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Apparently… THE STROKES’ SETLIST For Governors ball NYC!
(look at that Arctic Monkeys’ cover!)
what about Alex coming into the stage to sing “snap out of it” with Jules? pretty epic isn’t it?
I’m happy as hell, can’t breath… seriously.


Albert say it on Twitter:

It were too good to be real :C

Setlist for the show in New Orleans!

They typed it up last second (and whoever did it couldn’t spell worth a damn) but here it is at last. I asked very kindly if it would be too much trouble for Julian to sign it and he was honored. I complimented his “musical” signature, and he said he was glad that I noticed the upside down music note that he is known for creating. The Daft Punk song that they covered was “Instant Crush”, and if I may be so bold to say, it was better than the original. Julian Casablancas + The Voidz killed it tonight. Their first album will be a huge hit. More details/photos/videos coming soon <3 

(note: I am a full-time college student and I work part time throughout the week so bear with me! Please be patient.)

Much love to you all.


The Strokes Live BUE Festival 2005 

1.Someday/ 2. 12:51/ 3. Barely legal/ 4. Heart in a cage/ 5. Hard to explain/ 6. Hawaii / 7. Automatic stop/ 8. The end has no end/ 9. Alone,together/ 10. Razorblade/ 11. The modern age/ 12. I can´t win/ 13. Under control/ 14. A Salty salute(Guided byvoices,cover)/ 15. New york city cops/ 16. Trying your luck/ 17. Juicebox/ 18. Is this it/ 19. Soma/ 20. You only live once/ 21. Last nite/ 22. Take it or leave it/ 23. Reptilia

Amazing setlist!!!!