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Do all the actors have morality clauses, do we know? Because if they do, what about Seth Gilliam? I'd say AMC might look down upon a DUI and drug possession more than N *POSSIBLY* having a relationship with DK.

I don’t think every single one does. It probably varies on the situation and the person.

Teen Wolf Conventions! (A MasterPost)

With so many Teen Wolf conventions popping up this year (and next!), we thought it would be a good idea to start a big post with all of the current information we have on these events. We’ll be keeping this post updated and will reblog when new information is received. 

Also, you can visit our “TW Cons” tag to see other posts on these conventions!

As always, you guys can always visit our Teen Wolf Events page for more links to the websites and the conventions’ social media pages!

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