Imo, regardless of ace people, SGA shouldn’t be used as an umbrella term for the community.

It definitely does express an idea that can be useful to unite parts of the community – see: the use of wlw and mlm.

to me, the biggest problem is with its use is its history and continued use in conversion therapy ? just bc it can be really triggering to some people, and to apply it as a qualifier to every (cis) person to see if theyre in the community sorta sets me on edge.

it also alienates (and downright excludes, for some) a lot of mga and bi people, and a lot of bi activism is based around promoting “more than one” as a definition for bi attraction. (im bi/poly)

anonymous asked:

SCARED because there is a post going around on how to decode who anons are and I post so much stuff anon and I'm SO SCARED NOW. And sometimes I say stuff as if I'm someone else because it just helps me word things/get my message across and I'm actually TERRIFIED

oKAY nvm its fake I feel so so relieved wowzas. I was so scared all my deepest vents etc. would be exposed ahhhh I almost had an anxiety attack. I am sending an anon to that person and putting up a fight because that literally set me on edge. I almost had a panic attack. Fuck them

Ahh i remember going through this! It can’t be done anymore, but a while back you could have a fake anon button ect so you can see who anons are. You can’t do that now though!

jinx716  asked:

Jupiter and astroid

jupiter: if you could choose your own name what would it be?

tbh i’ve just kinda wished my name was spelled differently (hailee or hailey instead of haley) but i’ve also always liked “Andie”

astroid: what’s your biggest fear? is there a reason why you’re scared of it?

probably spiders, and im not quite sure where the fear came from. a few years ago i was pretty chill with them, now just a mention of them sets me on edge.

(space related asks!!)