Going to be opening for Commissions!

I got two pieces left on my queue, but I really need to open after I budget out stream pieces tonight. 

Long story short, I’m broke as hell. And it’s mostly because I’ve been working on my queue without taking new pieces, and having a really bad breakdown. 

Joann fabrics hired me on as a keyholder, but due to the manager hiring me being fired, the process has been delayed even longer, and that is stressing me out. 

I’m opening for only two types of commissions this week, described below. if you can grab a slot, or even signal boost, I appreciate it from the bottom of my heart. This will help me get groceries, and help me pay rent.

Type one: 
 Pinups- $25 for one character, $35 for two

I have four slots open for that, and can possibly open a fifth.

Type 2: 
Expression sheets- $35 for three expressions in color, $8 per extra expression

(I don’t have any references for this yet, however, sketches will look a look a lot like this 

I’ll open five slots for these

thank you guys again. if you’d like to grab a slot now, I can start writing up the queue and get my schedule started for this week, and I can’t say thank you enough to anyone who gets one or signal boosts.

Much love, guys <3 



1.  Junkratsbobatea

2. Animerina

3. Bugsieplusone



Expression sets

1. RedRocketwarrior





Slots are still open! please message me if you’d like to get a slot c: