seth mcfarlan

we went out and watched this. i thoroughly enjoyed it.

on a side note:

every preview we saw, made me cringe. the reason we get so many damn shitty movies is because we buy into the same plot/joke/story every single time. its getting old. not impressed. 

Ted: Oh, look, Johnny. If we ever gonna get serious about openin’ up restaurant, we gotta start plannin’ it now.
John Bennett: Italian.
Ted: Italian, yes!
John Bennett: What’s the special on Tuesday?
Ted: Eggplant pot.
John Bennett: Chop salad.
Ted: Half price! And it’s a non-restrictive place.
John Bennett: Yeah. Wait! What do you mean?
Ted: Anybody can come.
John Bennett: Of course!
Ted: Jews are welcome.
John Bennett: Well, yeah! I mean, why wouldn’t they be?
Ted: Exactly! That’s what I’m sayin’.
John Bennett: Yeah, but why are you even bringin’ it up?
Ted: You don’t bring it up, you just let ‘em in.
John Bennett: So why mention it?
Ted: No one will.
John Bennett: But why are we talkin’ about it?
Ted: You’re talkin’ about it, I’m sayin’, let 'em in.
John Bennett: Yeah, let 'em in.
Ted: Exactly!
John Bennett: Right!
Ted: Do it!
John Bennett: Okay!
Ted: No Mexicans though.

I just saw Ted

While I do think it’s a tad overrated, it was a good film and I think it’s worth watching. Especially with the shitty comedies as of late.
You can tell it was written by Seth McFarlan since it had a lot of Family Guy-esque jokes in it. I also love how a lot of the Family Guy voice actors were in the film.
I’m not writing a review for it because I honestly do not feel like it. And, I’m trying to put more music reviews up on my blogspot since I have too many film ones. But either way, I’d recommend this movie. It was laugh-out-loud funny during a lot of parts. It wasn’t the funniest movie of the year though. To be honest, 21 Jump Street was insurmountably funnier.
Alright, I think I’m done here. Go watch Ted. It’s now musicalbookworm approved. And Rotten Tomatoes and I have actually been in agreement a lot this year (as opposed to last year where I loved all the movies they hated). XD


OMG he sings too!!!


Ted 2 - Red Band Trailer

Starring Liam Neeson, Mark Wahlberg, & Amanda Seyfried 

In theaters June 26, 2015 (USA)


Ted 2: Newlywed couple Ted and Tami-Lynn want to have a baby, but in order to qualify to be a parent, Ted will have to prove he’s a person in a court of law.