setting the bar unrealistically high

like with all due respect but if the idea for daredevil really is matt/karen as endgame i really.. don’t know how they’re expecting to sell that when mattelektra set the bar SO high like. its just unrealistic for anyone to be invested on them when matt and elektra really did all that during on the defenders

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I just feel like we should keep in mind the writers/Todd aren't going through the tumblr tags reading every shipper post like we do. As a fandom we tend to want our scenes to be perfect and set a high bar for the ship we love. It's unrealistic to think the writers are gonna be 100% on top of it. They do care so when they answer sm questions I think it comes from a sincere place. They like what they have been doing. So of course they are gonna say the Malec scenes are amazing. To them it is.

I think I just have a different opinion here since I am a writer myself. So I just see things in a different light, you know? I mean I know, I think we all do, that the show is not some Malec fanfic, but sometimes, especially in 2a it left me ??? Like, I just couldn’t believe how anyone could think this was a good idea to do this or that, you know? And I don’t mean the writers alone, this also includes the showrunners. And I also don’t only mean the disaster that was 2x07. In 2a there was a lot of things wrong and you don’t have to read or write fanfic or have high expectations that end up broken on the floor in the end to see… what the fuck were they thinking? 

I believe this is my biggest problem. Because some mistakes were so obvious that it leaves you stunned how the writers or/and the showrunners would still be like…omg this is a great idea let’s do this. I don’t wanna say that there weren’t and aren’t good parts but a lot was just one big what the fuck and it had nothing to do with high expectations or the wish to see some Malec fanfic on screen, you know?