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In 2012, months before the sale to Disney, Lucas announced a new Star WarsTV show called Star Wars: Detours. Not content with having some of the characters in Star Wars be ridiculous CG caricatures, Lucas enlisted Robot Chicken’s Seth Green to distill his epic saga into a series of farcical cartoons. Think “stormtroopers complaining about the Death Star’s lack of toilets” if you want an idea of the level of humor going on here.

That still too highbrow for you? OK, here’s Obi-Wan Kenobi using his Force powers to hit on women.

The show was meant to have a Seinfeld-like setup, with all the characters hanging out in Dex’s Diner, which you might recall as the bizarrely inappropriate ‘50s-themed restaurant from Attack Of The Clones. Just think that through for a second. Every episode would simultaneously remind the audience of both a better show and possibly the single worst part of the Star Wars universe.

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