Over the summer, Jeremy Haun who I worked with on ‘The Darkness’ and 'The Beauty’ asked me to color a story of his for an anthology he, Seth Peck, Alex Grecian, and B. Clay Moore were heading up called “Bad Karma.” I always enjoy working with Jeremy, so I was happy to be involved anyway, but after seeing his lines, I was even more excited. It was Jeremy, so I knew that stylistically, I wouldn’t have to struggle much, but the subject matter was different enough from what we normally do that I could experiment. The story is called “9th Life” and these were a few of my favorite pages from the book. I highly, HIGHLY recommend it, and not just for the one story I colored.

Hey I’ll be at NEW YORK COMIC CON next weekend at TABLE DD5.

I’ll have my usually assortment of merch: HEAD LOPPER #1, MEATSPACE #1, (All out of DEPT O), HEAD LOPPER Prints, etc.


These limited edition BAD KARMA: Joe Mars prints. There is only fifty and you can get them at my table or the Bad Karma booth.

Come by and say hi, see you there. -AM