setsuri art

Roughs for a Zombie AU I was thinking for Hoozuki no Reitetsu!

Just messing ard with some designs… > A<

tl;dr text post about the story


Discovery of a new fossilised dinosaur brought along an ancient strain of virus- TJ024 which quickly spread through the world. 
TJ024, now thought of as the virus that took out an entire species,reanimates dead creatures and instills in the living dead a hunger for human flesh...
What troubles the human realm ails the heavens and underworld. Millions of spirits found themselves stuck in the underworld, a piece of their souls still stuck in their reanimated corpses, roaming the earth forever.
The great wheel of reincarnation forced to a stop, Hell is literally exploding with spirits with nowhere to go.
With a decree from the heavens, Hell guards and heavenly soldiers found themselves tasked with a holy mission to destroy the living dead and aid the humans in their search for a cure.

"And of all people! Why am I always always always! STUCK WITH YOU!?"

"Your attention is slipping, hakubuta."

"ARGHHHHHH!!!!! I fucking hate you!!!"