Photo by @TimLaman. Red-crowned Cranes waking up at dawn on the Setsuri River, #Hokkaido, Japan. People always tell me that photos I took on this particular morning some years ago look like paintings. I guess when people say that about a photo, it’s a compliment….. always trying to elevate the artistic aspects of a photograph. Follow @TimLaman to see more of Hokkaido’s Winter Wildlife.

Japanese conservationists have done a great job of bringing back Red-crowned Cranes from the brink of extinction to up over 1000 resident birds today. But now there is no more breeding habitat to expand the population further. It’s a little sad that there is only space for 1000 cranes in Japan… and how many people? #Winter, #birds, #EndangeredSpecies, #Red-crownedCranes, #Japan, @NatGeoCreative, @thephotosociety, @TimLaman. by natgeo