by Andrew MacLean with Seth Peck’s blessing.

With NYCC right around the corner, the BAD KARMA gents are gearing up for some very cool stuff. This is one of those things.

There will only be 50 of these bad boys so get one while the getting can be got.  -Andrew


Over the summer, Jeremy Haun who I worked with on ‘The Darkness’ and 'The Beauty’ asked me to color a story of his for an anthology he, Seth Peck, Alex Grecian, and B. Clay Moore were heading up called “Bad Karma.” I always enjoy working with Jeremy, so I was happy to be involved anyway, but after seeing his lines, I was even more excited. It was Jeremy, so I knew that stylistically, I wouldn’t have to struggle much, but the subject matter was different enough from what we normally do that I could experiment. The story is called “9th Life” and these were a few of my favorite pages from the book. I highly, HIGHLY recommend it, and not just for the one story I colored.

Hey I’ll be at NEW YORK COMIC CON next weekend at TABLE DD5.

I’ll have my usually assortment of merch: HEAD LOPPER #1, MEATSPACE #1, (All out of DEPT O), HEAD LOPPER Prints, etc.


These limited edition BAD KARMA: Joe Mars prints. There is only fifty and you can get them at my table or the Bad Karma booth.

Come by and say hi, see you there. -AM