day two of unfuckyourhabitat

tbh took the “before” photo halfway thro bc i was too ashamed of the prior state

a lot of my issues w cleaning are starting to come up - my parents used to go thro and chuck out everything on the flloor randomly and without warning so having everything put away is actually v uncomfortable for me bc to me it now feels like i dont own those things bc i cant see them at a moments glance? mm. i have a lot of problems w my personal space being clean

Juliette Ferrars and Aaron Warner

He’s kissing me.

Deeply, desperately. His hands are around my waist and he’s breathing so hard and he hoists me up, into his arms, and my legs wrap around his hips and he’s kissing my neck, my throat, and he sets me down on the edge of the boardroom table.

“Up,” he says, gasping for air. “Lift your arms up.”

I do.

He tugs up my shirt. Pulls it over my head. Tosses it to the floor.

Lie back,” he says to me, still breathing hard, guiding me onto the table as his hands slide down my spine, under my backside. He unbuttons my jeans. Unzips them. Says, “Lift your hips for me, love,“ and hooks his fingers around the waist of my pants and my underwear at the same time. Tugs them down.

I gasp.

I’m lying on his table in nothing but my bra.” Ignite Me, chapter 55

i personally still think its wrong to say aroace people are straight. they arent straight. yes they hold the same privilege over SGA people but they do not experience any attraction whatsoever and it just feels. really wrong. thats just my personal opinion on the matter, feel free to yell at me that im being a piece of ignorant shit or whatever.

I can’t take that this just keeps happening. We just HAVE to keep defending Lexa even way long into her death, keep placing the blind haters and asshole trolls in their places, keep cleaning her name when all the show did since they unceremoniously killed her is make her even less than she was. Dragging her like she was nothing–it only feeds the haters enough fuel to step on us again, on Lexa; almost validating their claims. It’s all just so fucking upsetting. I hate that we have to keep slapping some sense into their senseless made up delusional bullshit just to drag Lexa down, and this is on top of our ongoing fight for our rights.

“Early in the Nineties, Bono hatched this idea that the band would try and buy a huge house in France and create a small compound with enough space for us all to spend time there together. An estate agent called to say he had found a fantastic place right on the sea and we all went down to view it. Adam and Larry took one look and said they thought the whole idea was completely mad. But at that point I was on my own, I’d moved out of the family home and it felt like something that had to be the next phase of life. So Bono and myself bought this house together and started making plans to renovate […]. When I tell people ‘I go on holidays with Bono’ they look at me a little funny, but it has actually worked out really well. We bought it in 1992, it was at least another year before one of the houses was habitable and we spent a lot of time there during 1994. That was our summer of love, as Bono calls it. We had a rare old time.”

-The Edge



Since a lot of people still aren’t understanding, let me present my point more thoroughly. First of all, this is NOT specifically about the concert video. This argument has been on my mind for months, and the announcement about apple music set me over the edge. I can no longer hold this in, and if you’re offended by it, you’re welcome to unfollow me. This fandom revolves around money. And I don’t mean that towards Taylor or her team, so please understand that I am in no way disrespecting their decisions. The problem is, the people in this fandom who have less money than others often feel like outsiders. We can’t attend five concerts in five different cities. We can’t buy merchandise every day that requires shipping that is more expensive than the price of the actual product. We can’t travel far and wide to meet other people in the fandom. And that’s okay. Lots of people work for their money, and if you have it you deserve to spend it. But very often those of us who can’t do those things feel like we’re not as good as everyone else; that we’re not good enough fans. And it makes us hurt. Again, this is not an attack on anyone. I just wish people would understand that just because we can’t afford these things doesn’t mean we are terrible fans. This apple music thing is hard on us, but not because we have a problem with paying for a video. It’s that while everyone else was celebrating, we were wondering how we were gonna pay for it. You have a right to celebrate. I’m happy about it too. But don’t invalidate the fact that it’s going to be difficult for some of us to watch it.