seto city

I wonder if Kaiba ever put out a general duel etiquette and health disclaimer for his tournaments.


  • Drink plenty of water and wear comfortable clothing while participating.
  • Pay attention to hazardous conditions such as wet piers, docks, or bridges or high places.
  • Do not trespass.
  • Do not duel on the building ledges.
  • Do not duel in abandoned warehouses or private property where there are unsupervised machinery.
  • Do no force other duelists to duel if they do not consent.
  • Holographic images and impact effects may include, whiplash, shock, dizziness, drowsiness, numbness, sudden but temporary blindness, breathlessness, sudden depression, sudden euphoria, sudden rage, sudden anxiety, panic attacks, an in rare occasions sexual arousal or lost of consciousness .
  • Participate in duels with caution if you have the following health conditions: a history of blood clots, history of fainting, history of vertigo, history of sleep walking, insomnia, lapse in memory, asthma, sensitivity to light, sensitivity to sound, a heart condition, high blood pressure, low blood pressure, documented phobias, are pregnant, back injuries, hospitalized in the last 3 months, or a current health condition that needs strict monitoring or PTSD.

You know…just wondering…I assume he has a legal team.


holy shit

in the dub the password’s just Pegasus’s own name (bc he’s vain or something idk), but in the sub he’s making a sick joke about Kaiba’s backstory

manga colouring with redraws and slight fixes…this is my favourite panel


I love this sequence.  In their tag-team duel with the Light and Dark Mask guys, Kaiba has just sacrificed his Blue Eyes White Dragon so that Yami no Yugi had time to combine his magnet warriors into Magnet Valkerion.  When Yami hesitates instead of attacking the Light and Dark Mask duo, Kaiba immediately jumps to the conclusion that Yami was just using him and that he’s about to be betrayed.  

I love Yami’s response.  He immediately tells Kaiba that if he needs Yami to attack he’ll do it, regardless of consequences.  For possibly the first time since his parents died, someone has not only taken Kaiba’s emotional needs seriously, but has actually put Kaiba’s emotional welfare above their own agenda.  Then Yami does something just as remarkable: after telling Kaiba to calm down, he backs off and gives Kaiba the time he needs to focus, think things through for himself, and to understand what Yami was trying to tell him.  Yami waits until Kaiba gives the word to attack – and I love the smile on Yami’s face when Kaiba comes through.

Earlier in the duel, Yami asks for Kaiba’s trust.  Here he shows why he deserves it.