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Check out Bonnie Dune’s Sneak Peak Video!!

Cory Monteith's Band Bonnie Dune - New EP Details & Photo

Cory Monteith has left behind a great legacy and one of the most important things in his career was his band Bonnie Dune.

The Glee actor was working on a new album and planning a tour with the band just before his untimely death over the summer. Now, the band is gearing up to finally release the music they were working on with Cory and finish the album they all started together.

“We had recorded the EP Miramar this last year working around Cory‘s hecticGlee schedule, tracking his drums and background vocals when ever he had free time. We were planning on touring the US and Canada summer 2014 promoting our new EP,” the band’s lead singer Justin Wilczynski exclusively told “We never could of imagined something so tragic and devastating could happen to our bandmate, and more importantly, our close friend. Unsure of how to move on after losing Cory, we have taken our time to finish this album. We know he is an irreplaceable part of Bonnie Dune, but we will continue to make music, something he loved to do and will start playing shows again in 2014, where we made some of our greatest memories together.”

Miramar comes out on February 4th and is currently available for pre-order on iTunes. You will instantly receive the new single “Endless Summer” with your purchase and you can listen to the song right now below!



Here is the first video of our interview with Bonnie Dune!

There are four videos in total, each video has a tag to click on at the bottom in the last couple seconds that should lead you to the next video.

Enjoy! :)