commonwealth on a regular basis. X6 doesn’t mind the snow and the chilly winds; he is equipped with the right garments before every mission. The major downside is that most of the synths he is tasked with retrieving are killed by the harsh weathers. He would never admit it, but he feels pity for them.

quickie vegas wedding au where tony is there for a business trip and steve is there because it’s his best friend’s birthday and they end up at the same bar and start talking and bond over both of them being from new york and they get ridiculously drunk together and the next morning they wake up in the same bed and realize they got married~

so they make plans to get an annulment once they get back home, but when they meet up again at tony’s office, tony asks steve if they could stay married, at least for a year or so, because his parents and the board are actually really happy about tony “settling down” and steve adamantly refuses but tony promises to pay for the rest of his schooling as well as a good settlement at the end of it all, so steve grudgingly goes along with it…

of course, they get to know each other after steve moves in: tony learns about steve’s childhood living in poverty and losing his parents at an early age, and steve learns that there’s more to tony than his flashy, shallow exterior AND THEY FALL IN LOVE


Video: Israeli Settlements Explained
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Carly Rae Jepsen and Owl City’s hit song “Good Time” is NOT a ripoff of another song by Allyson Burnett – but it IS about to earn Owl City more…

YES!!! The “Good Time” lawsuit was dropped! I’m so happy for Adam. He is a young man of great integrity and would never have copied another person’s work.

They Call Them Trinity - Prologue

All the ships, SFF, SFW, AU, 2,252 words.

Beta: hartfic

Starter kit: soundtrack, disclaimer and inspiration


- - - 

May 1852, California.

It’s 2pm at the Dry Beanz saloon, another day of sand and sun in a hellhole named Mametown, plagued by outlaws and forgotten by God. 

Mamrie “Sweetheart” Hart is dusting some half empty bottles of cheap spirits, glancing at the light that filters through the windows, drawing shapes in the empty room. It’s a small saloon, with a couple of mismatching sofas and a piano pushed against the wall. A few tables and chairs are still piled on top of each other from the night before. It’s still too early.

The German is sprawled on a dark green leather armchair, hat pulled over his eyes and feet on a coffee table. A fly rests on his cheek. He doesn’t move. 

There’s a rattling noise coming from the street, a horse snorting in the distance. If Mamrie were out, she would see a trail of dust raising down the road and a caravan approaching, but it’s too hot to bother, so she waits for the sound to come closer. And when it does, she pulls her long-barrelled rifle and rests it on the counter, for good measure.

A horse gets tied to the fence post outside, and a shadow forms behind the saloon entrance, black against the blinding light. As the doors swing open and flap back, Mamrie’s face lights up.


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Two weeks after removing St. Mungo's, Minerva had gone through and pressed charges of neglect and endangerment against the Healer out to get Hans. The way it was going, everything was leaning towards Hans' favour with a huge settlement. Even better, Hans' health was improving incredibly well. Minerva returned to the hospital wing after a fresh bath, carrying the letter of his approved settlement in hand. "I've good news," she stated with a brief smile as she sat next to him in her rocking chair.

Hans looked over the letter, sitting up in his bed. His eyes were wide as he looked down at the letter, and his heart raced a moment. He thought back at the time at St. Mungo’s, of that terrible woman and her staff she forced to neglect him. 

“I-I don’t know what to say,” Hans said.