This was actually pretty hard to write….and not gonna lie i got choked up doing it…

Heres a look at what i see when i think of The Shield boys going to the hall of fame

Crowds of people dressed  to the hilt. Smiles greeting friends and warm embraces greet old friends. Its the long awaited  night. One would  say one of the proudest and saddest nights of the decade. Fans fill the balcony and superstars settle into thier seats on the floor front. The night started with many jokes and many stars recieving awards for thier achieving accolades.

        Backstage Three men stood waiting to  be called  to the stage. Not a word said between them. The moment is bitter sweet.  Three best friends and brothers who started at the bottom and clawed and scratched thier way to the top of the company and held that status for so many years. The eldest man of the group a tall dark thick statured man,hues of grey and white intertwined with his black locks as he rubbed his tired old hands together as he stood holding back any conversation. His ruthless brother stood next to him adjusting his tie nervously  as he grimaced in his weathered expression. Hes always one to keep his cool as long as he can ,but the wait was wearing on him. Finally next to them walked up the third brother,the man who was said to build this greatest of teams. Hair pulled back tight into a black bun with strands of grey swirled into it. His crows feet and smile lines peered through his forlorned lost stare. He always had to be perfectly put together but tonight he felt anything but put together.

       From the stage the Hunter the boss of the company finished up his speech about the group of men who brought the WWE to the highest of goals. His wife stood beside him agreeing and responding about how much of an honor it has been to have the three men as thier greatest foundation of all time and how they have accomplished so much. Finally it was time. “Ladies and gentlemen it is my honor and privilege to introduce you to the greatest factions of all time in WWE  history,please stand and welcome them…THE SHIELD……the crowd went insane with cheers as Roman led them to  the stage.  Dean walked side by side with Seth due to his leg being weak from injury over the years. Each stepped to the podium standing side by side looking up and out to the large crowd. The mens eyes lit up and emotion washed over them.

        Roman stood center of the podium with Dean to the right and seth to the left . Roman stood there tears filling his eyes, choking back. The crowd wouldn’t let him speak for  quite some time. Finally as the people lowered thier cheers and sat to thier seats his silence broke.

     “Tonight we stand befor as the group the Shield. Its been a long  road from where we came  from.  Our ups and downs and ins and outs  all apart of a master plan. Did we know when we  got called up we were gonna be one of the greatest groups of entertainers of all time? No, not a chance,but we did what we did best.  We put on shows EVERY NIGHT,WE TORE THIS HOUSE DOWN DAY IN AND DAY OUT AND IF ONE  OF US WENT DOWN WE ALL WENT DOWN!”. 

The crowd cheers as his voice grew. Then Dean approached the calm and collect.

    “But it wasnt always that way. There was a time when there was a crack in the shield,….and when that happened it was time to spread our  wings.  Now im not saying a steel chair to the back felt good because Roman and I, we know,but what i am saying is this was the greatest adventure i ever had in my sad lil life. Wrestling put us at ease,it always scared away the monsters and it always made us believe we were invincible weather we lost or not. Even when we split to venture off on our own we were still bound as brothers to always have each others back out here,outside of our work schedule. These boys are and have always been the best thing thats ever happened to me and i am so proud to stand next to them today.”

Dean choked back his words before continuing…

      … is our honor to stand before you and say…we have officially made it to the finish line some of us in one piece, some of us not so much (patting seth and Roman  on the back) but even now when you  cant walk or your too damn old to press on ill carry you home boys”!

The boys turned hugging him. Embracing the crazy man known as the lunatic. Roman grabbed the sides of his head pressing his forehead against Deans. Dean turned to Seth kissing his cheek and holding him tight. They pulled away and seth stepped to the podium glassy eyed.

         Once again the crowd clapped.

         “Thank you…thank you all from the bottom of my heart… know there was a day that i was truly the bad guy,i hurt my brothers and i decieved many in the ring,but outside of the ring i never been more at home than by the side of these two. The Shield would never have been The Shield with out Romans brut strength, warm heart and grounded  feet and it surely wouldnt have been the Shield with out Deans balls,his  insanity and psychotic caios,  and i as the architect  could never have been who i was with out them….and you our fans.

Fans clap and cheered loudly and seth swallowed hard and his chin began to quiver and suddenly a stream slipped down his cheek. Deans head fell back looking up trying not to cry as he turned away from seth. Roman moved in to take Deans spot so he could compose himself. Roman wrapped his hand up over  Seths shoulder and seth couldnt finish. Roman leaned and finished for  him.

        “What i think hes trying to  say is, no matter the time ,day or circumstances a brother will always be a brother and You fans will always be apart of our upcoming and our final goodbye and Thank you will never be enough.”

      Dean wiped his face to finish up and came back to the podium.

        “Before we send everyone home a soppin mess there is a few people we want to thank ….first and foremost  the McMahon  family,the late great Vincent  McMahon  (he kissed his finger sending a blessing up to the heavens. Stephanie and Hunter,thank you so much for the opportunity to be apart of this company,to all of our mentors,Dusty,Rick,shawn…theres so many of you thank you, all of our fellow  superstars we have had the honor of working with,our families and friends,wives  and kids and lastly God …. to all of you  who held us up and held us down we love  and appreciate each and every one of you”

        As they waved and tried to close up  the Usos,new day,  The rock and many other stars swarmed the stage to show thier love and respect. Hunter and Stephanie  made thier way to the stage hugging and congratulating them on a successful career. As they made thier way from the stage the three of them embraced and hugged and cried. They knew their story wasnt over. They will be in the books as the greatest faction of all time and that was more than enough for them.


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