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We are supposed to close on our house tomorrow. We have a time set and everything. This has been 3 months of stress, paperwork, & money worry. It’s so close to being over. We are so close to not ever having to deal with a landlord. Now my boyfriend decides at the last minute he has more questions and he’s not so sure about the terms. I AM. JUST. DONE.


Today’s haulsss~ 2 more badges for the shrine XD except now only problem is I really don’t have much space for badges and there’s more coming… //SHOT 

The Namjatown nekomimi Soukoku bookmarks for the giveaway! Yosh yosh XD now just waiting for one more package andddd…. few more days until SKK giveaway ends! 

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"You're so pretty, why don't you have a boyfriend? I have a son that's really cute!" Please don't try to set me up with your child. I am not interested, I have a girlfriend, thank you very much.

Small Lilo comfort fic, because I felt like shit on Sunday and needed a pick-me-up. Tour era (whichever tour you like best).

Louis doesn’t open his eyes when the bed sheets he’s made himself a cocoon of are pulled away and someone awkwardly slips into his bunk, although he does uncurl his body, making more room for the intruder to squeeze themselves into. His head won’t stop pounding.

“Hey,” Liam whispers, gently stroking Louis’s temple and jaw - to think a couple years back he flinched anytime someone touched him; Louis would grin, if everything didn’t hurt. “Was wondering where you’d gone.”

“Headache,” is all Louis says. Liam’s clothes are crispy cold from his trek outside and Louis presses his face against Liam’s chest with a sigh; the coolness is wonderful against his forehead.

He grunts when Liam shifts away from him, wrapping an arm around his waist just in case Liam’s got delusions about leaving, but all Liam does is press his cold cold lips against Louis’s forehead, right in the middle of his eyebrows, and that feels even better than his sweater did.

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2/5 Stars.

Before I write this review I have to post a bit of a disclaimer: I haven’t read To Kill a Mockingbird since high school. When I read it, I didn’t love it. I’ve never held it—or its central hero—on a high pedestal, so I don’t have a strong attachment to it and it’s possible that I’m misremembering certain aspects of it.

Spoilers ahead.

Wow, what a ride this was. I had so many thoughts while reading this book. Let me just put this out there first: As a standalone novel, Go Set a Watchman isn’t very good. Nothing really happens. The childhood flashbacks are, for the most part, wholly unnecessary. It’s didactic as anything I’ve ever read, yet Harper Lee fails to flesh out her most interesting themes. What was most interesting for me was reconciling it with To Kill a Mockingbird—which, I’ll fully admit, is a much better work of literature. What I’m about to say and then expand upon in this “review” is a very unpopular opinion: I think the evolution of Atticus Finch is sort of brilliant—whether or not Lee intended the kind of analysis that’s about to follow (and I don’t think she did).

If To Kill a Mockingbird is the cushy, comfortable novel about well-meaning white people within the context of the long, dark history of racism in America, Go Set a Watchman is its woke older sister. Well, in theory, at least, though not so much in Lee’s execution.

In TKAM, Atticus is that classic white person who just wants everyone to get along. He preaches love and understanding of anyone, no matter what—even Hitler! Even the white racist who just tried to lynch a black man. Or, to use a more timely example: Even Donald Trump. Even his racist supporters. He doesn’t really want to dig deep into the realities of racism or challenge himself or those around him. He’s comfortable with white supremacy. He wants to feel good about himself—like he’s a virtuous person doing the right thing, even though he’s unwilling to rock the boat in any truly meaningful way. But for all intents and purposes he’s generally regarded by white readers to be a hero. The epitome of morality and goodness. He is the ultimate White Savior.

Needless to say, the revelation in Go Set a Watchman that Atticus is PRETTY FUCKING RACIST pissed off a lot of people. It shattered that long-held conception of a literary hero. But here’s the thing: when you think about it, even in the context of TKAM, it’s really not all that shocking.

In GSAW, it’s no longer the 1930s. Now it’s the 1960s and black people are actively trying to disrupt the status quo of white supremacy and racism in pursuit of equal rights. And Atticus isn’t down with this. In fact, he’s a regular at his local Citizens’ Councils meetings (a group of white supremacists), he loathes the NAACP, he opposes integration and he thinks black people are “still in their childhood as a people.”

I know a lot of white readers felt very cheated by this development. Atticus Finch is a “Good Person.” He’s a “Hero.” He can’t be a “Racist.” And yet, I can’t help but feel like this evolution of Atticus Finch makes total sense. It’s actually pretty consistent with his character, and it isn’t really such a stark diversion. Atticus was fine when he got to be the Good White Man defending an innocent black man in the 1930s (see: white paternalism), but now that it’s the 1960s and white supremacy is being challenged and he’s feeling threatened by that, we’re given insight into his deep-seated prejudices and his true self. And that’s just the thing: both of these versions of him (TKAM and GSAW) are his true self; it’s just that a lot of readers don’t like having to acknowledge that.

But I think we need to stop deluding ourselves: Atticus Finch was never the beacon of virtue and morality that we wanted him to be. He was a white savior who upheld, rather than resisted, elements of systemic racism and white supremacy. And his defending Tom Robinson in the pursuit of justice doesn’t change that. By today’s standards, he might be the person who celebrates a white-washed, sanitized version of MLK and doesn’t believe himself to be racist, yet denounces Black Lives Matter as a terrorist organization.

In GSAW, Atticus is the same person he has always been. And the collective outrage regarding the so-called tarnishing of a white savior whom so many regarded as a literary hero may actually be more of a reflection of the outraged readers and their own self-imposed blinders and comfort zones than anything else.

It’s not easy facing difficult truths about people we have come to love. Jean Louise grapples with this in GSAW when she learns about her father’s racism. And we, as readers, must also confront this reality about our former hero. This feels especially timely right now given our current political climate, wherein many folks are struggling to reconcile the love they have for their family members and friends with the shocking reality that these people voted for a racist, misogynistic demagogue and may possess these unsavory qualities themselves.

Atticus is a reminder to us all that racism isn’t always relegated to the dregs of society. You can be a good father…and still be racist. You can do good in your life…and still be racist.

Unfortunately, many of these important points that arise in Go Set A Watchman are ultimately addressed in an extremely disappointing way: Jean Louise’s uncle calls her a bigot for rejecting her father’s racist opinions (WHAT?!) and then she ultimately feels bad about the things she said to Atticus and concludes that maybe he’s not so bad after all. I hope that for those of us today who are confronting uncomfortable truths about the people in our lives, we don’t let them off the hook quite so easily.

In conclusion now that I’m at 1,000+ words here, as much as I found GSAW to be a mediocre standalone novel, I can’t help but love that it has made readers (myself included, of course) look back and re-evaluate a universally revered childhood book from a new—and yes, uncomfortable—perspective.

Riverdale’s Camila Mendes On the Dynamic Between Betty and Veronica

When Veronica comes to Riverdale in the show’s pilot, she’s recovering from a family trauma and is a very different version of the character than fans recognize from the comics – more approachable, more humble. And while she’s not shy to wield her popularity and her innate ability to be mean as a cudgel, she’s trying to pick out the right targets in Riverdale…and Betty isn’t one of them.

“I think she sees all this potential in [Betty] that is being pushed down because of her mother,” Mendes explained during a recent visit to the set of the drama, which debuts next week. “[Betty’s] mother really has a negative effect on her life and I think Veronica recognizes that and is trying to bring all the strength in Betty out so that the world can see it.”

“They’re a lot closer in this version,” Mendes added. “Throughout the season, they’re always going to be working on their friendship. Whatever rivalry happens, is going to happen because of Archie, but it’s never going to get in the way of the essence of their friendship.”

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may we see the Princess Luna commission you posted about drawing for months and months?? :) you're one of my favorite artists and Luna is my fav pon3 <3

I’m not allowed to upload the works I did, they are going to be sold. There are problems with people stealing images from fan-made TSSSF sets and reselling them in different languages! Which is really shitty :(

You can see most of them compiled here though:


Some of you have been asking how I make these sweaters. I don’t really have a set pattern.

I crochet a rectangle that seems long/wide enough and placing it over Nugget. Once it looks like a good fit, I make the straps across, checking it’s length by putting them around Nugget to see if they would fit comfortably. I turned the sweater around in the second picture to show what the straps look like.

The strap around their neck needs to be thinner and the one around the chest/abdomen can’t interfere with their legs or the rat will take off the sweater. If it’s too tight, the rat will take off the sweater. If the neck hole is too loose, the rat will take off the sweater. Sometimes for no reason, the rat will take off the sweater. Do not leave sweater on the rat when you put it back in the cage, they can get it caught on something or the rat will take off and then eat the sweater, and sweaters are not good for their digestive tract. 

It’s not too hard, just be sure it fits properly and it isn’t too tight. They’ll only really wear them properly for a few moments, but they look good for pictures if you can get the picture fast enough.

Please let me know if you make sweaters for your rats inspired by mine! I’d love to see pictures, and reblog them if you post them, or submit them to me and I’ll feature them here!  <:3 ##   )~~

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I saw your post on how to behave during a ritual. I was curious... Are you in a coven or have you been in a coven? And if so, what was expected of you by the coven?

I’m currently in a coven, but I’m the coordinator (closest thing to a HPS) and founder, so it’s more what my expectations are of my circle.  You can find out more about our membership structure and roles here.  You can also read this article I wrote on 13 basic ritual etiquette tips to give you a better idea of what I generally expect out of my circlemates for ritual.

We do have a lengthy set of by-laws (14 pages to be exact), but they’re really just more common sense than anything.  If you’re thinking of joining or forming a coven, or are in one, there should be a set of by-laws or rules that you can reference to see what is expected of you.  That being said, I’m happy to go over some of our basics here.

Before I get started, I’d like to say that our structure as a circle is highly different from the standard coven hierarchy.  Circle of Fountains is a circle of equals.  While I’m the closest thing to a HPS, Primary Members get equal say in how the group runs, what we participate in and any rule changes.  Primary Members take on one responsibility to the group (such as managing our potlucks or taking care of our inventory), agree to teach two Novice classes, and will lead one sabbat and one full moon esbat a year.  In addition to this structure, we’re non-denominational, which means we’re happy to have anyone who practices witchcraft regardless of their religious or non-religious beliefs; we’re all-inclusive to the best of our ability.

With that, here are some of our expectations as a group:

1. If you choose to be a Primary Member, you are expected to fulfill your roles and responsibilities in a timely manner, devoting roughly 5-6 hours every month outside of circle meetings and events.  We meet once monthly for full moon esbat and once every month for a meeting (followed by a fun drunk divination).  Then we of course have the sabbats, which means some months, we have three events and some months we have two.  Outside of that, you’ll likely want to be prepping for your next Novice class, esbat or sabbat, which is where the 5-6 hours comes in.

2. If you are a Primary Member, we have a strict attendance policy, requiring you to attend every sabbat and every meeting barring emergency or illness.  If you really need to miss and talk to me, I’m usually pretty understanding, but if you just don’t show, that could easily be grounds for dismissal.  Participation is key to what you get out of the circle and rituals are planned around a certain attendance, so random missing members could cause a real snafu.  Fortunately, attendance has never been an issue with CF.

3. Because we’re non-denominational and because each Primary Member is expected to lead one sabbat a year, we do have a policy regarding rituals being inclusive.  I love when sabbat rituals are flavored with the individual’s beliefs - in fact, I fully expect it - but I also want everyone to be comfortable.  If someone’s nontheistic, a deity-centric ritual is going to be a struggle for them.  I don’t ask that rituals leave out deity by any means.  I simply ask that sabbat leaders provide a tie-in.

4. We do not have any yearly fees, but each attending member of a sabbat is expected to pay $15, which goes directly to whoever is leading the sabbat.  Circle of Fountains doesn’t get the money, I don’t get the money (unless I’m leading) and no one is expected to profit off of a sabbat.  The money is purely to cover the costs of the ritual.  Assuming you have 10 people going (not including yourself), that’s $150 you can expect back to cover the costs.  It allows us to do some spectacular things with our rits.

5. We have a strong anti-drama policy and I have no problems acting on it.  I’ve never had to kick anyone out for stirring the pot in our circle but that’s because we also carefully vet our members.  I have, however, had to have both a couple one-on-one chats and, once, a full circle exercise.  Drama is almost inevitable in any group situation but I refuse to let it get very far because it’s so easily the poison of any great group.  If CF wants to remain strong and cohesive, drama has to be dealt with swiftly.

6. We expect that you are taking care of yourself, mentally, physically, emotionally.   CF is an amazing support system and I’m very proud to call my circlemates my family.  That being said, we’re not your doctor or your therapist.  We’re happy to provide resources and support but your circle/coven should never become a substitute for professional help.  Our four cornerstones include practicality and, in practicality, we note that the safety of our members supersedes all else.  If we feel you are being unsafe in some way, we will ask that you take action.

Again, I want to remind you that Circle of Fountains seems to be rather unusual in our structure.  It’s likely that any coven you join will have different structural rules.  However, these are the sum of our expectations.  If you have any other questions, I’d be happy to answer them!

Tiny!Jon AU

This is 1565 words long what the fuck I need a life. I hope y’all like this.


Bryce wakes up one morning to hear quiet, nice singing and he’s really confused because it sounds like it’s coming from in his room and he doesn’t live with anyone. He sits up and looks around before noticing a short (Tiny, actually) male sat on his bedside drawer, legs crossed and hands in his lap. There’s a note next to him that simply says ‘He’s all yours, -M’

Bryce is extremely confused, but he also doesn’t want to just get rid of the small dude so he picks him up really carefully and sets him on his shoulder, taking him into the kitchen.

The only food he can find in the kitchen good enough for breakfast is that cookie cereal, you know the kind. The really tiny cookies? He puts some onto a paper plate and finds the smallest cup he can (Which is actually a cup from a plastic tea set. Don’t ask.) and puts some milk into it.

The little guy smiles happily as he eats and watches Bryce make his own breakfast. He pulls a chair over to where the small guy is sat and looks at him for a second before introducing himself. The guy introduces himself too. Jon, he’d said. He explained that he wasn’t sure how he got there, but that he had nowhere else to go anyway and politely asked if he could stay. Bryce accepted, because who could possibly say no to that face?

Bryce ends up calling Luke later that day, asking if he had anything to do with this new friend of his. Luke is obviously confused because “Where the hell would I find a small dude, and how would I get into your apartment without you hearing??” He just accepts that and decides that he has to look after Jon now. And honestly, he’s fine with that?

He obviously has no clothes that would fit Jon so he does the next best thing. He makes clothes. And somewhere for Jon to sleep. He makes a small pillow and blanket and made a nice soft area on his bedside drawer for Jon to sleep, and while Jon was sleeping he was sat at his desk with a needle, thread and a cut up old shirt trying to make at least a new top for Jon. It’s a little messy around the edges, the thread doesn’t match the colour of the fabric, and it may be a bit big in size but when he hands it to Jon in the morning he sees that the smaller boy loves it anyway.

Over time, Bryce gets better at making the clothes and Jon is absolutely in love with all of them. Bryce goes out to fabric stores/craft stores and stocks up on different things, taking Jon with him perched on his shoulder to point out the colours and fabrics he likes.

One day Bryce is out alone because Jon wanted to stay in bed and he sees a cute teddy bear that’s twice Jon’s size sat in the window of a second-hand shop. He instantly decides that Jon would love it. It’s fluffy and light brown, with mismatched glass eyes.

When he brings it home and gives it to Jon he watches the boy’s face light up with pure joy as he cuddles it. Jon motions for Bryce to come down closer and gives him a tiny kiss on the nose as a thank you.

Bryce ‘Jon-Proofed’ the house in a way so that Jon could get around when Bryce was too busy working to help him. This involved a tiny ladder on the side of the drawer so Jon could get to bed, one leading up to the kitchen counter that had a smaller cupboard on it that had treats in it just for him. There’s even a way for him to get up to the toilet and the sink (He’s gotta stay clean, y’know.)

Bryce ends up with a few days off from having to do work so he goes out for a bit and comes back with some stuff in a bag and Jon is curious because like, why isn’t Bryce showing him? He always shows him stuff??

Bryce tells him he’s gonna have to entertain himself for a few hours so he sets up his laptop on his bed and lets Jon watch cool Netflix shows while he’s busy.

After a few hours Bryce tells Jon to close his eyes while he sets some stuff up and when Jon sees what Bryce did he nearly cries because !!! Bryce!! Made!! Him!! Things!!

Now on the drawer instead of a tiny bed and a pile of clothes on the ‘floor’ there’s an actual bed Bryce made from wood and fabric and a cool soft thing for the mattress!! And there’s a wardrobe and Bryce hung up all his clothes on little clothes hangers!!? And there’s even a cute little fluffy rug, and his teddy is leaning up against the wall and he’s so happy!! And then Bryce makes everything even better and tells him he’s made some upgrades to some other stuff around the house and Jon is just like !!!!!!

Bryce ended up fixing up Jon a smaller kitchen type thing on the kitchen counter so it’s not just a cupboard anymore, Bryce has made multiple little cupboards and drawers that are the right size for Jon to use and he’s just so happy because Bryce is so nice what the heck? The food in the cupboards is mostly snack food since Bryce cooks the main meals for both of them anyway.

Sometimes Jon thinks it’s all a dream and he wakes up hoping he’s still there and when he sees Bryce asleep on the bed next to him he smiles and goes about his day.

Bryce buys him a phone to lean against his wall next to the wardrobe and it’s like a TV for him to watch YouTube and Netflix on and he can call/text Bryce if Bryce is out without him.

Jon sometimes knocks things over or spills things or does something he thinks Bryce might tell him off for and he panics and nearly cries because he can’t lose Bryce now. Not after all of this. And Bryce will find him crying next to a spilt drink that has soaked up a paper Bryce had written or a cracked glass and he’ll be like “Jon! Are you ok? Are you hurt?” And he doesn’t really care too much about the paper or glass because accidents happen, he can re-print the paper and buy more glasses.

And Jon just looks up at him like, “You-You’re not mad?”

Bryce picks him up and Jon sits in the palm of his hand and he just brings him closer and he says, “Why would I be mad?”

Jon’s still kinda scared that Bryce will kick him out or something and he’s just like “I ruined your paper/broke your glass!” and Bryce hears him whisper “Please don’t get rid of me…” and he feels his heart break because what happened to make Jon think he’d get rid of him????

They fix things though and Bryce gets Jon to believe that he isn’t going to get rid of him and they clean up the mess and go watch Netflix and Bryce gives Jon a little bowl of his own nice sugary popcorn and he’s happy again because ‘Wow Bryce really isn’t upset at me!?’

Jon can’t seem to get to sleep that night because the incident made him remember the last person he lived with. She was a Witch and he knew she didn’t like him very much. She’d get mad at everything he did and he was always really scared he’d end up with nowhere else to go.

He gets really tired but he doesn’t want to sleep by himself so he jumps down from the draw onto Bryce’s bed ad he kinda just curls up against him and holds onto him because he’s scared of Bryce leaving.

Bryce wakes up to find Jon cuddling up into him and he just smiles down at him and stays still because he doesn’t wanna wake Jon up. He just looks so peaceful.

He eventually has to get up though and he puts Jon’s Teddy in the spot he was and quietly walks away to get breakfast ready. He hears quiet, sad sounding noises through the wall and walks in to see Jon with his face squished into Teddy’s fluffy tummy and he’s sniffling and Bryce is like “Woah woah are you ok?”

Jon looks up and just does the :o face and he looks so sad and Bryce goes Protective Mode on him and sits with him like “Tell me what’s wrong. I’m here for you.”

Jon tells him about his previous home and Bryce just feels so sad for him because who would hurt someone like Jon?

Jon is doodling on paper with a tiny crayon he found and Bryce sees it and says, “What’re you drawing?” and Jon shows him a mask thing he was making and he says he thought it’d be a cool mask. Bryce smiles about it and agrees and decided ‘Hey, I’ll make him it as a gift’ so he makes the small mask for him and gives him it and his eyes light up and he’s like !!!! Thank You!!!

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what do you mean when you say, ks is very korean? or is this something that's unexplainable

It’s just something that if you’ve lived in Korea long enough and grown up with the culture, you’ll just feel the full force of it. The neighborhoods, the relationship with and in the police force, the depiction of university life, etc. just feels immensely Korean. 

In a sense, every story feels that way in some degree, I suppose - has the essence of the culture it was written in just seep into the story itself. However, the way Koogi has laid out her setting and characters in Killing Stalking really makes me remember being in Korea, more so than some other webtoons that I’ve read.

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i just want you to know i really love your blog (i have a set of like 3 blogs that i check DAILY and yours is like the first) and you're super nice. i really admire you and i hope you see this ask :-))

thank you so much <3 i’m glad you like all my stupid ask answers

Who knows ...

…  maybe they really thought their series final was groundbreaking

… maybe the whole Sherlock crew really liked it and are somehow proud of it

… maybe they really tried to crush any romantic connection between Sherlock and John in series 4 and that’s bc it felt so off for us

… maybe the psycho sister arc was really their ACD canon fix it

… maybe they really wanted to imply that Irene Adler was Sherlock’s true love

… maybe their opinion of women is really that bad

… maybe they really thought all the queerbaiting and gay jokes were fitting and okay in a modern setting

… maybe they really give a damn about their fans

… maybe they really just cared about ratings and casuals

… maybe Mary’s extended story line was really just because Amanda Abbington is friends with them

… maybe Ben and Martin really are just colleagues without any real connection

… maybe they really wanted to end the thing here

… maybe it’s just my delusional self who can’t accept all those things

… maybe I should accept this and feeling betrayed for a very long time

… maybe I should let it go


Pic set 1 of our epic 2017 Ice Fishing Trip. We had a really awesome group of friends this year and the fish were biting like crazy! Here are a few scenes from the gang and the ice fishing itself. Still to come: scenic pics of the gorgeous area we stayed in.