My Marble Hornet’s Fanfic Master Post

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Jay x Duck 

Jay x Tim x Duck x Special Guest???

Jam Fanfic literally 

Tim Haunted by the Mask (JAM)

Tim x ???

Timex (Aka Tim x Alex)

Tim x Jay Angst Fic

Tim x Troy x Joseph x Me?? (what would happen if I met the boys IRL)

Seth x Jay (How Jay got the money to stay in hotels)



Exile Vilify Marble Hornets Portal Crossover

Jay’s Birthday (JAM)


Happy Fics for everyone! (Except Luke)

Who TTA Really Is

Tim X Sarah

Taking the Plunge (JAM)

I Want to Help You (JAM)

Brian x Tim

Jay Tries to Get a Job

A Dream Come True (JAM)

Black Black (Angst w/Jay, Tim, Alex)


One Job (Sethlex)

This Mask Keeps me Alive (Marble Hornets Adventure Time crossover)

Jimmy’s First Day of School (JAM)

Broken Things (JAM FLUFF)

Warming Up (JAM)

Marble Hornets the Movie

The End (Angst)

You are my Puppet Now

Marble Hornets Fanfic based on Entry #64 with some Sethlex. 

Alex sat, the lights around him were faintly pulsing and they were giving him a headache. He closed his eyes and when he did he heard that voice in his head. The voice of the faceless man. “They are approaching.”

Alex took his phone out of his pocket and opened his eyes. He dialed that number he knew so well. He couldn’t let them come any closer. He’d give them one warning before he set the faceless one after them. When Jay answered the phone he just said “Leave. Now.” and hung up.

Alex closed his eyes again. He heard the voice in his head again, “They still are coming closer.”

Alex started to grin as he opened his eyes. “You know what to do then.” Alex leaned back and started to laugh. The faceless man would take care of them. They wouldn’t be getting in here today. They could never learn his darkest secret.

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I don't always write Sethlex, but when I do, it's for Stephanie

I can’t believe I actually wrote this. Or that I actually like it. Set between Entry 57 and Entry 22.


tim escaped

Alex awoke with a start to the sound of a foreign voice in his head.

you did not


Alex rubbed his eyes, glanced out the window; shadows fading to a pinkish hue. A glance next to him revealed the bed’s other inhabitant to still be asleep. Thank God. He could never know, would never understand, all Alex had done.

Barely raising his voice above a whisper, Alex responded, “He ran. Took the camera.”

if not tim

i will need another

Nonono. Not him. Not after everything he’d done to keep him safe.

no delay

it is almost over

Panic surged inside Alex, filling the hole the voice had left. He flipped through his mind, thinking desperately. It had taken Brian in the annex, Sarah at the tower. Jay had long since left town. That only left Tim and…

“Morning,” Seth murmured, rolling over and giving Alex a soft kiss on the lips. 

“Morning,” Alex responded, more cheerfully than he felt. One last sacrifice, and then Seth would be safe. He could feel It watching him even now. No backing down. “I need to tell you something.”


Seth blinked as the first rays of light entered the room. Alex hadn’t even let him get up to put on his clothes.

“So you’re saying that this, this thing, has something to do with Tim?”

Alex shrugged noncommittally, swallowing his guilt at the lie. “I think so. When we were out at the shoot yesterday, It turned up when Tim got angry. J-just out of nowhere. Brian tried to tackle it, and it wrapped its tentacles around him and-” He cut off, seemingly overcome. That was close enough to the truth.

“This is why you need me behind the camera,” Seth said teasingly, poorly hiding his fear. “Things never go wrong then.” Alex smiled despite himself at the unknowing truth in his words.

“You’ve done nothing but make everything better,” he agreed. “Which is why you’re coming with me. I don’t want to leave you alone with Tim on the loose.”


Alex had been to the burnt-out hospital many times for filming, but he’d never entered the maintenance tunnels. The place was like a maze, emerging briefly into a crumbling basement or a boiler room before plunging back into ever-multiplying tunnels. Even though he knew that the Operator would not harm him, he found himself reassured by Seth’s presence.

He gave Seth’s hand a squeeze, pulling his head out from yet another tunnel and pointing at the wall with his flashlight. The beam brushed up against a splotch of red in the center of the dusty white plaster. “Tim was bleeding,” he whispered, so quietly that the mic couldn’t even detect it. He cast his eyes about, suddenly afraid.

Seth pointed the camera at the flashlight beam as he swung it about. Recently moved bricks. A cigarette butt. Alex’s breath caught in his throat.

“Let’s go.”

Dropping Seth’s hand, he walked for the doorway. Anywhere was better than here.

“Right now.”

He walked through the frame, looking backwards at Seth. Remembering the first time he’d met him, in a lecture hall in college. Short blonde hair, brown eyes, a sarcastic grin.

“Come on!”

Seth followed him through the frame. If only the Operator hadn’t chosen him. that day at the school. The lies he’d told, the things he’d had to do, to keep Seth safe…

your game has

two players

The voice in his head was mocking, not comforting, telling him what he ought to have realized weeks ago. The Operator needed a sacrifice. It did not need Alex.

The noise behind him was so sudden, Seth didn’t even have time to turn the camera around. Out of the darkness. a white face, with black around the eyes.

“Seth!” Alex screamed, turning around as the camera hit the floor. Unbidden came memories of soft kisses, searching hands.

The Operator appeared in the darkness, watching, as Tim raised the brick…

“Alex!” he responded quickly, as if afraid he would die with the name on his lips.

The brick fell.

he wins

you forget


Alex sat against the wall, quietly sobbing. The Operator had promised that his memories would fade, that he could have his life back.

What was life without Seth, though? What did the Operator care?

At a whim, he turned on the camera. Maybe he could remember. Remind himself.

“Seth is gone.“

He felt something shift, but he couldn’t put his finger on it. How had Seth disappeared?

“I don’t remember what happened.”

Seth… Seth had worked on his movie, right? He had been the only one Alex cared… the only one… the last…

“We were the only two left, and I left him.”

He searched his memory. Seth. His eyes were… brown? gray? And his hair… why did it matter again? He had just been one of the names. So many names…

“Brian is gone. And Tim is, and Jay, and Sarah.”

He was alone. He had always been alone.

“Everyone is gone.”

The camera wound on, but Alex had no more words.

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I think I remember writing a couple one shots for Madeofhornets with Sethlex. I think she’s the one who loves them.

It has potential to be really cute! But there are really nice dynamics going on with Seth being more submissive and Alex being dominant. I wish we got to know more about Seth so I could get a better grasp on his personality.

Now if only Alex would stop being a jerk. But dang it, Seth had /one job/.