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The debut album by The Velvet Underground was released on 12 March 1967 and was almost universally ignored by critics and the record-buying public at the time.

Financed by Andy Warhol (who is listed as the album’s producer, although he had little involvement in the actual recording of the album), the 4-day recording sessions cost between and estimated $1500-$3000 ($10,000 - $20,000 in today’s dollars). While many involved insist that John Cale actually produced the album, Cale credited Tom Wilson.

Due to the controversial (for the time) subject matter of the songs, the label didn’t promote the album, radio station’s wouldn’t play it, and magazines refused to carry ads for it. To add more problems, Eric Emerson, another Warhol Factory member, sued over the unauthorized use of his (upside down) image on the back cover and demanded payment. Instead of settling the suit, all albums were recalled from stores and a black sticker affixed over Emerson’s image until a new cover without Emerson could be printed.

The band ended their relationship with Andy Warhol shortly after the album’s release, fired Nico (although the band continued to write material for her, and play on her solo records), but continue to work with Tom Wilson.

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Now that I think about it no matter how far Camila makes it they'll always repeat her history of fifth harmony. That's what she's primarily known for so she's giving a bunch of promo right now too wouldn't you say. Of course eventually Camila will stopped being known for fifth harmony but it'll take years.

I think she’ll stop primarily being referred to as an ex fifth harmony member a little while after the success of her first album has settled down. Once she has a larger footprint in the industry as a solo artist. I don’t think it will take years.


Matty Healy from The 1975 on exploring his sexuality.

This is why I love Matty Healy so much.

mrctic replied to your post “viplourry: LITTLE MIX NEXT SINGLE IS POWER AND I’M SO HAPPY”

i’m actually happy that they have a great feature. stormzy has the first grime album to debut at #1 & he’s breaking into the US just as LM are trying to do so. so i think this is a great feature on their part :)

honestly I knew nothing about stormzy, so my comment wasn’t regarding the particular feature; but about my preference of having the actual song they recorded and settled on the album be a single

9/10 times I end up preferring the original song, and one of the reasons is that it’s obvious the song wasn’t written and produced with a feature in mind. and honestly, they don’t need it! they already have features on the record, then anything added to it makes it seem, to my eye, that they’re not banking on lm’s talent and awesome music alone, but trying to throw everything and the kitchen sink on top of it as well to make it ‘stick’

and yes, I know it’s a marketing strategy, pairing them with established or relevant artists, to boost their visibility. I’m all about the promo. but honestly, at this point it’s blatantly obvious that if lm doesn’t ‘break’ the us or anywhere it’s because of their team and how they (or really don’t) promote their stuff

sorry if this sounds salty, this isn’t at all directed at you, just me venting out my frustration over dealing with this time and again. as just a little mix fan, I’m not about it