I like the rain.
When most peole hate it so much.
It’s so free,
falling in the grounds like it’s supposed to do.

There is no fear of falling.
Kissing dandelion petals with
every water drop of it.

I envy it.
I want to fall in love without
fearing if I’ll splatter or be catched.
Or like no matter what happens,
I can easily compose myself again
and fall again whenever needed.
I like that idea.
Falling without hurting.
But it’s just impossible.

Dar, ştii cum e cu adolescenţii de azi?
Faza e că ei vor să se certe. Chiar dacă nu-şi dau seama. Se neglijază…. şi în speranţa de-a atrage atenţia celuilalt se ‘supără’ când defapt vor doar puţin mai multă atenţia.
Ar trebuii să înţelegeţi că oamenii au nevoie de atenţie, mereu. Fie că e băiat sau fată, fie că 'are chef’ sau nu. Dulcegăriile din partea celui pe care-l iubeşti, îţi fac mereu ziua mai frumoasă!
Terminaţi cu nepăsarea. Nu duce la nimic.
Things Aren't Always What They Seem

Yeah yeah… So I’ve been to Japan and I speak Japanese and I’m interested in their culture…but those things aren’t enough to accept me in this org that I’m applying for. I didn’t make it. :( I don’t have hard feelings though because at some point, I felt that I’m not gonna make it. There came a point in my app process when I thought that it didn’t matter to me if I pass or not. 

I also contemplated on my reason for applying. I wanted an org that could jive with my interests. That org definitely met with my interests. But then, I realized that maybe I wanted to join the org to have close Japanese friends. Definitely, I will meet Japanese people when I join that org but I can never have that very in depth relationship with them because usually, they would come and go. I’m not sure really. I think I won’t have the kind of relationship Natsumi and I have. 

Natsumi and I met outside the org. We were classmates in one of my GE classes. Since then we have hung out as often as we could– she even hangs out with my high school batch mates!

Anyway, I’m still thinking of whether re-applying or not. I have other plans for the next semester. I’m planning to join a college org. Hopefully, this time I’ll be able to make it. :D