Artists who sing what I feel and I love them so much for writing down what I can’t speak and for throwing the truth in my face sometimes - Kelly Clarkson

I’m confusing as hell / I’m north and south / And I’ll probably never have it all figured out / But what I know is I wasn’t meant to walk this world without you / And I promise I’ll try / Yeah, I’m gonna try to give you every little part of me / Every single detail you missed with your eyes / Then maybe, maybe, yeah maybe / One day / We’ll meet again and you’ll need me, you’ll see me completely / Every little bit / Oh, yeah, maybe you’ll love me, you’ll love me then / I don’t want to be tough / And I don’t want to be proud / I don’t need to be fixed and I certainly don’t need to be found / I’m not lost / I need to be loved / I just need to be loved / I just want to be loved by you and I won’t stop