seto x joey

Ok puppyshipping lovers!
Let’s talk about how kaiba is trying to resist gazing at Joey’s freaking ass. I mean JUST LOOK AT HOW GOOD JOEY LOOKS! OF CORSE KAIBA IS TRYING HIS HARDEST NOT TO SHOW ANY AFFECTION TOWARDS JOEY IN PUBLIC!

But Joey on the other hand… HOHOHOH!
He ain’t afraid of gazing at kaiba~
Nooooooo not at all because he loves him wayyyy to much to be able to get his eyes off him, so what Joey does to tease Kaiba is to have his ass freaking out towards him~
And no. He’s not gazing at him with hate. Those eyes is filled with lust and that lust is all to kaiba. That’s why his ass is out. Because he wanna make Kaiba go crazy for him~


  • <p> <b>Me, with an aluminum foil hat on, curled up at 3 AM on my laptop after excessively searching for new joukai fics:</b> it sure is a coincidence that Joey's outfits consist of more and more (and only) blue and white the longer he gets to know Kaiba<p/></p>
Puppyshipping/ Mokuba bashing
  • Seto: I need a puppy.
  • Mokuba: No you don't.
  • Seto: Yes, yes I do.
  • Mokuba: Nope, you really don't.
  • Seto: Yes, I really need one.
  • Mokuba: Fine, lets go get a puppy.
  • *Later*
  • Seto: I want this one.
  • Mokuba: ......
  • Seto: Mokuba, give me my wallet.
  • Mokuba: Seto, this is not a puppy.
  • Seto: Yes it is.
  • Mokuba: Seto, thats Joey.
  • Seto: I know, pass me my wallet.
  • Mokuba: Seto, we're not buying Joey.
  • Seto: I'll buy him with all of my money because i'm a big daddy.
  • Mokuba: Seto, have you been reading those weird online kinky fanfics again?
  • Seto: .....
  • Mokuba: I knew it.

Seto Kaiba x Jounouchi or Seto Kaiba x Joey. Once again, how can I not ship this? Like, there is no way. They have everything I love in a BL relationship! Seto is harsh and cold but does show kindness though very rarely and usually to his little brother. He hides his caring and real personality very well. He is obsessed with winning and is very prideful. 

Jonouchi is energetic, happy, and sometimes the comic relief. He shows kindness to everyone and believes in fairness. He grew up with nothing and tried his best to achieve everything. He is also extremely kind to his younger sibling. 

Both grow up from abusive households. In season 0, it states very clearly how Jounouchi’s father is an alcoholic and would willingly throw a glass bottle at him for just entering the house. Seto was adopted and the man didn’t treat him kindly either, as shown in many flashbacks. 

Both “hate” each other and are usually fighting. But during rare moments they show they care. When Jounouchi “died”, Seto did admit he respected him as a duelist and would not let his death be in vain. Jounouchi wouldn’t let Seto walk into danger alone either.

I can name a billion more reasons why I ship them, but I don’t want this post to be too long. 

Master Shipping List

Abandonshipping (Gozaburo x Noa x Mokuba)
Admireshipping (Bonz “Zombie Boy” x Mokuba)
Adoptshipping (Gozaburo x Seto)
Agonyshipping (Dark Marik “Melvin” x Marik x Thief King Bakura x Bakura)
Airshipping (Thief King Bakura x Priest Shada)
Akinshipping (Solomon Moto “Grandpa” x Mako Tsunami)
Ammoshipping (Gekko x Joey x Yako)
Amoshipping (Joey x Mai x Serenity)
Anagramshipping (Priest Karimu x Marik)
Analogshipping (Tristan x Bakura x Téa)
Angstshipping (Marik x Bakura)
Annoyshipping (Seto x Joey x Noa)
Anruishipping (Shaadi x Yugi)
Antagoshipping (Dark Bakura “Florence” x Seto)
Apocalypshipping (Dark Marik “Melvin” x Seto x Isis)
Apparishipping (Espa Roba x Bonz “Zombie Boy”)
Apprenticeshipping (Mahado x Mana)
Aptshipping (Tristan x Isis)
Aquaintanceshipping (Tristan x Espa Roba)
Archaicshipping (Pharaoh Atem x Priest Seto x Thief King Bakura)
Ardentshipping (Tristan x Serenity)
Argenshipping (Pegasus x Bakura)
Aromashipping (Mako Tsunami x Tristan x Joey)
Arrogantshipping (Seto x Mai)
Ateloshipping (Keith x Pegasus)
Attachshipping (Kisara x Mokuba)
Atticshipping (Bakura x Mana)
Avishipping (Dark Yugi “The Pharaoh” Yami x Isis)
Awareshipping (Duke Devlin x Marik x Bakura)
Aweshipping (Priest Mahado x Isis)
Axisshipping (Seto x Siegfried)
Azureshipping (Seto x Téa)
Babbleshipping (Joey x Kisara)
Bakushipping (Thief King Bakura x Dark Bakura “Florence” x Bakura)
Balanceshipping (Shaadi x Isis x Bakura)
Balladshipping (Mako Tsunami x Bakura x Serenity)
Bananashipping (Tristan x Marik)
Bandageshipping (Dark Bakura “Florence” x Bakura x Serenity)
Barbecueshipping (Tristan x Mako Tsunami)
Barrenshipping (Pegasus x Cadeline)
Barriershipping (Seto x Dark Yugi “The Pharaoh” Yami x Noa)
Barshipping (Keith x Joey x Tristan x Yugi)
Batteryshipping (Joey x Dark Bakura “Florence” x Bakura)
Battleshipping (Seto x Joey x Yugi)
Bayshipping (Priest Seto x Noa)
Beachshipping (Joey x Mako Tsunami x Serenity)
Beehiveshipping (Mai x Rebecca)
Behalfshipping (Espa Roba x Bakura)
Bickershipping (Marik x Joey x Seto)
Biteshipping (Seto x Possessed Joey x Yugi)
Bittershipping (Pegasus x Tristan)
Bladeshipping (Pandora x Yugi)
Blameshipping (Possessed Joey x Téa)
Blankshipping (Joey x Shogo)
Blessedshipping (Priest Mahado x Serenity)
Blindshipping (Pharaoh Atem x Yugi)
Bloodshipping (Dark Marik “Melvin” x Gozaburo)
Blondeshipping (Joey x Rafael)
Blueshipping (Seto x Kisara)
Bondangeshipping (Dark Marik “Melvin” x Duke Devlin)
Boothshipping (Keith x Seto x Joey x Serenity)
Bounceshipping (Bakura x Rebecca)
Boundshipping (Thief King Bakura x Yugi)
Boxshipping (Mokuba x Téa)
Breathshipping (Shaadi x Cyndia)
Bribeshipping (Mai x Rex Raptor)
Brightshipping (Joex x Seto x Mokuba)
Brokenshipping (Marik x Thief King Bakura x Bakura x Dark Bakura “Florence”)
Bronzeshipping (Dark Marik “Melvin” x Marik)
Bruiseshipping (Tristan x Joey x Rex Raptor)
Brutalshipping (Keith x Rex Raptor)
Buddyshipping (Tristan x Joey)
Burntshipping (Keith x Dark Yugi “The Pharaoh” Yami x Yugi)
Butterflyshipping (Bakura x Mai x Téa)
Cageshipping (Dark Bakura “Florence” x Dark Yugi “The Pharaoh” Yami x Marik)
Cakeshipping (Cyndia x Mokuba)
Candleshipping (Dark Bakura “Florence” x Seto x Bakura)
Cardshipping (Solomon Moto “Grandpa” x Yugi)
Careshipping (Tristan x Serenity x Yugi)
Carmenshipping (Dark Marik “Melvin” x Dark Bakura “Florence” x Seto)
Carpetshipping (Bandit Keith x Weevil Underwood)
Casteshipping (Pharaoh Atem x Thief King Bakura)
Castleshipping (Priest Seto x Joey x Seto)
Cavaliershipping (Dark Yugi “The Pharaoh” Yami x Rebecca)
Ceoshipping (Pegasus x Seto x Duke Devlin)
Challengeshipping (Siegfried x Duke Devlin)
Chanceshipping (Seto x Duke Devlin x Yugi)
Changeshipping (Duke Devlin x Marik)
Chaosshipping (Priest Seto x Thief King Bakura x Dark Bakura “Florence” x Seto)
Charmshipping (Serenity x Mana)
Chaseshipping (Tristan x Duke Devlin)
Cheatshipping (Joey x Espa Roba)
Cheershipping (Duke Devlin x Serenity)
Cherryshipping (Joey x Amane)
Chibishipping (Yugi x Mokuba)
Chimeshipping (Thief King Bakura x Marik x Mai)
Chuteshipping (Pharaoh Atem x Kisara)
Circleshipping (Tristan x Joey x Miho)
Citronshipping (Thief King Bakura x Marik)
Clashshipping (Dark Marik “Melvin” x Dark Yugi “The Pharaoh” Yami)
Clearshipping (Seto x Yugi x Mokuba)
Cliffshipping (Joey’s Dad x Joey)
Clingshipping (Yugi x Téa x Mokuba)
Cloudshipping (Noa x Serenity)
Clovershipping (Noa x Kisara)
Coastershipping (Rex Raptor x Espa Roba)
Cobaltshipping (Priest Seto x Seto x Kisara)
Coerceshipping (Strings x Bonz “Zombie Boy”)
Coinshipping (Téa x Miho)
Commitshipping (Priest Seto x Priestess Ishizu x Seto x Isis)
Companyshipping (Pegasus x Seto x Duke Devlin x Dartz x Siegfried)
Conceitshipping (Dark Bakura “Florence” x Mai)
Conditionshipping (Gozaburo x Mokuba)
Conquestshipping (Valon x Mai)
Conscriptshipping (Gozaburo x Seto x Mokuba)
Conspireshipping (Dark Marik “Melvin” x Dark Bakura “Florence” x Marik x Bakura)
Controlshipping (Marik x Noa)
Copeshipping (Keith x Téa x Serenity)
Copyshipping (Joey x Mai x Téa)
Corruptshipping (Thief King Bakura x Priest Seto)
Counselshipping (Dark Yugi “The Pharaoh” Yami x Duke Devlin x Isis)
Covershipping (Keith x Pandora)
Creamshipping (Thief King Bakura x Dark Bakura “Florence” x Bakura x Joey)
Creepshipping (Weevil Underwood x Bonz “Zombie Boy”)
Crestshipping (Seto x Isis x Shaadi)
Crosshipping (Dark Marik “Melvin” x Yugi)
Crownshipping (Pegasus x Téa)
Crushshipping (Tristan x Duke Devlin x Serenity)
Crypticshipping (Shaadi x Odion)
Crystalshipping (Téa x Mana)
Cunishipping (Mai x Téa x Serenity)
Curveshipping (Odion x Marik x Joey)
Danceshipping (Mai x Téa)
Dangershipping (Dark Marik “Melvin” x Seto)
Darkshipping (Dark Bakura “Florence” x Dark Yugi “The Pharaoh” Yami)
Darksideshipping (Valon x Dark Yugi “The Pharaoh” Yami)
Dashshipping (Miho x Serenity)
Dealshipping (Dark Bakura “Florence” x Bakura x Amane)
Deathshipping (Dark Marik “Melvin” x Bakura)
Deceptionshipping (Espa Roba x Damien Draco)
Defershipping (Shaadi x Marik)
Deignshipping (Shaadi x Dark Yugi “The Pharaoh” Yami x Yugi)
Deishipping (Pegasus x Noa)
Delusionshipping (Pandora x Cadeline)
Demiseshipping (Keith x Isis x Marik)
Denyshipping (Dark Bakura “Florence” x Dark Yugi “The Pharaoh” Yami x Téa)
Depthshipping (Gozaburo x Pegasus)
Devotionshipping (Joey x Téa)
Diamondshipping (Dark Marik “Melvin” x Dark Bakura “Florence” x Mai)
Diceshipping (Dark Bakura “Florence” x Duke Devlin)
Digshipping (Arthur x Bakura)
Dinoshipping (Rex Raptor x Yugi)
Discourageshipping (Priest Seto x Priest Mahado x Priestess Ishizu)
Distrustshipping (Seto x Shaadi)
Divulgeshipping (Dark Marik “Melvin” x Thief King Bakura x Pharaoh Atem)
Domashipping (Rafael x Alister x Valon)
Doodleshipping (Rebecca x Amane)
Doomshipping (Dark Marik “Melvin” x Dark Bakura “Florence” x Mokuba)
Doubtshipping (Seto x Marik x Bakura)
Downshipping (Keith x Cyndia)
Dragonshipping (Joey x Dark Yugi “The Pharaoh” Yami)
Dramashipping (Joey x Mako Tsunami)
Dreamshipping (Joey x Yugi x Mai)
Dripshipping (Mako Tsunami x Téa)
Driveshipping (Marik x Mai)
Droidshipping (Dark Yugi “The Pharaoh” Yami x Strings)
Dulcetshipping (Mai x Isis x Serenity)
Dungeonshipping (Pegasus x Duke Devlin)
Duskshipping (Marik x Kisara)
Dustshipping (Dark Marik “Melvin” x Cadeline)
Dynamicshipping (Mako Tsunami x Rebecca)
Ecoshipping (Mako Tsunami x Weevil Underwood)
Egoshipping (Keith x Seto x Mai)
Eliteshipping (Keith x Seto)
Enigmashipping (Priest Shaada x Shaadi)
Envyshipping (Téa x Rebecca)
Ettushipping (Seto x Joey x Mai)
Euroshipping (Seto x Bakura)
Evilshipping (Dark Marik “Melvin” x Dark Bakura “Florence” x Rebecca)
Executeshipping (Dark Marik “Melvin” x Shaadi)
Exodushipping (Joey x Yugi x Weevil Underwood)
Exoticshipping (Dark Bakura “Florence” x Isis)
Eyeshipping (Dark Bakura “Florence” x Pegasus)
Fadeshipping (Dark Marik “Melvin” x Joey)
Fakeshipping (Dark Marik “Melvin” x Joey x Marik)
Fallenshipping (Pandora x Marik)
Falseshipping (Strings x Cadeline)
Faltershipping (Bonz “Zombie Boy” x Rebecca)
Fateshipping (Rafael x Dark Yugi “The Pharaoh” Yami)
Faultshipping (Seto x Téa x Mokuba)
Fawnshipping (Pegasus x Weevil Underwood)
Fearshipping (Dark Marik “Melvin” x Isis)
Feathershipping (Dark Yugi “The Pharaoh” Yami x Joey x Yugi)
Feignshipping (Dark Marik “Melvin” x Pegasus x Duke Devlin)
Femmeshipping (Mai x Isis x Téa)
Fetishipping (Dark Marik “Melvin” x Marik x Dark Bakura “Florence”)
Figureshipping (Isis x Mai x Téa x Serenity)
Fillershipping (Noa x Rebecca)
Flareshipping (Seto x Dark Yugi “The Pharaoh” Yami x Yugi)
Flickshipping (Dark Kamen x Light Kamen x Dark Yugi “The Pharaoh” Yami x Seto)
Flippantshipping (Duke Devlin x Mai)
Flipshipping (Seto x Noa x Yugi)
Floatshipping (Thief King Bakura x Priestess Ishizu)
Flowshipping (Priestess Ishizu x Kisara)
Flurryshipping (Bakura x Yugi x Mokuba)
Fogshipping (Seto x Mako Tsunami)
Fontshipping (Marik x Mako Tsunami)
Foreshipping (Isis x Yugi)
Forlornshipping (Pegasus x Pandora)
Fossilshipping (Rex Raptor x Bonz “Zombie Boy”)
Fractureshipping (Thief King Bakura x Dark Marik “Melvin” x Dark Bakura “Florence” x Marik x Bakura)
Fragileshipping (Dark Yugi “The Pharaoh” Yami x Bakura)
Frazzleshipping (Joey x Rebecca)
Friendshipping (Yugi x Téa x Joey x Tristan)
Furyshipping (Dark Marik “Melvin” x Joey x Seto x Dark Yugi “The Pharaoh” Yami)
Gainshipping (Dark Yugi “The Pharaoh” Yami x Mako Tsunami)
Gambleshipping (Duke Devlin x Joey x Isis)
Gameshipping (Dark Yugi “The Pharaoh” Yami x Duke Devlin)
Gardenshipping (Siegfried x Isis)
Geminishipping (Thief King Bakura x Dark Bakura “Florence”)
Gemshipping (Thief King Bakura x Bakura)
Gentianshipping (Marik x Isis x Serenity)
Ghostshipping (Noa x Bonz “Zombie Boy” x Amane)
Giftshipping (Tristan x Joey x Yugi x Miho)
Gingershipping (Keith x Serenity)
Glasshipping (Thief King Bakura x Shaadi)
Glittershipping (Téa x Kisara)
Goldshipping (Dark Marik “Melvin x Thief King Bakura x Pharaoh Atem x Marik)
Gothshipping (Bakura x Bonz “Zombie Boy”)
Graceshipping (Bakura x Isis)
Gravityshipping (Thief King Bakura x Marik x Bakura)
Greedshipping (Tetsu Trudge “Ushio” x Yugi)
Grudgeshipping (Pegasus x Seto x Yugi)
Guardshipping (Roland x Seto)
Gypshipping (Joey x Rex Raptor)
Hairshipping (Tristan x Dark Yugi “The Pharaoh” Yami)
Halfshipping (Bakura x Miho)
Hallucinoshipping (Pandora x Noa)
Hangshipping (Dark Bakura “Florence” x Keith x Seto)
Hauntshipping (Dark Marik “Melvin” x Bonz “Zombie Boy”)
Hazelshipping (Bakura x Yugi x Isis)
Hazeshipping (Mako Tsunami x Bakura)
Headdressshipping (Priest Seto x Priest Mahado)
Heartshipping (Bakura x Yugi)
Hellshipping (Sakate x Takaido x Bonz “Zombie Boy”)
Heroshipping (Jean-Claude Magnum x Joey)
Hideshipping (Pegasus x Yugi)
Hikarishipping (Marik x Bakura x Yugi)
Holeshipping (Dark Yugi “The Pharaoh” Yami x Seto x Marik)
Honorshipping (Mako Tsunami x Dark Yugi “The Pharaoh” Yami x Yugi)
Hopeshipping (Téa x Bakura x Serenity)
Hostageshiping (Marik x Joey x Téa)
Hostshipping (Bakura x Téa)
Hydrashipping (Mako Tsunami x Rex Raptor)
Idolshipping (Keith x Bonz “Zombie Boy”)
Illogicshipping (Seto x Isis x Serenity)
Illusionshipping (Dark Marik “Melvin” x Mai)
Immatureshipping (Joey x Noa)
Imoutoshipping (Serenity x Amane)
Incestshipping (Seto x Isis x Joey x Mokuba x Marik x Serenity)
Insightshipping (Priest Seto x Isis)
Intentshipping (Dark Bakura “Florence” x Mokuba)
Interfereshipping (Dark Marik “Melvin” x Joey x Mai)
Intimidashipping (Keith x Yugi)
Intrigueshipping (Priest Aknadin x Priest Seto)
Invalidshipping (Shaadi x Bakura)
Irateshipping (Marik x Joey)
Issueshipping (Joey x Seto x Isis)
Itemshipping (Dark Yugi “The Pharaoh” Yami x Seto x Isis)
Jackalshipping (Shaadi x Joey)
Jadeshipping (Duke Devlin x Isis)
Jeershipping (Valon x Joey)
Jiishipping (Solomon Moto “Grandpa” x Arthur)
Kaibashipping (Gozaburo x Noa x Seto x Mokuba)
Kamenshipping (Dark Kamen x Light Kamen)
Kamishipping (Seto x Joey x Dark Yugi “The Pharaoh” Yami)
Kickshipping (Joey x Tristan x Duke Devlin)
Kiddyshipping (Mokuba x Rebecca)
Kidnapshipping (Marik x Joey x Téa x Mokuba)
Kindleshipping (Seto x Isis x Marik)
Kleptoshipping (Dark Bakura “Florence” x Yugi)
Kusoshipping (Marik x Dark Bakura “Florence” x Yugi)
Labelshipping (Weevil Underwood x Mokuba)
Labyrinthshipping (Mai x Kyuu)
Laddershipping (Zorc Necrophades x Thief King Bakura)
Lateshipping (Dark Bakura “Florence” x Amane)
Laulshipping (Dark Yugi “The Pharaoh” Yami x Mahado x Mana)
Lawshipping (Priest Aknadin x Priestess Ishizu)
Leadshipping (Keith x Joey x Dark Yugi “The Pharaoh” Yami)
Leafshipping (Dark Yugi “The Pharaoh” Yami x Tetsu Trudge “Ushio”)
Leathershipping (Keith x Dark Yugi “The Pharaoh” Yami)
Liberashipping (Marik x Yugi)
Liftshipping (Joey x Tristan x Duke Devlin x Mai)
Lineshipping (Seto x Tristan x Miho)
Lingershipping (Pharaoh Atem x Priestess Ishizu)
Linkshipping (Priest Seto x Yugi)
Logicshipping (Priest Seto x Priestess Ishizu)
Loquashipping (Kisara x Rebecca)
Losshipping (Rex Raptor x Espa Roba x Weevil Underwood)
Lotusshipping (Seto x Noa x Mokuba)
Loyaltyshipping (Dark Yugi “The Pharaoh” Yami x Mahado)
Luckshipping (Serenity x Duke Devlin x Tristan x Mai)
Lynchshipping (Thief King Bakura x Dark Marik “Melvin” x Marik)
Magishipping (Dartz x Mana)
Mahoshipping (Pandora x Espa Roba)
Mainshipping (Seto x Joey x Dark Yugi “The Pharaoh” Yami x Yugi)
Maliceshipping (Dark Marik “Melvin” x Thief King Bakura x Bakura x Dark Bakura “Florence”)
Mallowshipping (Bakura x Isis x Serenity)
Manipulashipping (Marik x Téa)
Marbleshipping (Rex Raptor x Bakura)
Marshipping (Odion x Pegasus)
Maskedshipping (Dark Kamen x Light Kamen x Pandora)
Mastershipping (Seto x Duke Devlin)
Measureshipping (Priest Karimu x Priest Shaada)
Mechashipping (Keith x Espa Roba)
Mentorshipping (Solomon Moto “Grandpa” x Joey)
Mercyshipping (Bakura x Cyndia)
Messageshipping (Dark Yugi “The Pharaoh” Yami x Yugi x Seto x Mokuba)
Midriffshipping (Marik x Alister)
Midshipping (Tristan x Joey x Yugi)
Mindslaveshipping (Keith x Strings)
Minokenshipping (Priest Seto x Priest Karimu)
Minorshipping (Duke Devlin x Bakura)
Mintshipping (Espa Roba x Weevil Underwood)
Mirrorshipping (Seto x Noa)
Misanthroshipping (Thief King Bakura x Dark Marik “Melvin” x Dark Bakura “Florence”)
Mischiefshipping (Thief King Bakura x Mana)
Misguideshipping (Duke Devlin x Rebecca)
Mistshipping (Mako Tsunami x Duke Devlin)
Mizushipping (Priest Seto x Kisara)
Mnemoshipping (Dark Yugi “The Pharaoh” Yami x Marik)
Mobiumshipping (Pharaoh Atem x Dark Yugi “The Pharaoh” Yami x Yugi)
Monarchshipping (Pharaoh Atem x Dark Yugi “The Pharaoh” Yami)
Moralshipping (Priest Mahado x Téa)
Morishipping (Dark Bakura “Florence” x Tristan)
Motivateshipping (Keith x Joey x Mai)
Motorshipping (Tristan x Marik x Joey)
Muddleshipping (Tristan x Seto x Duke Devlin x Bakura x Serenity)
Mumbleshipping (Seto x Duke Devlin x Bakura)
Mysteryshipping (Shaadi x Amane)
Mystshipping (Isis x Téa)
Mythshipping (Isis x Marik)
Naiveshipping (Bakura x Yugi x Téa)
Necroshipping (Dark Marik “Melvin” x Dark Bakura “Florence” x Bakura)
Negateshipping (Dark Marik “Melvin” x Odion)
Nellshipping (Noa x Amane)
Ninjashipping (Jean-Claude Magnum x Mai)
Noteshipping (Joey x Tristan x Téa)
Noviceshipping (Yugi x Mana)
Nurseshipping (Mai x Serenity)
Obscureshipping (Shaadi x Isis)
Obstinateshipping (Seto x Tristan x Duke Devlin)
Occultshipping (Dark Bakura “Florence” x Bonz “Zombie Boy”)
Offershipping (Duke Devlin x Yugi)
Oliveshipping (Priest Karimu x Odion)
Opticshipping (Pegasus x Serenity)
Orchidshipping (Cyndia x Duke Devlin)
Orchisshipping (Isis x Téa x Serenity)
Ordershipping (Marik x Possessed Joey)
Otoutoshipping (Espa Roba x Kyoto)
Outcastshipping (Thief King Bakura x Kisara)
Overlookshipping (Espa Roba x Mokuba)
Paleshipping (Kisara x Amane)
Parasiteshipping (Joey x Weevil Underwood)
Passionshipping (Pegasus x Joey)
Pastelshipping (Marik x Espa Roba)
Pastshipping (Isis x Marik x Dark Marik “Melvin”)
Peachshipping (Téa x Yugi)
Pedocestshipping (Espa Roba x Bakura)
Persevereshipping (Duke Devlin x Téa)
Pervadeshipping (Cyndia x Amane)
Pervertshipping (Solomon Moto “Grandpa” x Téa)
Pestshipping (Weevil Underwood x Téa)
Petshipping (Seto x Joey x Duke Devlin)
Phantomshipping (Noa x Cyndia x Amane)
Philtreshipping (Dark Bakura “Florence” x Mana)
Pillowshipping (Rex Raptor x Weevil Underwood x Mai)
Pinkshipping (Joey x Siegfried)
Pixelshipping (Noa x Princess Edina)
Placateshipping (Bakura x Kisara)
Platinumshipping (Pegasus x Kisara)
Pleashipping (Priest Mahado x Priestess Ishizu)
Plundershipping (Dark Bakura “Florence” x Dark Yugi “The Pharaoh” Yami x Joey)
Poemshipping (Yugi x Miho)
Polarshipping (Joey x Mai)
Pompshipping (Seto x Miho)
Powdershipping (Seto x Bakura x Serenity)
Powershipping (Seto x Marik)
Prankshipping (Joey x Seto x Noa x Mokuba)
Pressureshipping (Sakate x Bonz “Zombie Boy”)
Prideshipping (Seto x Dark Yugi “The Pharaoh” Yami)
Prizeshipping (Seto x Mokuba x Dark Yugi “The Pharaoh” Yami)
Prodigyshipping (Seto x Rebecca)
Promiseshipping (Dark Yugi “The Pharaoh” Yami x Yugi x Mokuba)
Prongshipping (Priest Seto x Weevil Underwood)
Prophetshipping (Isis x Espa Roba)
Protectshipping (Tristan x Bakura)
Psycheshipping (Mai x Espa Roba)
Psychoshipping (Dark Marik “Melvin” x Dark Bakura “Florence”)
Puddleshipping (Mako Tsunami x Kisara)
Puffshipping (Joey x Bakura)
Pullshipping (Keith x Dark Bakura “Florence” x Marik)
Puppetshipping (Marik x Strings)
Puppyshipping (Seto x Joey)
Pushshipping (Noa x Seto x Duke Devlin)
Puzzleshipping (Dark Yugi “The Pharaoh” Yami x Yugi)
Quarrelshipping (Yugi x Alister)
Razorshipping (Pandora x Dark Yugi “The Pharaoh” Yami)
Reachshipping (Priest Karimu x Priestess Ishizu)
Rebelshipping (Dark Bakura “Florence” x Dark Marik “Melvin” x Dark Yugi “The Pharaoh” Yami x Seto x Joey)
Redeemshipping (Pegasus x Dark Yugi “The Pharaoh” Yami)
Reefshipping (Mana x Valon)
Refuseshipping (Marik’s Dad x Odion)
Refineshipping (Pegasus x Mai)
Regalshipping (Dark Yugi “The Pharaoh” Yami x Mai)
Regresshipping (Pegasus x Cyndia x Pandora x Cadeline)
Releaseshipping (Dark Yugi “The Pharaoh” Yami x Marik x Bakura)
Relicshipping (Dark Yugi “The Pharoh” Yami x Ishizu)
Relyshipping (Joey x Serenity)
Rendershipping (Pegasus x Seto x Joey)
Replaceshipping (Gozaburo x Noa x Seto)
Replayshipping (Yugi x Rebecca)
Rerunshipping (Dark Bakura “Florence” x Noa)
Rescueshipping (Kisara x Serenity)
Resistshipping (Yugi x Shogo)
Respectshipping (Dark Yugi “The Pharaoh” Yami x Mokuba)
Resurrectshipping (Cadeline x Cyndia)
Revelationshipping (Seto x High Priestess Ishizu)
Revenantshipping (Dark Yugi “The Pharaoh” Yami x Amane)
Revengeshipping (Alister x Seto)
Revertshipping (Priest Seto x Joey)
Revolutionshipping (Dark Yugi “The Pharaoh” Yami x Téa)
Rewindshipping (Priest Seto x Dark Yugi “The Pharaoh” Yami)
Rhythmshipping (Mai x Kyuu x Dark Yugi “The Pharaoh” Yami x Joey)
Ribbonshipping (Tristan x Duke Devlin x Miho)
Riddleshipping (Mai x Kyuu x Dark Yugi “The Pharaoh” Yami)
Riftshipping (Thief King Bakura x Bakura x Yugi)
Ringshipping (Thief King Bakura x Mahado)
Ripshipping (Thief King Bakura x Isis)
Rivalshipping (Seto x Yugi)
Rivetshipping (Keith x Pegasus x Odion)
Rodshipping (Priest Seto x Marik)
Roseshipping (Pegasus x Cyndia)
Rogueshipping (Thief King Bakura x Dark Bakura “Florence” x Marik)
Rougeshipping (Pegasus x Siegfried)
Ruffleshipping (Pegasus x Duke Devlin x Mokuba)
Ruinshipping (Ishizu x Mokuba)
Ruseshipping (Odion x Marik)
Rustshipping (Dark Marik “Melvin” x Thief King Bakura x Bakura)
Safetyshipping (Dark Bakura “Florence” x Tristan x Bakura)
Saffronshipping (Marik x Joey x Mai)
Sailshipping (Mako Tsunami x Mai)
Sanityshipping (Yami x Season Zero Yami)
Scaleshipping (Shaadi x Priest Karimu)
Scandalshipping (Priest Seto x Pharaoh Atem)
Scarshipping (Thief King Bakura x Odion)
Scornshipping (Seto x Black Magician)
Screamshipping (Dark Bakura “Florence” x Serenity)
Screechshipping (Mai x Téa x Rebecca)
Sealshipping (Pharaoh Atem x Mahado)
Searchshipping (Dark Marik “Melvin” x Odion x Marik x Isis)
Secondshipping (Pegasus x Rex Raptor)
Sedateshipping (Marik x Serenity)
Seershipping (Priestess Ishizu x Isis)
Sepulchershipping (Dark Bakura “Florence” x Odion)
Serfshipping (Pharaoh Atem x Joey)
Servantshipping (Dark Yugi “The Pharaoh” Yami x Mana)
Shabonshipping (Joey x Mako Tsunami x Noa)
Shackleshipping (Marik x Mai x Mokuba)
Shadeshipping (Thief King Bakura x Amane)
Shadowshipping (Dark Yugi “The Pharaoh” Yami x Serenity)
Shakeshipping (Takaido x Bonz “Zombie Boy”)
Shameshipping (Odion x Marik x Ishizu)
Shieldshipping (Joey x Seto x Serenity)
Shimmershipping (Duke Devlin x Mokuba)
Shinkanshipping (Priest Aknadin x Priest Karimu x Priest Mahado x Priest Seto x Priest Shaada x Priestess Ishizu)
Shinshipping (Possessed Joey x Dark Yugi “The Pharaoh” Yami)
Shivershipping (Téa x Serenity x Mana)
Shoreshipping (Mako Tsunami x Serenity)
Shotshipping (Keith x Bakura)
Shredshipping (Solomon Moto “Grandpa” x Kisara)
Shrimpshipping (Rex Raptor x Weevil Underwood)
Shroudshipping (Pharaoh Atem x Thief King Bakura x Priestess Ishizu)
Siblingshipping (Mokuba x Serenity)
Sickleshipping (Dark Marik “Melvin” x Thief King Bakura)
Sideshipping (Téa x Serenity)
Sightshipping (Pegasus x Isis)
Silentshipping (Seto x Serenity)
Silvershipping (Solomon Moto “Grandpa” x Pegasus)
Sinistershipping (Dartz x Pegasus)
Sinkshipping (Pharaoh Atem x Amane)
Sirenshipping (Dark Marik “Melvin” x Priest Seto)
Slaveshipping (Pegasus x Mokuba)
Sleepshipping (Marik x Possessed Joey x Odion)
Slickshipping (Priest Aknadin x Thief King Bakura)
Slipshipping (Joey x Miho)
Slumbershipping (Bakura x Noa)
Snapshipping (Seto x Joey x Miho)
Snareshipping (Joey x Duke Devlin)
Softshipping (Bakura x Serenity)
Soloshipping (Odion x Mai)
Sombershipping (Bakura x Amane)
Sororshipping (Isis x Serenity)
Spaceshipping (Dark Marik “Melvin” x Serenity)
Sovreignshipping (Winged Dragon of Ra x Dark Marik “Melvin”)
Sparkleshipping (Kisara x Mana)
Spatshipping (Seto x Joey x Mokuba x Serenity)
Spazzshipping (Dark Bakura “Florence” x Joey)
Spearshipping (Mako Tsunami x Yugi)
Spiceshipping (Keith x Seto x Serenity)
Spikeshipping (Tristan x Yugi)
Spiritshipping (Dark Yugi “The Pharaoh” Yami x Téa x Yugi)
Spoilshipping (Pegasus x Rebecca)
Sprayshipping (Seto x Mako Tsunami x Serenity)
Stabshipping (Dark Marik “Melvin” x Marik x Bakura)
Stakeshipping (Keith x Mai)
Stalkshipping (Seto x Bakura x Miho)
Standshipping (Odion x Joey)
Starshipping (Seto x Dark Yugi “The Pharaoh” Yami x Duke Devlin)
Startleshipping (Keith x Téa)
Staticshipping (Possessed Joey x Pandora)
Steelshipping (Keith x Dark Bakura “Florence”)
Stepshipping (Noa x Mokuba)
Stifleshipping (Dark Marik “Melvin” x Noa)
Stoicshipping (Priest Seto x Seto)
Stubbornshipping (Tristan x Seto)
Summonshipping (Dark Marik “Melvin” x Odion x Marik)
Supplyshipping (Solomon Moto “Grandpa” x Gozaburo)
Supportshipping (Tristan x Téa)
Sweetshipping (Bakura x Mokuba)
Swiftshipping (Joey x Isis)
Switchshipping (Mokuba x Princess Edina)
Symbioshipping (Mako Tsunami x Espa Roba)
Tabloidshipping (Seto x Mokuba)
Taintshipping (Seto x Noa x Bakura)
Taleshipping (Siegfried x Leonhart von Schroider “Leon Wilson”)
Tamashipping (Seto x Amane)
Tangleshipping (Mako Tsunami x Rex Raptor x Espa Roba x Weevil Underwood)
Tasselshipping (Seto x Espa Roba)
Tauntshipping (Pegasus x Marik x Dark Yugi “The Pharaoh” Yami x Seto)
Teaseshipping (Seto x Joey x Bakura)
Tendershipping (Dark Bakura “Florence” x Bakura)
Thiefshipping (Dark Bakura “Florence” x Marik)
Thornshipping (Dark Marik “Melvin” x Téa)
Throneshipping (Dark Yugi “The Pharaoh” Yami x Theif King Bakura x Dark Marik “Melvin”)
Threadshipping (Dark Marik “Melvin” x Marik x Strings x Dark Yugi “The Pharaoh” Yami)
Tieshipping (Tristan x Miho)
Tiltshipping (Keith x Joey x Yugi)
Timeshipping (Pharaoh Atem x Seto)
Timidshipping (Yugi x Serenity)
Tipshipping (Solomon Moto “Grandpa” x Joey x Yugi)
Tombshipping (Pegasus x Marik)
Toonshipping (Pegasus x Seto)
Tornshipping (Dark Bakura “Florence” x Bakura x Marik)
Toughshipping (Keith x Joey)
Tourneyshipping (Dark Yugi “The Pharaoh” Yami x Weevil Underwood)
Towershipping (Dark Marik “Melvin” x Seto x Joey)
Trackshipping (Dark Bakura “Florence” x Shaadi)
Tradeshipping (Solomon Moto “Grandpa” x Seto)
Tragicshiping (Keith x Pegasus x Cyndia)
Trapshipping (Dark Bakura “Florence” x Dark Yugi “The Pharaoh” Yami x Bakura x Yugi)
Trenchshipping (Tristan x Weevil Underwood)
Trendshipping (Miho x Téa x Serenity)
Tributeshipping (Priest Mahado x Kisara)
Trustshipping (Seto x Isis)
Tuftshipping (Rex Raptor x Mokuba)
Turbulenceshipping (Seto x Dark Yugi “The Pharaoh” Yami x Bakura)
Twistedshipping (Shaadi x Pegasus)
Unlockshipping (Shaadi x Dark Yugi “The Pharaoh” Yami)
Vanishshipping (Pharaoh Atem x Téa)
Vaseshipping (Pharaoh Atem x Mana)
Veershipping (Keith x Isis)
Velcroshipping (Thief King Bakura x Weevil Underwood)
Vengeanceshipping (Keith x Marik)
Vexshipping (Dark Bakura “Florence” x Téa)
Vigilshipping (Mai x Bakura)
Villageshipping (Mai x Kyuu x Joey)
Virtualshipping (Gozaburo x Noa)
Visionshipping (Mai x Isis)
Vividshipping (Yugi x Kisara)
Vortexshipping (Pharaoh Atem x Priest Aknadin)
Wallshipping (Odion x Serenity)
Warnshipping (Dark Bakura “Florence” x Isis x Bakura)
Warshipping (Dark Marik “Melvin” x Marik x Yami Bakura “Florence” x Thief King Bakura)
Watchshipping (Joey x Priestess Ishizu)
Whispershipping (Seto x Possessed Joey)
Whiteshipping (Kisara x Thief King Bakura x Priest Seto)
Willowshipping (Arthur x Kisara)
Windshipping (Bakura x Yugi x Serenity)
Winshipping (Pegasus x Joey x Yugi)
Wintershipping (Mokuba x Amane)
Wishshipping (Joey x Yugi)
Wrapshipping (Thief King Bakura x Joey)
Wreckshipping (Dark Marik “Melvin” x Dark Yugi “The Pharaoh” Yami x Seto)
Xenoshipping (Odion x Isis)
Yamishipping (Dark Marik “Melvin” x Dark Bakura “Florence” x Dark Yugi “The Pharaoh” Yami)
Youngstershipping (Marix x Mokuba)
Yujoshipping (Possessed Joey x Yugi)
YuuMaishipping (Dark Marik “Melvin” x Marik x Dark Bakura “Florence” x Bakura x Dark Yugi “The Pharaoh” Yami x Yugi)
Zombieshipping (Joey x Bonz “Zombie Boy”)

—   opaldreamer – DeviantArt




Joey’s browsing History #1

Seto: Puppy, we must talk.

Joey: About what?

Seto: I was checking your browsing history an-

Joey: Seto, babe, I thought we agreed dat you’d trust me!

Seto: Yes, Yes we did, however this is not abou-

Joey: I’m not cheating! 

Seto: I never said you were deceiving me! 

Joey: Then what do ya want then ya dope!?

Seto: ‘ girls tutu dresses’, ‘girls tutu skirts’, ‘clefairy’, ‘tutu skirts for girls’, ‘ tutu skirts’. These things are on your browsing history.

Joey:… 0_0

Seto: Explain this to me Mutt, I mean I can understand the tutu’s for girls thing because the tutu’s created for girls feel and look much more appealing. But Clefairy?! seriously?

Joey: It was Yugi! 

Seto: Nice try Wheeler, Yugi is being held hostage in his bedroom because Yami wants to have some BDSM action.

Joey:… BDSM?… wait how do ya even know this?

Seto: I was the one who provided the restraints.

Joey: -_- I’m not even surprised.

Seto: Of coarse you arn’t, you are used to being restrained~ 

Joey: >///< 


Puppyshipping once a day keeps the urges at bay ;)

Credit to their artists 

1st image :,d.ZGg&psig=AFQjCNGC44WLQlcqRmm0NTVvniqHl-eDIA&ust=1486899900278799

2nd image:,d.ZGg&psig=AFQjCNGC44WLQlcqRmm0NTVvniqHl-eDIA&ust=1486899900278799

Tristan knows Joey’s ‘secret’

Tristan: *leans against the door frame*  Heyy Joey~ 

Joey: *Looks up from his duel monsters magazine* Sup Tristan, how you doin’?

Tristan: *straightens up* Am alright now that I know yer secret! *points a stern finger at Joey* 

Joey: *narrows eyes* ‘Ang on a second what secret? *crosses arms*

Tristan: Well y’know… *fidgets a bit*

Joey: No I don’t know *rolls his eyes*

Seto: What’s going on? It is far too noisy in here *stands behind Tristan, spooking him* 

Tristan: I, we- uhhm *Sweats a little as he looks from Seto to Joey* 

Joey: Ignore ‘im Set and get over here will ya? *he licks his bottom lip and looks down at his reading material* 

Seto: *Shoves Tristan to the side and enters the room to join Joey on his bed* Are you finally expressing signs of actually learning some- hold on are you seriously catching up on the latest volume of duel monsters magazine?

Joey: Of coarse I am *Sighs and turns a page and sneaks a glance at Seto* 

Seto: So tell me mutt, what have you learned from this volume? *pushes closer to Joey* 

Tristan: *Stands by the door with a “ WHAT THE FU*K “ look* 

Joey: That the head of Kaiba corp, dat’s you- *Seto rolls his eyes* have shed some light upon yer time training to take over Kaiba corp as a kid an’n stuff *Shrugs, looks a bit sheepish* 

Seto: What about in the volume before that? *sounds slightly interested* 

Joey: That you were gonna be workin’ on more duel disks in da future and some other weird ass stuff *smiles stupidly * 

Seto: Do you just read my input in that magazine? *raises eyebrows slightly and puts one leg over the other* 

Joey: I- uhh maybe *blushes as he rubs the back of his neck and looks at anything but Seto*

Seto: Puppy.. *Pulls Joey by the shoulders towards him until the blonde is resting closely against Seto’s side* 

Tristan: I knew it! Joey has a crush on Kaiba~ *Points dramatically at the pair on the bed with glee* 

Seto & Joey: Are you an idiot? * they speak perfectly in sync* 

Marik: They’re dating you overgrown baboon! *Slaps Tristan on the back of the head as he races past the room in search of his hair dryer* 

Tristan: * MIND IS BLOWN* 

Seto: We all know who blows Tristan’s mind *smirks evily* 

Joey: Set! *punches his boyfriends arm playfully* 

Seto: I don’t see what is wrong with stating the obvious Joey, after all Duke boasts about it all the time at Kaiba cafe *rubs his temple to relive stress*