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Long Lost Friend

Pairing: Reader x Justin Bieber 

Request: ’Its my birthday today and I was wondering if you can do an Imagine where Justin is dating a new artist. And He realizes he knew when they were young.‘ 

Warnings: none 

{Y/N} POV 

I’ve been dating Justin for however long it’s been. What once started out as an innocent collaboration on a song, turned into a full blown relationship. Who would’ve guessed? I’ve known Justin all my life but, I don’t think he remembered me. 

I was the one in grade school who would stand up for the then, small boy, who got picked on for his clothing. It was nice now seeing how happy he was with his life and where he was at in it. I was glad I was apart of it. We were finishing up rehearsing for the show tonight when I got called off the stage by Scooter. “Take five,” I told the dancers who were accompanying me on stage. They’ve been working hard the past hour and they needed a break. 

I jogged off the stage down to where Scooter. “What’s up Bicycle?” I joked, laughing at my own joke. “Kidding. What can I help you with Scoot?" 

"You’re funny, anyways, there’s been a change in the setlist for tonight. You know that song you and Justin did?” Scooter questioned. 

“Yeah, why?” I raised an eyebrow, fanning myself with my hands. I could really use a towel. 

“I want you to perform it. There’s no getting out of this one Ms. {Y/L/N},” Scooter warned. “I’m counting on you two.” Scooter walked off backstage leaving me by myself on the floor. 

“What was he going on about?” Justin asked, standing next to me. When did he get here? 

“He wants us to perform our song tonight.” I replied, unhappy with the sudden change in plans. “Life just keeps on getting better and better.” I sighed, walking back up on the stage where the dancers were. “Let’s take it from the top, yeah?" 

I went on with the day, attempting to avoid rehearsing the song I had to perform with Justin. Don’t get my wrong, I wanted to but, I wasn’t ready to actually perform it in front of thousands of fans. "I don’t hear or see any rehearsing for the song Mr. and Mrs. Bieber!” Scooter yelled from one of the floor seats. I rolled my eyes looking over at Justin before looking back at Scooter. 

“Why don’t you come up here and perform it with him Scoot?” I suggested. I was starting to get annoyed with everything. 

“Show starts in 30. Rehearse now or you won’t be opening for Justin any more,” Scooter threatened. I huffed before finally giving in. 

Justin came to the center of the stage with me. “Let’s just get it done before he chews my head off." 

The last note of the song played, ringing throughout the sold out arena. Justin and thanked the audience and walked off together. "See it wasn’t that bad.” Justin nudged me in the arm. 

After the shows, we would always have talks about the show and other random stuff. I took this as the time to ask him about his childhood because I never really asked him about it. 

“{Y/N},” Justin whined. “You know I hate talking about my childhood." 

"I just wanted to know if you had any childhood best friends!” I defended myself. 

“Fine, it was Ryan. Anything else you want to ask?” He added, showing a little bit of attitude and annoyance in his tone of voice. 

“Was it just Ryan? There wasn’t a girl best friend you had?” I continued, hoping it would trigger something in his terrible memory. 

“There was this one girl though. She moved away when I was about 12 going on 13.” He began, thinking about what I thought was the good memories. “Wait, why are you asking me this?" 

"Justin, do you remember this picture?” I took a picture from out of my bag, showing it to him. He took it from my hand to analyze it. He removed his eyes from the picture and looked up at me. 

“How did you get this?” He began interrogating me. “Is this some kind of joke?”

“No, Justin, that’s us.“ I replied happily knowing he finally came to his senses. "I’m the girl who was your best friend those many years ago." 

Wow, time flies,” he chuckled quietly to himself. “So technically, I’m dating my best friend.” He smirked, winking at me. “I’m one lucky guy.”

Warped Tour 2016 Setlists

If you have a setlist, message me so I can add it. This is just who I’ve been able to find so far.

Against The Current
-Running With The Wild Things
-Young & Relentless

-Come and Go
-Simple Type
-Human Machines
-Playing In Traffic
-Damaged Kids
-Coffee Talk

Cane Hill
-True Love
-Sunday School
-You’re So Wonderful
-(The New) Jesus
-Time Bimb

Chelsea Grin
-Skin Deep
-Playng With Fire
-Broken Bonds
-Cheyne Stokes
-My Damnation

Crown The Empire
-The Fallout
-Makeshift Chemistry

-People Like Me, We Just Don’t Play
-A Hundred Crowns
-Cloud 9

Falling In Reverse
-Roling Stone
-I’m Not A Vampire
-Bad Girls Club
-The Drug In Me Is You
-Situations (Cover)
-Just Like You

Four Year Strong
-We All Float Down Here
-What The Hell Is A Gigawatt
-Go Down In History
-Find My Way Back
-Who Cares?
-It Must Really Suck To Be Four Year Strong Right Now
-Wasting Time

I See Stars
-Mobbin’ Out
-Ten Thousand Feet
-Filth Friends Unite
-Running With Scissors
-New Demons
-Murder Mitten

Ice Nine Kills
-Me, Myself, nnd Hyde
-The Nature Of The Beast
-Let’s Bury The Hatchet…In Your Head
-Bloodbath & Beyond
-Communion Of The Cursed
-Hell In Hallways
-The Coffin Is Moving

In Hearts Wake

-Pokemon Theme Song
-Young And Dumb
-The Realest
-Mad At Myself
-Blue Wall

Knuckle Puck
-But Why Would You Care?
-Bedford Falls
-No Good

Less Than Jake(?)
-The Ghost Of You And Me
-Gainesville Rock City
-Good Enough
-The Science Of Selling Yourself Short
-Great American Sharpshooter
-Goodbye Mr. Personality
-Look What Happened
-All My Best Friends Are Metalheads

Masked Intruder
-The Most Beautiful Girl
-25 To Life
-Unrequited love
-I Fought The Law
-How Do I Get To You
-If Only
-Beyond A Shadow Of Doubt
-Hey Girl
-Why Don’t You Love Me In Real Life
-Crime Spree
-Wish You Were Mine
-Stick‘em Up

Mayday Parade
-Keep In Mind, Transmogrification 
-Is A New Technology
-Oh Well, Oh Well
-Black Cat
-Lets Be Honest
-When You See My Friends 
-Jamie All Over

Motionless In White
-Devil’s Night
-Immaculate Misconception
-Break The Cycle

New Found Glory
-All Downhill From Here
-Hit Or Miss
-Ready & Willing
-Failure’s Not Flattering
-Vicious Love
-My Friends Over You

Oceans Ate Alaska
-Vultures & Sharks
-High Horse
-To Catch A Flame

Real Big Fish
-Another F.U. Song
-Sell Out
-Take On Me

Real Friends
-Lat Nights In My Car
-I Don’t Love You Anymore
-Skin Deep
-Stay In One Place
-Cold Quicker
-Loose Ends

Set It Off
-Wolf In Sheep’s Clothing
-Forever Stuck In Our Youth
-Bleak December
-Something New
-Ancient History
-The Haunting
-Why Worry

Sleeping With Sirens
-We Like It Loud
-Kick Me
-Do It Now, Remember It Later
-Better Off Dead
-Go Go Go
-If I’m James Dean, You’re Audrey Hepburn
-If You Can’t Hang

State Champs
-Shape Up
-Perfect Score
-Simple Existence
-All You Are Is History
-Losing Myself

The Maine
-English Girls
-Girls Do What They Want
-Diet Soda Society
-Am I Pretty?
-Like We Did
-Everything I Ask For
-Growing Up

The Story So Far
-Heavy Gloom
-Empty Space
-All Wrong
-The Glass

The Word Alive
-Made This Way
-Face To Face
-Life Cycles

Tonight Alive
-To Be Free
-Lonely Girl
-I Defy
-Power Of One
-The Edge
-How It Feel

Too Close To Touch
-Pretty Little Thing
-The Air In Me
-Hell To Pay
-Sinking So Long
-Nerve Ending

-Toxic Pretender
-Year Of The Rat
-Piss Up A Rope
-Pretty Grim
-We Ate The Horse You Rode On
-Holy Hell

-The Mixture
-Feels Good

-Natural Blue

We The Kings
-Say You Like Me
-Love Again
-I Feel Alive
-Just Keep Breathing
-Skyway Avenue
-Check Yes Juliet

-Mark Of The Blade
-Elitist Ones
-Our Endless War
-The Saw Is The Law
-This Is Exile

With Confidence
-London Lights
-We’ll Be Okay

-With You Around
-Lights And Sounds
-Fave Becomes Four
-Way Away
-Only One
-Ocean Avenue

Young Guns
-I Want Out 
-Brother In Arms
-Rising Up
-Winter Kiss

anonymous asked:

Hey~ Could i have a scenario on Oikawa being dejected when his s/o rejected going to his favourite's band concert together, but then realised she was the lead singer after she revealed her face during the concert?

This was fun to write! Hope you enjoy.

“Awwww come on Y/N!!” Oikawa poked his girlfriend repeatedly. “I already got tickets, I thought you’d want to come with me!”

“It’s not that I don’t want to, Tooru.” She explained for the third time. “It’s that I can’t. I had something planned for today for months before this concert was even announced.”

“But I can’t go alone!” He pouted, those adorable eyes sparking and pleading. “And I wanted to take you.”

“I’m sorry.” She hugged him tight. “Maybe you can invite Iwaizumi-san.”

“Maybe…” He squeezed her.

“I gotta go now.” She said in his ear. “I’ll see you later.”

“Hm…” Oikawa’s pout never went away as he watched his girlfriend take a right turn down the street and disappear.

Picking his phone from the back pocket of his jeans, Oikawa dialed a phone number. He had to call Iwaizumi now or the boy would complain Oikawa invited him when it was too late. The concert would be in two days after all.

“IWA-CHAN!” He cheered once his friend picked up.

“What is it, Trashkawa?” Iwaizumi answered nonchalantly.

“Please go to the concert with me.” Oikawa pleaded.

“Weren’t you inviting Y/N?” His friend questioned.

“I did!” Oikawa complained. “But she can’t go and I still have two tickets.”

There was a second of silence on the other side of the line. “So I’m Y/N’s replacement.”

“Iwa-chaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa-” Oikawa went on until Iwaizumi stopped him.

“OKAY FINE!” His friend yelled. “I’m coming. Just text me the details, will you?”

“Of course!” Oikawa smiled, victorious. “Thanks, Iwa-chan.”

“Yeah yeah.” He could picture Iwaizumi waving his hand. “I’ll see you then.”

The boy hung up.

Oikawa was happy he had someone to take to the concert now. But Iwaizumi was right. In this case, he was just Y/N’s replacement.


“THEY’RE ABOUT TO GO ON! THEY’RE ABOUT TO GO ON! THEY’RE ABOUT TO GO ON IWA-CHAN!” Oikawa fangirled next to Iwaizumi, who had a very annoyed expression on his face.

“Yes, I know.” He replied, his patience dying out.

Oikawa kept jumping up until the moment where the band members appeared on stage. Then he just screamed his lungs out like the rest of the crowd.

“I think I might go deaf.” Iwaizumi rubbed both his ears.

All the band members wore masks for their concerts so no one knew their real identities. It was a well kept secret the fans always frustrated over. There were theories were all around tumblr and twitter. One even said that they were aliens from another galaxy. The list was endless.

“Today is a very special day ladies and gentlemen.” The masked lead singer spoke, the familiar voice making Oikawa suspicious.

“I’ve heard that voice before…” He commented.

“Really? Where?” Iwaizumi questioned as the lead singer went on.

“-and we just wanted to say how much we appreciate the support and love. It’s why we decided to finally show you who we are.”

“Wait WHAT?!” Oikawa said what the whole crowd was thinking.

“I personally think you guys will be a tiny bit disappointed.” The drummer joked. “We aren’t famous without the masks.”

Some people in the crowd laughed while others just stayed in utter and complete silent. Either way, they all awaited for the reveal.

“Without further ado…” All the members took out their masks as the crowd cheered.

The only paralyzed people there were Oikawa and Iwaizumi. They recognized the lead singer very well. And they weren’t disappointed, just… immensely surprised.

“Dude that’s…” Oikawa cut Iwaizumi off.

“Yes I know.” His eyes widened.

“It’s so nice to see you all!” Y/N smiled on the stage. “I hope you enjoy our setlist for tonight!”


Once the concert was over, Oikawa waited everyone to leave the arena. He waited and then just jumped on stage to get to the backstage. Iwaizumi ran after his friend.

A security guard stopped before they reached the band’s dressing rooms. “You aren’t allowed back here.”

“I need to talk to Y/N!” Oikawa said the only words he could think to say. “I’m her boyfriend.”

“That excuse isn’t new, rookie.” The guard replied, pushing both boys back. “You are not allowed back h-”

One of the dressing room’s door opened and out came Y/N. She put a hand on the guards shoulder.

“He actually is my boyfriend, Shane.” She smiled at him. “And the spiky haired boy is our friend. You can let them in.”

“Okay ma'am.” Shane, as she called him, stepped aside to give the boys passage.

“Come inside.” Y/N lead them and closed the door when they crossed the doorway.

“Er….” Oikawa began. “WHAT?! I just spent three hours, watching my girlfriend play, my favorite band play. HOW DID I NOT KNOW YOU’RE IN MY FAVORITE BAND EVER?!”

“You know, I’d love to hear this too.” Iwaizumi commented.

Y/N sat on her chair sighed. “I’m sorry, Tooru. Iwaizumi-san. I couldn’t tell anyone. Only my parents knew. Even the rest of my family didn’t.”

“How could you keep it a secret from me?” Oikawa looked more hurt than anything else, so his next words were a surprise for both Y/N and Iwaizumi. “MY IDOL IS MY GIRLFRIEND, THIS IS AWESOME!”

“It is?” Y/N cocked her head to the side, confused.

“It is?” Iwaizumi followed.

“It is!” The boy rejoiced. “MAN THIS IS THE BEST DAY OF MY LIFE!”

Y/N and their friend exchanged a ‘dude he’s crazy’ look which Oikawa didn’t miss. He just chose to ignore. Nothing could ruin the happy moment.

He ran to Y/N, embraced her and kissed her cheek, all in a swift movement. “I love you so goddamn much. But if you lie to me again, you’re toast.”

Y/N laughed out of relief. “I promise I won’t. I love you a lot too.”

Iwaizumi turned the door handle and stopped for a second to face the love birds. “Nice reunion but this is so cliche, excuse me while I go puke in the bathroom.”

~Admin Laura

the canon backup vocals gavinners encore setlist:

  • party tonight by mordecai and the rigbys
  • an alt rock cover of cece penniston’s 1992 hit “finally”
  • the chip and dale rescue rangers theme song
  • one hall and oates song selected randomly from a hat before the concert
Ricky Horror: Make Friends With Fire


Warnings: Cigarettes, I think that’s it???

Word Count: 1057

Featuring: Ricky Horror of Motionless In White

Your name: submit [Insert name to change the fic!]

Your Friend’s Name: submit [Who would accompany you to a concert?]

A/N: This is an actual dream. I’d give multiple organs in order to have Ricky smoke with me then get me a pass. Except I’d ditch my friend lmao bye sucker. That makes me sound like a horrible person idk. Would you or would you not ditch your friend to hang with MIW before a show? You would.

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exist†trace Naoto Official Blog「BLACK Eden」: BLACK NIGHT CIRCUS

2017-09-20 03:39:00

Monthly One man Show
ーthe 19th challengeー

Thanks to everyone who came to the show.
How was your night at our one-time-only CIRCUS?

This is what I thought when I saw the setlist for tonight.
As each song possessed a variety of colours one by one, each of you would also feel many emotions one by one.
I think you also felt the kinds of emotions you don’t want to tell anyone about.
However, when you turn your gaze upon your deepest self, and accept these emotions one by one, if you are able to continue on along with them, I think that certainly becomes your strength.
And, when those varied colours and emotions mix and blend together, they turn into the most powerful darkness.
And then at that time, all of you will be able to move forward a step with your own two feet.

This is also related to the words the members poured into our SEs.
Since we put it together for you, I will explain now.

“Try to feel the emotions that sleep deep within your heart.”
I asked that you search deep within yourself.

“Let your thoughts and desires go, here and now. Come, don’t be afraid.”
Omi gently invited you in.

“Yes, this is a special place. As you let your instincts take over, let it all out.”
Mally dragged out your instincts.

“People carry a multitude of emotion. But if you accept them all without fear, they will turn into the most powerful, richly coloured darkness.”
miko asked that you reveal your strongest will.

“Come, let’s go together into the dazzling, glittering, dark emotions within your heart…”
Jyou asked that you focus straight ahead with all your might.

Accepting and believing in yourself, and the strength to move forward, those are not simple things.
But anyone can have this strength.
The members included that thought into our few words.

At the end of the night, I sincerely thought that since you were all there I was able to become stronger.
I truly thank you for all coming together again.

Now, next month is

It will be a night where you’ll move your body with all your strength and have fun to the very end.
Won’t you entrust your body to the sound of ROCK and DANCE as much as you want as you feel the FEVER in the hall with everyone.
It looks like it will be the most dazzling night.

I’ll be waiting at the former Ebisu club aim,
now Ebisu club exist.


sweetghosts28  asked:

Hey, I have been stupid busy getting all my assignments turned in that I was procrastinating lol so I don't even know the setlist from tonight or anything and there are so many things on my dash rn that have me like what... but where is this picture of Louis everyone is talking about? lmao thankssss I'm sure as soon as I send this I'll scroll down and be like "oh, that's the picture of Louis" but i haven't seen it yet so what the hell never hurts to ask also I'm sleep deprived and rambling sorry

tonight’s setlist was the same except for the addition of story of my life after wmyb and an extra kiwi added on after sott! 🥝

as for the louis picture, im not sure what you’re referencing! the only new recent pictures we’ve gotten are for sid magazine. are you perhaps talking about a fetus picture? I’ve seen one circulating my dash and everyone is tagging it “omg how have I never seen this” .. so..

Why Brendon doesn't play songs from Pretty.Odd

I’ve been complaining about the lack of Pretty.Odd songs (and Fever) in Panic’s setlist for years and tonight, while I was having a glass of wine and eating a mango, I had an epiphany (it was definitely the mango that inspired me).

When Panic split and Jon and Ryan found out Spencer and Brendon were keeping the name and hence playing the old songs, they were upset. And they made public comments about it. Including Jon shading them in an interview saying they obviously “preferred playing songs they hadn’t written” (Bren and Spence).

Now, Brendon is a proud man. Nothing bad about that. He just is. So for him to be able to go to number 1 with the songs HE wrote had to mean a lot. Like proving something to himself. So of course he wouldn’t feel comfortable playing songs from the pre-split albums so he isn’t accused of living off the success of songs he didn’t write (he did write a few btw).

He left Time to dance because it’s special to him, he wrote the riff and a good chunk of the melody. Nine because he came up with the beat and the intro on the piano, he’s responsible for the musical feeling of the song. And Sins because he feels he has to.

I’m not a huge Brendon fan (although I admire him a lot as a vocalist and instrumentalist). I love Ryan and pre split Panic is more my thing. But this makes sense.

I’ve said it before that although I complain, hearing Brendon singing Pretty.Odd songs by “himself” in 2016 would probably make me cringe so hard.


I miss 2005-2009.