Despite working on this for days and editing it multiple times, this still feels more like me thinking out loud than having me having complete thoughts. It’s at the point where I feel comfortable sharing it, and people have been asking me if and when I would say something, so here it is.

Where do we go from here?

My goal with this account has always been to share timely, relevant information about the band Brand New, because we all know they aren’t going to share it themselves. I’ve worked hard to connect people with the information they’re looking for about the band, whether it’s about tickets, vinyl, merchandise, photos, setlists, etc. I feel a sense of responsibility with that. People follow me for that, so I want to provide it the best I can.

But right now, I’m in a weird place. And before I talk about myself, I need to say that my deepest sympathy goes out to the victims in this story. I am sorry to see that so many people don’t believe you. I hope that by speaking out, you are able to heal. The fans of this band are not the victims, we are bystanders in someone else’s tragedy. That’s something I’ve kept in mind. But since I’ve made informing and bringing fans together a hobby of mine, I feel like I should speak to it. The title of the account is Brand New fans, but I am just me, one Brand New fan. (And even that is something I’m struggling with right now.) It has never been my intention to speak for all of the fans, and based on my interactions over the past few days, it’s very clear that I absolutely do not.

I have always liked knowing that a lot of the tweets I send make people happy. (More on that later.) But right now there’s not much to be happy about. The thing I’m asking myself is what should the role of a fan account be at a time like this? It certainly doesn’t feel right to just ignore this situation. If I just never tweeted about this, I’m sure I’d be accused of trying to hide it. I knew I had to acknowledge it when it first broke. And since then, I posted a few tweets with info about the shows; Martha pulled out, Kevin pulled out, then they were postponed. And since then I’ve retweeted Jesse’s statement, Kevin’s statement, Sainthood Reps tweet about it, plus a few articles about all of this…and one plea from me to the Reddit Detective Crew. Things feel upside down when the band’s fan account is exclusively tweeting about the awful things one band member did. Some people have said I’ve handled this well, and many others disagree.

Twitter is a great way to disseminate information quickly. It is a horrible place to have a tough, honest, nuanced discussion about men and power, idol worship, sexual assault, justice, forgiveness, rehabilitation, or really anything at all, even with 280 characters. Instead, the conversations that are happening aren’t helpful and don’t go anywhere. So I’m not sure where to go from here.

Is it my obligation to continue to share relevant information, even when it’s all terrible? Should I share every article written about this? Is there such thing as too much? Should I do more? What would that even look like? Or…should I just never tweet again? That seems appealing right now, and my most likely course of action. I’m just feeling drained from all of this just based on my personal feelings, and then it’s harder because I’m trying to find the right path forward with this account. I’m not sure I can support the band that I’ve called my favorite for half of my life anymore. The whole thing makes me want to just shut down. The detective work makes me angry. Getting yelled at on Twitter makes me really sad. And that’s a huge shift from how things used to be.

My favorite thing about running this account has been the feeling of shared joy. Whenever someone tweets me something exciting - following the Science Fiction rollout, a setlist they grabbed, vinyl they bought before it sold out, getting a new tattoo, and recently it’s been photos from shows with captions like “best night of my life!” - I feel that excitement when I hit retweet. It makes me so happy to see others so happy, even strangers, especially about the thing I know we share a common love for. There are a whole bunch of you who I don’t really know but I feel like I know through our interactions, and that gives me a warm feeling of kinship. But now that’s been flipped around. Everyone is upset and trying to deal with this, and that’s made me even more upset. So where I used to feel your joy, now I am feeling your pain. I’m trying to come to terms with this as an individual, and also as a person who people in this community look to for information. I am certainly not looking for pity; I’m just trying to be open about some of the things that I’ve been thinking about this past week and letting everyone know not to expect this account to continue being what it used to be.

I would much rather be tweeting your show photos and poster art and setlists.

I don’t think there will ever be another chance to do that.

Thank you for reading.

Be kind to each other.

Leave the victims alone.

Never stop fighting off your demons.

Lady Gaga's Superbowl setlist leaked!!!

Lights go out, the crowd goes silent. A huge unicorn appears onstage. The gays flock on the field wearing nothing but relics from the “Artpop” era. Suddenly, a voice echoes throughout the stadium: “It doesn’t matter if you love him, or capital H I M” A republican drops dead. The unicorn explodes, releasing a cloud of glitter and grease. Tom Brady chokes on this eleganza. Gaga emerges wearing nothing but an American flag. She sings the first verse and chorus of “Born this Way”, immediately destroying every nuclear weapon in the world. She stops, looks straight at the camera: “My name is lady Gaga, but you can call me Joanne”. An electric guitar bursts into flames while Gaga belts out “Perfect Illusion”, dismantling the white supremacy. The song suddenly fades out into “Manicure” for fifteen seconds. A dance interlude storms onstage, while the “Venus” chants morphs into “Dance in the Dark”. An exorcism is performed live onstage. The démon rises up, followed by “Bad Romance”. The Wesboro Baptist Church disappears into oblivion. GOP is drowned into hot cheetos, which allows time for Cher to become the first female US president. The new United States of America is reborn to the tune of “Poker Face”, sung as a duet with Tony Bennett. Lady Gaga kicks a football and score a touchdown. Texas becomes officially gay™. The performance ends, as Tony Bennett drops his flesh suit to reveal… BEYONCÉ!!! “Téléphone Part 2/Judas/Video Phone” mash up grants three wishes to every person who ever bought “Joanne” and watched “AHS: Hotel”. Laganja Estranja death drops on Joe Biden’s face. Lady Gaga shoots fireworks from her Versace boobs while singing “The edge of Glory”, effectively ending homophobia everywhere in the world. The stadium erupts in applause, as Lady Gaga’s voice fades away, singing the iconic bridge from “Applause”. A jock in the audience turns to Barack Obama wearing a rainbow jacket, and whispers “She did that.” Obama answers “yes, she did.” Iconic.

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Live on Tour 1, SF Setlist:

  1. Ever Since New York
  2. Two Ghosts
  3. Carolina
  4. Stockholm Syndrome (One Direction cover)
  5. Sweet Creature
  6. Only Angel
  7. Woman
  8. Meet Me in the Hallway
  9. Just A Little Bit of Your Heart (Ariana Grande cover, originally written by Harry)
  10. What Makes You Beautiful (One Direction cover)
  11. Kiwi
  12. From the Dining Table
  13. The Chain (Fleetwood Mac cover)
  14. Sign of the Times
Houston Super Saturday Night Complete Setlist - Taylor Swift

1. New Romantics
2. 22
3. Blank Space
4. I Knew You Were Trouble
5. Style
6. I Don’t Wanna Live Forever (Acoustic Guitar)
7. You Belong with Me (Acoustic Guitar)
8. This Is What You Came For (Acoustic Guitar)
9. Better Man
10. Red
11. We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together
12. Love Story (1989 World Tour version)
13. All Too Well (Piano)
14. Enchanted/Wildest Dreams
15. Bad Blood
16. Out of the Woods
17. Shake It Off

The Wings Tour in Seoul Day 1 Setlist

VCR: WINGS Trailers
VCR: Blood Sweat And Tears
Not Today
MENT: Introductions
Am I Wrong
First Love
Save ME
Cypher Pt.4
No More Dream
Boy in Luv
War of Hormones
21st Century Girls
Boy Meets Evil
Blood, Sweat and Tears

Spring Day
fall out boy... let me write your setlist

• novocaine and phoenix mashup
• bang the doldrums 72 times
• the entire folie à deux album
• the kids aren’t alright while joe and andy crowd surf
• soul punk patrick making a return
• instrument swap: joe singing, andy on guitar, patrick on bass, pete on drums
• live reenactment of the young blood chronicles (with random crowd members as the other characters)
• covers of each of the boys’ favorite song
• twin skeleton’s (hotel in nyc) for nine hours straight
• dance party on stage while uma thurman is played

Beautiful in Seoul Day 1: Setlist
  • 01. Beautiful
  • 02. Incomparable
  • 03. Hero
Greetings and talk break
  • 04. I Need U
  • 05. All I Do
  • 06. Ex Girl
  • 07. White Love
  • 08. Ready or Not
  • 09. Oi
VCR segment
VCR Monsta X Unit Talk
  • 10. From Zero - Wonho and Hyungwon Duet Stage
  • 11. Beautiful (Remix) - Hyungwon (as DJ H.ONE) Solo Stage
  • 12. Jooheon Solo Stage + Hyungwon (as DJ H.ONE)
  • 13. 24K Magic - Shownu, Minhyuk and I.M Special Stage
  • 14. 거울을 봐 Look at Mirror - Kihyun and Jooheon Duet Stage
  • 15. Honestly
  • 16. Roller Coaster
  • 17. 넌 어때 I’ll Be There
  • 18. White Sugar
VCR segment
VCR Chapter 1: Beautiful
VCR Chapter 2: Trespass
VCR Chapter 3: Lost
  • 19. Stuck
  • 20. Be Quiet
  • 21. Broken Heart
  • 22. Blind
  • 23. Shine Forever
  • 24. All In
  • 25. Trespass (Remix)
  • 26. Rush (Remix)
  • 27. Fighter
  • 28. No Exit
Closing Ment
  • 29. 5:14 (Last Page)

Uncasville, CT | 9.29.17 (Opening Night)

1. The Prologue/Hold My Liquor (Kanye West)
2. Eyes Closed
3. Hold Me Down
4. Castle
5. Good Mourning
6. Heaven in Hiding
7. Strangers
8. Roman Holiday
9. Walls Could Talk
10. Bad At Love
11. Alone
12. Sorry
13. Angel on Fire
14. Lie
15. Don’t Play
16. Drive, Ghost or 100 Letters (as voted on by VIP)
17. Is There Somewhere
18. Now or Never
19. Colors
20. Young God
21. Hopeless (audio)
22. Gasoline
23. Hurricane