Anna Wintour talking about Kanye at Late Night with Seth Meyers


Hey guys! (And by guys I mainly mean latenightseth

I’m really looking forward to LNSM, and here’s something I think would be great to have on Seth’s desk: A vintage banker’s lamp! (like this) (or see my drawing above)

Might seem random and out of place. But you can’t say it isn’t cool, clean-cut, and classy! I think one of these lamps would look great on Seth’s desk - and would stand out in a unique way. 

Seth actually had one of these banker’s lamps in his 17th floor SNL office (check it out in this video), so I feel like having one on his new Late Night desk would be perfectly subtle nod to his history in 30 Rock - not at all obvious or hindering to his advancement in the minds of viewers.

Traditionally these lights are green, but if you think a blue one would match the studio better, then great! The added quirk could make the lamp even more emblematic of Seth’s new show!

In conclusion: Banker’s lamp. Unique, original, and feasible idea. 

Anyway. Thanks for your time! February 24th can’t come soon enough!

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Seth Meyers

This man is not only funny, which truly wins me over every time, but he’s freakin’ sexy looking when he laughs at himself. He might be 15 years older than me; however, I am O.K. with that. For him, I think he would be O.K. with it as well – come on, any older man would be lucky to have a YOUNGER woman fall victimize by their charming looks. Am I right? Am I right?

I’m getting off topic… Hmm, I don’t really have anything left to say….But, he’s gorgeously, hopefully one day, mine!