seti ii

A Pair of Gold Pendant Earrings containing the Name of King SETI II, discovered in KV56.

Tomb KV56, located in the Valley of the Kings, is known as the Gold Tomb, and was discovered by Edward R. Ayrton in January, 1908. It contained what is thought to be the intact burial of a royal child from the late Nineteenth Dynasty. The burial and casket have disintegrated and the form was covered with a 1 cm thick layer of gold leaf and stucco around the original location. Also found were a pair of small silver gloves and a pair of silver bracelets with the names of Seti II and Twosret inscribed, and a set of golden earrings also marked with the name of Seti II. The original occupant of this tomb is unknown.


From “Immortal Egypt”
Mural Paintings in Tomb of Peshedu, Deir el-Medina, #Egypt. Peshedu was a ‘Servant In the Place of Truth’, during the Ramesside Period. His tomb, which is situated high on the hillside above the village, commands spectacular views from its entrance. It has only in recent years been opened to the public after restoration.
Reign of Seti I-Rameses II. 13th c. BCE

Sadly, the only picture I have from the Valley of Kings. I was really sick with my disease during this trip, without knowing I even had a disease >.< Some days were worse than others. With the heat and the walking around, I was exhausted, so I didn’t take nearly as many pictures as I would have liked…

But the inside of some of these tombs? We weren’t allowed to take pictures, but they still had the full color plaster paintings on the walls, they were gorgeous!

Entrance to the tomb of Sennedjem

Deir el-Medina, Theban Necropolis

Sennedjem was an artisan who lived and worked in Deir el-Medina, a village inhabited by the workers responsible for the construction and decoration of the royal tombs in the Valley of the Kings. Sennedjem lived during the reigns of Seti I and Ramesses II (New Kingdom, 19th Dynasty). He was buried with his wife (Iy-neferti) and family in a tomb in the village necropolis. The tomb was discovered on January 31, 1886.



Happy Birthday Nebt-het!

The last day..

Lately I’ve been getting hints that she wants me to honor her in her own right rather than just Set’s companion. But I haven’t make any decision. Either she’s too subtle or I’m just used to Set’s ‘in your face’ type of communication, I’m still waiting for her to drop me more clues into what sort of work / relationship which she want to draw me in. For now I’m just enjoying giving her pretty stuffs because I really like do her and adore her that much.

I got a few questions regarding the two arts of Set and Nebt-het in the background, and yeah, one of them is my own art (the one with the red curtain) and I’ve got them on my shrine since November. I know that this is a total strike towards the more ‘popular’ depiction of their relationship by Plutarch and his cronies. But I’m not afraid, because I know at least Ramesses II, Seti I and Thutmose III agreed that they can be worshipped as a pair.

I’ve discussed about this that the pair SetXNebt-het and the triad AsetXOsirisXNebt-het don’t have to clash against one another. This isn’t shipping war in a fandom in which some claimed HoMin is real instead of YunJae. Both groups can coexist within the religion, she still could be loyal to Osiris & Aset and still have a good relationship with Set in the other side of the myth/cult, just as the other deities have versions of their myths. I know that Nebt-het chose to side with Aset in the Osirian myth, doesn’t necessarily mean that she has to be contra-Set once and for all. That would be so unfair, imo. There are also references in her Henadology page about how Nebt-het shares some of Set’s epithets and qualities. She resurrected Set when he’s felled. &&& She’s related to the Abdu fish whose role is to swim before the solar barque and warn Ra about the poop. Yes, she’s that baddass. Not to mention about the fire breath.

Okay, let’s talk about the food. Coca cola and Cheetos, those items must exist whenever I involve her in a celebration. I was sad that the distributors didn’t ship Cheetos to our area and I thought I’m gonna go without it, but my cousin bought me some right on her birthday. (Like. Wow, she did care about me saying that my god(dess) wants a thing. After living with parents who were against my religion 110%, I’m still surprised to get such help.). Other than that I got her a crunch cake, which creamy topping was ruined (melted on the way home), but I managed to fix it with cheese and cookies. A bunny-shaped strawberry pudding. Plus a glass of coconut ice :D *recalls the joke about Set being a coconut ice seller because my cousin borrowed his sword to crack some coconuts*