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Chris Kyle: April 8, 1974- February 2, 2013

An American Hero, a humble man, and a true patriot. He killed 160 enemy insurgents and was lauded as our nations most prolific sniper “the Devil of Ramadi.” He did not consider that accomplishment as having made himself more or less of a man.

To many will read the above article and only see the highlighted portion and not read the rest. He killed, often but each kill was an enemy who couldn’t place a bomb or kill an American or ally. He wishes that he had killed more so that we had lost less.

He helped and served fellow veterans until he was fatally shot by one he had been helping at a shooting range. He returned from war (which is hell) to help others piece back their lives. If for no other reason (though they are legion) he is a hero.

IF YOU ARE ANTI-AMERICA, or ANTI-CHRIS KYLE unfollow me now because you lack the perspective of anything beyond your own limited agenda. You know nothing of our sacrifices, or our motivations and I have no need or want of you.

Til Valhalla brother.