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Why only one finger? Because hands are bitches also thats a kink getting a bot off with only one finger turning them into a simpering puppy~

I can’t seem to sleep tonight, and I don’t think I will sleep tonight. On this night, five years ago, I faced an experience that traumatized me and I still have nightmares about to this day. When we look online for coming out stories, they are always positive and show an accepting and understanding family dynamic. Mine was the opposite.

One this day my life as I knew it changed when my mom and uncle woke me up at 3am. Mine is a story that is hard to tell, but one that I wish to share. I wrote it under the guise of my Clandest Singh, but today I want to share this story with you as Manveer Singh.

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5

If you have a family member or relative that is queer, please reach out to them. Family support is so important. Five years later, the situation has camed down, yet there are still things that set me off edge. I only wish parents knew how much their actios can affect their children.

#PLL crAck theory!--Spencer has a twin and she’s Bethany?

Let’s look at a few things we already know..

–Spencer has got some serious issues.
–She has a history with using drugs.
–She was possibly involved in killing Bethany (btw who knows if what either Ali or Melissa has told us about that night)
–The writers planned on her being A for a lot longer than she was.
–Everyone’s “protecting Spencer” remember?
–BV is possibly being revealed this season.
–Even if there was a stand in used, BV looks a lot like Spencer.
–Spencer possibly spent time in Radley as a child.
–Marlene King said we’ll be “seeing double.”

I predicted and posted on here that Spencer was involved in what happened that night far before it was revealed. There was actually ALOT of clues since the pilot. Episode 3x18 set it over the edge for me because it showed Spencer’s true feelings towards Alison and the title referred to an early scene where Spencer tells Alison she’s dead to her, right before their fight that got ugly. (feel free to read the theory in my notes) Spencer having twin is something I’ve also talked about on my page for seasons and 6x06 made me think of a crazy lil theory.

We saw Spencer’s dream but we never got answers on what it meant. Spencer said it looked like a little Alison (which means it could be an Ali-twin or Bethany) but what if it was her? It looked like her more than it does Ali… Some fans have said, wouldn’t she recognize herself as a child? My answer is, the SAME thing happened with Ali in 5x13, she didn’t recognize herself as a child when Mona showed her how her mom messed with her memory. Is it really crazy to think a similar thing happened with Spencer? I mean Jason should remember Charles and he didn’t.. We saw the little girl twice, once doing the dance dressed like she was in Radley and then on that poster all dolled up w/ a pencil in her hand. It reminded me of Spencer, brunette & nerdy. So what if this symbolizes the two twins–one that was crazy, in Radley and the other one. Either we somehow have the wrong twin, both are alive and one is BV, or Spencer took on her dead twin’s crazy personality which is why Spencer’s all over the place.

The little girl is in a room of bath tubs so I instantly thought about Hydrotherapy which is used to help with pain, common amongst burn victims. BV has a burnt mask on the face and Bethany’s drawings depict someone who possibly has a burn or deformity on their face. This would be an interesting twist if Spencer’s twin was burned as a child before being sent to Radley and that’s how this all connects.

It would make sense also considering everyone has been trying to protect her, Peter even wanted Radley closed. I was even thinking how crazy it would be if Spencer did hit Bethany but it turns out some how her twin was Bethany. Mrs. D was having an affair with Bethany’s dad, that would be true if Spencer’s twin was Bethany. Super cool b/c it would definitely mean she and Melissa killed their twin/sister just like in the books how Alison kills her twin sister. I think definitely Melissa would have known but that’s just more reason for her to “protect” Spencer. Maybe Leslie knows and that’s her person to reveal that since she was Bethany’s roommate lol.

  • me:*sets my iphone on the edge of the bath while i'm peeing*
  • iphone:*falls in*
  • me:goddamnit-
  • android user:*peeks around the edge of the shower curtain* you know that wouldn't happen if you had the new samsung galaxy note 10s with a 53 inch display it's entirely water resistant and scratch resistant and carry resistant so you'll never drop it since it's too big to pick up you just haul it around in this wheelbarrow so it never has a chance to fall anywhere god it's like you apple users want to be swindled out of all your money you're such brand slaves *stumbles out of the shower with their giant otterbox wheelbarrow and gets stuck in the doorway on the way out*
The Ultimate Getaway @BriiJarvis

It’s been just over a year and we’ve settled into this place we call paradise. No one suspects us. We are just a couple of Americans chilling here on the other side of the world.

And let’s face it. If the locals see a couple of wolves every once in a while they probably just think they saw some fucked up dingos from all the weed they’ve been smoking.

But yesterday was the 4th of July back home. I miss New Orleans. I miss the Pack. I miss our friends regardless of all the shit we get into. Most of all I miss the underlying current of black magic that sets me on edge. That thrill of evil that courses through that city. Could we go back. Am I still a hunted wolf?

Smirks, who gives a fuck. I think it’s time The Ultimate Wolfman roared back into town.

Pack your bags baby….. We’re goin’ home.

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I'm so glad you don't like erisol. I've got mental crap, and erisol really triggers it. u-u. Its such a relief to find a homestuck who doesn't like it. anything to do with the gemini just sets my stomach on edge and gives me a headache. u//-//u

uh. but i do like erisol, just not as much, and i do also like the captors.

Angie,Please don't leave me

It was a boring Friday afternoon at one of S.H.I.E.l.D.’s Headquarters. It was storming and the crime rate was down.There was absolutely nothing for Director Peggy Carter to do.She decided to go on break early. She grabbed her phone and put it in her pocket and she made sure to also grab her cigarettes and her little lunch bag Angie put together for her.She got up and made her way past Agent Thompson’s desk who thought it would be more than okay to smack Peggy on the behind.Peggy was not having any of it today she spun around and punched him right in the nose. “You know Thompson I really do love having you here as my personal punching bag.”“But I’d really stop that fast because you wouldn’t want to set me off,Oh and never push me over the edge when I’m really angry,unless you wanna loose your job so I advice you to keep your bloody fucking hands to yourself!” “Alright alright I was just kidding around I’m sorry.” Peggy decided to ignore his apology as it was the same every time and kept walking.She made her way to the elevator and stopped to push the button while mumbling under her breath “What a coward…Im stronger.” as she walked inside and pushed the button for the first floor and waited as the elevator doors closed.She made her way down the Lobby and out the doors going around the side of the building to sit on the nearest bench and pulled out her cigarettes and lighter.She grabbed her phone and dialed Angie’s cell number and waited for her to answer, she never did and it went straight to voice mail. “Fucking hell.” Peggy was frustrated enough as it was today and it made her even more frustrated that she wasn’t able to talk to Angie.She didn’t really know what their relationship was they were best friends of course but at times things would get serious and intimate.Peggy started thinking more and more about it while she was smoking;those were the only things that were calming her down.Peggy smiled remembering the time she came home and found Angie in the dining room dancing and singing.She looked so happy and beautiful in that little sun dress as she turned and twirled around the room,Peggy decided to jump in and interlock her fingers with Angie’s when she twirled in her direction, which caught Angie off guard at first but then she started moving around the room with Peggy’s hands around her waist laughing and giggling as they danced like fools.Peggy was pulled from her flashback when she heard her phone go off it was Angie, well at least a text from her.Peggy opened it up and read “Hey I really need to talk to you,somethings happened and I think you need to be here ASAP.Im at the medical lab.Please hurry I need you.” As soon as Peggy was done reading that she bolted out back into the building to grab her gun and purse and to tell her Agents she’s leaving early for a family emergency, at least Peggy hoped to god it wasn’t that.Peggy took of down the street running as fast as she could she knew she wouldn’t be able to catch a bus or hail a cab to make it, not with the NewYork traffic.She pulled out her phone and texted Angie as she ran “Hey I’m on my way, I’ll be there soon,I’m a little back tracked,I have to run, traffic’s really bad, please hold on.” Peggy put her phone back in her pocket and began to pick up the pace while cursing herself for wearing heals.

Angie started pacing back and forth in the hallway waiting for Peggy to respond when she heard her phone go off. “Howard!” “Yes?” “Peggy’s on foot.”“I told you we should’ve sent Jarvis but no.”“Howard did you not hear me or Peggy, the traffic’s bad!”“Well I have an almost un frozen Steve Roger’s here,who should be accompanied by his best girl.” “I…I know Howard,Peggy needs to see her true love.”“Oh Angie I didn’t mean to- “It’s alright Howard.”“I know Im not Peggy’s love,I never was and I never will be.” “You wanna know what I think?”“ What Howard?” Angie said with a hint of sadness as she slid down the door frame and hugged her knees to her chest and hid her face so he wouldn’t see her tears.Howard knelt down next to Angie and put his hand on her shoulder to comfort her. “You two should really talk.”“I think its the best thing for you right now.” “You wont truly know until you ask right?”“Im not gonna ask!”“Ok ok, I’ll be right back.” Howard said as be got up and went into the lab.Angie looked into the lab and saw Jemma appear through the doorway and she knelt down to speak to Angie. “Hello Angie.” Jemma said with her oh so cheery British accent. “Oh god did Howard send you out here?”“Uh yes but he felt I would be better at this than him.”“What do you know?”“A lot actually I have two Phd’s so I figure how hard can this be.”“And between you and me I have been madly in love with Skye since I was assigned on my first mission to get her,but she loved that idiot Ward there’s no way she’d ever like a nerd like me”“That’s exactly how I feel except for the jerk thing Steve is the perfect man every girl in the world wants him why would Peggy ever want a-” “ANGIE IS EVERYTHING ALRIGHT?!” Peggy shouted as she made her way through the door stopping to catch her breath and leaned up against the wall.Angie and Jemma both jumped and looked up at Peggy.Jemma looked back down at Angie who was now white as a ghost. “Oh well Im just gonna leave now."Jemma said as she ran back into the lab.Peggy turned to Angie who got up and started walking down the hall. "Uh hey!” Peggy said as she ran up beside Angie who decided to stop.“What happened?” “Come with me."Angie said as she grabbed Peggy’s hand and pulled her into a vacant medical room at the end of the hall.
Angie started to pace again.
"I need to tell you something,
actually two things and it’s just so hard.”“Go on darling you know you can tell me anything."Angie walked up to Peggy and grabbed her hand. "Ok Peggy I-” “Director Carter Ms. Martinelli!”“Captain Rogers is awake!” A scientist shouted through the door way. Wait what when did they find him??!“"Why wasn’t I aware of this.”“Mr. Howard Stark and
Ms. Martinelli asked us not to tell you until he was awake.”“What!!!”“You knew and this was your idea?!!” Peggy yelled in Angie’s direction.The scientist decided to leave them alone not wanting to make the situation worse “Peggy I- "SHUTUP!!!” Peggy said as she grabbed Angie by the collar and slammed her against the hard wall hitting the back of Angie’s head in the process. “I can not believe you!!!”“At of all people your the one I trusted the most,how could you do this to me!!!"Peggy screamed in Angie’s face.Angie opened her mouth to say something but was having trouble because she was holding back tears but it didn’t matter because then Peggy slammed her against the wall to get her to shut up and then she started screaming at her again "DONT FUCKING TALK, I DONT WANT TO HEAR YOU, I DONT WANT TO EVER HEAR YOU AGAIN!!!” then she left the room slamming the door behind her making the room shudder. “I-Im so sorry Peggy.” Angie whispered to herself as tears began pouring down her face as she collapsed to the floor on her knees bursting into an uncontrollable sob barely able to catch her breath.

Peggy ran down the hall her mind racing as she tried to hold back tears.What had she just done?Screamed at Angie like that,Put her hands on her like that. But she kept the secret of Steve from you. But I thought she was your love and she was just helping you. Help her?She lied to her she cant be trusted and worst of all she lied about Steve your Steve. Peggy couldn’t stop battling with her metaphoric Angel and Devil on her shoulders.Huh Angel that reminds of Angi- Peggy shook away the thoughts “Come on Carter get your head together Steve’s alive thats all that matters.” Peggy finally made it to the room and was about to open the door but stopped when she heard someone. “You got the cameras set up Fitz?”“Were all ready to go.”“Skye!” Peggy said over in the girls direction not meaning to actually yell. “Jesus!”“Sorry didn’t mean to scare you.”“No you didn’t scare me just a little hard attack is all.”“Is that the boss?"Fitz asked from the iPhone screen."Hello Agent Fitz.”“Hello Madam.”“Why are you two putting cameras up?”“Oh well since because you know."Skye said as she pointed at the door. "Were taking extra precaution we don’t know who were gonna attract.”“I swear no one informs me on anything anymore."Oh well we were told to keep it a secret until you know.”“Yes I am aware.”“Ok how do I look?”“Well other than the dirty feet great."I’m going in.” Peggy said as she opened the doors and saw Steve sitting there with a glass of water in his hand and Howard and Jemma next to him asking him a bunch of question. Peggy could hear Skye come in behind her but didn’t care all she cared about in this moment was Steve.Steve saw Peggy and looked up. “Hello darling.”“Hey Peg.”“Long time no see?”“Uh 3 years to be exact.”“Oh did I miss anything?"Steve said as Peggy sat at the side of his bed.Peggy giggled as she moved a piece of hair out of his face. "No not much.”“Really nothing interesting?”“Not that I can thing of no.”“Peggy?”“Yes darling?”“Its only felt like a short time for me,did it feel long for you.”“It felt like I was waiting an eternity darling.”“Im sorry for making you wait.”“You don’t have to apologize for anything darling your here now."Peggy looked around when she heard Skye’s phone go off. "Hello?”“WHAT!!”“Okay calm down what happened?"Peggy was looking at Skye’s face to look for any emotion what she saw scared her, Skye embodied the look of horror and sadness on her face. "Guys theres a problem outside.”“What happened?” Peggy and Jemma asked at the same time. “The winter soldier is here.” “Oh Steve,Darling I gotta go."Peggy said to Steve. "It’s ok go you’ll come back, you always come back.”“Thank you darling.” Peggy said as she kissed Steve’s forehead and left with Jemma and Skye rushing down the hall and down stairs. “Jemma.”“Yes?”“Go find Agent Hill,May and Romanov.”“Ey Ey Captain."Jemma said as she gave Peggy a salute and then ran down another hall way to find the Agents. "Do you think that’ll be enough?"Skye asked "I hope so.”

“WHERE IS HE!!!” Bucky screamed
“WHERE’S STEVE!!!”“Bucky calm down and let her go."Fitz shouted to Bucky. "Not until I see Steve!!"Bucky said as he grabbed the girls arm and twisted it behind her back. "ARGHHHHHH!!!"The girl screamed
"Whats happening!"Peggy shouted as she got outside but trembled at the sight before her. "He just got here he wants to see Steve."Fitz said to Peggy.Without thinking Peggy ran towards Bucky with her gun ready which was a mistake because he started pushing her arm further upward. "PEGGY NO HE’S GONNA BREAK HER ARM!!” Skye shouted which made Peggy stop in her tracks.Tears threatened to pour down her face as she started breathing heavily. “LET HER GO!!!”“LET MY ANGIE GO!!!”“BRING ME STEVE AND I’ll LET THIS BITCH GO!!"Bucky yelled as he grabbed Angie by her hair and tugged down on it hard making Angie yell out in pain.
"PEGGY LISTEN I DONT CARE WHAT HAPPENS TO ME!!!”“ BUT DONT TRADE STEVE FOR ME!!!!"Angie shouted and then she spoke under her breath "Im not worth it.” Peggy heard the last part and It practically broke her in two and it didn’t help that Bucky slapped Angie in the face and started screaming at her. “SHUT UP!”“You’ll do what I say if you wanna live got it!” And the next thing Angie said did break Peggy. Angie looked up at Bucky and then at Peggy and said"What if I don’t have anything to live for?“Peggy started gripping knife swearing it would be the last thing she’d do if it saved Angie. "Oh really are we being brave now!” Bucky said as he picked Angie up holding her tightly and started running away. Peggy ran after them. “NO!” She screamed as she ran up behind Bucky and stabbed him in the side which did nothing but make him angry and he went to hit Peggy but she dodged it and then ducked under and shot him in the legs which made him come tumbling down.Peggy swooped under and grabbed Angie before she hit the ground. “Are you okay?” Peggy asked Angie who was crying now “You should have let him take me.” Angie said through her tears. “No, never Darling.”“Not in million years will I let some one hurt you or try to take you away from me.” The other Agents came rushing out to take Bucky inside but he was still awake so May knocked out with the back of her gun then Hill and Romanov picked him and took him inside. “You guys okay?” May asked. “Yes May thank you."Peggy said as she began walking with Angie in her arms. "Do you guys want a ride?” “Yes please.” Peggy said as she took Angie to Mays car.Peggy put Angie in the back and then sat down next to her. “Peggy what about Steve?”“He can wait.”“Im more worried about you right now.” Angie tried to speak while drying her tears. “But I thought you were waiting for your true lo- Peggy interrupted her by grabbing her hands from her face so she could look at her. "Please stop.” Peggy said almost in a whisper.She was so closed to her face it made Angie scared and uncomfortable,because she was just crying and what Peggy had done to her earlier at the medical lab when they were alone.So she looked away from her. “Hey, Ange.” Peggy said gently while sliding her right hand under Angie’s chin to move her face toward her so she was looking at her. “Im so sorry."Peggy said as tears began to fall. "I don’t expect you to forgive. me”“I just want you to know I’m really sorry for yelling at you and hurting you like that.”“I don’t know what came over me and what I would have done If that was the last time I saw you and He took you or hurt you."Peggy was struggling with what she was saying, she was really crying now."Peggy it’s-” “No It’s not.”“I hurt you.”“Thats the last thing I ever wanted to do to you.”
“Hey where do you guys want to go?"May asked as she just got in the car. "Can you take us to our house?” “Yeah.”“Thank you.” Peggy said to May without ever taking her eyes of Angie.

The drive was long and silent no one talked and May would have if she didn’t want to ruin their moment or whatever it was she couldn’t tell. Angie looked like she wanted to get the hell out of dodge so who knows.
“Hey Angie wake Peggy up we’re here.”“Oh,already?”“Yep.”“can you do it?”“Really?Fine.”“Hey Carter wake up.”“Come on five more minutes.”“Come on your home."Oh alright.” Peggy said as she got up and walked to the front door. Peggy noticed Angie acting a little weird but didn’t think anything of it. “Hey you two I gotta head back, call me If you need anything. "May said as she got in the car.”“Okay thank you for the ride.”
Peggy said as she opened the doors to their humble abode.She walked in and ran straight to the couch and jumped on it. “Ohh That feels so nice.”
“Hey Peggy I’m going to go to my room is that okay?”“Uh,yeah Angie but you don’t have to ask me.”“Of course s-sorry Peggy.”“Hey are you feeling alright?"Peggy asked as she got up and walked over to Angie but stopped when she saw her backing away from her. "Uh…Yeah Peg I’m great.” Angie said with a hint of shakiness in her voice. “Angie Are…you afraid of me?” “No no no Peggy why would you ask something like that?”“If your not than take my hand."Peggy said as she held her hand out in front of her to take. "Peggy p-please I…” Angie stuttered as she slowly back away until she felt the wall behind her. “Angie… please don’t be afraid of me.” Peggy said as she walked closer to Angie but just stopping in front of her leaving a few inches of space between them. “I wont hurt you."Peggy said as she reached for Angie’s right hand to take in her own left one.But Angie quickly pulled away. "You already have Peggy.”“Im so so sorry Angie!"Peggy said while tears started forming in her eyes and then she glanced down at Angie’s neck and noticed a red mark around it. "Did I leave that mark on you?” Peggy asked as she raised her hand to where she hurt Angie. “Oh this.” Angie said as she covered it with her collar but as she raised her arm Peggy saw red marks all over her arm from earlier before. “Oh my god I forgot to patch you up hold on a sec."Peggy left the room to get the emergency kit from the kitchen.Angie thought about leaving as soon as she left and that she could easily run out the front door and yell for help,but she didn’t. "Im back."Peggy said as she set the emergency kit down and then looked at Angie when she didn’t respond and looked in the same direction were she was looking over at the front door. Peggy looked down trying not to look Angie in the eyes because she felt she didn’t deserve to look at such beautiful eyes and then told her still looking down "If you want to leave…” Peggy started to say as she grabbed Angie’s left hand to give her the emergency kit. “you can, I wont stop you.”“I’ll send for your things."Peggy finished and then said one finale thing "Just know that it hurts me so bad that I failed to protect you from others and most definitely from my self.” Angie was lost for words she didn’t know what to say.Peggy stepped back and then turned around giving Angie a chance to leave. “Peggy!” Angie shouted as she ran up to hug Peggy from behind. “I don’t wanna leave please don’t make me.”“I was just so scared that I lost you.”“You have Steve back so I thought why would you ever want me, I’m no way near as good looking as him, every girl in the world wants him and lets face it he’s Captain America,and your Director Carter you’ve already accomplished more than I ever will in my entire life.And me Im just a poor waitress and wannabe actress from Brooklyn I don’t deserve you!"Angie cried out and then she fell to the ground.Peggy quickly turned around bent down to pull Angie into a hug. "No no no no no Angie stop this please.” Peggy said and then pulled away to look at Angie. “Your my everything Darling I don’t think I could live without you.”“Me and Steve I cant say anything really happened we never were a couple.”“But you were in love."Angie said with a sniffle. "Yes but that was then.”“But its not Peggy it’s now.”“If Steve had came back three years ago you two would be newly weds by now and most likely have a child.And even if you two did come strolling in the Automat you know damn sure you would have never look at me twice and all I would have been to you was your waitress.” Angie said barely able to speak because of all the sobbing.Peggy was now holding Angie’s face in her palms inches away from her face.When Peggy spoke she sounded like an Angel to Angie even if she was practically whispering.All Angie could look at where her beautiful brown eyes and her lips oh god those lips they were mere inches away from hers. “Do you wanna know a little secret my love.” Angie nodded for Peggy to speak she needed to hear her speak again she could never get enough of her beautiful voice. “There was a boy named James Barnes he was best friends with a boy named Steve Rogers who loved James so much even if he couldn’t admit it.He was so nervous and thought he should only be dating women and not men.But there was women that Steve liked but it was only the one he liked.But one day his best friend James dies and Steve becomes so upset the only person that was around to comfort him was the women.I should add that It wasn’t until his friend had died that he started feeling more intimate feelings for the women.But what if I told you that James is alive.” “Peggy?”“Yes?”“That sounds a lot like us.”“Steve is James and Im your women.”“No Angie thats not my point.”“My point is Steve already had true love and thats not me.”“Do you hear yourself!?”“Perhaps I should’ve came up with a better argument.” “Here’s a better way of putting it We all have our true loves and our soulmates I may have been Steve’s love but there is know way of knowing if I was his true love but you know what I do know?”“James was Steve’s soulmate and you’re mine.” Peggy said now grinning as she pulled Angie in closer. “Really?"Angie asked a little happier now. "Yes love I believe we’re soulmates."Peggy said with a little giggle as she started tickling Angie. "And please don’t ever say you don’t deserve me.”“If anything its the other way around.”“And you are worth so much more please do not value yourself so low I see your value and I love it every bit.” Peggy said as she rested her forehead on Angie’s. “Oh and Angie?” “Yes English?”“Will you be mine?”“Do you really have to ask?”“Maybe.”“Oh come here and kiss me already."Angie said as she leaned in a little and then Peggy closed the distant between them.

Chapter 2 will be out soon I just started it I’m one paragraph in.

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‘3’ ( v; when in rome )

nobleassassin sent me a ‘3’ for three times my muse thought of yours.


She spends her first day in Rome in the airport. She refuses to leave. She has to compel more than one security guard into believing she is not any kind of threat as she stands there and glares at the planes taking off.

All I want is to hop on a damn plane and go home. But I can’t. Just thinking about getting on a plane it sets me on edge. And it’s because that condescending, obnoxious, controlling dickhead fucking compelled me to stay away. I hate him. I’m never forgiving for him for doing this to me.

It is infuriating, no, it’s rage inducing. It’s not okay. It’s her free will. Her right to choose her own life. To choose how to live it. And he’s taken that from her. Or at least, a piece of it. The important piece. The piece that wants to stand by her friends, the people she loves, Elijah.


He’s set everything up for her and if she were petty and mean she would find somewhere else in Rome to stay and not tell him. Let him worry. But that’s cruel. And she isn’t cruel. Even when she’s angry. She does however spend a week refusing to leave the hotel suites and ignoring his calls.

Eventually she leaves the hotel room.

She goes to the Pantheon and stands there staring. Because she was a girl who played music on the streets and sometimes didn’t have a bed to sleep in and now she’s in Rome.

She thinks, I’m here because of him. I love him. I want to tell him I love him. He should be here. He should be safe too. With me. Living this with me. She thinks this place has stood for two thousand years. In a thousand we could be standing here. Will it still be here too?

That night is the first time she answers his call. She’s thinking about the way he’d say you don’t have to, and for the first time she feels some kind of understanding for why he’s done this. She doesn’t talk much, but they listen to each other breath until she falls asleep.


She stumbles upon the Torre Argentina Cat Sanctuary on a rainy Sunday and spends a day surrounded by cats. She wasn’t much of a cat person before and honestly she thought they’d hate her. She’s a vampire, aren’t cats supposed to dislike things like her?

Some avoid her, but most seem to like her just fine. Maybe it’s the gelato she ate earlier. Maybe she smells like cream.

Either way she’d been particularly melancholy earlier and she finds spending the time with the cats soothing. One in particular, a dark grey with soft, sleek fur, and dark eyes, takes a liking to her. He’s a tom cat, and he follows at her heels. He doesn’t like being touched unless he comes to her, butting ahead of the others and demanding her attention. Quietly assuming she’s been waiting for him to deign to give her attention.

The women who work there tell her his name is Cosimo and that he’s fond of her. The name means order, courtesy, and she laughs. She adopts him in Elijah’s name, which means they send a certain amount of money a month for his care in particular and they’ll keep them updated on how he’s doing. She thinks about Elijah’s face when she tells him and decides she’ll wait until he’s finally there with her. And for the first time thinking about it, about Elijah, doesn’t make her furious.

I have most of my blissful moments when I’m alone. I’m not sure if that’s really sad or slightly wonderful. For example right now I have the best of Yann Tiersen on piano playing and a really strong black coffee and I’m pouring through law and criminology textbooks while it rains outside and I’m curled up on my desk chair and this is pretty much as comfortable as I get.

I find it very difficult to find any kind of peace when I’m surrounded by people. It’s like when you’re on a night out with friends and the only truly enjoyable moment is when you slip out of the bar for air.

I like my own energy. It’s very still when I’m alone. There are days when someone just sitting next to me sets my nerves on edge. 

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Someone please remind me that getting back into an abusive situation isn't a good idea even if I love the person.


No it is most DEFINITELY not a good idea. Seriously, even if you love this individual it is not safe for you to get back into the situation. I’ve lived a lot in abusive households and it can really destroy everything you are and everything you could be if you stay with this certain individual. 

So don’t. Stay as far away from them as possible. Just like in the RPing world. Do NOT put up with toxic, abusive and stalker like partners. 

Tbh this is why people shipping toxic and abusive relationships really set me on edge. I’ve lived through it a lot and people thinking things like 50 shades of grey, Phole (even though I do ship them but waaaaay before everything went south), Klayley (tbh anything being shipped with Klaus) Delena, Bonkai, ANYTHING that is clearly abusive/toxic, are romantic and ‘true love’ shit me off and are sick. They all are examples of abusive relationships and NO ONE should have to put up with any of it (or LIKE it as a thing).

what do you do when someone annoys and makes you uncomfortable when they haven’t technically done anything wrong?

I have a follower who leaves benign comments on a lot of my posts and reblogs things with words of encouragement, but something about them just sets me on edge and makes me feel uncomfortable.

I don’t want to block him when he hasn’t technically done anything, but I also feel that confronting him would lead to an “I didn’t do anything wrong!” and way more stress, plus make me look like a huge bitch.

violaprincesa asked:

You remind me of a pale yellow! It reminds me of the edge of the sun while it sets, a feeling of a warm buzz, and light sunshine! You're a warm person and you always make me smile and I always feel like you really love me when you're around me // just like the warmth of the sun!! A pale yellow ❤️☀️

thank you!! i love you so much you are a big bubble of happiness and love and i miss you so much please i need to see you again soon !!!!