setting fire to your house

The Signs As Shit My Friends Have Said

Aries: “Well you are a stereotypical bisexual.”

Taurus: “I’ve decided Hobby Lobby isn’t the place for me.”

Gemini: “It’s a good booty I suppose.”

Cancer: *sees a spider* “SET YOUR HOUSE ON FIRE IT’S THE ONLY WAY”

Leo: “…Someone in what looks like a bear suit keeps coming up to me and sending me sad faces.”

Virgo: “and that was the year I got really into yo-yo’s and shit.”

Libra: “I wish it was socially acceptable to just kick the shit out of someone for no reason.”

Scorpio: “My two favorite things: chocolate and violence.”

Sagittarius: “A lot a LOT of bible stuff but no Webkinz.”

Capricorn: “It’s like alphabet soup, but with death.”

Aquarius: “You bitches around?”

Pisces: “I want a box of vodka…”

Happy Easter!

please remember, don’t buy a rabbit like you’d buy a toy for your kids!! they are delicate animals that require loads of attention and care and hundreds of them are bought just for easter each year and then abandoned! do not do this! if u do this the rabbit gods will come down upon you and set fire to your house!

have a great day <3

Your aspect has two cows

Well, this isn’t the “title test” I was talking about before, but it’s about time I posted something, probably.

Space: There are two cows. You frolick with them in the wilderness. The three of you find the most fascinating plants and butterflies. Soon there will be a baby cow!

Time: You have two cows. In 150 years, nobody will remember who you were or how many cows you had. Not even your great-grandchildren. That’s just the way things are.

Rage: You are hiding under your kitchen table from a thing with horns and cloven hooves. It can only be a demon. Pure horror pulses through your veins when you realize there’s more than one.

Hope: You have two cows. If you took their barn apart, you’d have enough wood to build a ship. If your ship was on the coast, you could take it sailing. If you went sailing, there might be pirates. You’d better practice swordfighting.

Mind: You have two cows. The fluffy cow doesn’t know you know she knows the spotted cow suspects the fluffy cow heard the spotted cow confiding in you what she thought she overheard the fluffy cow pretended to mutter in her sleep. Just as planned.

Heart: You have two cows. You can tell them apart at a distance by how they moo. You’re not supposed to give them names. You do it anyway.

Blood: You have two enormous bulls. They fight to the death. You butcher the loser and set your house on fire to cook some hamburgers. You are screaming the entire time.

Breath: You have two cows. The chickens recruit one of them to be an umpire for their baseball game. The other goes into stand-up comedy telling really cheesy puns. You learn how to whistle.

Light: You’ve been asked to run a three million acre dairy farm in France. You’re a world-class cheese taster and helicopter pilot with a PhD in chemical engineering. This is the moment you’ve been waiting for.

Void: You have two huge, awkward beasts of burden with multiple stomachs and overproductive mammary glands. They poop absolutely everywhere.

Life: You have two cows. You herd them into the barn for the night, eat some macaroni and cheese, and watch TV before bed – the same thing you do every day.

Doom: You try desperately to explain to your cows that none of this is real and you need to leave the farm before this story ends and the three of you cease to exist. They don’t understand a word. It’s too late now anyway.

The Diary

“What’s this?” you hear from behind you as Reid continues to go through the boxes you were currently unpacking. Moving in together had been an important and exciting decision after months of dating. So there you were, joining your lives together even more and making Reid’s apartment look like the home you had always imagined it would be. Turning around at his question, your eyes widen and you rush to where he’s standing, reaching for the object in his hands but the genius moved faster and put it behind his back, a smile growing on his face.

“Reid, give me that.” you warned as you tried to get the green, small, leathered book you didn’t hide properly. Your boyfriend, however, had other ideas. His back turned and he opens the journal, giggling immediately.

“Dear diary,” he reads. “we saved 6 lives today. Garcia wanted to celebrate so her, me, Morgan, Reid and Prentiss went out. A drunk Garcia is something I’ll never get tired of seeing, even when she pukes on Morgan’s shoes.” the memory elicits a laugh from the young man as he flips through the next pages.

“Reid, I’m serious. Give me that.” he was standing in the front of the room now, avoiding your protests and chuckling as he kept reading.

“November 9th, Rossi had the team over for dinner and taught me some new recipes. He doesn’t know that when he left me alone in the kitchen I almost set the house on fire, but I’m working on my skills.”

“If you don’t give me that I’ll set this house on fire, I’m not kidding.” your face had softened now, the anger slowly slipping out of you and embarrassment replacing it. He was going back and forth with the book and you had given up now, even joining him in laughter as he recounted many of your adventures and happiest moments.

“March 10th. I met someone.” Oh no. Your body froze and you sat up from your place on the couch, heading towards your boyfriend again but his height proved to be your disadvantage once more as he held the book high above you and continued reading. “This was the day you joined the team.”

“Spence, please.” he had wrapped his free arm around your waist while you still tried to get your book back.

“I met seven people, actually. I joined the BAU today and I don’t think I’ve ever been this frightened. The team leader, Agent Hotchner seems intimidating and extremely private, but when he smiles he seems like a warm presence to be around. I’ve been a fan of David Rossi for the longest time and getting to work with him sounds exciting. Agent Jareau is as pretty in real life as she is on television and Agent Prentiss exudes safety, like you know you’re in good hands with her. Agent Morgan is a flirt, I was a little surprised at his instant friendliness but it was a good surprise. The tech analyst, Penelope Garcia, is by far the coolest person I’ve ever met. I need to talk to her more. And then… there’s him.”

Reid turned to you with your favorite kind of smile of his. It was small, a faint movement of lips easily dismissed by anyone who wasn’t really looking, but carried with emotion in his eyes. You could swear someone had put the stars in them whenever you looked into them.

“Doctor Spencer Reid, hates handshakes and stares a little too long at people (or maybe that was just my imagination). He talks a lot and though the team drifted off into other tasks while so, I couldn’t help but listen to every word coming out of his lips. He has the kind of voice you just can’t stop listening to. Besides his impressive IQ, his doctorates and other skills, he’s incredibly handsome, the kind of handsome that leaves you speechless. I know I was. There’s something really special about him, not his looks or his intellectual, but something that draws you with force. He feels familiar, like I’ve known him all my life. He feels like home.”

Expecting another set of laughs from Reid, you were surprised to find him in silence, going through your words once more until his eyes fell back on you. There it was, the look on his face. Love. The look that made you feel like the luckiest person in the whole wide world. He pulled you in and crashed his lips into yours in a gentle yet passionate manner. It was like that with Reid, even the simplest and smallest moments and gestures were filled with an incredible amount of meaning and passion.

“I can’t believe you thought that of me when you first met me,” he mumbled with a smile. “Most people think I’m weird and not worth a second thought.”

You shook your head. “I think I just knew. I knew that someday, not too long from that moment… I knew you’d become my world. You’ve remained as such ever since.”

After a couple of minutes in each other’s embrace and a few more kisses, you went back to unpacking your boxes, but not before hearing Reid chuckling and sitting back down.

“August 6th, Reid and I had sex in Rossi’s office — oh I am definitely reading this one.”

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Umar (r.a) didn't attack Fatimah's (r.a) house because simply there is no proof support that event. Stop spreading false statements

I will write about the injuring of Hazrat Fatima (sa) by Umar according to Sunni books which describe the story of the last days of Hazrat Fatima (sa), and her martydom.

“It is stated that Umar rushed (to the door of the House of Fatimah) and brought them forcibly while telling them that they must give their oath of allegiance willingly or unwillingly.”
- History of al-Tabari, English version, v9, pp 188-189

“When Umar came to the door of the house of Fatimah, he said: “By Allah, I shall burn down (the house) over you unless you come out and give the oath of allegiance (to Abu Bakr).”
- History of Tabari (Arabic), v1, pp 1118-1120
- History of Ibn Athir, v2, p325
- Al-Isti’ab, by Ibn Abd al-Barr, v3, p975
- Tarikh al-Kulafa, by Ibn Qutaybah, v1, p20
- Al-Imamah wal-Siyasah, by Ibn Qutaybah, v1, pp 19-20

“By God, either you come out to render the oath of allegiance, or I will set the house on fire.”Al-Zubair came out with his sword drawn. As he stumbled (upon something), the sword fell from his hand so they jumped over him and seized him.”
- History of Tabari, English version, v9, pp 186-187

“Ali refused, and so the house was surrounded by an armed band led by Abu Bakr and Umar, who threatened to set it on fire if ‘Ali and his supporters refused to come out and swear allegiance to Abu Bakr. The scene grew violent and Fatimah was furious.”
- See Ansab Ashraf, by al-Baladhuri in his , v1, pp 582-586
- Tarikh Ya’qubi, v2, p116
- Al-Imamah wal-Siyasah, by Ibn Qutaybah, v1, pp 19-20

Umar asked for wood, and told those people inside the house: “I swear by Allah who has my soul in his hand, that if you do not come out, I will burn the house.”Someone told Umar that Fatimah was inside the house. Umar said: “So what! It doesn’t matter to me who is in the house.
- Al-Imamah wa al-Siyasah by Ibn Qutaybah, v1, pp 3,19-20

O’ daughter of the Prophet! I didn’t love anyone as much as I loved your father, nor anyone after him is more loving to me as you are. But I swear by Allah that if these people assemble here with you, then this love of mine would not prevent me from setting your house on fire.”
- History of Tabari, in the events of the year 11 AH
- al-Imamah wa al-Siyasah by Ibn Qutaybah, v1, beginning of the book, and pp 19-20
- Izalatul Khilafa, by Shah Waliullah Muhaddith Dehlavi, v2, p362
- Iqd al-Farid, by Ibn Abd Rabbah al-Malik, v2, chapter of Saqifah

Abu Bakr asked ‘Ali to support him, but ‘Ali refused, then Umar went toward the ‘Ali’s house with a burning torch. At the door he met Fatimah who said to him: “Do you intend to burn the door of my house?” Umar said: “Yes, because this act will strengthen the faith brought to us by your father.”
- Al-Ansab Ashraf, by al-Baladhuri, v1, pp 582,586

‘Ali and Abbas were sitting inside the house of Fatimah, Abu Bakr told Umar: “Go and bring them; if they refuse, kill them.” Umar brought fire to burn the house. Fatimah came near the door and said: “O son of Khattab, have you come to burn our house on me and my children?”Umar replied: “Yes I will, by Allah, until they come out and pay allegiance to the Prophet’s Caliph.”
- Iqd al-Fareed, by Ibn Abd Rabb, Part 3, Pg. 63
- Al-Ghurar, by Ibn Khazaben, related from Zayd Ibn Aslam

“They surrounded ‘Ali (as) and burned the door of his house and pulled him out against his will and pressed the leader of all women (Hadhrat Fatimah (sa)) between the door and the wall killing Mohsin (the male-child she was carrying in her womb for six months).”
- Abul Hassan, Ali ibn Al-Husayn Al-Masudi, Isbaat Al-Wasiyyah

“On the day of ‘Bay’aat’ (paying allegiance), Umar hit Fatimah (sa) on the stomach such that child in her womb died.”
- Slahuddin Khalil Al-Safandi, Waafi Al-wafiyaat

“During her last days, when Abu Bakr and Umar sought the mediation of Imam ‘Ali (as) to visit the ailing Hazrat Fatimah (sa), as quoted by Ibn Qutaybah, she tured her face to the wall when they greeted her and in response to their plea for appeasement reminded them of the prophetic declaration that one who displeases Fatimah (sa) has displeased the Prophet and finally said: ”I take Allah and the angels to be my witness that you have not pleased me; on the other hand, you have angered me. When I shall meet the Prophet (S) I will complain about you two.
- Al-Imamah wa al-Siyasah, by Ibn Qutaybah, v1, p14

“Fatimah became angry with Abu Bakr and kept away from him, and did not talk to him till she died. She remained alive for six months after the death of the Prophet. When she died, her husband ‘‘Ali, buried her at night without informing Abu Bakr and he said the funeral prayer by himself.”
- Sahih al-Bukhari, Chapter of “The battle of Khaibar”, Arabic-English, v5, tradition #546, pp 381-383, also v4, Tradition #325

“Fatimah the daughter of the Prophet sent someone to Abu Bakr (when he was a caliph), asking for her inheritance of what Allah’s Apostle had left of the property bestowed on him by Allah from the Fai (i.e. booty gained without fighting) in Medina, and Fadak, and what remained of the Khumus of the Khaibar booty. …but Abu Bakr refused to give anything of that to Fatimah. So she became angry with Abu Bakr and kept away from him, and did not task to him till she died. She remained alive for six months after the death of the Prophet. When she died, her husband ‘‘Ali, buried her at night without informing Abu Bakr and he said the funeral prayer by himself.”
- Sahih al-Bukhari, Chapter of “The battle of Khaibar”, Arabic-English, v5, tradition #546, pp 381-383, also v4, Tradition #325

It’s therefore no surprise that Abu Bakr is reported to having intense regrets in his final moments…

Abu Bakr said (on his death bed): “I wish I had not searched for Fatimah’s house, and had not sent men to harass her, though it would have caused a war if her house would have continued to be used as a shelter.”
- History of Ya’qubi, v2, pp 115-116
- Ansab Ashraf, by al-Baladhuri, v1, pp 582,586

Fatima binte Rasulallah (sa) said: Why do you not support my right?

- Sharh Nahaj ul Balagha by Ibn Abi al Hadeed, vol. 4, page 108 (Beirut)

I hope this clarifies your doubts. May we be amongst the sincere followers of Fatima Zahra (sa).

248, 303, 310, 348 with charles xavier

hi guys, i’m so sorry i haven’t been doing all the drabbles you guys have sent me, i’ve been having a hard time at home theyre still open btw guys love u x

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(For this Charles isn’t in his wheelchair)

No.” Charles voice was firm, startling you. “You’re staying here, Y/N.”

“But-But-But.” You wanted to join the x men on a mission, one that was dangerous. Plus you believed your mutation could help them out tons. “Charles do I need to remind you that I can see and walk through objects, and control things with my mind? You guys need me on this mission!” You yelled angrily.

“My god. Y/N just drop it, you’re not going. And that’s final.” Charles said, turning to leave the room.

You growled, done being treated like a child. You focused your eyes on the rug your boyfriend was walking on, pulling it from under him. Charles fell with a humph.

“Y/N! What the hell was that for?” He growled, standing up and walking towards you.

“I’m not a child, I’m going with you Charles. And you can’t stop me.”

“I’m not gonna let you get yourself killed!” He screamed, his breath hitting your flushed cheeks.

“I’m strong enough to fight!”

Charles laughed bitterly. “No you’re not. You can barely control your mutation. In fact if anything you let your emotions control your mutation. Do I need to remind you why the hell you came to this school in the first place? You set your parents’ house on fire!”

“Technically it wasn’t on fire.” You shot back.

“Of course it wasn’t on fire! You completely blew it up!” Charles threw his hands in the air, voice raw from arguing for so long.

“I’ve come a hell of a way since then, I deserve a chance. I deserve to help.” You didn’t back down, not breaking your intense gaze.

His eyes softened and he looked at you sadly. “My love… just.. please stay.” His voice was no higher than a whisper.

“Why won’t you let me go? Why won’t you give me a chance.”

“Because I’m scared. I’m scared ill lose you. And you’re all I have, all I want and I can’t lose you.”

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What's everyone's favorite alcoholic drinks?

As it happens, we have some untested cocktail recipes for the cast:

Asra - St Germain, tequila, blue curaçao,  lime juice, hibiscus syrup (serve in a champagne flute or martini glass, garnished with a wildflower or tiny umbrella)

Julian - whiskey, Kahlua, Grand Marnier, lemon juice (serve in a highball glass)

Nadia - Chambord, white wine, seltzer (serve in a wine glass, chilled or on the rocks)

Portia - beer & apple cider with a shot of rum (serve in a lowball glass)

Muriel - Baileys, butterscotch schnapps, hot chocolate (serve warm, in your coziest mug)

Lucio - Jägermeister & Goldschläger topped with overproof rum (serve as a flaming shot)

Please drink responsibly and don’t set your house on fire

Your body is your house. It has been since you were born. So why are you tearing your house apart for a boy who couldn’t see your worth? Why are you cutting your house down and setting it on fire to keep him warm when he will never try to repair the cracks that have accumulated through the years?

-Your body is a temple.

Excerpts from the book I’ll never write #351


7:57 pm


INTP (f) and ISTP (m) are in a relationship.

INTP: Do you ever get jealous? I noticed that sometimes you glare at guys, but I don’t even interact with them.

ISTP: Oh, that was kind of a weird thing. Some of them were looking at you, mostly curiously, but not in a suggestive way or anything. You’re the nerd with the awkward ponytail-braid thingy, with a book in a book on philosophy in your hand (Guys, go read Tuesdays with Morrie, it’s awesome.)

INTP: Well why’d you stare at them then?

ISTP: Kind of a glaring contest, I suppose. I felt the need to exert my Se.

INTP: Ahahahaha. :) So can I conclude that you don’t get jealous?

ISTP: Oh no, I actually do, quite more than you think.

INTP: That’s normal for a human being, what do you mean “more than I think”?

ISTP: Hmmm, you talk a lot to ENTP and you find him very relatable, sometimes you tell him things you don’t tell me, like that one time your siblings set the house on fire, or when you talk about anime stuff.

INTP: Yeah, but that was kind of in the moment, I didn’t mean to tell him, it seemed apparent at the time.

ISTP: You don’t need to justify anything to me, that’s fine lol. And then there’s the dynamic between you and ENTJ. You guys are awesome as a pair, he get things done and you tell him how and what to get things done in the most beneficial and efficient way, in account of factors and materials.

INTP: Ah yes him….we get along nicely, he’s cool, and he respects boundary. It’s kind of a “best friend bordering on professional” relationship.

ISTP: Exactly what I mean. I wish I could relate to you a little bit more than I can right now. :’(

INTP: *panics as she sees ISTP’s inferior Fe come out* *grabs ISTP’s favourite sweets, milk chocolate, in a bowl* I’m proposing to you with this bowl of chocolate. Please don’t be sad.

ISTP: *snorts* Sure. *accepts bowl* When’s the wedding?

INTP: 30th February 2018. :)

ISTP: You’re cool. I like being with you.

INTP: I like being with me too. There, that’s something we can both relate to! :D

ISTP: Shut up. It was my inferior Fe.

INTP: Uh-huh. Sure.

How To Adult

Being a member of the new generation of mostly-independent adults, I believe that I have discerned some valuable tips about adulting, which I will now endeavor to pass on to others attempting to join this elite group. Warning: results of attempted adoption of these techniques may vary in levels of success. (I’m still working on most of the ones under “Housecleaning”.)


- Before you put those pants in the laundry and think, “I’m sure my pockets are empty,” stop for a moment. Do you know where your phone is right now? Your USB? Your 3DS cartridges? Do you remember exactly where you last saw them? Are you sure? It may not be worth the risk. Check your pockets.

- You don’t really need to sort laundry these days. Just chuck everything in on Cold, and it will be fine. Do not use bleach except in emergencies.


- If your mother is coming to visit, it’s probably time to fold that pile of clean clothes that’s been sitting in the corner all week. You know that sigh she does. Yes, that one.


- Pets: if it has fur, the fur will get everywhere. Sweep and dust once in a while, and be sure your roommate doesn’t have allergies before moving in. 

- If your bathroom is the one that guests will mostly likely use, do not leave undergarments on the floor because you were lazy after your last shower. 

- Take out the garbage BEFORE it starts to smell. Also preferably before tissues are piling out of your bedroom trash can like a nasty little Mt. Everest.

- You are not living in a haunted house, but spiders do not understand this and will try to introduce that atmosphere into your corners. A long-handled broom will solve both of these problems.


- If you have a roommate or housemate of some kind, take turns doing the dishes. Do not quibble over whose turn it is or whose dishes they are. Come to a general understanding that the person who didn’t do the dishes will be the one who puts them away once they are done drying. If the other person has a busy work schedule that week, do the dishes twice; this will increase household morale.  

- Differing work schedules is not a bad thing. There is less time to decide that you find the other person annoying, and it’s like a friend coming over when you actually get to sit down and have a movie and ice cream binge. 

- But don’t be that roommate with the loud sleep schedule who wakes up their roommate at all hours of the night, seriously.

- Ask your roommate before bringing friends or significant others to the house unannounced. It’s their house, too, and also the place where they shower under the illusion that no strangers are waiting out in the living room.

- Do nice things for no other reason than to be nice. It will come back to you. 


- A pizza slicer is a worthwhile investment and will soon prove invaluable.

- Try to eat salads once in a while. They taste delicious with croutons and your favorite dressing. But avoid that one kind of lettuce, you know, with the hard white chunky bits? Those are gross. 

- Seedless red grapes are freaking fantastic, especially the ones we’ve been getting at Meijers this Summer, good gravy those are the best snack food ever.

- Don’t eat your roommate’s food without their permission, or they may eat your food without your permission.

General Health

- If you have to get up early, go to sleep earlier. If you have to go to sleep later, make sure you are able to get some sleep the next day. If part of this equation is missing for an extended period, you will begin to regret your life choices.

- Screens are fantastic inventions, but if you spend twelve hours a day staring at one, you have a problem. Do something to shake up your routine, like going outside, reading a book, or staring at a point ten feet or more away from your face so you can remember what depth perception is.

- Take your allergy medicine, especially if not doing so causing you to spit like a bad Western saloon villain.

- Brush your teeth, brush your hair, and wear deodorant every day. Also, shower before your hair starts to itch. This simple equation will do remarkable things for your feelings of self-worth.

- If you are spending 100% of your time sitting on your butt, don’t complain about how you don’t understand why you don’t weigh the same as you did on the track team in high school.

Going To The Doctor

- Insurance doesn’t seem important to a perfectly healthy young adult such as yourself, until you have a startling reaction to an unknown chemical in your first apartment and have to go to the emergency room for a severe case of hives. 

- If the doctor does not know what is causing your problem, he or she may try to subtly imply that you were silly to worry about it in the first place. Be polite just in case they are right, but remember it in case they try to bill you $400 for a test it turns out you didn’t need.

- Ask every question you can possibly think of. Don’t assume the doctor will tell you what you need to know. They may assume you know it already.

- That blood test costs way more than you think.

Free Time And Social Interaction

- It’s important to have hobbies, but be aware of red flags. Are you always by yourself? Are you obsessed with it every hour of the day? Does no one talk to you anymore because it has consumed your very soul? You may need to expand your interests.

- It is remarkably refreshing to go outside of the house once in a while and just travel somewhere you don’t normally. Even the library is exciting if you spend all day in at the office. Variety is the spice of life, and eternal routine is the unflavored tofu.

- Compliment people. Compliment strangers. The secret truth is that everyone, everywhere, is secretly hoping people think they look good today. Fulfill their dreams and you’ll both feel better about yourselves!

- Treat everyone you meet like a valuable human being. You might eventually realize that it’s true.

u ever have one of those days where ur in a depressive episode n sitting in bed motionless bc the love of your life left you and u know it’s ur fault and then on top of that your wife sets your house on fire?

🔥First Steps To Pyrokinesis🔥

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Pyrokinesis is the psychic ability to manipulate and speed up the atomic state to the point of combustion. One usually begins manipulating a candle’s flame. In more advanced practices one can extinguish a candle flame or reignite a flame that has went out. Pyrokinesis is a branch of psychokinesis.


I don’t know about you but I never have the time to meditate and I’m fidgeter so it’s hard to do nothing. If you like meditating however or your perfectly fine with doing it, I recommend doing it before you start. But if your like me and meditating isn’t your thing I find that it’s very easy for me to slip into a trance where I’m just a blank slate. To do that I just stare into space as I feel myself just drifting away (you can do it with your eyes open or closed ) and remember to start your breathing at first then it will become consistent. And that’s usually it. You’ll now hen you’re doing it when you feel floaty and absent.

Note: before this I recommend listening to calming music or music that makes you feel up for anything (for me it’s Rhiannon by Fleetwood Mac.. it gives me witchy feels)


(This means the same thing as focus??) Okay now that the boring (but necessary!) Part is over you can now light your fire. I find it best to work with small controlled flames (not that any of you would set your house on fire or something… please don’t) Matches and candles are best. I find matches burn too quickly, though. Candles in jars are fine too but for me it worked a little better with open flames. Next, connect yourself and the flame, stare into it for a while. Feel it’s energy. (Are you feeling it Mr.Krabs?) This may take a while but it helps hugely to feel comfortable and connected with your flame. Don’t put strain on yourself, the point is to concentrate without much thoguht or effort. This is optional but try holding your hand a little above the flame (not too long to burn yourself though. You’re not the ruler of the Fire Nation, buddy) Feeling the flame’s heat and energy helps you concentrate better on the element of fire.

Remember it’s all about connection.


Okay, real business now.

Get your source of flame an light it (duh). Try to close you eyes and vividly see the flame, feel the energy.

Now after all of the above (and I do mean all of the above!) Attempt to move the flame with your energy and imagine it moving in the ways you want (flicker, up, down, side to side) You are definitely not gonna success over night (unless you are an amazing natural at it, and in that case, congrats!) so keep practicing and please do not get discouraged, have absolute faith in yourself.

Pay attention cuz things are gonna get wordy.

If you are a beginner I strongly recommend  you try to do the ‘dancing flame exercise’ which is basically making the flame move.

After you’ve completed the beginning first steps now you are ready to move up.

Extinguishing your flame (like how I demonstarted (i cant fucking spell, sorry) in the video on my blog. Like the beginner step you are NOT going to get this over night, probably not even in a week. It took me months and literally a million tries  to actually do this. Not to mention doing this takes a lot more power and concentration.

Anywhoo, the method I did for extinguishing is;

Really it’s basically just what I explained, the only thing different is that you’re going to have to imagine and give energy to the flame extinguishing. Fire can’t thrive without oxygen so I concentrated on the energy (or air around it) closing in on the flame and the flame slowly dying out.

The next step after you complete beginner and intermediate is advanced and that’s re-igniting the flame. which I have yet to do.


But first;

Consistent practice, meditation techniques  and concentration can achieve pyrokinesis, controlling energy and your mind is kind of a must for this.

Also don’t do anything stupid. Fire is still extremely dangerous so never leave it unattended and blah blah blah, I’m trusting you know fire safety. If you don’t I strongly suggest you go learn some before attempting anything. I’m serious.

Onto questions!

How exactly do I put my energy into the flame?

It’s easy, visualize yourself surrounded by energy, I imagine my energy as gold or blue because it’s the color of my aura and it just feels like the right color. Imagine a tunnel like string coming from yourself to the flame or visualize a ball of your energy and send it to the flame. You can also imagine your energy absorbing you and the flame. Personally I feel warm and tingly when I imagine my energy.

What meditation techniques are you talking about?

Well using the techniques I gave, imagine fire too, like you controlling it and being surrounded by it, feeling its warmth, light and comfort. Feel at peace with it, it’s you’re friend.

How long until I succeed? How long did it take you?

Almost as long as it took me to write this post, when I should really go attend to my shitload of homework. I’m joking (kinda). It’s going to take TIME, practice, practice. You are not gonna get it in a day, probably not even in a week either.
It took me 3 months to do the beginner pyrokinesis and an additional 4-5 months to extinguish it, so almost a year.


I had a lot but I forgot it in the time it took me to write this. When I remember I’ll be updating this post so check back often! Um yadda, yadda, yadda (ever watch Chowder? Probs if you get it)

If you have any questions that I left out feel free to ask and I’ll update.

Back to my pile of homework I regrettably (not really) put of till the last second and procrastinated in doing.

Lilmswitch, out

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writing prompts #81
  1. She may need a good reason to beat your ass, but I just need my friends to complain to me
  2. I can’t believe that dumbass said that to her
  3. ”Your mom is 5’1 and 100 pounds, I can’t believe your ass came out of her”
    ”Why are you thinking how mom gave birth to me?”
  4. You’re my sister. You’re little light skinned and weird as hell, but you’re my sister.
  5. You think she’s gonna hit him?
  6. ”You got them to talk?”
    ”Other than to say anything else than ’go fuck yourself’”
  7. I love that kid to death, but I swear to God, if he touched that…
  8. You stupid plant head
  9. ”Don’t worry about it.”
    ”I’m going to worry! We’re going to die!”
  10. Why’s the priest on fire?!
  11. Did you take your pills?
  12. She just got out of juvie right?
  13. ”Why are you taking a fall for her?”
    ”Because that’s my job.”
  14. They have four witnesses and he’s in a security footage. There’s no fucking way she’s getting his ass out of this one.
  15. Dad, I can’t do this. You need to answer your phone, please.
  16. “What kind of guy is he?”
    “The kind that will set your house on fire if he gets too bored.”
  17. ”Did she get a good look of you?”
    ”I don’t fucking know. I didn’t stop to ask her!”
  18. You think Aldo will come after you?
  19. To be honest, I’ve no idea who you are.
  20. ”Take the rest of the night off”
    ”What? I’m okay, seriously.”
    ”I wouldn’t care if you weren’t, I just don’t want to see you tonight.”
  21. There’s no doors, but otherwise it’s… Well, I would be lying if I said it was safe
  22. My mother’s name is Erica Fong. Tell her I love her and that I’m sorry
Houses Keywords
  • 1st house/ASC: Identity. You wear this house on your sleeve. It is a very blank slate as far as what the qualities of this house posses. Like Aries, it is open and straightforward. This is plain and simply the house of your identity, appearance, and energy you radiate outwards from inside yourself. This is how you appear to others. It is important to note the planets within his house as they will be felt very strongly in your identity.
  • 2nd house: Value, possessions, material reality. What you value in your material reality such as work, objects, structure. It governs money and physical structure as it also governs our sense of value. Planets/signs in the 2nd house will show you how you put your focus and energy on your physical reality, how you make money, buy things, and the type of things you value in making money and buying.
  • 3rd house: Communication, mental thought, sharing and receiving ideas with the world. The sign will determine the nature of your own communication. Planets in this house will show how you place emphasis on this within yourself.
  • 4th house/IC: Home, security, creature comforts. The 4th house shows you the essence of your home. Where this house begins you find the IC. the IC is your most intimate state of self, with your Midheaven you are out all day being seen and perceived by the world.. Then you come home into your own space, all alone, just with yourself.. That is the IC. Planets conjuncting the IC or in the 4th house will give you a clear understanding on your relationship with the home.
  • 5th house: Play, fun, light-heartedness, creativity, casual sex. The 5th house is our essence of easy going and care free fun within reality. Any planet in this house will be touched with an essence of light-heartedness. The 5th house makes you feel good, makes others feel good, not going in too deep.. Just looking to have a good time with creative energy.
  • 6th house: Routine, service, schedule, daily practice. The 6th house is about your day to day life. What time do you wake up, eat breakfast, go to work, what do you do for work, what is your plan for your day? This is the 6th house. This house also speaks to the nature of your service to the world, how you express service towards your collective reality. Planets in this house will have emphasis on routine and the day to day human existence.
  • 7th house/DSC: Relationships, partnership, relating to others. Simply put, this is the house of our relationships. The 7th house begins at the Descendant. Ascendant is how others perceive you, Descendant is your collective relationship to others as a whole. Planets in this house will be an energy you project onto your relationships and a way you relate to others. Who you are to others and how you impact people on a personal level. Planets conjuncting the descendant will hold strong energy with the nature of all of your relationships in life.
  • 8th house: Sex, death, birth, all things hidden, shared resources, depth, intimacy. The 8th house rules the mystery, energy that cannot be perceived with the human eye. The deepest truth. Can you see sex happening inside of you, or the process of a baby being conceived? No, it is happening inside, where it is dark and you can't see. The process of death and creation is the 8th house. Planets in this house will hold a perpetual energy of death and rebirth, a desire with digging deeper into everything to uncover what is hidden, a strong focus on sex, intimacy, and psychic perception.
  • 9th house: Philosophy, higher learning, exploration, travel. This house is about going deeper into your experience as a human. Looking for deeper truths and philosophies. Setting out on an adventure to find your soul. It rules the archetype of college, library's, culture, professors, and world travelers. Looking for a deeper meaning within exsistance, something that sets your soul on fire with passion. Planets in this house will be focused on deepening their philosophy and experience of the planetary archetype. In the 9th house you look to broaden your horizons.. You look to expand, to learn, to grow. Focused on the bigger picture, the larger image, the grand design.
  • 10th house/MC: This is the house of your career, your public image, what you build of yourself in this world. You will find the energy archetype of the type of work you will pursue. How you are perceived in the collective and who you really are in the collective. A driving force in your chart as it's the place of creation through where you build yourself in reality. The eagle eye of ones psyche. Vision.
  • 11th house: The 11th house rules collective structures, organizations, and social circles. A workplace social structure, activist organization, a friend group.. This is all part of the 11th house archetype. Planets in the 11th house show what energies you influence the collective with through your being. The part of you that feels naturally obligated to express itself towards the collective. Its also a point of manifestation creational energy, planets in this house will show you the energy of how you go about manifesting things into your reality.
  • 12th house: The unconscious, energy flow, and spiritual energies. Planets in this house will be tapped into intuitive Piscean energy of spiritual connection, its natural in the 12th house. Also, planets in this house will act in a largely unconscious energy, a lacking of self awareness.. Difficulty grasping self awareness towards that planetary energy. In the 12th house it is all a grand flow, like a ever changing and expanding river. Always growing or destroying through in an unconscious filter.

You lay in your bed and put the blanket over you. You turn the light off and open Tumblr mobile on your phone. Your dash is dead. You sigh and put your phone on the charger after a long day of use and set it on the nightstand next to your bed.

You lay your head on your pillow and face your bedroom door. Suddenly you hear a scratching sound on your floor. You tense, then realize it must be your dog. Except, you don’t have a dog. You put the blanket over your face and hope that whatever it was can’t lift a fucking blanket.

After a few minutes you remove the blanket from your face. You glance at the floor and see a pale hand laying limp. The arm is coming from under your bed. You freeze and stare at it.

Suddenly you’re no longer in your room. Dennis Reynolds is laying in the bed next to you. You and him are in his bed. “Hello (Y/N).” He says seductively.

You scream. He morphs. He is now Dee Reynolds. You feel calmer, but still extremely unsafe. You are now in her bed at her apartment. She smiles at you. You can’t move. Suddenly the bed is on fire. She set the bed on fire. You’re in your house in your bed. It is still on fire. The Reynolds twins smile maniacally at you as they watch you burn to death.