Chills race through my body, my heart pulses, my lungs shrivel.
I gasp for air as my mind begins to shut down and time around me freezes
Like I’m in space,
Suspended in air.
Only when you let me go does my spirit fall back to the earth
And reality presses play and the scene of life continues.
Hold me, wrap your arms around me and send our love to the moon,
Where time is irrelevant.
Where time doesn’t end,
Just as our love never does.
—  –Seth Miller
I look out the window and what I see is white and black.
A colorless world, a painter is what it lacks.
In my mind I see what this world could be.
What this world is.
A canvas that everyone seems to miss.
It’s blank and empty, waiting just to hold.
The work of the brush to draw on some gold.
The warmth of the riches to cancel out the cold.
The tales of our talents that are sadly untold.
—  –Seth Miller