Temples Of Knowledge (Series 4)

1.Oberlausitzische Library Of Science, Gorlitz, Germany

2. Municipal Law Library, Munich Germany

3. Thurn und Taxis Palace, Regensburg Germany

4. Library in the Monastery of Waldsassen, Bavaria, Germany

5. Philosophical And Theological Academy Brixen, Bressanone, Italy

6.Duchess Anna Amalia Library, Weimar, Germany

7. Chateau de Chantilly Library, Chantilly, France

8. French Senate Library, Paris, France


                                          The Sound Of Heaven

1. Baroque organ, St. Jacob’s Cathedral, Innsbruck 

2. Kaliningrad, Russia, Pipe Organ

3. Vienna Synagogue,Vienna Austria

4. Granada Cathedral, Granada Spain

5. Pipe Organ at Lezajsk Basilica Poland

6. Malaga Cathedral. Malaga Spain

7. Jordi Bosch Cathedral Palma De Mallorca Spain


                          Italian Sorcery (The Great Libraries Of Italy)

1. Biblioteca Riccardiana, Florence Italy

2. Biblioteca Braidnese, Milan Italy

3. Girolamini Oratory, Naples Italy

4. Biblioteca Nazionale Marciana, Venice Italy

5. Angelica Library, Rome Italy

6. Libreria Casanatense, Rome Italy

7. Biblioteca Piffetti Palazzo Quirinale, Rome Italy


The Temples Of Knowledge

1) Imperial Library-Vienna,Austria

2.) El Escorial Library- Escorial,Spain

3.) Admont Abbey Library- Admont,Austria

4.) Melk Abbey Library- Melk,Austria

5.) St.Gallen Abbey Library- St. Gallen, Switzerland

6.) The National Library Of The Girolamini Oratory- Naples, Italy

7.) Library of the Kremsmünster Abbey- Kremsmuenster ,Austria

8.) Klementinum Library-Prague,Czech Republic


                  The Grand Sanctuary Of Knowledge (Joanina Library)

“The Joanina Library (Portuguese: Biblioteca Joanina) is a Baroque library situated in the heights of the historic centre of the University of Coimbra, by the university tower. in the civil parish of Coimbra (Sé Nova, Santa Cruz, Almedina e São Bartolomeu), municipality of Coimbra, district of the same name.Built in the 18th century during the reign of the Portuguese King John V, it is part of the University of Coimbra General Library. It is a National Monument and has a priceless historical value being one of the main tourist attractions among the older monuments belonging to the university”

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                                                Great Halls of Art

1. Salle Mollien, Louvre Paris France

2. Field Marshall Room, Hermitage Museum, Saint Petersburg Russia

3. Galleria Central, Prado Museum, Madrid Spain

4. Great Hall, Metropolitan Museum Of Art, New York City USA

5. Sala Di Tribuna, Florence Italy

6. Grand Entrance Hall, Kunsthistorisches Musem, Vienna Austria

7. Barry Room, National Gallery Of Art, London England

8. Sala Grande, Capitoline Museum Rome Italy


                                                  The Power Of Art

1. Chartres Cathedral, France

2. Kinver Church, England

3. Saint-Étienne’s Church, France

4. St. Matthew’s Church, England

5.Mezquita De Cordoba. Spain

6.Killaloe Church, Ireland

7. Leon Cathedral, Spain

8. Saint Gudula, Brussels

9. St. Mary’s Cathedral Basilica,USA

10. Sevile Cathedral, Spain