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Who is the twitter account: unluckyassistant? (Sorry on phone and I just forgot what it was). The penultimate script twitter.

he’s a Sherlock crew member and part of the location team. I’m not sure, if we know his actual name. (can’t check right now). but he tweeted some pics during the previous setlock and talks to other crew members via twitter.
Sherlock season 4 set to be filmed at Pinewood Studio Wales
Filming of the fourth series of BBC drama Sherlock is expected to be filmed at studios in Cardiff
By Sion Barry

Filming of the fourth series of BBC drama Sherlock is expected to be filmed at studios in Cardiff

In a major boost to the creative industries sector in Wales the next series of popular BBC drama Sherlock will be filmed in South Wales, it is understood.

Filming on the fourth series will start in the spring and be aired next year.

Previous series have been filmed in studios and on location in South Wales.

However, the successful Christmas special, was shot in studios and on in location in Bristol.

The drama, starring Benedict Cumberbatch as Sherlock Holmes and Martin Freeman as Dr Watson, is expected to be filmed at Pinewood Studio Wales on the outskirts of Cardiff at Wentloog.

Location filming will also take place in South Wales.

The studio complex, which Pinewood rents from the Welsh Government, has 70,000 sq ft of shooting space, including two 20,000 sq st stages.

The project is expected to receive financial assistance from the Welsh Government, which has a £30m media investment fund.

In a statement the BBC said: “It’s too early to confirm filming details of the new series of Sherlock.”

The production company behind Sherlock is London-based Hartswood Film, which also has an office in Cardiff.

I mean, I agree with people that the suspected baby casting could be for another Sherlock Mind Palace sequence (Sherlock imagining another ‘worst scenario’ case like in the TAB graveyard scene, where John and Mary are still together?) or just of course for the ‘real’ show…

…but right now I’m in love with @bug-catcher-in-viridian-forest‘s suggestion that it could be for a flashback, where we see Mycroft holding Sherlock as a baby.

Can you imagine if that’s when he originally made his promise to Sherlock.

I’ll always be there for you.

Aaah <3


With the upcoming Setlock for series 4 (well, soon-ish :) it’s time for this again:

I wish us all a lovely and exciting Setlock!!

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Let the Games begin!

In light of Arwel Wyn Jones’s recent tweet, Setlock has been declared On.
I would like to post a heads-up that this blog won’t be free of theories, pictures, speculations, anything related to the incoming season of Sherlock.
If you want to avoid that, you can blacklist these tags :
#setlock 4
#sherlock s4

Setlock Is Afoot!!! :D.